30 January 2012

CutiCuti: Kota Kinabalu - Kasih Sayang Resort

Yeah, procrastination tied me good. It's been 2 weeks I've dilly-dallied to get this published. Guess I couldn't resist myself from showing off that ugly side of me, yes? 

Whatever it is, as promised earlier...pictures! Well, only part of them actually as I accidentally deleted most of the pictures. Error occurred when I tried to copy them from the memory card to my external HD. Don't know what I've done wrong; searched it everywhere including the lappy...but to no avail. Sedih! 

Anyways, enjoyed the ones uploaded lah ah. Ndak dapat aku trip story telling sebab semua incomplete. While snapping the pictures; I was narrating what I'm gonna scribble in here. Rasanya tinggal sejarah jak lah niat half suci-murni tu. *cough cough*

Vain poser! Upon arrival at Kasih Sayang Resort, Bukit Kokol.

The Girls.

Again, vain! Yours Truly at the reception area.
Pathway to our room from the reception area.
 Our room.

View I wish to have every morning upon waking up. Verangan sila sila.

KK from the top. View from our room.

I am forever her favourite daughter. Because she has no choice. Sila maklum, I am the only flower among the siblings. Ara?


Ada rupa tourist yang gila trip minta disipak?
Dinner at Cloud 9 Cafe. Picture of the cafe's interior went missing as well.

Ailin's Tuaran Fried Mee. The only dish I managed to snap. Thanks to Mr. Sam. The rest remained in memory. I had super duper delicious Oxtail Assam Pedas served with steamed rice. Gila sedap, biarlah ndak da gambar janji kesedapan tu kekal dalam lidah. Drama enough?
Sunday morning. Breakfast facing this view adalah superbly heaven!
Beloved Bunda; madu & racun.

Done! Janji sudah tertunaikan. Syukur.

But unfortunately, ndak dapat tunaikan impian kasi masuk entry ni dalam column 'Alhamdulillah' aku. Mau dicerita apa kan pasal this resort...gambar yang hilang tu umpama nadi cerita. Tanpa gambar, cerita adalah hambar & tiada feel. Paling sebal bila SEMUA gambar sunset & sunrise gue hilang!!! Itu yang paling paling ah. Sekian.

Till next time! *kiss kiss*

p/s Aima, ndak da hutang sudah kan. Wachaaa!


27 January 2012

Buang Tabiat: Mulut Puaka!

Woooo today started a bit rough I presumed. I didn't mean to hurt anyone. Really. But as the saying goes; people won't easily forget what u said therefore I guess kenalah aku berlagak with the adage let bygones be bygones. Kaitan? Ignore!!

It was crystal clear that I started my morning with smile...and great mood. Super great; I rephrased. But because of some bonus questions, every tiny little great things vanished. Fine. DO NOT blame the situation or anyone after u did anything foolish Bie, ever! It's all in ur hands. U should know better on how to tackle this kinda stuff already. Phew.

I don't feel sorry with words I spilt just now; itu lah masalah problem nya sekarang. Hati batu ka aku? Gila kental kalau rasa macam cool bila mulut jadi gampangs gitu kan. Bukti kukuh that I still haven't gotten the ability to control words I uttered when I'm angry. I vented my anger the inappropriate way. For being unable to control, that I regretted the most. For words that came out, I don't.

Talked to Laura over this thing...and she said I am NO LONGER capable of being cold these days. Voicing out what I have in mind is me not wanting to be hypocrite. It is called being pure with ur feeling. Hence, what is cold then?

Having enough of that someone talking ill behind my back...probably is one of the reason for my sarcastic answer. I've hold back too much & maybe it's just about time to outburst. Seriously, kalau yang bertanya itu bukan mereka...mungkin sabar itu masih ada. Mungkin sabar itu masih mampu buat aku waras. Right, keep searching for excuses Bie.

