31 October 2011

Orang Dua-Lines

Great news embraced me since yesterday. Alhamdulillah alhamdulillah. As much I wanted to write about & upload pictures of the bbq picnic we had for the reunion yesterday...I can't help but to shout this beautiful joyous news. 

Oh yeah, the pic below says it all. I am going to be an aunty to 2 more niece/nephew in 2012. I am uber excited upon being told the news by the 2 mommies-to-be! Congrats darlings. And may Allah bless ur pregnancy. Congratulations congratulations on the appearance of the two lines on ur pregnancy test kit. 
One of the mommy-to-be requested me to hold the urge to share the news. Not because she is unhappy with the 'thing' growing in her belly right now...just that she's not ready to let people know about it. And being a good girl that I have always been *ehem*...I decided to address her as Mommy 2-Lines until she gives me the green light
Pic taken from her mukabuku album. Sorry Mommy Awisy for 'stealing'. 

The other mommy is this lovely lady of mine...Ms. Ayu! Mother of the Super Garang Yet Cheeky Little Awisy. She's carrying her second child & I just got to hear the news from her sms this afternoon. She & her family was in KK since last Thurs...they went back yesterday evening. Boo hoo me for couldn't make it to meet them this time. It would have been sweeter to hear the news right from her...rather than reading them in text. Insya Allah, I'll try to spare some time to meet them when I went down to Kolumpur next Feb. Seriously, it's been a while since we last met & I miss these 2 beautiful souls so dearly. 

I pray for things to sail smoothly for both mommies. Take good care of urself & the little one(s). I may not know the exact feeling of carrying someone in my womb...but one thing I know for sure; harus gembira itu sungguh luar biasa. 

Have nothing else to scribble for now...thus I end this post with one of the many photos taken during the bbq get-together yesterday. I am fully recharged already. Surrounded by them has always been one of my favourite remedy to destress. Love u peeps!
Pic taken by Syl before we wrapped up the bbq event. Everyone seem so busy with the food etc but Yours Truly. Bie oiii...kau juga pemenang tegar kalau alert sama camera. Ahaks.


29 October 2011

Patah Seribu!

Last night midnight movie date with the ladies was pretty awesome. It's been a while since we last spent time together for movie session. I watched In Time with a friend for the 920pm show...and later continue with PA 3 with them. Surely was a paranormal activity for the ladies; specially the 7months pregnant sister. 

Funny thing was, the non-pregnant ladies were the chicken-hearted. Adalah peeping dari celahan jari yet the mommy dengan selamba mata buntang meninguk macam tiada wujud perasaan takut. Most screams came from us but mostly from the 2nd row ahead of us. Mind u; they screamed & squeaked louder than us. Like no one business. They responded to every horror scenes. When the show ended, we laughed our hearts out for the fact that they were all boys!! Woot woot. 

Looking for more dates with the ladies...before the big sister 'exploded'. Grunge didn't joined us because she already watched it with Rio; the husband right after the movie hit the screen few days back. Boo hoo!!! 
My: Jiwa Laura, Jantung Mel & Raga Dolly

And definitely we're looking very much forward for the release of the film below. The franchise of The Twilight Saga. The Part 1 going to hit the theatre on Nov, 18. Few more days to come. Dup dap dup dap! Watching the trailer has made my heart beats faster...I don't know what will happen if I watch the whole part later. And yeah, this date will never include Grunge forever. It was the most terrible idea to bring an anti-TwillightSaga to watch the film together. She will; undoubtedly screw our excitement!! Positive. Unless; we are willing to hear her sarcastic & vicious comments. Before, in between & after the movie. Trust me, the ruthless part of her could immediately emerge once she heard the word Edward or Jacob. Even Bella!!

"As long as we both shall live" Part of Bella & Eward's wedding vow.

Anyways, albeit having watched the 3rd installation of PA, I actually haven't watch the 2nd one. And thanks to Dolly for her kindness, she gave me the soft copy last night. Watched part of it soon after I reached home early this morning, but was too sleepy I decided to continue watching it again tonight. Harus start dari awal...baru comel penakut! 

Going to hit the sack a bit early tonight *insya Allah* as I have tasks to accomplish tomorrow. Very very important tasks yet I totally forgot about it until this morning! I haven't prepare a thing for the event yet. Lucky it starts at 3pm so I guess I still have plenty of times to settle everything. Will get the marinate thingy done by tonight. All cooking & whatnot preparations shall take place tomorrow morning. Pheww. 


28 October 2011

Hulahup Tinguk Wayang!

It is Saturday night...once again. Alhamdulillah for I am still breathing up to this moment. Went to 1B to purchase movie tickets for tonight show. Woot woot! This is so gonna be my destress Saturday evening! Am loving myself for having such a great hobby. Ndak kasi susah orang, ndak bikin orang pusing sama. Oh sungguh comel sekali! And I have 2 films to entertain me tonight. Double comel!
The main reason I was so eager to watch In Time is because of this gorgeous big-eyes lady. 
I've been admiring her since Dear John. Walau dalam tu dia kasi kecewa boyfriend aku...apakah kaitan? I.G.N.O.R.E!
And suddenly si Matt (White Collars) ni muncul pula dalam this movie. Oh my God...perlukah setiap lelaki super-handsome-macho-aduh-pening-kepala-aku-memikir kelihatan double triple handsome & lagi kasi pening aku everytime they were shot in BNW picture. Seriously, for a second there...nafas ku terhenti. Yup, drama perlu! Tapi yang bener dong...mata itu menikam kalbu terus kuyak jantung ok!
Gonna wrapped up the night with the movie above. The most awaited flick for Mel, Dolly & the pregnant lady; Laura. Sila jangan terberanak dalam hall ok, big sister!!!

Hopefully I will have the strength to wake up early tomorrow. Hey, I still have to work despite having spent my Saturday until wee hours don't u forget that fact. I am an 8am-8pm; Mon-Sat working lady. Gila comel!


