26 April 2011

Was supposed to publish this post yesterday...but I was pretty infuriated towards someone's brilliant act hence the previous post. What I wrote has somehow reduced my flaring fury. Ugh idiotic behaviour as such is not worth discussing. Nor it to be elaborate. Post published...furious paid; so please consider case is close miss Err.

Change of topic *zap*. Pictures below taken last Sunday. As I'm running out of words to type...I hope short caption will do.

Chomel on my chest...the reason why I woke rather late than any other Sunday. Tipu.

Brunch at a cafe near home with mother.

New 'lavatory' for the children.

Chombee; the eldest one. Harus test market on how the new box works. Siap ada pintu swing2 lagi...at first, the children know how to enter ONLY. But they got confused on how to exit. Luckily they managed to figure it out not long after.

Note: Little Cafe siap nangis dalam tu sebab ndak dapat keluar...geli lah tu terbau his own dung. Bikin panas tu perangai!! And just so u know, that box ripped my pocket instantly. Which means, perlu kurangkan budget untuk membeli-membelah baju-bajan for May. Great!

Got them a new scratching post. So children, no more scratching on the edge of my mattress or on the rattan floor mat please!!

Spot Cafe's evil stare? Konon playing hide & seek with the rat...padahal niat tu mau punah ranapkan si tikus.

Phew...watching the children play around the house; never failed to sooth my aching heart. Aku chenta mereka walau belanja makan & litter sand weekly diorang tu lagi mahal dari belanja makan aku. Uhuk.


25 April 2011


Someone sent me something early this morning...and that something has got me laughing to the utmost level ever since. Seriously, I never thought a man could be that thicko. I couldn't find any suitable word to match his character so I guess thicko could do for now. He has gone underestimating my intelligence *cough* & patience up to that extent. Hence for that kind of a lifetime achievement; I shall perhaps give him a standing ovation. YES? Salute spring toing toing toing sounds pretty cute as well. Hmm. But none of that beats my rainbow vomit I know. Euww.

Pic credit to yahoo images

Oh please Mr!! I know u read my blog. And I am certain u know that idiot is u. Come on; grow a D already. I got bored watching at how u play the game I have long lost interest at. How much queasy could u be by the way? Are u for real with what u've just said? *sigh* Realistic & insane male are indeed washed-up these days.

YET, if that is how u deal with such circumstance I couldn't say more. Nor will I judge u. Just leave me alone & stop dragging me into ur oh-so-annoying world. My mind is already tired coping with the drama(s) I created...it cannot bear with urs anymore! Go find someone who can be amazed with whatever things u did. Because darling, I climbed down from the excitement tower the moment I found out u're no better than the other swindlers I've met along the journey. Wah ayat!!


24 April 2011

It ain't April Fool

Someone in Kolumpur went to Bake With Yen* in Puchong yesterday afternoon...and bought whole loads of stuffs for our new project. Oh yeah, I've been talking endlessly about my passion in baking to some close friends for years already. Also the intention to start the baking project...but being procrastinator that I am; semua niat punah ke laut. Until recently, the urge to bake suddenly upsurge. And I can't longer put it on hold. Chewah kau...panjang lebar huraian hasil masih nan ado.

Some of the stuffs bought. More to come later. Will get all the basic stuffs ready before commencing the project. Poyo harus baru nampak semangkit!

But seriously, I hope this impulsive urge won't last halfway only. Pray for the project to work through ok. As to test the market...we'll be making the cake pops & cupcakes for the upcoming party this Saturday. It's Jess' baby shower lunch party. Another BS for us! Yay. Will be making another batch to send to the cafe. Literally I'm gambling my luck there. Insya Allah, all in good times.

Last night, Kakak Besar made this cupcake frosting for Easter Day. Without properly weighing the ingredients; not bad an outcomes I would say. Her cupcake turned out just great...perfect treat for the celebration. What's more when it's pink. Harus suka!



Someone is pregnant!!! Oh yeah oh yeah...!! And I am among the happiest person on earth upon be informed about the gleeful news.

Uber great aura that swept me off last Thurs...caused by the 'thing' above. Praise be to the Almighty. This shall be the ABSORBER to all miseries in the future. Alhamdulillah!!

I've seen the scan pic yesterday...and that has pumped my adrenaline to more higher level. Another 6+ most-anxious months before her/his arrival. Delirious & frantic! No words could explain how I feel entirely. Bless the mom...bless us all; Oh God.


21 April 2011

Jiwa Kental

Mother involved in an accident just now...alhamdulillah, nothing serious happened. Minor injury only. The uncle Apek whom hit Kens's rear body was being super kind...so yeah; it's a relief. Kens has to stay at the workshop until Sun...kerja ketuk mengetuk the rear door. The tail lights, bumper & plat number have been fixed.