Biarlah, benda sudah jadi. Perahu bolehlah kau tarik balik kalau terlajak. But never words u uttered. Aku menyesal kot tapi perasan cool. Hmm, honestly dalam hati memang ndak da rasa sesal ayat itu yang keluar. Cuma aku regret sebab ndak mampu kawal emosi. Nope, reaksi terkejut terkedu kelu diam seribu bahasa terpancar di muka mereka langsung ndak affect aku. Ntahlah apa kejadian ayat aku ke laut. Tunggang terbalik oii!

Pay no mind to me...I was just talking rubbish, I know. Nanti lapang sikit masa, aku update pasal my last weekend. I still owe that story to some people I've promised earlier. Aku kan selalu trip busy.

p/s To AimaKaim, gambar yang patut aku upload untuk kau kebanyakkan sudah tinggal sejarah ah. Hilang ditelan angin aku ndak tau macam mau recover. Tabahlah kau menatap pics mostly from my hape ya.


25 January 2012

Edisi: Everything Campur Aduk

Lately serasa macam aku check-in dalam Bilik Perenting *Read: Perasan Penting* banyak kali. Mainly because few sahabatS call & text untuk curhat. Last few weeks, aku bebankan few of the bffs dengan masalah hati & jiwa. Now it's 'payback' time. Ears all urs. Best kan ada mereka2 yang sanggup mengharungi jalan busuk penuh onak duri together with u. Not only during masa2 hati bertaman bunga harum semerbak.

We stand next to each other regardless how ugly the situation is. And as far as I remembered, we never turned our back even when the whole world is against us. That's why I super love them. That special place in my heart, has their names on it. Engraved. Insya Allah it will not fade until the end of time. Amin.

On another note; I spent my CNY holiday at home! Entertained the bored Miss Err by watching movies. Vampire Diaries drama series top the list of course. Did went out to the airport for 2 consecutive mornings though. On Mon, I was there right after dawn. Sending the brother who went back to his second hometown. Yesterday, Pacik  Niman went back to Kolumpur. He was here since last Friday to visit his unwell mother. Alhamdulillah, Nenek Jawa is getting better. Too health conscious with her diabetics & the body started sending different signal of disease. Fainted 3x in a week doesn't sound good for someone who has aged. Of course semua akan worry, right.

Counting days to my holiday trip! Exactly 14days to go! Harap umur masih panjang. Kesihatan baik. And lepas immigration counter. Woot!

Someone departed to Labuan early this morning. And I received a text just now asking what I want from that island. As much as I wanted to avoid the visit from Miss Migraine, I can't just ignore my craving for chocolate. The words Ferrero & Toblerone rhyme oh so melodic in my mind ever since I received the text. Sheep! I am very much aware that migraine will be my hardcore visitor each time I consumed anything chocolatey. Yeah, Stubborn is my other name apart from Procrastinator. Sila lah tahu & take note.

Cafe is currently in the 'semester break' mode. Hence, I am able to reach home before dusk for the next 3 weeks. Not working on Saturday too. Bliss life. Tapi adalah bosan gaban kalau balik awal & have nothing entertaining. Sekarang sedang tunggu few movies to complete downloading. Mainly because the brilliant Miss Err forgot to bloody pay her internet bill. It was barred for 2 days although I have settled the payment last Mon, via online. Orang2 TM pun bercutian CNY. Haru ok kalau mau rely sama dataline Celcom* yang super annoying lembab tu. I don't know how many weeks or perhaps months will it takes to download a single file. Syukur the line has been reactivated this morning. Pesta download lah aku minggu ni kan.

Sekarang ni tunggu Contraband (oh my, I could never get enough of Kate & Mark) & The Girl with  the Dragon Tattoo to finish downloading. And I have The Girl Who Played with Fire & The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest in waiting list folder. Wachaa!!! I have to watch the Millennium Trilogy though I haven't read the books yet. In which have become famous & best-selling only after the author's death in 2004. *source from wiki*

I don't plan to purchase any book at the moment because the ones I have at home still remain intact on the shelves. Unread. Untouched. Gotta seed & foster my interest in reading asap. Macam makin hilang semenjak dua menjak ni. Memang buruk, orang makin forward aku pula makin backward. Pfft.