27 October 2011

Sila Simpan Marah

Thursday smashed me hard...since early in the morning. I wasn't sure what will happen IF the anger reaches its peak; until just now. Fortunately, there was little patience left in my system. 

I tried so hard to cheer myself up. I blocked any upcoming negative thoughts from penetrating my already messed mind. Seriously I did try my very best. Forced myself to smile & laugh...I succeeded; at first. Told myself never to let my mood affected by anything/anyone. For I know, no one holds the control button in my system but me. Regardless how pissed off or irritated I started my day, I shall never take that as a reason to be in the bad mood zone for the rest of the day. Never!

Alas, all efforts went down to the drain. One of the worker triggered the anger that is in the midst of cooling down. And has cause it to boil once more. I was really on the verge of insanity just now...alhamdulillah, with the little sanity left, I managed to hold myself back together. I succeeded in swallowing my anger albeit the aftermath. Migraine woo tahan marah! I vented my anger once I stepped into the office. Phew...dada kembang kepala pusing! I nearly suffocated just now for I always found myself gasping for air whenever I'm angry. Not to mention the sweating palms. Penyakitan!

Am feeling a bit lighter after ZuPra. Ablution is forever the best remedy for a raging mind.


26 October 2011

Of Public Holiday

And so I spent my Divali holiday, lazying at home. Potato coaching enjoying myself with Kdrama titled Heartstrings. Super love the romantic comedy drama series...such a wonderful remedy for the aching  & confused heart. Erk, sila abai statement berani mati. 

Still have few more episodes to finish. I stopped in the evening to give some rest to my eyeballs. I've forced them to concentrate on Asus's screen since early in the morning. Lucky I managed to vac the house  & do the laundry before I started watching. *Mode Rajin suddenly arose* Else, I'll be facing mother's 'death penalty' once she got home in the evening. 
I so love how the director narrated this drama. I cried when the actor/actress cried...I can feel the strong emotions they want to share with the viewers. And yeah, reason why I want to watch this was mainly because of the storyline. Heartstrings is one of Korea latest very popular drama series. The handsome actor & the cutiepie actress...fell to second level. Ahaks.
Ehem, I saw Finiey's latest album she uploaded in her mukabuku last night. And the pictures she took during her short vacation to Kundasang with her family; riveted my attention! I immediately fall in love upon seeing the thick mist & view of Mount Kinabalu from the place she stayed at. I am a LOVER of the highlands & the ocean. So yeah, anything related to both things captivate me big time!! Instantly I commented on the pic(s)...and impatiently waited for her reply. 

Dream World Resort is the name of the place. A new resort; began operating sometime May last year. It is located near the Desa Cattle. Also is the same route as Kiram's Village where I once stayed with Mel & Dolly sometime last year. Definitely a place I wish to go & at least stay overnight in one of these days. Simply to unwind & rest the mind after the busy lifestyle I'm currently living now. Nope, am not complaining about the busy part...just that I know I still need a short getaway from all these hustle & bustle.

Nonetheless, I thank Allah SWT for everything. Syukran untuk rezeki ini, untuk nyawa ini, untuk kasih & sayangmu. Alhamdulillah.


25 October 2011

Chenta Hati

The cousins in Kolumpur lost their cat; Chibi yesterday. When Ezza text me telling Chibi is in coma state, I cried & I prayed she'll recover soon. But Allah knows well. The vet told Ezza; Chibi was too weak to fight the virus attack & her antibody had slowly lessen ever since she was infected. Poor her for having to be in the battle. She just gave birth to 3 adorable kittens 2 months back. And Pacik decided to send her to another house because they were afraid they might not be able to keep up with too many cats in the house. At her new house, Chibi started to ignore & refused to feed her children. In less than a month, all 3 kitties died. 

Not long after, Chibi refused to eat nor drink. She even isolated herself from the other cats. Whereas before she was such a playful cat. Angah decided to bring Chibi home after the cousins told her about Chibi's latest development. And so Chibi went back to Angah's. Once home, she was back to her previous character. Playful & mischievous. Yet that only lasted for merely 2 weeks. She slowly showed worrisome symptoms. Lack of appetite, less running & playing. So I told Ezza to try the traditional way. Feed her with the coconut milk. She recovered immediately. But that didn't last long either. She began to get very sick. She pee on her own coat, vomited phlegm. Her saliva turned thick as well. Ezza sent her to the vet & was given meds to stimulate Chibi's antibody. A week is given to monitor her development. Nothing changed, Chibi got worse even. 

Yesterday, she was too weak she has to be detained in the clinic. The vet said Chibi has less than a day or two to live. Hence I told Ezza to just let the vet put Chibi to sleep; for eternity. It is the one & only solution to not hurt her more. Euthanasia solution is the only way to make her rest in the most comfortable & stress free state. Chibi was in too much pain I don't think she will survive even if she woke up from the coma. Ezza followed my suggestion & so the vet injected the solution. And Chibi is finally in her deep sleep. Oh my God, tears falling as I typed this entry. I am still shocked upon knowing the news. Chibi's case reminded me of  beloved Chubby who left us in 2008. It took me nearly a month to accept the fact that he's gone. I mourned & I grieved; in an appropriate way. 

Ezza collected Chibi from the clinic late yesterday's evening. The vet asked whether they want the clinic to cremate or they want to take her remaining home. I suggested the latter. Chibi was safely buried near Angah's apartment area. She is in better place right now...together with her children. Alhamdulillah, no more pain for her. 

For some people who cannot understand the bond between human & pet(s)...please DO NOT judge us. Do not simply say something that could hurt us; the animal lover(s). Speak if u want, but please spit it out NOT in front of us. Say whatever u want behind our back...but NEVER let us hear! Because I DO NOT tolerate with such inhuman act. If u don't like anything associate to animal, then it's ur business. I don't mind & I don't care. So please, back off. When I said I am sad & grieving over the death of a cat...just let ur ears listen. And don't say words such as "Oh dear, it's only a cat. Chill lah." Because that brings more pain in the already aching heart. If u don't want to lend ur ears, then "Oh..sorry to hear that." is more than enough to make me feel better. Or, the least u could do is smile. 

