29 August 2011

Kebosanan Gaban

Sedang menanti kazen bertuah di salon. Orang sibuk mau raya dia sibuk steam rambut pula. Mother & her sisters sudah gerak pigi pasar. Alkisah takut ndak sempat membeli membelah kalau2 esok raya. While my 2 cousins & I basi bontot tunggu yang sorang ni. Uhuk.

Heading straight back home after this. I haven't perform my ZuPra yet. Prayer room in this mall is so not suitable to be called one. Pasrah bercampur geram. We'll break fast with the family at Sala Thai, HC today. Yay am so excited. Berkumpul lagi. Bliss.

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28 August 2011

Sayu namun Gembira


All family members are finally back! Middle brother arrived last Fri evening. While the family in Kolumpur got home yesterday's afternoon. We're complete again. Nothing shall I ask more from Allah SWT. Boleh gather with the family is indeed huge meaning to me. Rumahku kembali ceria albeit the size...ndak lah aku sama si Bunda meninguk sesama sendiri sepanjang masa. At least, for a week rumah ni akan jadi colorful Thank you Allah.

Angah brought loads of Eid biscuits from Kolumpur...also cakes & stuffs. And I've got my hands on my new pink bedsheet & maroon-ish curtains. Yay I am uber delighted for the Eid birthday gifts although they 'arrived' a bit late. But I can't decorate my beloved bedroom as yet. It is currently jammed packed with luggages & things because the 2 cousin sisters stayed in my room. I chose to let them sleep on my bed. And I sleep on the floor; beralaskan comforter nan tebal & empuk. Bukan kah tetamu perlu dihormati?

Unlike the previous years where the rest of us headed to Along's in Putatan. Eid this year, the family will be heading to our house on the 1st of Shawal; that is right after visiting the relatives' resting places. Mother & I have yet to discuss on what dishes to cook. Brother might be showing off his well-known talent in making Western dishes. Sesi membuli bakal bermula. All this while, it was Mother & I whom sweat ourselves in the kitchen. Hence this year, biar the rest try something different. Air basuhan tangan orang yang berbeza as to avoid boredom. Hopefully akan memenuhi tastebud semua orang.

Wahai kazen mazen ku, we have to all the time be grateful to the sustenance given by Allah. *wink*

I may be resting myself from updating this site. This little time I have with the family shall be cherished while they're still here. My time is so much occupied right now. Will resume writing once I'm back to my 'old life'.

Selamat Hari Raya Aildilfitri to all Muslims.

Untuk pembaca blog kapisan ni...ampun & maaf jika ada terkasar bahasa sepanjang kita ber-ngobror di sini. Moga Ramadhan kali ni meninggalkan seribu pengajaran buat kita. Kalau ada perubahan biarlah yang positif jak. Insya Allah.

p/s: 2 days more before Ramadhan ends...ntah sempat kah ndak aku jumpa next year. Sedih.


25 August 2011

Jangan Pernah Say NO

Kneading dough has never been a task I enjoyed doing. As far as I'm concern, the last time I kneaded was like 3 years back. That was when I accompanied my little cousin sister playing with her play-doh. Fine, itu permainan kanak2 so basically ndak masuk dalam list agenda making real cookies. Therefore, I guess I could proudly announced the first time I kneaded was 2 days ago. And it wasn't the kind of love at the first sight kinda experience for me. I loathed kneading! I swore I hollered out the word loathe endlessly that night. Mother stared at me & said..."Baru canai pun sudah give up. Mau bercantik lawa kalau keluar, sekali masuk dapur benda paling simple pun hancur".

Ok that was it, should withdraw the word L.O.A.T.H.E immediately. And instantly replaced it with"I will try my best next time". pfft! Having an assertive observer like mother has somehow turned me into a person who doesn't give up easily. Her remarks sometimes sounded rather cynical has never failed to bring me back to the right track so far. Alhamdulillah. My cookies turned out ok to mother's eyes, same goes to the taste. But I simply couldn't accepted the way I mold the cookies. And I disfavor the way it was kneaded. The thickness wasn't up to my standardization. Uhhh dasar! Pencerewet tegar.

To enhance my skill, I decided to stay home today. Mainly to learn the technique to knead. Erk, tipu. Sebab utama, I was too lazy to go to the kedai. Second, mau buat another 2 cookies. Then lastly, baru sebab mencanai doh tu. Walau berat hati mau try recipe yang perlu canai-an...I really have to at least try one. Baru sesuai guna statement berjuang hingga tetesan darah terakhir.

Alhamdulillah berkat sabar & kesungguhan *ehem clearing throat* aku berjaya akhirnya. Syukur. Ndak sia2 aku perah keringat nan ado. The outcomes so worth my sweats. Pastu suddenly getek mau kunun buat biskut satu lagi secara knead & mold. Adei bikin pening syok sendiri ndak kenal titik noktah.

My Nestume Cookies. Ignore the shape. As I said previously, buruk bidak langsung ndak da rupa.

It was supposed to be Choc Rice Bubble Cookie...