Poor Kens, last 2 years I 'kissed' an idle lorry with her back...yang tu memang pecah seribu cermin belakang. Cost me nearly 2k to repair the damages...lucky for me the insurance company approved my claim.

This pic was posted in my other blog *which now has became private* on 11 Mac 2009.

And now, an old pickup truck kissed her at the back. I think Kens sulks upon knowing mother's intention to trade her in with another car. Aduyaii...Kens has served us pretty great all this while. Apart from having to visit the service centre to fix it's forever malfunction a/c also the forever leaking compressor...Kens has NEVER disappoint us. Yang malfunctions tu semua caused by Pero-two's inefficient technicians sebenarnya.

Nantilah...mau fikir masak2 sampai hangus before proceeding with the plan to trade in. But Laura told me better to decide quick before Kens' value depreciates more. Think think think...harus wisely.

Going out for movie date tonight. I am gonna watch Red Riding Hood; movie I've been anticipating ever since I saw it's preview last year.

19 April 2011

Pagi nyer!

After 2 months of deliberately neglecting one of my goal this year...for the first time after the tongol sayur pahit incident, I arrived early to work. Early as in reaaaaal early. I was at the cafe before the other workers arrived. Yay! Even Bungsu was surprised upon seeing my car parked.

Did I decided to resume my suspended goal? Or have I bind the bond I broke? My ladies know precisely why the goal was set in the very beginning. I include the 'early to work' list in my 2011 resolution solely over one ridiculous obvious reason. And as I already predicted...thing(s) I set because of absurd reason(s) will ended up being implemented only halfway. I stopped after nearly a month executing the goal. Speaking of Hot Chicken Dung Concept!

Anyway, reason I departed early from home today was to make sure I'll be the first person to reached the office! Accidentally left Mr. Sam on the table last night...I don't wanna lose him like what happened to my Nokia. Can't afford to purchase new one should I lose him too. Literally I was phone-less throughout last night. And I am still alive? *wink* Unable to whatsapp with Kakak Besar somehow brought the awkward aura. Mainly because we use the medium to keep in touch everyday. Apart from phone calls of course. Too many 'presentations & reports' needed to be submitted hence the daily update.

Alhamdulillah...Mr. Sam is still loyal to his cute owner *ehem*. When I opened the office just now, I saw him sitting idle on my desk & that brought massive relieved in my chest. Macam batu berat tu sudah diangkat & dibuang. Phewwwwwww.


18 April 2011

Omo omo!

Alangkah...my week started with gastric attack. Heartburn! Worst part; because the attack strike few hours after reaching my workplace therefore I wasn't ready to defend myself. Let alone prepare the shield. My med is safely kept in the refrigerator at home. Perfect!

Ignore the unwell me...drama jak melebey tu nanti. Mengada menggedik menggeletis; and list goes on. Those terms describe me best when I entered the 'I am sick' zone. Hence it's better to NOT entertain that side while it is still controllable.

Pictures below taken during movie date last Friday night. PPGs crashed into my little apartment. Alas, Grunge & Laura had to wait for the tuan rumah @ yours truly outside the unit for 30 minutes...just because I left the cafe a bit late than I had planned earlier. And I forgot to bring the things I supposed to 'borrow' from the cafe. Buruk eh...mayo onion yadda yadda semua ke laut. Luckily Mel brought the things I asked her to bring. Wholemeal bread & cheese! Also the milk for making my cheese omelette. My kunun...padahal in the end Laura made all the dishes. Plus the fried meehoon & fried tuna flakes rice!

My lovely-s. Specially the takanons of course.

In the midst of preparing the tuna sandwich. While waiting for Mel to arrive.

Uhuk...hungry again!

Oh Damon Stefan!

We watched Vampire Diaries Ep. 19; instead of the flick that Laura suggested earlier. Because the tele couldn't read Laura's pendrive that store the file. Kombawa Grunge for bringing ur HD; ada alternative untuk santapan mata.

Kasi can Damon enterframe.

And pictures of the new layout of my office. It's just a small room...tapi cukuplah untuk accommodate the stocks also the P&C stuffs. Syukur.

My humble space.

Things that stay with me in the office.

During 'peak' hours...I will be out there helping the workers. Oh yeah; sila tahu apart from doing all the office works...aku juga tukang jual gitu.


17 April 2011


Hooo yeah...I managed to give my office a new face yesterday. I get bored with it's 2010 look. I could say the new layout looks tidier & well-organized. Sesi naik lift, tekan & naik sendiri bermula. And if only I could find a place to store all the stocks that currently stay with me in the office...ahhh iiiiif only. Nonetheless, I am super happy with the outcome of my hardwork. I did the furnitures shifting to sweeping to mopping to dust-wiping; or in short EVERY SINGLE THINGS...all by myself! Yay for that!