Phew! Enough with the lepas geram session. I just hope people around me; specially close friends understand the deep sense of grief I am experiencing. They should be the one who comfort me rather than making me sadder. 

Honestly, I rather be ditched by the boyfriend than having to face the death of  my children. Only those pet owners will understand the pain we have to deal with; deep within. The heartache. And the strong & lasting sense of pain & grief. Sakit gilak. Sangat sangat sakit. 

Ok I think it's all for now. Nanti mengalir lagi balik airmata ni. Tuesday is my Pinky Day...hence any sorrow & sadness shall be neutralized. Insya Allah.
Pic of Chibi with her new-born babies. Thanks for the time You gave us Ya Allah...to play & take care of her. Alhamdulillah. Allah chose us to be with her; although for a limited time only. 


23 October 2011

Sunday sangat best!

Been avoiding the mall ever since I started the saving campaign for my future plan(s). And yeap, that includes the kahwin plan of course. No further question on that matter, thank you. 

But today is an exception. I have to bathe Fuchy because she hasn't been showered for more than 2 weeks already. Super dislike the way she looks with all the dust & dirts. Sungguh geli melihat imej ndak keperempuanan-nya. And so I purposely woke up few hours late than usual...headed to Tanjung Aru to fetch the not so little cousin whom I had earlier forced to meet up with me. It's been a while since I last saw her...yeah, kinda miss her actually hence the dictator mode switched on. Dipaksa jumpa gue!

We had brunch at our favourite cafe; TeaTime Express in WM while waiting Fuchy to finish her bathe. Bought our favourite tako as snacks di kala bosan. Headed to Suria Sabah after WM. Spent nearly an hour at Times...and decided to go home when I saw the not so little cousin who sat next to me; yawned endlessly. Tripping ngantuk padahal dia tu kaki tawaf mall. 
Please ignore the poyo pose. Nia captured this due to my instruction. Harus dengar cakap!

Planning to invade the beach in the evening went down to the drain when the black gloomy skies showed themselves on my way home. Hence we shifted plan...membongkang di rumah oh so blissfullness rasa itu!!

Ndak apa, insya Allah minggu depan akan ke pantai. 
So much of avoiding to shop and shop and shop...I came back home with these things in my bag. Worthy investment I shall say thus no regard of purchasing them. Sungguh! 


Mengenai Burpday(s) & RumahBertangga

Pic courtesy from yahoo image.

Someone(s) grew a year wiser today & yesterday. My utmost wish of bless life goes to numbers of dear people in my life. YOU! Yes...YOU! October babies!

It really take a long time to grow young, yes? I hope ur birthday gently breezes into ur life all the choices of things...all that ur heart hold onto. With Allah's will, amin!

On another note, Zai & I were at Papar today. Attending our darling friend; Kizzy's merisik-cum-engagement day. Albeit we missed the highlight moment of the day, we managed to come eventually. And only left her place after dusk. Sungguh ndak sedar diri melepak di rumah orang. But yeah, Kizzy's house is among the house I love to; shamelessly treat as my own. 
Moi with the brides to be
Read: Bride in plurality!

Zai will tie the knot with her high school boyfriend next month. Whilst Kizzy's turn is in Dec. Insya Allah...niat yang baik pasti Allah permudahkan jalan. Amin!
My lovely girlfriend of 16 years is someone's fiance already.
Mode: Perlu dramatik sedih poyo!!

Alhamdulillah, all went well during the majlis just now. Uber excited for her! Double triple YAY!! After so many obstacles & trials; the couple is one step closer to something perhaps; more promising. Marriage that is! I wish u all the best dear girlfriend in facing the test(s) from Allah. It will definitely not roses all the way but the scars & bruises are worth what u get in the end. Like u said; patience, tolerate & maturity. All elements needed to keep a relationship sturdier.

I was able to hold my tears when Kizzy showed me her E-ring just now for I could still digest the fact she's engaged already. Yet I can't help but to have quite a feeling of sadness when Zai handed me her wedding invitation card few days ago. Knowing I am the first person among the ladies who received it make me even sadder. Not that I feel sad of her getting married, ok? It's just this feeling I can't simply put into words; unexplainable. And I remembered last time right after Pijut's solemnization, teary moment did take place. Alhamdulillah it lasted for less than a minute. Gue adalah tukang gambar beliau so harus maintain comel mata ndak boleh macam panda!

Fakta: Adalah hiba melihat teman yang membesar bersama anda bakal meninggalkan zaman kanak2 riang. Tanggungjawab lebih besar terhadap keluarga selepas berkahwin, masa sukaria bersama teman harus dikurangkan. Itu gue understand lebih dari luarbiasa. Sekian.


22 October 2011

Seperti Tidak Mahu Tahu

Perasaan ini kacau.
Keliru dibauri dengan cebisan rasa gembira.

Aku tidak tahu apa penyebabnya.
Atau, mungkin saja aku tahu.
Tapi sengaja aku ambil jalan yang panjang.
Untuk tidak mahu tahu. Untuk tidak ambil peduli.

Berdrama. Bermelankoli.
Memang itu fasa kesukaan aku.
Asal saja aku tidak meletak beban di bahu orang.
Tidak membuang susah ke hidup orang lain.
Aku tidak ambil kisah apa diperkata orang.

Kerana hidup ini, SELAIN Dia

Hanya aku yang mengerti.
Hanya aku yang tahu.
Hanya aku yang mampu tafsir.
Hanya aku yang boleh beri kata putus.
Hanya aku yang bisa menilai.
Hanya aku yang faham.