But considering I only have colourful rice in stock & insufficient amount of choc bubble, I improvised the recipe. I used choc chips instead. Because the other day aku adalah getek membeli sampai dekat 2kg. Nevertheless, I'm kinda admire myself already. Looks perfect to my valuation; perfect thickness & shape. I is happy. Like, perlukah puji diri sendiri? Oh yeah, harus gitu.

Ketagih untuk mencanai maka tersiaplah cookies ni. According to the recipe it was named Almond Snow Cookies. Yet being me who enjoyed being in the state of delusional, I change the name to Pink Snow. Only because I used the pink choc coating instead of the original choc color.
Pengajaran di sini...jangan membenci & putus asa atas sesuatu perkara yang gagal anda buat untuk pertama kali. Cuba & cuba lagi. Sekalipun anda gagal lagi dan lagi, at least anda sudah memberikan yang terbaik. Orang bilang, ndak kempunan. Eceh bermadah nasihat kunun lagi. Memang semangkit lah sekali.


24 August 2011

Ketentuan Dia

Up to this moment...I've been drinking like I've never drank before. Thirsty every single secs. Dehydrated perhaps. Or was it the sign menses is eventually visiting. If I ignored the thirst, dizziness occurred. And that has got me thinking...does it means that I have low blood pressure? God, there I go again. Making simple thing more complex. Shoo shoo bad thoughts.

By the way, I guess it is not too late to convey my deepest congratulations to my darling bestie; Ms. Hafizah Samsir for conceiving! Alhamdulillah; praise be to Allah the Almighty for the greatest gift. She had a miscarriage a couple of months back & that has brought her in deep despair for quite a while. And as promised by Him; thing(s) He took will still be replaced with something far more treasured. If it's not here, then it would certainly be in the hereafter. Because Allah wills goodness & mercy for all his creatures.

Thank You Allah for the blessing & not letting my friend be heavy-hearted for too long. I was utterly happy when she told me the news a few days ago. She even apologized for dragging the time to share the great news. Well darling, please erase the guiltiness already for we know exactly the reason why u kept it from us. The most important thing right now is to take good care on the thing growing in ur tummy. I am enthused, still. And I can't seem to stop praising Allah; The Beneficent & The Most Merciful.

Yes, 2011 has brought so much blessing for me. Surrounded by pregnant friends is one of them. The big sister; Laura is 6months preggy. Nor; whom just got married last June is 2 months preggy. And to date, Pijut. With Grunge church blessing next month, I guess the number of mothers-to-be will grow. She plans to get pregnant by Nov this year. Insya Allah; God's willing everything will turned out the way it shall be.

Speaking of pregnant friends, please don't ever think of giving me the super bonus yet non attractive multimillion RM question. Because like I said many times before, it really is not my right to speak. I never own the right, ever. I surrender everything to Allah; The Knower of All.

At this age, I know it's normal to worry about my marital status. I'll be lying if I said I never thought of it. But why shall I rush thing that Allah has long written in Loh-e-Mahfuz? Who am I to order Allah to expedite? Being given the opportunity to breathe is already more than I should received! Have I practised enough to even dare to make request. Please be ashamed wahai Cik Err.

Therefore next time u think of bringing up this issue...please oh please think again. Thoroughly. Even IF I have someone right now, I still don't own the right to tell u when the big day is going to be. For I myself do not have the answer. Even IF I have plan for it...the future is still something I shouldn't anticipate.


22 August 2011

P.E.M.A.L.A.S itu adalah saya

Assalamualaikum & Salam Sejahtera

Sudah masuk 23 Ramadhan. Alhamdulillah masih diberi peluang merasa nikmat puasa. 7 hari terakhir bulan mulia ni adalah masa untuk mengejar Lailatul Qadar. Moga diberi hikmah malam yang lebih baik dari seribu malam itu. Insya Allah. Walau amalan ndak kan sampai saiz biji saga...walau dosa lebih tinggi dari Gunung Uhud; wajib aku tadah tangan berdoa dengan Nya. Simply sebab aku tahu Allah suka pada hamba Nya yang berdoa. Sama siapa lagi harus aku rely segala harapan if it's not on Him.

Lately, mood sangat suka untuk main see-saw. Semacam aku taruk mood dalam cradle & swing it forwardly. Tanda macam menses bakal melawat lagi. pfft it's not something I shall see as odd anymore. Sudah 3 tahun (or was it more than 3 years) berkeadaan begini. Awal & akhiran aku bercutian. Sungguh aku rasa ralat tapi sudah ketentuan Dia, siapa aku untuk mengeluh.

Baju raya bukan berpasang aku beli online sudah berjaya dipungut di pos office before heading to kedai just now. Alkisah, slip poslaju sudah terpampang depan pintu rumah since Fri. Harus logik if baru hari ini aku tuntut. Syukur baju sampai before raya. Malu sebab punya beria sakan beli baju baru tapi puasa sudah berlohong 3. Siap order online gitu. Kau ada? Ugh ugh. And since aku sudah purchased 2 new pumps last month therefore I decided to not shop new footwear for eid. Pakai yang ada, settle masalah problemo.