Watched a local flick; Senjakala at Suria last night. Movie wasn't bad at all...thanks to the director & the casts for entertaining. Specially to the flying banshee! Seriously, u scared the F out of me. There were scenes that I rather used the ears to 'watch'. And knowing that no one was sitting next to my right side made me feel even better extra uneasy. Lucky enough I don't suffer a heart attack disease. Else...*knock on wood*

Anyway, I just received quite a news from a dear friend of mine couple of hours ago. Frankly speaking, I don't know how to react. Ok that was vague. Rephrase. I don't know what I have in my mind. Let alone my heart. I absolutely have no response! Neither news of the relationship status changed nor the marriage thingy surprise me anymore. No, I wasn't numbed by the news. I can't really put it in words. It's just indescribable.

Perhaps, I've long rest my case. Unconsciously leaving everything behind without looking back. Alhamdulillah. This journey I'm walking upon is what Allah has planned for me. Sakit dari luka dulu dia gantikan dengan hati yang tenang ini...syukran Ya Rabb.

And just so u know, my hardcore addiction towards Kdramas hasn't died yet. This time, the switch was ignited by Kakak Besar. She's been bragging oh so proudly of the Kdramas she's currently watching these days. Imparting huge impact of enviousness! Aware of it, last Fri during the movie date at my house she lend me the latest drama series she bought. Or is it the only Kdrama she has? Because all this while I know she feeds her thirst for it; online. So yeah, she gave me quite an amaran to take an extra good care of the discs. Busuk hati that she is...she only lent me 2 out of 4 discs. Nasiblah 1 disc contains 8 episodes...kalau ndak, muntah darah lah dengar aku berdrama merayu minta dikasi pinjam semua.

Brilliant Legacy @ Shining Inheritance. Please take note; Oppa Park Joon Se (Bae Soo Bin) is mine. Oh in case u wonder which is him, he's the one with the bouquet. Boy, why does their films have to be awfully awesome? Jatuh chenta banyak kali!!!

As always, when Kdrama is in my hands...I'll hook myself to it during leisure time. Good bye Sudoku...good bye cinema. Erm, I think the latter should be waived. Itu ketara penipuan. Ahaks.

p/s I'm not even done folding the clothes yet already I diverted my attention to BL. *pingsan* And also the update of the PPGs movie date last Fri night. Aduyaiii.


15 April 2011

Ohh Marlena..


Wah udah Jumaat rupanya. Cepat bebenar masa berlalu. Chewah ayat intro ndak boleh blah langsung. Pelangkung mau?

It's the 15 days in the month of April already. How time flies. That I am aware at...tapi taubat asyik bertangguh. Nanti & nanti lagi. Oh yeah itu bukan penyakit M tapi more to penyakit ndak sedar diri. Budget hidup lama lagi di dunia lah tu. Sebab tu kau rasa that kinda thing could be suspended?

Anyway, my mood has been pretty fluctuating this week. Life is like that I know...it's just like being on a roller coaster ride. Last few days, I willingly let myself entered the meroyan zone. Hence the psychotic entry in my last post. Well I just want to express my fury towards thing as such. And by now I guess you know how I responded when being provoked. Specially cerita pasal kahwin / bujang / ndak laku etc etc. This is my life; let me walk & shape my path. U have ur own...jangan mensibuk boleh? Joyah kepochi!

On Wednesday, bloody someone took my Nokia E63 at my office. Oh yeah, ia telah dicuri. I don't know how to react...but please know, I love that phone! To the very core. I can't really guess who took it but all I know is that no one has access to the office except the workers, me & the Big Boss. And I refuse to accuse any of the workers. Syak wasangka ni boleh jadi fitnah & I so very much want to avoid any slander. Biarlah, it's only a phone. *kuyak bah hati cakap gitu* If by having it will bring more content to her/his life...then let it be. I just hope s/he will take a good care of the phone. My Nokia has always been loyal to me...never disappoint me. Paling penting, dia lah saksi utama kejadian cinta sms aku sama Mr JP. ugh something poked my throat. Adui tu baru taip nama belum disebut out load! Thing is; it's been a while since I last put his name in this blog of mine. I've fully deactivated the button he switched on since couple of months back. No further explanation whatsoever, thank you.

Ok let's not spoil my beautiful Friday by 'reminiscing' such instances.

Yesterday, hari gumbira jiwa kembang! Yay! 4 days of anxiousness...waiting for the beautiful PinkDress to be in my grip. Refer pic below please.