Perasaan ini berbaur sekali hari ini.
Saat ini. Malam ini.
Aku angkat tangan.
Panjatkan doa pada Nya.
Moga ini semua bakal jadi tenang
setenang air laut tanpa gelora.

Moga jadi seperti sedia yang kala.
Insya Allah.


20 October 2011

Oh yeah Oh yeah!!

The bank was my next stop after veggie market this morning. Was there to settle Fuchy's annual insurance fee & road tax. So much of dilly-dally, the road tax will expire tomorrow. I've been carrying the money for more than a month already I merely forgot what its allocated for. Comel gila alasan. Lucky I didn't spend the money on something unworthy; else I'll be crying endlessly filled with regret.

Was beyond exulted when the counter lady told me the overall amount I have to pay. Phew I've allocated few hundreds extra than the amount I should pay. Alhamdulillah! I seriously thought it's gonna be the same amount like Ken's first renewal, few years ago. I forgot Ken was involved in a accident in her first year & I had to claimed the insurance to fix her. Hence, the no discount on the insurance renewal. Fuchy holds a clean record; so yeah...discount given! Syukur...more money saved for the trip. And a little bit of shopping perhaps.

I can't help but to make the big wide grin stuck on my face; up until I reached the cafe. Even my workers wondered what's with my unusual smile. Gue lagi happy dong! Happy yang happy gaban! Simply delighted with how things work for me right now. Thank You Allah, thank You Allah.

In order to mark this pleasing day, I summoned myself to purchase few express scarves to wear to the cafe. I had enough with mother's stare each time I entered her room & 'kidnap' her scarf. Kedekut gaban, siap jeling2 oh aku jiwa menahan geram. Erk, dasar peminjam ndak kesedaran diri. Sila abaikan statement bingai. And I also bought few inner scarves to match my cotton shawls. Ndak rasa membazir langsung. Titik!

Pssst...aren't those jackets/coats from MyClosett above melt ur heart away? I am/was trying oh so hard to reduce banish the temptation!! Yet...uhuk uhuk.

I'll continue later; sakit tekak batuk kering terus sudah ni. *continue coughing*


18 October 2011

Subhanallah Subhanallah

Syukran syukran syukran Ya Rabb!! 

Tuesday has always been my fink-est day! Has always been...ever since I declared it as Pinky Tuesday last year. I am 100% sure I didn't do anything huge to put myself at this stage. Confidence rising up high instantly! Oh Allah, praise will always be for You.

By highlighting the word confidence...please do not associate this over-the-top excitement with windfall a.k.a durian runtuh; as per Chom called it. This is all about achievement! Oh yeah...achievement that I never thought I  would get in any of these days. It might means null for most of u people out there...but it means the world to me. Especially when I've been squawking & worrying about it for quite some times already. 

Phew, I can't seem to stop smiling since I found out about it this morning. Few more to cut off then I'll be the happiest person. Tapi sekarang ni pun memang happy gilak! Without any earnest efforts...Allah granted my wish. I must have done something good to be rewarded such gift. Alhamdulillah.

p/s Sila jangan happy berabisan Bie...learn from ur past. Bersyukur berpada2...jangan sampai kufur nikmat Allah bagi.


17 October 2011

Silakan Jadi

Perasaan adalah semacam numb. Oh no, bukan bermakna fasa excited for the trip sudah berlalu ah. Ini sebenarnya tanda Allah jentik dalam hati nan lupa diri ndak kesedaran supaya balik berpijak ke bumi nyata. 

*tunduk malu tutup muka kunun menyesal tapi airmata tetap degil ego melangit tinggi*

Hentikan merancang melebih2 sehingga lupa perkara masa kini. *batuk kering* In the end of the day, semuanya Allah yang menentukan. Rancang sebaik nya namun serahkan semua pada Qada & QadarNya. Sebab nanti, bila apa kau plan ndak menjadi...confirm kau meroyan separa waras wahai Bibie oii! Jadi bawa2 beristighfar...berapa malam sudah kau bertenggek serupa burung ndak jumpa bulan depan si Asus tu. Ibadat malam semua ke laut...ditarik nikmat baru kau haru biru di sana. Sedangkan few nights sudah bulan tu cantik mengambang, siap jadi lampu extra di bilik bila lampu kau padam.

*tunduk malu tutup muka pastu lain hari buat lagi* Wachaa!


16 October 2011

Halfway to Realization...insya Allah!

2 am was the earliest time I hit the sack since Wednesday...and that awful behaviour has finally paid its toll on me. I went to bed at 8 last night!! Woke up at 2am but I opted to just lied on the bed & surfed the net through Mr. Sam. Got back to sleep after dawn. And woke up few hours later to mother's grumblings. Super extra cool Saturday night, yes?!

Lack of quality sleep is the best answer to my endless exhaustion. Oh, I shall definitely put the blame over my excitement for the 2012 trip. 

Without being aware of the time, I kept myself occupied with googling, searching & comparing prices. For hotels/hostels, trains etc. One very crucial part is asking few very helpful girlfriends of mine. Thank u ladies for the great tips & advices. Also the super informative links shared. Merci merci!! 

7 more months to go! Woooot! I've started allocating budget for the trip. Also some for emergency use; just to be safe. Decided to buy train ticket(s) & accommodation via online. I've got myself the Kad Tiram from the big sister already! Yay for that! Pray hard I will survive for this gonna be my first time ever on travelling alone. Thousand kilometres away from home! Different language & cultures of course. My solo Bandung trip in 2008 wouldn't be the same like this one I am sure. In Bandung, I stayed at Imot's place & everything was arranged by her prior my arrival. From the supir to the places I went. And yes, the language is of goreng kacang for me. 
Back in 2008 at Tangkuban Perahu. Visited one of the main attractions in West Java with Imot's friend. Naik kuda pink adalah antara kenangan terindah! Harus!!