Semangkit berbakar cookies walau bakat langsung ndak terbit. Insya Allah by Thurs baru start buat kek. Tapi semangat aku yang tu masih belum mau timbul, mau diseru kali tu tau. Or maybe tunggu kazen-mazen dari Kolumpur datang this Sat. Speaking of them, aku adalah rindu. Albeit the fact baru June lepas aku bertendang bergandang di sana.

To be able to gather with the family members during eid is somehow a blessing I would never trade with anything in this whole wide world. Beloved SIL bakal melahirkan this coming Sept; hope all went well. First anak buah in the family him will be, Insya Allah. Semua adalah excited gaban sekarang ni. Although I'm the eldest grandchild tapi aku kasi peluang sama yang di bawah aku tunjuk taring & bakat dulu. Lagipun dia itu kan lelaki. Jadi memang logik kalau dia potong line. In fact ndak da bendul perlu dilangkah pun.

Sudah janji sama bunda untuk buat cookies malam ni. Sudah 2 malam aku lekat sticker sang penangguh di dahi nan luas ni. Ntah lah kenapa sangat pemalas ya amat. Mengantuk ndak hengat dunia. Aku takut jak kalau aku start meng-uli...suddenly aku terlelap memang haru lah kan dengar semboyan si bunda. Therefore I decided to...erm, procrastinate! Great word, thank u.

Tonight's plan is to make Nestume Cookies. Harap menjadi...harap juga aku ndak pause tengah jalan. Please know it's raining cats & dogs here in KK right now...jadi sila paham tahap malas aku ni macam mana. sigh


21 August 2011

If Only

Izz Mohammad Aniki @ Jipun turned ONE YEAR OLD yesterday. Time really flies fast these days huh. It's just like yesterday beloved Lyn gave birth to that special chenta hati of mine. Feels like just yesterday Ijal called & requested me to tapau him gado2 from the cafe...because he has to stay with Lyn at the hospital that evening. He wouldn't want to leave Lyn alone hence he asked for my help to bring him the food. If I'm not mistaken...he was craving for it. Yes, the wife was the one whom is pregnant yet he's the one who has to bear the craving symptom(s). That's what we called fair game, right.

To Dear Jipun,
Kakak Bibie loves u so very much! Moga jadi anak soleh; cahaya both Ammi & Dadda di syurga nanti. Insya Allah.

Mother & I took a day off from the kedai today. We had iftar with Aunty at Center Point. Anyway, the thing I wanna share here is about the praying room (surau) they provide at the mall. It is tremendously disappointing! Indeed it is! Don't get me wrong, I wasn't being ungrateful with the facilities. Just that I am uber shocked upon realizing there isn't any difference of what they had 10 years back. Except for the air-cond & tiles, everything remain the same. Cukup syarat jak 2 perubahan tu aku tinguk. Macam orang selalu cakap; asal ada. I was sadden with the condition of the ablution area. *sigh* As if allocating the room at the parking area wasn't enough disgrace, huh?

Ntah mana hilang their sense of sensitivity...leader terang2 Muslim tapi nan ado action when it comes to matter as such. I don't know what else to say about this. Like, duh? As if my words will ever bring around anything. I never dream what I said will affect anyone...nor be bothered by whom-it-may-concern. Maal Hijrah is celebrated every year; siap ada cuti! Yet nothing has really resolved much. pfft

Can't say much here, nanti ada karang kena angkut naik lori biru tua. Nauzubillah. One thing I make du'a of right now is for Allah SWT to open the heart of the people responsible; to do something about it. At least, kebajikan rumah Allah itu kau protect & defend.


19 August 2011


Currently waiting for my 3rd cookies in the oven. It's the 3rd batch for this type of cookies. Was too lazy to chop the butter into half hence I just doubled the amount of the original recipe. And voila! I get 84 pieces minus two of German Cookies! Lucky me, yes? If I were to settle with the OR, I might just filled half the jar. Thanks to Sis Ita for sharing the easy peasy recipe. I enjoyed making this cookies, waaaaay easy than making makmur. And I just love how it melted in my mouth. Opps, secret revealed!

Fine! I did snipped a piece or two while filling in the jar. Can't resist the temptation, please know that. Albeit the fragile look, it doesn't crumble in my hand. Sangat berpuas hati!

I'm thinking of making almond london tomorrow. Because I've accidentally suggested to mother this year there is no kuih tunjuk like the previous eids therefore I need to search for at least 2-3 types of cookies to make. Why the sudden desire to serve home made cookies for eid? Let just say, since early this year I recently discovered another crazy trait in my chromosomes. Baking. Something I never thought existed in me. Not saying that I'm good at it but I know if I practice more...I'll be better. Insya Allah.

For the time being, I'll just go with the flow. Let one thing sails after another.


18 August 2011

I am well, syukur.