Hmm bah ok aku mau layan sang perut yang dari tadi karaoke dangdut. I only had fried mee hoon for breakfast. Perlu sumbat something to avoid the tummy from becoming rebellious towards me. Pingsan ok kalau tiba2 gastrik. Adalah ndak cute kalau sakit time misi bercutian is just around the corner.



22 January 2012

Edisi: Weekend Getaway

Alhamdulillah. Everything went as planned. Me & my two girlfriends spent our Friday evening to the utmost. Purposely planned to stay overnight at a hotel in town. Although home sweet home is just a spit away from town. 

Just for the poyo record, after months of not using the super walkertapaki service...I finally got to apply the exercise last Fri. Fully utilized it. From the hotel to the mall to purchasing the midnight movie ticket...and later to the place where we had dinner...and went back to the mall for movie date. Without Fuchy. Thanks to Ms Err for being super firm with her words. Walkertapaki the best method to sweat urself after that heavy meal. Burn the extra calories while taking the opportunity to appreciate the nature around u. Ya right! Tiba2 motivate gila kan...haruslah tahu itu cuma bertahan for only a night. Boo hoo!

Sedih! I suddenly lost my words. Therefore, just let the pics do the talking.

Comfy bed at Best Western, Kota Kinabalu. It was such a bliss when I don't have to think about house chores; although it only lasted for a while. 
I  never entered Suria via the main entrance. Obviously enough I never walked to that mall. I usually drive straight up to the parking lot. Level 7 is my favourite. Sekian.
Headed to Sugar Bun for dinner. Sangat serius, aku guna khidmat walkertapaki sepenuh jiwa. 
Check out the next morning...but did not headed straight home. Kami adalah getek pigi check-in another hotel. Utilizing the weekend holiday to the utmost! 
Went up the Kokol Hill...stayed there for a night. Beautiful KK view from the top. Breathtaking! 
But alas, some super intelligent act arose just now. More than sixtypictures went missing from the card. Cannot be found neither in the laptop nor the external hardisc. Pat on my back! *jantung dirobek lalu koyak saat statement ini dikeluarkan; sila tahu*

Hmmm...it's getting late already. I need to hit the sack because I gotta wake up early tomorrow to send the brother to the airport. Holiday is over for him...time to get back to where he belongs for the next 6 months. He'll be back again for raya in July, insya Allah. 

Will update more soon. If the laziness did not bother to embrace my life. Haraplah penyakit Malas itu juga bercutian CNY jadi aku akan rajin mengemaskini.

Anyways, Underworld: Awakening is super awesome. Adalah tidak puas menonton. Kenapa cepat sangat habis ahhhhh. 3D is the best version to watch this latest installation. And yeah, Selene masih tetap the hottest vampire di mata aku! 


20 January 2012

Buang Tabiat: Edisi II

Salam Jumaat semua!

Since early morning, perasaan adalah melambung tinggi. In cloud nine perhaps. Jantung agitated luar biasa. Over ah Bie kalau kau start berdrama.

Cuti adalah super panjang buat warga Malaysia. Hopefully bila dah start masuk keje, penyakit Malas tu dah berjaya aku halau dari sistem. Ke lagi membuak2 since hari untuk berlibur jauh semakin dekat. 

Phew, gila meroyan ah pongpang lebih macam kau nak panjat Mt. Everest. Padahal bercuti kat tempat yang hanya 6hours flight journey je. Biaq pi lah...aku excited sekali sekala. Kata first time nak jejak tempat tu, so sila lah faham. Tapi serius ah, even nak gi Kundasang je pun memang aku akan teruja lebih dari biasa. Fact, perkataan 'bercuti' tu lah yang merangsang hormon adrenalin aku. Girang tak terkata. As long as dapat let the mind free from anything related to work. Ceh, lagi nak gebang macam kau keje berat. 