For this coming trip, albeit I'll be crushing Ernie's & Jay's places...I still have to carefully plan all by myself as to avoid any inconveniences to the hostesses. Their homes is quite distant from most of the places I wish to go, thus I decided to stay elsewhere for few days. And because of the big difference in currency, I opted for hostel(s) instead. I'll be staying in a PINK dormitory; sharing with 11 other female travellers. Woot kinda adventure I so looking forward to. Enthusiastically for sure. Insya Allah all will be in great state. 

To date, I've listed down the daily things I wanna go/do there. In details they are. Oh yeah, properly plan trip this will be. Hey, blame me not for this is my first time. Hence I have to be extra scrutiny even to little things. Impromptu is so not my thing right now. Unless it skids from my initial plan when I was already there; then that would be another story. Tipikal dong kalau acara jadi lain bila di sana tapi yang penting perlu atur sebaik mungkin di sini. 

Train tickets can only be purchased 4 months prior going so I will get them later. Alhamdulillah I've secured my booking with the hostels. I already gave hints to Ernie about the places I wish to set my foot upon. Also to Jay as well. 

Phew; I still can't believe I finally hit the purchase button for the flight tickets. After so much considerations thinking weighing pros & cons.! Ala baru pigi sana pun kan, excited mangat sangat kau ni Bie!


14 October 2011

Soalan Cepu Beremas

Memang Jumaat yang berkat lah hari ni.

Bangun pagi, periksa telefon bimbit. Tiba2 ada pesanan dari laman mukabuku. Pengirim adalah senior waktu sekolah di SA dulu. 

Kelucuan gaban, aku ketawa keluar airmata pink! Sumpah soalan seperti itu sudah lama aku ndak dengar. Sumpah...kali terakhir orang ajukan sama aku macam 10 tahun lepas.

Soalan walau cepu beremas tapi masih mengekalkan keaslian Melayu. Boleh ayat aku macam mau suruh orang muntah darah??!! 

Aku senyum sepanjang jalan ke tempat kerja. Bukan sebab isi beremas itu ya. Isi itu aku hargai. Aku tersenyum kerana ndak sangka masih ada orang akan bertanya sama aku soalan seperti itu. Muda remaja terus aku rasa bah. Erk, abaikan kenyataan memerah santan!

Nantilah...akan aku leraikan semua di sini. Insya Allah kalau tuan empunya belog ini punya angin sepoi2 comel ya.


13 October 2011

Stop & Hey!

Things have been not so good with the big sister lately. Few days back she called...and suddenly while curhating on the phone, she burst into tears. I was a bit panicked at first but slowly calmed myself down. The same day, in the morning...she updated me with quite bad & heartbreaking news. And I guess the thing that greeted her in the evening smashed her quite hard hence the gush. I miss having her around. I miss talking rubbish with her. We often ended laughing over the same reason but without having to speak it out loud. We only need the eyes to do all the talking...and ketawa akan berderai pecah. Workloads shall be blame for this to happened. Perhaps we're busy dealing with hurdles that life throws onto us we can't seem to find the perfect timing to stop & share. 

Yet, millionth thanks to technology. Albeit we don't get to see each other as much like before, mukabuku & YMesengger connected us well. Alhamdulillah, our sister-ship has never been far apart. Any latest updates...harus sampai sepantas kilat walau bukan secara empat mata. Wachaaa!

We're on off the YMesengger since this morning. Sharing tons of different stories. Unrelated but must-share kinda updates they were. And praise be to Allah, her so called journey in the dark tunnel has finally came to it's end. Beam of light is beginning to emerge. She is smiling once more...wider than before. Mak Buyung adalah ndak bagus masam lama2 nanti affect the baby's condition.

The photography job next week will bring her & Linawa team to the Lion City. Here I am making a toss for more jobs in the future...excellency & creativeness for the team members. Cheers!!

On another note, Linawa.com *SILA KLIK DENGAN PANTAS!!* has updated its website. Wooot!! More awesome & beautiful pictures are going to be uploaded in their site. Go check them out!! Jiwa sangat meleleh meninguk!

And a BIRTHDAY SHOUT OUT to the beloved people in my life. Thank You Allah for this beautiful souls.

Mommies; Aieyda & Iejan.
Super Sengal Wempitz Cousins; Ezza, Capiz & Beby.
Angah & Pacik!

May each & everyone of us grow 'younger'...embrace with Allah's Grace all the time. Amin.


12 October 2011

Sayang-sayang CAT

In response to darling friend's latest post...minum2 KOPI.

I would like to add few words after the last word of hers.

Hence it becomes one statement that rhyme oh so beautiful.

Minum2 KOPI...Sayang2 CAT.

As much as I super adore cat(s)...I kinda allergic to some type. Especially one with no identity.

p/s Might be activating my dead private blog once more. Banyak sangat fans aku jadi rimas. Huk alah, sakan kau tripping Bie.


10 October 2011

Yang Tiada Berkata


Syukur Allah atas rahmat Mu.


Aku belajar untuk terima semuanya dengan lapang dada. 
*walau hakikat dada ku pecah terburai*

Insya Allah...

dengan izin Mu aku pasti semua ini akan berlalu
seperti yang pernah terjadi dulu.

Kata kunci yang ku pegang saat ini...hanyalah sabar!!
*walau hakikat mata ku pedih menahan esak & tangis*


9 October 2011

Sabtu-Day yang penuh kenangan!!

Currently not in the mood to scribble much. I lost words to write. So I will settle with pictures + captions. instead. Ehem, poyo mode switched on!