It's the 2nd half of Ramadhan. Another 2 weeks before Shawal shows itself. I don't know what to feel really. Question would I be able to meet Ramadhan in next year; keeps popping in my head. Frankly, I welcomed Ramadhan this year with a bit feeling of calmness. Rasa kehambaan tu melampau2. I can't put what I truly feel in words. It's just something I simply couldn't describe.

Cafe is closed from the first day of fasting. I've been stationed at the kedai ever since that. 2 more weeks before the one-month holiday ends & I have loads of things to settle before it reopen. Stocks order...the workers' work pass...yadda yadda. We'll do the cleaning 2 days before the semester starts. Insya Allah if all went well as planned; I'll be coming to the cafe earlier than before. I guess I shall be welcoming swollen & panda eyes soon. pfft!

Anyway, it's been raining here in Beverly since 3am. I woke up a bit late for my sahur. Lucky I have mother to wake me up. Another sahur-less fasting for me if she didn't.

Life been treating me well up to this day...nothing I shall ask more from Allah except for a healthy life & more barakah. Insya Allah.


17 August 2011

Just saying

Someone asked me few days ago about my other blog. Not the one with friend*ster. It's the previous virtual diary of mine using the same host as this blog. Stories of My Life is the name I gave it. My earliest post was in June, 2007. I decided to switch from my friend*ster blog upon the influence of a friend; Mommy ZaZa. Yeah right, I still blamed her for my sudden urge to change my blog's host.

And because that someone has brought up about the blog...I visited & went through it's pages. Unveiling some stories I have long buried in my heart. Bringing back the past to mind. It's been a while since I last posted something in that blog. Not that I purposely abandoned it, just that I wanted to avoid myself from dwelling into the past. Because every time I made a visit to that site, I ended up having too much mixed feelings. I sometimes wish certain things never happened...some people doesn't exist. And that is not a wise thing for that means I regretted what Allah has planned for me.

Each time I brought myself back to the past...I can't help but to recall the unhealthy relationship I went through. I can't help but to impress the people whom I have ditched & deliberately deleted from my life. Too much pains; too much hatrids; too much dramas; all had I forced to forget & shut down. That blog has recorded witnessed too many sorrows & gloominess in my life...and it was opened to public for more than 2 years until I decided to keep it private in 2009 due to some reasons. It is readable only to people close to me. Dear people that never judge actions I took...never questioned things I did for they know who I am.

Having said all that...I still am grateful for what I've been through before. Because without them, I wouldn't be where I stand right now. I wouldn't be strong without the hurdles that were thrown along my path of life. My life would have been dull; less colourful without all the pebbles & gravels. I greatly thanked those who came crossed my life albeit their 'absence' now.

I know one who reads this will definitely think I am an abnormal person. A woman whom enjoyed ditching friends in her life. I don't have to make any explanation to that I guess...simply because u ain't me. U didn't have the right to comment nor condemn my decision because we didn't travel together along the road. Never will we be. I have my own path & same goes to u. Therefore, read BUT please hinder urself from judging.

Anyway, that someone who was responsible to bringing up my old blog suggested I shall make it readable to public once more. *ok perasan ada orang baca lah kan* Yet I straight away disagree with his idea. What's been said in there shall remained there. I don't want to provoke issue(s) I've long put to rest. I prefer to let bygones be bygones. If I were to make it public, I might have to hide few heart-wrecking posts in order to avoid any future misunderstandings. Because that private blog is a medium for me to make my own curhat session. But I've stop scribbling in there since Oct last year. And I don't know why. Perhaps, life has been much much beautiful I don't need covert rantings any longer. I feel so much freedom to jot down my feeling in this blog now. As I've gained the power to control words I want to put down & emotions I wish to express. Alhamdulillah. Although there are people who enjoyed swallowing things I wrote mainly because they think those are for them.

I sometime plant some chillies here...that I admit. But what I dislike is when people willingly took & digest that isn't meant for them. Do I really need to make credit to words I scribbled here? Please dong, don't contaminate my garden with ur so unneeded invasion.


14 August 2011

First Trial...syukur berjaya.

To dearest friends of my mine. Mrs. Fatihah Mohamed; my ex-housemate & Mrs. Noraida Rahman; my ex-roomate. Both I've known during my undergrad years in UM. Lovely & kind hearted sisters they are to me. Regardless the distance that lies between us, we never failed to keep in touch. Although not frequently yet we're updated to each other's latest story(-ies).

May Allah SWT bless u; here & the world after. Glorious life ahead...and don't u think it's about time to add another 'diamond' in the family already? Hadiahkan aku more anak buah(s) dong. *giggle*

Just so u know, this was the reason why I kept myself in the silence vault the whole day yesterday. Bertapa dalam dapur rumah ku. Was pretty occupied with the whole process & I didn't feel like updating this site. Ok, poyo gaban di situ.

I challenge myself this year. That is to bake homemade cookies for eid. I know; madness attack! And please don't ask where did that ridiculous idea came from. Since I've told mother about that brilliant plan, I couldn't just withdraw it. Yes? Malu lah kan kalau tarik saat akhir. Harus nanti jadi bahan mockery that will only end until eid next year.

