27 August 2012

Buang Tabiat: Buang Masa

Assalamualaikum. Annyeong.

Phew, rumah kembali sunyi since last Saturday evening. Angah & co. sudah kembali ke tanah Semenanjung leaving Bunda & I; the two at home. Life resumed to it's normal path the very next day. Aku kembali solo tidur di atas katil nan queen-size itu. Ops masih ditemani the children of course.

Although there's no sign of these unwanted visitors to leave the system...I went to the cafe yesterday; still. Bolehlah contribute my remaining energy in cleaning. Buat yang ringan jak mainly to hint the mind also to trigger the 'get to work' mode on. Ndak lah kejutan kan. I've been resting for nearly 2 months already. Lemau gila badan bila sedar hari sibuk proses peluh di cafe akan bermula; soon! 

I so can't wait for the IT Fair this weekend. If last year I was busy hunting for the external HD, this year I might be busy surveying the best package of Mr Tabbie. Karau ni jiwa ever since Ms Asus 'left' me. I'm looking for something that is within the budget. For now, I need to be extra calculative in spending the moolah. Mau start saving for my cuti2 list. And manatau ndak lama lagi mau bina masjid kan? Ok, yang tu sila cerita belakang tabir.

By the way, sekarang ni aku khusyuk layan another K-pop group; Super Junior. I know I am kind of late...way too late to be exact. But it's better than never. Thanks to one of the member; Heechul-sshi who also starred in I Love U Thousand Times! I got to know this superholic group. And fall in love with them. 

Big Bang is still in my favourite list. I just added SUJU in to make it merrier. I listened to more different songs these days. No more the same single song in a day for moi. Bangga kah patut? Adeh.


25 August 2012

Edisi: Of Eid 1433H


First of all, Eid Mubarak to all Muslims. I've been quite occupied with so many things for the past week I didn't bother to take five & update here. The Kolumpur clan went back home on the Raya's eve. And that alone has enough answer to my MIA as well. 

Whenever they're back...Raya would be so much fun. Visiting relatives & doing stuffs together. But the First Cousins aren't complete this year for the middle brother couldn't go back & celebrate with us. He is currently working in Mabul Island. It's his first time celebrating Raya without the family; I couldn't imagine how is he doing. Mother gave him a call on the first day of Raya & he told her that he only had maggi mee as juadah raya that morning...before going into the sea for the whole day. An experience he has yet to learn; so Mother said. Anak lelaki perlu tabahkan hati menghadapi kenyataan hidup. Ngeh~~ 

Anyway, this is the Incomplete set of the first cousins; taken on the first day of Raya. All of us gathered at Bunda's place. And because it was raining cats & dogs in the morning so the family decided to only visit the relative's resting places in the evening. 
This was taken last night. We had dinner at Grace Point. Our last get together before the Kolumpur clan goes back this evening. Which means, Mother & I will be back to our previous semi-chaotic life. Boo hoo!! 

Less people at home means less noise for sure. But I can imagine the words boring & dull already! And yeah, I have to get myself ready for the word KERJA  too! Cafe reopen next Monday! Sila ready untuk berpeluh. Aja aja hwaiting Bie...

There are dreams need to be focused on....u go girl!


17 August 2012

Edisi: Sungkai with My Ladies

Assalamualaikum. Annyeong.

Just a quick update. Kinda like being outside the blogging zone lately. Super lazy to scribble although I have all the time to do so these days. Too many things need my attention I chose to focus on them rather than this site. Right, sila muntah dengan segera.

Anyway, thanks to Zai; the event organizer! Some of the YS ladies managed to gather for sungkai session. Albeit there was only 8 of us I am glad we got to meet & spend time together. At least dapat berjumpa before the Eid. Alhamdulillah.

We had our sungkai at The Square Restaurant, Novotel. Zai bought the deal coupons from Groupon; cara terbijak mau mengada makan di hotel. Kena rajin gobek Groupon website for such deal. We only paid RM48 for the RM90+ Ramadhan buffet. Wachaa! Penjimatan paling best! 