Last Thursday, tummy suddenly craved for something sour & spicy. And I've been feeding it with one of my favourite dish ever since then. 
This is what I called mangga totok in which totok in Kadazan means cincang (Malay) & mince /grated (English). Mixed together with shrimp paste + chillies = unexplainable!! *saliva dropping* 

Yesterday, a blogger-mukabuku-mutual friend of mine came visiting me at the cafe. We've been replying comments & tweets months before we finally get to meet each other. Alhamdulillah. Technology connects us; one of the way to make more friends. Bersilaturrahim cara moden gitu.
The famous Baby Nur Danish Rizqi. Been wanting to have him in my arms...syukur termakbul impian. And sangat geram up to this moment. He is so friendly langsung ndak takut sama stranger. Kah sebab Aunty BibiErr comel macam Danish ah. Ok, that shall pass!! Grrrrrr.
With the warm-hearted Aima; who happened to be Kizzy's ex schoolmate before Kizzy accepted the offer from YS. What a small world, yes. Berpusing2 jak circle of friends kami ni. And this meeting also a sign telling me that I shall meet Puan Azmah as well. Very soon...very very soon it will be. Insya Allah.

My final activity for yesterday. Alhamdulillah alhamdulillah. Praise be only to Allah the Almighty! Allah prolongs my life & I was able to hear the talk by my favourite 'teacher'; Ustaz Kazim Elias. Honestly, aku sudah lama berangan2 mahu dengar ceramah beliau secara live. Last week I was uber excited when I read about his activity in his mukabuku wall. His schedule includes Kota Kinabalu!! Gila cepat aku panjatkan syukur sama Allah. I couldn't describe exactly what I feel at that moment apart from being so grateful! 
Reached the place right before Isya'. Performed my prayer at the mosque. Alhamdulillah sempat menjadi makmum. The talk started around 8pm. Apart from the problem with the PA system in the first 30minutes...everything went well. As always, his talk never failed to amaze me. Loaded with knowledge. Full with witticism. My du'a for ur blessed life & health ustaz.
There were few booths set up during the talk. Selling books & stuffs I addressed as meal for the soul. Got myself the 2 books above. So many books have I purchased lately I think buying the shelves is of importance right now. Will definitely get them by next week. Orderly organized books on the shelves is absolutely pleasing for the eyes. 

Watched Killer Elite last Friday night, just like what I did 'announced' in one of my previous post. Will write my review about it later. I know for sure, someone is waiting for the review. *hint to Mrs. HG*

p/s So much of tiada mood...berjela juga entry! Poyo drama!


7 October 2011

Kepoyo-an nan Aku

It's been a while since I last set my foot at the cinema! Reaaaaaally a while. To date, I have missed watching several hot movies. Erm, fyi Johnny English doesn't comply to the term hot for me & I didn't regret even a bit for not having the opportunity to watch it. Mainly because I never watched any of Prof. R.A's films before. Call me not fun...call me boring...I am just being honest with myself. Ndak salahkan?? Sila tahu, aku bukan benci bukan dislike beliau cuma aku ndak da keinginan hatta secalit untuk menonton. Araso?

Anyhow, the last time I went to the cinema was on the 1st day of Eidulfitr. Together with the two WempitzR cousins of mine we watched Conan. And that was it. Too many movie dates had to be cancelled  due to various excuses I can't seem to recall for now. Akibat suka trip busy! Harharharharuuuuuuuuu!

Ok fine, rasa macam jahil gila buat statement di atas. As if I have zero entertainment other than hitting the cinema for movies. But again, its the fact that I can't deny I enjoyed watching movie so very much! It is the best therapy for the stress mind. What's more when my favourite actor(s) starred in the movie. Hati terangkat woot!

And speaking of the longing to go the cinema...someone asked for my company to watch movie tonight. Macam tau jak lah I so needed that kind of activity at this moment. Been working pretty comel since the cafe reopened...and I guess it is just the perfect time to loosen a bit! Gonna take the midnight show tough because I will only reached home around 8pm the earliest.
I decided to watch the movie above upon seeing his name on the screen. Oh yeah, the best man live. And it's definitely gonna be my darling Mr. John Sta*tham. *clearing throat* Again, IF u don't favour his acting or anything about him...go write about it in ur site. In this site, I am the dictator. I said whatever I want...whatever I think that is right from my point of view. Not that I cannot accept ur opinion...just that in this case I ain't need any. Drama ndak drama ndak? Ni nama dia angin minta puji berkeliaran di udara. Wah sounded too cute, isn't it.

By the way, I am in the midst of filling my jaunt plan. Been asking around for any useful tips & advices...goggling & searching for the best places to visit. And also dream of what to wear. Daydreaming is NEVER a crime. Yes?

Thanks Madu @ YangHanafi for the very very important info(s). Am gonna sit down with the Kakak Besar in one of these days to ask, ask & ask. Biar dia annoyed & irritated. For the time being, haruslah berangan melebey itu perlu. Like I said, it's never a crime.

p/s Yang!! Aku da TER-engraved nama Primar*k kat kepala. Ko nye koje lah niiiiiii. Ceh tetiba perasaan nak menyalahkan tu membuak2.


6 October 2011

Anti BUKAN Benci...sila paham ayat itu

*muntah darah*

Ini sesi curhat yang dipendam sekian lama tapi hari ini aku decide untuk luahkan di sini. Ateh blog teman! Yang dimaksudkan KAU di sini adalah umum merujuk kepada yang terasa diri macam aku mentioned...nama pun sesi curhat kan so aku kasi muntah apa aku dislike bukan hate! The meaning is not the same; different! Because ada yang suka makan cili bukan untuk dia jadi biarlah aku explain 1 perenggan before aku mula. Erk, ndak payah kot explain segala tapi biarlah! Suka aku, blog aku.

Aku adalah super anti BUKAN benci perempuan yang kalau mau keluar bercantik berwangi mekap mesti sekata baju mesti iron ndak boleh kedut kasut mesti matching pendek kata ada theme color. Kalau ndak da theme colour pun janji harus berhias macam Christmas tree penampilan mesti menarik kau paling kebabum! 