Hawa tercipta di dunia...untuk menemani sang Adam. 
One of my favourite song from Dewa19.

Psst!! MV di atas takde kena mengena ngan sesape. Kali ni aku embed sebab aku duk humming since morning. Takde dah orang call & tetiba datang angin ahmar nak nyanyikan untuk aku. *mata berkelip bersaat2* Sebab ada orang tu merajuk aku duk perli suara katak tak berapa nak merdu dia. Ampun mas! *hands on chest*

Anyways, I wish all of u readers out there a fantabulous holidays. Jangan over the top sangat happy tu, safety first ok.


Edisi: Setiap yang jadi PASTI ada hikmah dariNya

Syukran Allah. Kombawa AirAsia X! 

Aku baru je dapat official email dari diorang. Stating that they are in the midst of transferring my flight to another airlines *MAS or RBA or maybe SIA*. Slurp! Actually since petang tadi dah tahu pasal benda ni. Borak2 ngan Eda yang dah berkurun went MIA. Suddenly dalam aku sepenuh jiwa curhat kes haru biru flight tu, dia lak buka cerita her eldest sister works with AAX. Fakta yang dia lupa nak share ngan aku. 

And through her aku dapat confirmation halfway pasal aktiviti transferring the suspended flights to alternative airlines. Masa tu sengih memang dah lebar sampai telinga...tinggal tak koyak je kot mulut aku yang tak berapa nak lebar ni. Yo'oh! Pastu dapat lak email not long after that. Like, perlu ke nak explain lagi tahap happy tak hengat aku tu?

Date of travelling diorang tak kan ubah. Sebab kalau nak ubah akan makan masa lagi lama, berkurun2. Itu aku tak nak amik port. Sebab yang aku risau; seat je. Sebab ngan AAX aritu aku purchased hot seat. Kekonon akan rasa lagi super hot kalau duduk seat tu? Harus lah...TAK, kan? Aku pilih seat tu sebab aku trip poyo. Nak selesa alkisahnya. Giler kalau tak pilih seat, pastu dapat seat nan-ado selesa. Dah lah ntah berapa belas jam duk dalam plane. Aku risau kejadian bontot kematu & kaki cramp bagai. Kang aku bad mood, layan royan sendiri. Haru biru kejadian.

Conclusion is, aku akan tetap proceed with my solo trip this June. Alhamdulillah. Despite having turned into such a whiner sejak dapat warkah berhantu last week, segala persoalan akhirnya terjawab. Aku boleh opt for refund. In a week time, memang boleh dapat. Tapi dah alang2 dreaming biarlah jadikan realiti terus! April ni dah boleh proceed beli Eurostar ticket ke kota romantika itu. Fuh! Hotel yang aku cancelled pun aku dah book semula. Huh, serupa macam ada share ngan hotel tu kot. Sesuka jiwa cancel & book. Ngos!

This news dah sah2 lah kan marked something. Beginning for a great awesome weekend perhaps. Insya Allah. Esok aku  trip tourist.  Check-in poyo kat hotel tengah town with my girlfriends; pastu pakat jalan kaki gi Suria Sabah. It's Underworld movie date for us. Gila lama kot aku tunggu sequel citer ni. Sila lah tahu, aku pengikut tegar franchise movie ni. I followed from the very first installation. Like, perlu ke nak gebang sangat pasal tu kan. Pastu plan nak berjimba huha after movie. Yay!