Three pretty ladies whilst waiting for the Maghrib prayer...killed time posing for the camera.
Sungkai time...and no one pay attention to the camera anymore. Full concentration on the food...and mobile? Ehem, Puan Kizzy report duty to beloved husband.
Yang 2 orang jadi attentive listeners...yang saturang tu? Ngek~~

Lovely! Jadi penyepits the ever glowing mother to be; who keeps complaining of her 'huge' figure in every pic we took. She even demanded for second or more take when she's not satisfied with the outcome. Aduh pening layan. Duku ndak lama tu kepala!
Part of the YS Ladies Batch '99. It's fun to be able to have a get-together like this. Recalling the memories we shared back then. Jadi anak perantau for 5 years taught us loads about life...and the value of friendship.

I pray for this friendship to last forever. It's been 18 years since we first met each other. May our relationship last till the end of time. Insya Allah, amin.


10 August 2012

Edisi: Sekadar Pendapat

Assalamualaikum. Annyeong.

Entri ni kali aku ndak tau mau start dari mana. And macam mana mau start. Salah cakap nanti ada orang bom aku pula. Ndak cakap, aku rasa gatal hati mau luahkan. Since this is my blog...aku rasa it's my right lah kan mau scribble apa pun. For those yang rasa macam ndak puas hati, boleh lah muntah segalanya di blog masing2. Different people might have their own point of views. The angle we look & weigh things differ therefore sila respect opinion(s) orang lain.

Kes orang mengutuk Sabah di facebook macam jadi #trending# sudah sekarang ni. I don't know who triggered  this awful thing. Nor did I know who spread it. Gambar di atas tu cuma salah satu dari few pictures yang aku nampak di facebook. A friend asked for my permission to tag me in the pic above but I declined the request. Why? Sebab aku rasa ndak perlu kot mau masuk campur. 

Not getting involved doesn't prove anything. Itu BUKAN tiket orang mau cakap aku ndak sedar diri padahal memang Sabahan. Or  BUKAN  juga tiket untuk cakap aku side mana2 negeri. I AM PROUD TO BE SABAHAN! There's no place like home! Yet to join other people dropping very disgusting & hurtful comments...is a big no-no for me. 

Bagi aku, instead of memaki hamun orang tu...why not take it positively. Boleh jak komen baik2...ndak payah ayat kesat semua tu. Kalau rasa apa budak tu buat sangat teruk, mengutuk negeri kesayangan kita...jadi mana kita harus letak level diri bila kita melempar bahasa kasar & ndak beradab? Doesn't it looks like we're at the same shallow level as the girl? By saying all those nasty things it actually showed to people out there that at some point the girl might be right. Dia muntahkan api kan, lebih baik untuk kita simbah air. Instead of blending ourselves into her world. Lagi buruk!

Furthermore, kita pun bukan sure sangat benda tu betul. Who knows maybe it's a fake account. Ada orang mau buang onar but is too coward to show him/herself thus they used other people's pic. Berkemungkinan, kan? Kalau betul tekaan aku ni, bukankah tu tandanya kita sudah menuduh orang yang tidak bersalah? Bukankah itu dipanggil fitnah? Memfitnah orang dosanya lebih besar dari berzina. 

If I'm right, I totally pity that girl. Also to the person who did this to her. Nampak macam ndak da kerja yang lebih bermanfaat boleh dibuat; sungguh kasihan! Memang kita nampak apa yang ditulis tapi sila ingat, di zaman serba canggih & moden ni segalanya boleh dimanipulasi. What's more when it is related to internet. I once heard in one of Ustaz Kazim's ceramah where he said 

"Di zaman penuh teknologi inilah, manusia sangat senang memproses dosa. Semua hanya perlu dimulakan dengan hujung jari sahaja".

True indeed. Dari sibuk mengutuk budak tu atas tiket MAHU MEMBELA negeri tercinta...lagi baik kalau dibentang segala keindahan negeri Sabah. Kalau mau revenge pun let it be in the smartest & elegant way. Jangan nampak murah sangat. Bilang Sabahan ni cool & steady so show that to them...reverse psycho lah paling menggoda.


CutiCuti: Paris Day 2 - Musee D'Louvre, Luxor Obelisk, Champs-Elysees & Eiffel Tower

Assalamualaikum. Annyeong. 

Hihihi baru dapat semangat untuk sambung update my trip to Europe. Been super lazy lately. And fact that Miss Asus is no longer serving me...made it seems like I prolly had given up to continue scribbling about the trip. Lovely cousin lent me his laptop for the whole week so I guess 'no medium to update the blog' kind of alasan shall be put aside for now. I know I should take this golden opportunity to update, whilst the memories is still fresh. And of course, while I have the laptop with me. 