TAPI di sebalik yang macam bom tu kau adalah bau busuk pengotor kutu lagi tau jaga kebersihan. It's ok with me kalau kepengotoran itu hanya kau yang nampak tapi kalau sudah melibatkan keselesaan orang sekeliling itu adalah salah satu perkara pantang dalam diri aku. Lalat pun takut mau dekat sebab kau lagi busuk pengotor dari lalat. Makan mau sedap sudu mesti berteman garfu tapi bab mengemas mencuci pinggan segala kau lah paling pemalas. Kalau boleh dikasi biar utensils tu semua berulat pun kau ndak kisah sebab tabiat itu sudah mengalir dalam darah kau. Semacam trait yang aku ndak tau dari mana kau inherit.

Aku adalah super anti BUKAN benci lelaki yang hanya tau bergaya ada kereta bunyi mau kasi dengar satu negeri tapi poket kosong. Lagi haru kereta setakat Sang Kancil & seangkatannya. Cakap macam tin kosong pongpang pongpang tapi isi ndak da. Baran mengalahkan ibu singa yang anak nya dikacau. Kalau boleh tiap kali marah mau ditunjuk satu negeri telinga kau yang berasap suara kau yang garau berteriak macam orang tiada iman. Ndak malu kah marah begitu rupa di depan khalayak ramai? I guess trait malu itu sudah ditelan sama sikap kau yang ego tinggi dari Mt. Everest itu. Segala mau harap sama orang. Lagi parah kalau sudah ada Mata Air. Sudahlah si Mata Air dijadikan pelabur aktiviti libur & jual tembirang dia juga tempat kau buang api marah. Sungguh BODOH si Mata Air. Aku tiada kasihan untuk perempuan begitu sebab sah2 kau itu ndak guna akal dikurnia Allah.

Read: Ouh aku bukan judging tapi ini view aku. Pendapat sukarela. Aku tiada paksa untuk baca kalau kau ndak berkenan.

Mahu bertahan sama lelaki yang jauh lebih teruk dari tukang potong rumput berbau hamis kerana berpanas terik buat kerja? Bukan kah itu kerja bodoh? Kau bertahan kerana sayang? Jadi simpanlah airmata jangan kau nangis tiap kali dihina oleh sang Kesayangan kau. Buanglah rasa geram tiap kali dilayan macam mesin ATM.  Kau mahu simpan lelaki itu jadi dipersila untuk merasa pahit nya bahagia yang kau tatang. Jalan itu kau pilih jadi jangan kau beban orang sekeliling dengan cerita sedih diperlaku itu dan ini untuk meraih simpati. Kalau aku punya kawan sebegini memang telus aku cakap apa dalam dada aku. Telinga aku bukan untuk menadah cerita kau yang sendiri corak untuk menjadi bodoh dan bingai. Aku ndak peduli sebab aku ndak mau ambil tahu. Bukan marah sama kau tapi marah sikap bodoh itu.

Aku adalah super anti BUKAN benci orang yang berlagak ndak sedar diri semua yang kau ada itu cuma pinjaman dari Nya. Berlagak dengan education yang ilmu kau dapat hanya dari hamba Nya. Berlagak dengan kerja padahal ada orang lebih tinggi jawatan dari kau tapi cool ndak gelabah macam kau.

Above all, aku paling anti BUKAN benci orang yang bangga gaban sudah kahwin kawan yang single kau jadikan bahan untuk sesi Anyam Ketupat kau. Apa kau kata boleh aku rewind sekali lagi?

Read: Oh aku sudah ada life ada husband lain kau tu masih single ndak da orang mau. *begitu kan?*

Allah itu Maha Adil...mengatur jodoh itu urusan Dia. Ndak kan kau mau suruh aku take over urusan Allah. Lagipun aku lagi prefer hidup begini dari dapat lelaki yang langsung ndak boleh diharap ndak da tokoh jadi suami. Aku bukan muslimah solehah tapi ndak salah aku mengharap lelaki yang sebenar jadi teman hidup kerana itu akan buat aku berusaha untuk menjadi lebih baik. Kalau sudah kau bersuami tutup mulut duduk diam2 buat hal sendiri sudah. Jangan lah duk bangga sangat sampai yang single kau condemn.

Hidup ini umpama roda...Karma itu manis. Bak kata kawan rapat aku...yang kahwin tu bukan tiada possibility untuk bercerai. Kes membukit sekarang. Sebab itu aku cakap baik kau urus rumahtangga sendiri dari kau kecoh2 mensibuk hidup kawan single kau. Both single & married life ada advantages & disadvantages. Pandai tackle selesai problem. Paling penting, jangan kepochi life orang!

Ok selesai sudah sesi muntahan darah. Sekian. Wasalam.


Pelan Puaka

Entry ni actually sudah lama bangas dalam draft folder. Been meaning to post it but procrastination chained me tight. Baiklah...alasan masuk longkang!

Malam ni mau spend some time mengolah mengedit ayat yang tunggang langgang. Possibility untuk draft entry jadi lagi chaotic is actually high. Kerana ini blog gue hence I decided to just waive barisan2 ayat super ndak matang & replaced them with fresh update(s). Maka terhasil lah entry baru. Motif explain panjang lebar? Sila abaikan!

Today started super grouchy! Kelmarin bayar gaji sama pekerja...and hasil nan manis occurred. Please do not expect to read more about it for I won't spill anything in here. Cukup aku kasitau, aku hangin jiwa raga kepala sikit berasap keluar api. Drama! Fortunately today wasn't too busy...we managed to deal with the situation & went through one helluva day! Alhamdulillah alhamdulillah.

Solved one of my many plan(s) last night. Although Laura did asked about my short stay but she's happy I finally settled the thing. It's beyond joy! I just couldn't express how I feel right now. I feel so bless! Thank u Allah. I now have something to look forward to. Insya Allah, with Allah's will it is. Not only I have something to  look forward...it also mean I have to work extra harder from now on. Start saving. And learn to control the desire to shop. Impulsive force shall be put in the closet & locked up. Erk, purchase yang kecil2 sebagai appreciation to my nan ado achievement boleh kot. Won't use more than allowed. Harus determine, harus tegar, harus tegas. *cop mohor dimeterai*

Ntah apa motif update malam ni kan. Haru. I think draft entry I mentioned earlier akan dipublish later. Insya Allah, bergantung ama mood gue ya. Sebab aku rasa jiwa gatal2 mau publish juga. Double haru.