Saturday lak aku ajak Bunda panjat bukit. Nak melepak overnight kat the only resort atas tu. Sunset & sunrise...siap ah nanti menadah muntahan darah aku. For that, aku akan update. Dah lama giler tak membidik ngan Blackie. Berkarat ke laut skill cari angle & lighting aku skang ni. Memang diri tak pernah sedar sebab aku lebih suka enjoyed dengan penyakit Malas. Trip skill mantap tak nak practice. Sekian.

p/s Papehal aku update lagi. Mana lah tau kan, esok aku meroyan nak update dari hotel pula. Ateh teman trip tourist. Ngek!! And oh, aku jatuh chenta ngan my new background. Super chenta.


16 January 2012

Doaku padaMu

The bff gave me this meaningful du'a just now. In which she recited almost everyday before she got married. Thanks babe! Insya Allah aku amalkan. Erk?

Dengan nama Allah yang Maha Pengasih lagi Maha Penyayang

Ya Allah...
Seandainya telah Engkau catatkan...
Dia milikku tercipta buatku...
Satukanlah hatinya dengan hatiku...
Titipkanlah kebahagiaan antara kami...
Agar kemesraan itu abadi...

Ya Allah...
Ya Tuhanku yang Maha Mengasihani...
Seringkanlah kami melayari hidup ini...
Ketepian yang sejahtera dan abadi...
Maka jodohkanlah kami...

Tetapi Ya Allah...
Seandainya telah Engkau takdirkan
Dia bukan milikku...
Bawalah dia jauh daripada pandanganku...
Luputkanlah dia dari ingatanku...
Dan periharalah aku dari kekecewaan...

Ya Allah ya Tuhanku yang Maha Mengerti...
Berikanlah aku kekuatan...
Menolak bayangannya jauh ke dada langit...
Hilang bersama senja yang merah...
Agarku sentiasa tenang...
Walaupun tanpa bersama dengannya...

Ya Allah yang tercinta...
Pasrahkanlah aku dengan takdir-Mu...

Sesungguhnya apa yang telah Engkau takdirkan
Adalah yang terbaik untukku...
Sesungguhnya Engkau Maha Mengetahui...
Segala yang terbaik buat hamba-Mu ini...

Ya Allah...
Cukuplah Engkau sahaja yang menjadi pemeliharaku...
Di dunia dan akhirat...
Dengarkanlah rintihan daripada hamba-Mu
yang daif ini...

Jangan Engkau biarkan aku sendirian...
Di dunia ini mahupun di akhirat...
Menjuruskan aku ke arah kamaksiatan dan kemungkaran...
Maka kurniakanlah aku seorang pasangan yang beriman...
Agar aku dan dia sama-sama dapat
membina kesejahteraan hidup...
Ke jalan yang Engkau redhai...
Dan kurniakanlah kepadaku keturunan yang soleh dan solehah...

Ya Allah...
Berikanlah kami kebahagiaan di dunia dan akhirat...
Dan periharalah kami dari azab api Neraka...

Amin...amin...Ya rabbal 'aalamin.


Edisi: Bersama Sistem Back-Up

One helluva weekend it was!! 

Dearest Rose @ Mawar went down to KK mainly to meet the latest member in the clan. None other than our beloved little man, Ewan! 

Five gorgeous ladies *please hold ur fink puke* spent the whole night at Laura's crib. Mel & Laura made dinner, whilst the rest pok silap macam tuan rumah. Camwhoring like there's no tomorrow. Gossiping Chitchat like we haven't met for eons. 

We watched the latest episode of Vampire Diaries' 03 together...and continued with Bridesmaid. Mau tinguk more movies but Mel turned off the lappy before Grunge & I sempat kasitau plan kami. And so we had our pep talk. Until wee hour. 5am baru kesedaran mau tidur. Memang hampas. 

Whatever it is...aku adalah enjoyed to the very core! It's been a while since we last had an overnight  activity together. And I miss those moments already. Can I request for more sleepover please. Laura hinted JB yesterday...ahah Chom's crib it is. Adakah akan crush her place soon? That has to wait for cue from the big sister!! For now, lets cuci mata lah dulu.