As I slowly lost my passion to scribble; my grammars & skills of writing gradually withered. Fuh, as if banyak sangat skill kau tu Bie. Oleh itu, straight to pics then. 

As said in my previous entry this is the Batobus that I took to cruise across Seine River...and enjoying the view of Paris from the river. 
Super long queue to go up to Eiffel Tower. I don't have the urge to join them; surprise not. Yet since it's not like everyday I go there...haruslah spent sometime wandering beneath the tower. Appreciating the beauty & lovely environment of Paris.    
For the children. Opposite the road to the tower. 
I planned to witness the sparkling Eiffel from Trocadero during dusk. Unfortunately the sun showed no sign of it going to set although it was already 10p. *sedih* Therefore I decided to made my way back to the hostel. Moreover I've been out since early in the morning I felt a bit uncomfy I seriously need to shower.  
The common arrangement of seating in almost ALL Paris' coffee parlors. The Parisians enjoyed their cuppa like this. The side walks or seat near the window are reserved at high rates. 
My second day in Paris; I woke up super early. Took my free breakfast at the hostel's cafe & walked myself to the nearest stop point for the HoHo bus. Map was among my most essential belonging during the travel.
A brilliant idea for sitting on the upper decks I got to see everything.
Architecture I admire! 
The Opera House. 
Creative decoration at one of the Metropolitan station near Louvre. 

One of the Pyramid in the Grand Louvre. The Da Vinci Code day dreaming no more for me!!
Alhamdulillah. Standing right before the Musee du Louvre. The most visited art museum in the world also the central landmark of Paris. 

Too long a queue I don't think I could squeeze in last minute plan to enter the museum into my itinerary. One day...insya Allah, one day I WILL visit Paris again.
As it's still early the shops on the streets haven't start operating yet. Maka berkubur impian untuk memborong souvenirs. 
One of the 37 bridges within Paris. 
The reason why I needed to enter the pharmacy was because blisters were everywhere on both my feet. Jalan raya super lebar. I can't simply cross the road without using the traffic light for pedestrian. Maka perlulah berjalan all the way towards the traffic light...walau destinasi berada depan mata.  
Yours Truly before the Luxor Obelisk; a high Egyptian obelisk standing at the centre of the Place de La Concorde. Originally located at the entrance to Luxor Temple, Egypt.  
Harus ambil peluang to stroll at the park on my way to the Avenue des Champs-Élysées. Taman dalam bandar, peaceful green environment.
Champs-Élysées is one of the most famous streets and expensive strips of real estate in the world with its cafes, luxury speciality shops & clipped horse-chestnut trees. 
Dedicated to all LV's lovers. Aku hanya mampu melihat dari seberang jalan. I can't afford to even purchase it's keychain. And memang ndak pernah berangan pun mau memiliki. I prefer to pamper myself with travelling & stuffs; lain orang kan lain kemahuan. Aku bab shopping ni kedekut sikit
No one near the area when I wanted to take full picture of me before the Arc de Triomphe Place de Gaulle. Terima lah keadaan half me + half the Arc. 
In Paris, bathroom does not include toilet in it. Toilet is to be found in Toilettes or W.C (Water Closet). Seriously regardless how much I want to, it never cross my mind to enter this pay toilet. Ever! This toilet has automatic door which open when you insert coins & are cleaned automatically once you exit. You've only got 15 minutes so don't dilly-dally. Satu hal lah kan kalau aku mau melabur...ndak pasal bersilat aku once the time is up. 
Before departing for Amsterdam I decided to visit Eiffel once more. Just to bid farewell. Poyo gaban!

And bazir duit makan aiskrim that cost me RM16! Bukan selalu kan...double twist of mix vanilla + strawberry super sedap makan di panas hari. 
Truth to be told, I was actually waiting for the Yellow Route HoHo bus bound for Moulin Rouge when I accidentally flipped over my train ticket to Amsterdam. It was 240pm at that time...and the departure time printed on the e-ticket was 1525. I seriously thought I was bound for the 525pm train! Pasal tu boleh leisurely berjalan berangan. Nasib baik lah ndak kena heart attack. Lucky enough Metro Stations are everywhere scattered around the city. I reached Gare du Nord 10 minutes before departure. Leaving behind my dreams to visit Moulin & Basilic, Montmarte.