Ouh before I end this, just to share with u people! I am uber excited upon knowing about Ustaz Kazim's schedule to town this coming weekend. I've been listening to his lectures since last year. And selalu berangan mau dengar ceramah beliau secara live. Syukur Allah makbulkan...Insya Allah akan ambil kesempatan mengaji dengan beliau this weekend. Alhamdulillah, another worthwhile weekend.


3 October 2011

Ahad-day yang basi!

Attended the reception of  my childhood friend yesterday. Also one of the closest guy friend of mine back in my YS days. Kizzy did blogged about being close with him as well. Joy @ Wan...we have known each other way before we became the YS students.

Oh yeah, we were the worst enemies back then. Aku selalu nangis sebab kena buli. Betapa malang kerana aku penchenta kedai runcit that situated just in front of his house. Memang ndak pernah missed aku menangis kalau lalu rumah dia...and mamat tu ada. 

But little did we know...our family sebenarnya rapat. Angah & his mother were classmates during high school. Aunty Ida were his mom's classmates during diploma. *And they are the best of friends up to this moment.* Great, just great! There was this time, I followed aunty Ida to a birthday party. And my, I nearly fainted when I came to realize I was about to enter my enemy's house. Lagi haru, it was his party. Dang!

Thing got worst when Aunty Ida told me that Joy too has been offered the YS scholarship. Which means, I will see him more often in the future. Not in KK but in the Peninsular. Harus ada rasa mau tarik rambut! Like; could I just withdraw myself from accepting the offer? Ugh.

Yet surprisingly, thing went well as time passed by. I couldn't recall exactly how we got close to each other...we even  belong to the same group of friends. Boleh lepak bercerita without yelling nor crying. Pelik bin ajaib. But at the same time bersyukur aku ndak payah berdrama sebabak kasi keluar airmata sudah everytime dia ada depan mata. During the school holidays, bila ada program perkampungan for us...mesti lepak ramai2. But because I was a bit shy back then, I rarely joined them lepak. Oh, masih pemalu up to this moment. Sekian.

Enough with reminiscing my fantastic YS era...oh rindu gilak zaman itu!
Bie, please swallow the fact already Joy is officially someone's husband now. 
16 years of friendship...and still going strong. Alhamdulillah for the beautiful people u bestowed upon me Ya Allah. Kizzy bukan dalam senarai musuh zaman dulu kala. We cliqued instantly the second we met.

And just now jumpa my friend back from high school. Also a wife now. Motif? Sila ignore! Anyhow, Ika & I known each other since Form 1. We were dormates & schoolmates during Form 1 before I changed to another school. And to my surprise she moved to my school when we were in Form 4. Bukan sebab aku wei...itu under projek netball beliau ok. Sangat berjodohan kan. Oh ghindu giler zaman sekolah. 
It's still vivid to me how we spent the time chit chatting before we went to bed...and we could go hours laughing & giggling only because our beds were next to each other. Teman ngedate, teman gosip. And I was closed with her family as well. Akibat dijadikan anak terbiar di rantau orang. Harus bila minggu balik rumah di hostel, aku menumpang di rumah kawan2 yang sudi. Ahaks, cara bersilaturahim aku dulu sangat ketat! We've been too busy shaping our own life we forgot to stop & share like we used to do before. The last time I saw her was in 2003. Jemput diri to her house for raya.

I hope there will be more friends I will meet & lepak with in the near future...specially the long lost ones. Insya Allah.


1 October 2011

My Sabtu-day

Wachaaaa! Am gonna leave u people with pictures. With captions of course! Too lazy to write much, head is getting heavier & it's giving me a sign all it needs is a short nap. 

Partly finisehd. It's an event of Family Day for one of the school in UM*S. They ordered catering from us. Lunch & tea today. As for tomorrow, they ordered for lunch only. Alhamdulillah rezeki. 

After the catering, I stopped by at this pet shop near mother's kedai. The owner & her family are mother's regular customers. So I was allowed to visit their shop...and take pictures of these super cute adorable little creatures!!! Getting to spend some time with them is always a relief...it's like all my exhaustion vanished the moment I lied my eyes on them. 
This one resembles late Chubby...the type cousin Ezza wishes to have sometime ago. Oh God, all of a sudden I miss Chubby! Soooo much!I adopted Cafe mainly to remind me of him...and turned out they have only little in common. Chubby was unique in his own way; charming & friendly. Whilst Cafe on the other hand...tripping macho yet so very the manja. Still I love both dearly. Sama rata gitu.
Don't ask me about their breed for although being a cat lover...I seriously pay no mind to whatsoever keturunan they came from. The only breeds that I know is Persian, Short hair, Siamese, Balinese & oh; the local breed like Corridor. Other than that, don't bother to ask.
Renungan menggoda....oh beautiful!
U have got to see his coat. Very the attractive...and unique. I didn't get to snap picture of his coat as he is too busy wandering around the cage. And he's a bit snob as well. Bergaya!
Ughhhhhhhhhh geram!! Like; can I please kick u little kitty!!!!
The most manja & attention seeker of all. She came from a mixed breed, so the lady boss told me. For sale at RM2k!!! Sila pengsan. But I guess having her is worth the money. Kalau duit tu melebih sangat ndak da keperluan lain mau diguna. Araso?
This nearly got me ripped my pocket off. Baru jak kot beli litter box budak2 tu last few months. Adalah pembaziran maksima kalau dibeli lagi. It's not like the one at home broken ka apa. Aishhh...I know I sometimes spoiled the children too much. I rather cancel things I want just to get them something. Especially their toys. Menggoda jiwa.

So much of being lazy huh...berjela juga entry ni. Ok now, selamat berhari minggu!