Wah akhirnya aku tau kupas nenas! Kau ada? Hemo hemo.

Because I don't have any cinnamon stick at home...I just used whatever I have in the kitchen. Ground cinnamon; better than nothing leii.

After nearly an hour battling with the spattering & stuffs. Finally my FIRST pineapple jam is ready! Bangga kembang hidung weii!!!

Alhamdulillah....alhamdulillah. I made it! My first enclosed pineapple tart ever!! Thanks to Wendy from wendyinkk for the yummy recipe. I jump joyously upon knowing I succeeded.

Terharu sama diri sendiri because I always thought I could never make this myself; ever. Not in a million years to come. But I proved myself wrong yesterday. I did everything from scratch. From making the jam to dough-ing to enclosing to baking & finally, packing. As I've promised Aunty to make for her as well...she came straight away this evening with 4 cookie jars! Empty!!

Oh yeah, the word 'later' failed to be registered in the family's system I guess. Specially when it comes to food. Everyone is always set to go. Aunty went back home with 2 loaded jars; each filled with pineapple tart & makmur. And I was left with zero tart & a jar of makmur that belongs to Laura. Phew, harus bertapa lagi sekali ndak lama ni.

Aunty said the texture is good. And they taste nice as well. Syukran 'pelanggan no money' aku satisfied with her so-called purchase. But Aunty said, albeit the tart tasted great she still isn't satisfied with the too little amount of jam I wrapped in the dough. Stingy; so she said. I'll add the amount for the next batch then.

Bagus ada komentar positif gitu...boleh maju setapak lebey jauh. Insya Allah.

My kudapan while watching Mr. AaronAziz on Astro Citra just now. He learned to speak my language for the drama titled; Akinabalu The Movie. But I prefer to believe he learned solely for me. *muntah darah* Yang Hanafi, sila terima kenyataan ok!

Ok cukup takat ni laporan gue. Till then.


13 August 2011

Of Birthday & Iftar

Alhamdulillah. Hari ni berjaya menahan lapar dahaga. Walau sahur aku ke laut gara2 kesungguhan membongkang ndak hengat dunia. Jam berbunyi aku andaikan macam suara dodoi-an. Hancur lebur pahala untuk sahur.

And sebelum lupa...mahu wish untuk si Ratu Pink a.k.a Ernie Khairina Mahtar / Mommy si Aariz Afzal.

Moga peroleh keberkatan dariNya...dunia & akhirat. Panjang umur murah rezeki, insya Allah. Amin. Sila tahu, saya sayang kau banyak2...

I seriously couldn't find the reason to not love u. Because darling, u're special just by being urself. And I am grateful to Allah for sending me such a beautiful soul in my life.

Yam -Zai - Kizzy

Anyways, on a different story. I had iftar / sungkai with my fav people. The 3 ladies among my many fav-people of course. I break my fast with super simple appetizer; my fav Elcafe(R) drink at the kedai. Then off I went to Yam's place after MagPra. We did our terawih at Masjid Bandaraya near Yam's rented house. And later proceeded to Mc'D in Sulaman. Alkisah, Zai mengidam burger. Ahaks.

Sangat gumbira berjumpaan tadi. While enjoying our meal at the fast food restaurant, we exchanged so many informations & knowledges. Syukran ladies for sharing. Best kan. Gossip-free although we did talked about botox & stuffs di awalan sesi penceritaan tadi. Above all, I indeed loved our session just now.

To quote Kizzy: Rasa kerdil diri ini...rasa bergetar jantung bila sedikit demi sedikit tanda Dia sudah tunjukkan.


12 August 2011

Tidak Mahu...kalau setakat nama


It's the 12th day of Ramadhan. Alhamdulillah for still being given the chance to savour the pleasure from this holy month. Praise be to Allah SWT.

Up to this moment, I am certain I haven't do anything worthy as yet. Still Allah; The Exalted has never leave me.

I've been showered with too many blessings I sometimes wonder what right have I done to be receiving such reward. Subhanallah. I prayed for zillion of ridiculous wishes but I often forgot to praise Allah for those uncountable gifts He has bestowed upon me from the moment I was born into this wonderful yet sinful world.

How I even dare to question why hasn't Allah granted my wish(es) when most of the time I disobey His commands? Could someone slap me right now please? I pretended as if I didn't know. I acted as if no one ever taught or told me. Sleazy, yes?