Biarlah, bukan rezeki. Sob! Might be it's a hint for me to set my foot upon Paris land again...insya Allah. Manalah tau kan next time pergi sama chenta hati pula. Tetttttttt.


3 August 2012

Edisi: Muzium Negara

Assalamualaikum. Annyeong!

Sorry for my long hiatus. It's been 2 weeks since I last scribbled something in here. Sungguh2 kah aku berpuasa sampai kunun ndak da mood mau update blog sendiri? Sila put aside kepoyoan itu.

Considering aku agak lama senyap...I thought an update with piles of pictures will be of great idea. Less words needed. Walhal caption harus berbaris2 kan. Anyways, ni cerita pasal 'lawatan' aku to the National Museum last month. Due to clashing plans & stuffs, I didn't managed to visit British Museum while I was in the UK for the holiday. Therefore to pay the 'debt', I decided to visit our own museum. Yalah, lawat muzium negara sendiri lah kan before setting foot on other's. Alasan boleh bikin muntah!

Parked at the carpark behind the museum building...entered through this main entrance. Some repairing & maintenance works was being carried on that day. Conserving the building that houses our historical heritage; memang usaha berbaloi2.
With the growing up little cousin. Ndak lama aku jadi paling terendah. Tapi maintain jelita kot.
Cousins. 5 tickets for the 5 of us. Kena beli adults ticket sebab semua sudah dewasa ya. It's RM2 per entry for Malaysian.
Interactive screen. Boleh lah gain new knowledge in an attractive way. Tapi budak2 ni aku rasa bukan into history kot.
This is the royal dais for royal wedding. Hence the gold-ish theme. Nampak mewah. Sangat keMelayuan di situ.
The nation's most known warrior...Hang Tuah

Sepuluh sen dulu2 guna duit kertas pula ah. This note was used during the Japanese reign. 
Basikal penoreh getah.Yang ni memang confirm hak milik muzium jadi ndak malu berposing sakan...kejadian di Nami Island ndak mungkin berulang. 
Tin processing factory. This is the replica of the real factory in Perak.

When it comes to the Communist's stories...one can't help but to be a bit emotional. I am glad that I wasn't born at that era. 
Jar or urn burials; practice among communities in Sabah, Sarawak & Terengganu. Human remains in the form of bones after cremation were interred in jars. The most interesting or perhaps tormenting fact is about the practice in Sabah. Where remains of more than one individual are interred in a single jar! Cadavers are left to decompose at a site that is safe from wild animals. The skull & bone are later collected, stored in jar &  placed on the floor of limestone cave. I just can't imagine how much effort needed to inter the cadaver in that tiny urn. 

I wonder why they stopped using these. Too cute a currency system, don't u think so. 
I am forever 'indebted' to Sharif ABakar; who brought Islam to Borneo. 
How Islam came to the Peninsular Malaysia. 
Hand written Qoran. It came from hundred of years back. Subhanallah. And it remains intact up to this day. 

There are lots to see at the museum. But because of the low light condition in most of the rooms, I decided to roam around. There are few pictures I took that turned out not the way its supposed to look like so I gave up & put the camera away. With the absence of the camera, I got the chance to learn about the history. And understand them more. There's so much I gained from the visit...paling penting, lebih dari apa aku belajar time sekolah dulu ya. 

We didn't take our breakfast before departing to the museum. Since the cousins had been super patience with my sudden enthusiasm(??) to tour the whole museum area...I brought them to MidVal for brunch.

Memang perlu sabar demi ganjaran bertitle Jom Makan! The girls *including yours truly* are a big fan of Korean thingy hence explain the choice of place to dine. Teringin merasa Korean food sebab rindu Hanguk. It's so difficult to find Halal Kfood in KK. Alang2 sudah di Kolumpur, might as well layan craving yang dipendam sekian lama. Really a 2-in-1 goal with the cousins. Terjah muzium sebab terlepas peluang lawat British Museum. Then later on, mentekedarah Kfood because I've been craving for it since forever. Baik punya accomplishment!

p/s I promised myself that one day I WILL visit UK again...purposely to just visit the museums there. Key word paling ngam, ALL the free-entry museums. Dream high! Sekian.