22 September 2010

Previous post was a total pour out from the heart. I got it published once I finished it. It ain't a draft post I kept in the folder. Something discommoded the mind this morning, I feel like writing...and so the existence of such entry.

Anyways, Inong's house in Kinarut is where I was last night. Together with the ladies *sila rujuk gambar aku kemalasan menyebut nama..sekian* we invaded her house. It's been a year or so since I last met Inong at Chom's wedding reception in Subang. Nothing has changed...except for the spots 'new deco' on her face. Ohoo haruskah sebut? Mesti lah; sebab tu tanda dia kuat kerja. She told us she's kinda stress with work.

Group photo is like drug for us. We need it anytime & di mana jua. Wah gitu.

Chief Laura commenced the gossip advising session

The bite Chom got from KK. She's gonna bring this back to Singapore. A gift from her beloved friend. Ngeh~~~~

And I received her text...telling me that the husband asked her to consult a doctor & get an injection. Just a precaution for any infection. Laura & I were like...numb'F. It's the funniest news ever. Chom loving the bite though...she addressed the bite as a token of our close friendship. But wait...OUR? Whose that super attractive vampire female that bite her? Ahaks.

On a different note. I am all alone at home sweet home tonight. Mother's in Keningau; last minute outstation. And because I haven't stop munching since the 1st of eid, I commanded the body to do some exercises at home. In order to shed few of the ever developing fats, I have to produce some sweat. Kerajinan melanda...after Maghrib, did my laundry. Vac-ed & mopped the house. Folded the piling clothes in the basket while watching AR.

Right now...while watching my all-time favorite TV show; CSI and blog in between the commercial ad, accompanied by my hot coffee I indulged in the raya cookies. So much of getting rid of the stubborn fats, huh? Harus ndak kan kurang kalau gini jak gaya. Ada jadi perut belon kau ni ndak lama cik Err.

Banyak makan, otak lembab wahai perempuan oii.

2 hollered!:

Malicious Mind said...

thats the nastiest bite mark i've ever seen. huhu

BibiEr Karim said...

U haven't meet the biter...cute! Hihihihi.

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