“dan hendaklah kamu meminta ampun kepada Tuhanmu dan bertaubat kepada-Nya. (Jika kamu mengerjakan yang demikian), niscaya Dia akan memberi kenikmatan yang baik (terus menerus) kepadamu sampai kepada waktu yang telah ditentukan dan Dia akan memberikan kepada tiap-tiap orang yang mempunyai keutamaan (balasan) keutamaannya. Jika kamu berpaling, maka sesungguhnya aku takut kamu akan ditimpa siksa hari kiamat.”
(Huud ayat 3)
“kecuali orang-orang yang sabar (terhadap bencana), dan mengerjakan amal-amal soleh; mereka itu beroleh ampunan dan pahala yang besar.
(Huud ayat 11)

All I really hope right now is for me to be extra careful with words I utter & things I do. Also my actions as well as my behaviour. I may have said this thousand of times before...and I know nothing haven't change much. But I put high hope for my du'a to be granted. I will hold this faith until my last breathe. Insya Allah.

Moga Allah tetapkan hatiku hanya pada Dia. Walau amalan aku banyak rumpang & lubang sana sini. Itu aku akan cuba fix secepat yang mungkin. I am utterly grateful for being born as a Moslim. Alhamdulillah, Syukran Ya Rabb.

p/s Tidak mahu hanya Islam pada nama & appearance...


11 August 2011

Tetesan Darah uhuk uhuk

Mother's eldest sister came to my house yesterday's afternoon. She entered the house not long after I finished tidying up the mess I made at the kitchen. I completed making my seri muka & fruits jelly few minutes before she arrived. Motif untuk taip yang tu? Poyo!

Anyways, as I made my way to the living area...she laughed her heart out loud while sarcastically-joyously commented on my figure. Aduyai! Wahai aunty, betapa gumbira nya anda melihat gue berimej lemak berlapis2 ya.

Of so many things she could complain, did she really have to notice my expanding size? Just so u out there know, I pay great mind to comments that came from my family & very very close friends. I view them in a good way. Regardless how scathing or nasty they might sound sometime, I DO NOT feel offended but worried instead.

Because I know, these statements "U look bigger than I last saw u" or "Odoi apa kau makan sampai membesar gini" or "Hinombon nopo ko baino" or "Adei itu perut lengan kaki macam mau dekat saiz gajah sudah ah" or "Note the double coming to triple chin Bie"...is of great significance to me. It simply means I have to be more concern to what I eat & how I exercise. I gotta be smart in organizing myself as to maintain a healthy system.

I haven't dragged my lazy bum to the jogging track since Ramadhan came. And NO, I wasn't making the fasting as an excuse here. It was just me being lazy & yeah...slothful! I'm not sure if I were to jog back, could I run the distance I made previously. Mesti semput dada, kepala kurang O2 lagi ni nanti. That I 101% certain. No other way than to start whole over again. Running while counting the lamp posts to measure distance. Ndak pa, demi perut kempis...stamina tip top...lengan bukan gajah...dagu bukan double triple.

Gue sanggup redah semua. Insya Allah after Ramadhan akan resume aktiviti pelupusan cum pembunuhan lemak berlebihan.


Wedding Bell!!

First & foremost...heartiest congratulations to dear 'sister' Ms. Heldah Galambun @ Grunge & dear Oppa Mr. Melario Stephen @ Rio. The love birds is OFFICIALLY MARRIED at the civil court yesterday. Praised be to the Almighty. Despite the obstacles & hurdles along the way, they eventually made it. And with God's willing forever the relationship will be; that's my prayer.
The marital blessing will be held next month at Grunge's hometown in Ranau. Together with the reception for Grunge's side. Oh yeah, insya Allah bakal berkunjung ke tanah tinggi Syawal nanti with the PPGs & Posers. *banana dance* And reception for Rio's side will be held at KDCA a week after that. Acara menggebukan perut akan berlangsung jadi HARUS control food intake starting from now! Sekian.

The only picture Grunge managed to upload & tagged me in her mukabuku. Ignore the date please! I reckoned Grunge was uber excited & super nervous at the same time to even bother to check the date set in her camera.

Congrats once more to u both. My greatest wish for the two of you;
Through the years, your love for each other will so deepen and grow, that years from now you will look back on this day; your WEDDING DAY as the day you loved each other the least.


10 August 2011

Ceghiter Best

Aku adalah suka segala drama di tv bulan ni. Sarat dengan pengajaran. Tahniah kepada stesen2 penyiaran sekalian atas keprihatinan terhadap tahap 'haus' aku towards cerita begitu.

These days, aku syok sendiri layan cerita di bawah. Mainly because of the heroin; the gorgeous Ms. Sari Yanti. Also 1 of the leading actor; the macho man Mr. Adi Putra.

It would have been sweeter is she fully wear the hijab like she did in Kisah Kaisara. Ok that was just a mere suggestion. Bersesuaian dengan konsep cerita konon2nya kan.

Series below has recently entered my must-watch drama list. It is aired every Fri at 730pm. Kalau terlepas pun ndak risau sebab always ada repeat show.

Imparts tremendous knowledge, moral & lessons. Thanks Oasis.

Ok I gotta go now...need to vac & mop the house. Harus gerak sebelum semboyan si Bonda berbunyi. Wachaa!


7 August 2011

With Allah's willing

Alhamdulillah...keadaan kesihatan kepala sudah kembali ke paksi tegak. Asal. A good sleep is all I need to get back to track.