JB lady vs Beverly lady
The Kepayan lady; assigned to bake the brownies.
The Hostess. All dishes were home cooked with love that night except for my cheese toast. Originally from YoyoR
Mommy to be showing off her skill...jaga Ewan kunun sana.
Super comel shoe! Lion socks gift from Aunty Chom to little Ewan.

Mel's brownies. I didn't get to taste this. Was on strict diet, remember. Hence I demand Mel to make another batch! 
Ladies I super heart!
Breakfast at Laura's ala Western gitu.

Before leaving, kami sempat buat sesi trip mem-video clip. Someone is getting hooked up with video clip thingy nowadays, sila tahu!

We have yet to find the best caption for the pic above. Horror enough Grunge? *hands on chest*

Chom has landed JB land in one piece last night. Alhamdulillah. Senang & murah rezeki nanti, harus akan ada another get-together lagi. And indeed, thing(s) like this easily engulfed my frustration over the AAX thingy. Sekian, terima kasih. 

p/s Can't hardly wait for the weekend! KSR tunggu kau sana aku bertrip tourist.


14 January 2012


The particular email (refer below) that has successfully demolished my super calm Thursday! It came to my inbox late in the evening, when I was busy balancing the collection of the day. Felt like being smashed right on the face. Words just couldn't explain how angry & upset I was upon reading it. I called the big sister right away. 

Muntah rasa kecewa adalah perlu nanti darah naik kepala, aku bisa migraine kronik!


Dear Guest,

Please be informed that effective from 1st April 2012, AirAsia X will be suspending our flights to/from London.
We will be sending individual notifications to all guests affected by this move, in stages, based on your respective flight dates, via email and SMS.
The email notices will also outline the various service recovery options offered which are:
i.              cancel your reservation and opt for Full Refund/Credit Shell; or
ii.             re-route to any other AirAsia X destination, without any additional cost; or
iii.            transfer to an alternative airline subject to availability, without any additional cost.

In order to avoid undue congestion and delays in replying to your queries, we request that you contact us in relation to any queries you may have, only after you have received your individual notice.
For further explanation on the reasons for our flight suspensions, please refer to our Press Release at http://www.airasia.com/my/en/corporate/pressrelease.page

AirAsia X

This e-mail and any files transmitted with it are confidential and may be privileged. It is intended solely for the above addressee.
If you have received it in error please delete it and notify the sender. The unauthorised use, disclosure, copying, alteration or
dissemination of any information in this e-mail is strictly forbidden. AirAsia accepts no liability whatsoever that may arise from or
in connection with this e-mail and/or its contents.

Gone were the excitement upon having my flight confirmed. That was 3 months back!

And someone was trying so hard to cheer me up..."By, LGW stands for Langkawi right?" Nice one hun!
I managed to coax myself eventually; thing happened for a reason. Always is! Allah is testing u right now, Bie. I shall be more patient, it might be stormy right now but I believe it wouldn't be raining forever. Right? I decided to opt for the 3rd one once I received the official notice from AAX. If too much RM needed to cover up the new fare, only then will I opt for refund. I really hope the 'no additional cost' means NO.

In the midst to directly consider for refund actually. Because a close friend of mine suggested, I can save the money for umrah then. We have plan to set foot upon that holy land, 2 years from now. Insya Allah, all in good times. To Grunge; it isn't honeymoon araso?

For now, I shall focus on the trip next month. 3 more weeks to go. Plan to spend my 10 hours transit in Kolumpur with beloved cousin. Might as well singgah Angah's place in the evening, pok silap dapat duit belanja extra. Ho yeah! Aku memang ndak malu! Sila tahu.

With so many awesome things surrounding me right now, how could I whine so much? Be grateful for each moment borrowed Bie!

p/s Slumber 'party' at Laura's place tonight! I sense one helluva rocking evening already! Movie marathon with my beloved people!