And I've completed making the kueh-s. I went to bed as soon as I finished arranging the last batch on the tray & let them cool down. I cooked for sahur; peria tumis ayam. Mother's favourite dish.

Purposely wait for the summons for SuPra. If I were to go back to sleep after sahur, chances for me to miss my prayer is relatively high! Therefore I prefer to stay awake until I perform my prayer.

In this holy month, I shall double my deeds to gain more rewards from the Almighty. To obtain the barakah(s) one wouldn't get in any other months but during Ramadhan. Du'a will be granted as long as one asks 'politely & devotedly' from Allah. Doors to Hell is closed while every gates to heaven is open. Glorious is Allah; for always giving His slave the opportunity to repent. To surrender themselves to Him & rely solely on Him.

I wish each & everyone of us will gain the divine favours & blessings of Ramadhan especially the night of Laylat al-Qadr. Insya Allah.

We have indeed revealed this (Message) in the Night of Power:
And what will explain to thee what the night of power is?
The Night of Power is better than a thousand months.
Therein come down the angels and the spirit by Allah's permission, on every errand.
Peace!...This until the rise of morn.
Sura Al-Qadr, ayat 1-5.


Give it to me bebeh...ahaks ahaks!

Woke up at 3am for sahur & resumed sleeping after SuPra. Oh yeah, I overslept! That explained the throbbing headache. Also the sore around my eyes. And therefore I decided to only start sailing to dreamland after sahur later. I know so unwise time management it was.

To fill in my long awaken hours; I'll make kueh-s for tomorrow's sale. I wanted to make apam gula hangus & kaswi pandan using the molds I recently purchased. For sales during the Ramadhan, I preferred using the mold rather than the pan. Because I only make small batch for each type. Easy peasy to measure also estimate the ingredients used. Plus I haven't have the gut to make them in large batch yet. Large which means adhering to the original recipe. No altering, no making half of it.

Insya Allah, I will try my best to improve from time to time. One month is more than enough to practise & be better; I shall say so. Everything I learned this month will be the threshold for what I'm gonna start soon. All in good times. With God's willing for sure.

I will start baking raya cookies in a week time. Pineapple tart is certainly in the list. I so can't wait to start making the tart. I was indeed excited upon stumbling across the infamous recipe at the net. And yeah not to forget the makmur rajin as per Chom called it; requested by the '5 months preggo' Kakak Besar. Hopefully all turn out well.


5 August 2011

Gue Sukses kot.

I first started doing it in a large batch last Sun...and it turned out extremely displeasing to the eyes. Honestly, I almost gave up with myself. I changed it to something different the next day...and the day after. While continuing 'assuring' myself that I can't do it. That even if I tried thousand of times, the outcome will still be the same.

Well, that's me falling by the wayside. Alhamdulillah that 'failure person' was eventually awakened by a little banged on the head. I had quite a chat with soul mate last night. Words whispered evoked me immediately. I feel like I was being flung onto the wall. Despite the invisible injuries & bruises, I thank Allah for the endless guide.

Woke up this morning filled with determination to accomplish my goal. I've demolished the wall that was build to absorb my energy. And reflected negative aura in return. I started doing the thing I've put in my KIV list right after shower. Patience is the main key for me to achieve the result I want. Finished everything in less than an hour. Syukur, it turned out great. I never thought my 2nd try would be a success. Obviously, disappointment over the 1st failed attempt did nothing to my system but self-destruction. It's a total waste of time. Boo hoo me!

And now I planned to move to another thing. I've read the instructions over the net for hundred of times I have it 'engraved' in my head already. But implementation is another different thing I know. I have to keep my head held up. Make sure the spirit could withstand the hurdles. Insya Allah.


3 August 2011

Tegur Menegur Demi Kebaikan gitu

Satu senja...

Hamba A: Bie, kau ndak terawih?

Aku: Ndak lah...insya Allah next week baru start.

Hamba A: Aik main tangguh2 pula kau ni. Mula dari awal lah baru afdal. Ada power lebih sikit. Aku jarang tinggal terawih ni.

Aku: Ndak lah...terawih tu kan sunat juga. Tiada paksaan.

Hamba A: Time bulan Ramadhan ni lah mau cari pahala lebih. Janganlah kau tu sibuk mau cari duit jak.

Aku: *senyum simpul* Insya Allah ndak tamak harta dunia.

Hakikat sebenar yang Hamba A tu ndak tau...aku dalam fasa bulan mengambang penuh. Walau bulan di langit masih rupa anak bulan sabit. Aku malas mau pong pang mengasitau nanti panjang lagi tu ceramah pasal terawih. And aku ndak marah pun dibagi info pasal fadhilat terawih; alhamdulillah sebab masih ada yang sudi berkongsi ilmu.

Sebenarnya mau juga cakap...terawih tu sunat, sembahyang fardhu tu wajib. Bukan kah wajib tu yang sangat sangat sangat perlu diutamakan. Therefore, sebelum gebang sana sini terawih ndak pernah tinggal, cuba try check schedule SubuhZohorAsarMaghribIsyak. Macam mana pattern graf tu...lurus straight or rumpang banyak. Lagipun, diam2 sudah kalau betul terawih ndak pernah missed.

Aku ni jahil banyak...bukan mau tunjuk terer or hebat tapi tu hari aku pernah terdengar dalam ceramah; tiada guna amalkan yang sunat kalau yang wajib tu kita langsung ndak jaga. Langsung ndak peduli. Berapa ramai orang berpuasa dari lapar & dahaga tapi nan ado extra pahala dapat. Sembahyang fardhu ke laut...mulut kumat kamit anyam ketupat. Tu belum campur yang duk tunggang air kencing si Laknat lepas berbuka.

Hmm biarlah, itu bahagian masing2 untuk dihisab oleh Nya di sana nanti. Tapi ndak salah kalau aku brought up this topic, right? Peringatan untuk diri sendiri juga. Puasa seharian tapi in the end of the day, cuma penat yang aku dapat. Ugh sungguh rugi & haru biru.

And please JANGAN CAKAP kubur masing2 so sendiri jaga kalau ada orang tegur kita. Kerana bila kita meninggal nanti, insya Allah orang tu akan datang & bantu urus jenazah kita. Bukan kah orang tu akan bantu pikul keranda kita. Or kalau ndak memikul pun, orang tu akan bantu kita dari segi 'sedekah'. Or bantu dalam 'mengurus' badan kita yang sudah kaku.

Ndak perlu marah kalau ditegur...ndak perlu melenting. Ucap syukur sebab ada orang tolong ingatkan walau yang menegur tu pun banyak kurang di mata kita. Itu tanda orang sayang kita, itu tanda kita punya nilai di mata diorang. Kan tegur menegur ingat mengingat sesama kita tu perkara sunat. Insya Allah, dengan menegur sekaligus kita dapat memperlurus apa yang bengkok sama kita.

Tapi jangan lah malar menegur orang...diri langsung ndak da inisiatif memperbaik. Itu bondok namanya. Sekian. Wachaa!


2 August 2011

Puasa oh Fasting


Niat mau update cerita aku berkunjung ke kampung si Kizzy last Sun. Tapi kerana kehuduhan perangai yang sibuk bercerita, sibuk transfer Kdramas/Kmovies & paling penting sibuk mentekedaghah...1 keping gambar pun ndak aku ter-snap. Jangankan gambar rumah sebab niat asal kunjungan adalah untuk melihat rumah yang baru siap...juga udah kangen ama suasana kampung. Gambar sama tuan(s) punya rumah pun hampas jak ada.

Paling huduh lagi bila the only pictures I managed to take is the super duper scrumptious yummy meal Kizzy's mom made for lunch. And cream tart yang aku bawa sebagai buah tangan. Wah kau sungguh aku berbudi berbahasa, mother pesan mau pigi rumah orang kena bawa something. Buruk perangai kalau bawa badan trang tang2 yang memang sah ndak se-slim dulu. Tetttt!

Kerana aku cuma sempat syok sendiri snap gambar takanon jadinya memang ndak dapat diupload buat masa ni. Makruh hukum dia menayang2 makanan di bulan Ramadhan ni. Bisa menggoncang iman dong...mengasi kurang reward sama diri jak kalau ada terliur & terus2an buka gara2 TERtinguk makanan yang aku upload.

The fact that I so reluctant to swallow now is that I have already run up 2 days of fasting. This has been my 3rd year not being able to fast on the first day of Ramadhan. Phew. Last year alone, I have to replace 12 days! Memang susah mau puasa bila bukan Ramadhan...sebab jiwa sudah sedia degil untuk perform puasa sunat kot. Padan muka.

Bah ok lah, gotta make my move now. Mau get ready ke kedai...kunun aku berjualan Ramadhan. Ahaks.


1 August 2011

Syukur...bertemu lagi.

Wah sudah masuk Ramadhan. Syukur masih mampu menikmati keindahan bulan ini. Dan aku berdoa moga mampu aku peroleh sinar keberkatan si Ramadhan.

Mahu kurangkan berbuat, bercakap, melihat, berfikir benda2 lagho. Juga mahu lancar proses pembersihan hati semaksimum mungkin. Insya Allah dengan izin-Nya. Bantu aku untuk menemui jalan 'pulang' ya Rabb. Bimbing aku mencari cahaya redha-Mu.

Aku mahu azam untuk berterawih tertunai. Walau tidak penuh. Itu pasti kerana kaum Hawa telah Dia kurniakan cuti. Kecuali kepada yang bakal menjadi bonda; contoh.

Selamat Berpuasa kepada saudara ku. Semoga kita mampu menjadi lebih baik dari Ramadhan sebelumnya. Amin.

Pic courtesy of yahoo image.

Si Laknat & kuncu2 dirantai sepanjang bulan nan suci ini. Bie, sila buang segala saki baki bisikan diorang yang masih ada dalam jiwa. Dalam minda.