Waiting is torment. But seeing her before my eyes; worth every sweat of it. Choii punya drama. Laura named her Marlena; and Marlena it is.

Last time I can only upload pic I took from the website. Not anymore though because dia berjaya 'pulang' ke pangkuan gue kelmarin. Welcome home Marlena darling.

Kakak Besar & Mel invaded my place for lunch. Sempat gossiping some hot issues in the office. Ada hati lagi bercerita pasal orang2 besar ni...padahal habuk pun ndak pas kalau tanya pasal tu benda!!! Ala nama pun gossip...isi masa terlebey. They're gonna crash my place tonight...movie date at Pisang's it is. Just like last week...minus the guasa session of course.

Amat gumbira juga sebab malam ni ada menu sihat...diet cergas. We're gonna make tuna sandwich...yiiihuuu! Snack while watching the movie suggested by Laura. She said the movie F scared the shit out of her...hmm; since aku peminat horror movie, we'll see how it goes.


12 April 2011

U get lost!!


Kalau kau free sangat sampai punya banyak masa mau mengutuk / mengumpat; why don't u do some favour to urself?

Musahabah diri. Bertaubat. Nilai diri sendiri.

Kalau still ada free time; why not focus on couple yang baru bercerai or akan bercerai. Kau tolong2lah nasihat diorang. Sebab masjid bakal runtuh tu. Instead of focusing on my single life...yang langsung sebesar zarah pun tiada kaitan sama kau.


ada aku minta makan sama kau
ada aku suru kau bayar bil2 aku
ada aku tabur kudis di badan kau

TIADA BAH KAN??!??!??!!

Ajal maut, jodoh pertemuan itu...semua urusan Allah SWT. Siapa kau untuk menilai kenapa aku masih single sampai saat ni? And kau cakap aku ndak laku sebab umur masuk ambang 30?

Hmm...biar aku pegang title Andalusia or Andartu.

Dari aku end up sama lelaki yang hanya tahu pakai duit perempuan
or lelaki yang langsung ndak kenal tikar sembahyang
or lelaki yang lupa siapa Tuhan nya
or lelaki yang langsung tiada sifat pemimpin



11 April 2011

Mengurus Itu & Ini

So yesterday I managed in sorting out my disorganized shawls. Also spring-cleaned the oh-so-dusty bedroom of mine. Finally, after so many "Later I do" promises to myself.

Took every single shawl off the hanger...

Sleep-able pink bed. *giggle* No more nightmares.

Upon seeing my bags...I seriously think I need to buy at least 1 decent blue-black bag. Those in my collections are rather dull & boring and old NOT vintage. Ungrateful!!!

Yippiee...I did it. Yesterday, I successfully shut my obsession off. That is to arrange the shawls according to colours. Perlu jadi less coordinated sometimes; only to make the life more colourful & meaningful.

I did laundry as well. And man, I need more hangers to hang these!! As u can see in the previous pic, I was left with less holes to accommodate my shawls.

And that hasn't include the 'tudung(s) anting2'. *sigh* It's wise to make an SOS call to Angah. I'll ask her to buy up at least 5...just in case I 'ter'-purchased more shawls in the future.

New members for the wardrobe. Tops I bought from a friend who runs a boutique online. Love every items she sells yet I have to be extra picky though. Because not all the tops she has I could fit in. And some are rather inappropriate for a jihab wearer like moi. Cuci mata & berangan pakai dalam mimpi boleh. Ahaks.

It's Bungsu's birthday yesterday. Hence I decided to treat myself him & the cousins. Padahal kau yang melantak ndak hengat kan Bie.

Mouth watering yam CHEESE!! cake from Strawberry Cake House. I looooove cheese & I super
like cakes they have in store. *burp*

Oh lupa...the movie below was my dinner last Thurs. Watched it together with Mel & Grunge at Suria, Sabah. Incomplete PPGs clan. It's been a while since we all get to be together. *sob sob sob* End of this month...I WILL make sure everyone attend the party.

By the way, we're gonna have our first cupcake session at Laura's place!! Oh yeah, bring the positive vibes like; NOW.

This movie makes me miss studying so damn much. Uhuk. Wink to Ms. Belle, nasihat lor gue udah ikutin. Insya Allah. Let's pray for the best ya.


10 April 2011

Expecting new baby!

So I hereby announce, my online retail therapy activity has officially end. Or was it more to officially forced to end? Seriously, I regretted for having called the bank. I just wish I didn't make the call to ask them on how to change the preferred phone number for TAC request. Ever since I changed the phone number, I've been transferring money non stop. There's always purchase(s) in a week...and so did transactions in my account. Oh man have I injected myself with too much online shopping viruses.

I know I know!!!! I have to stop all this. By any means necessary. It's ridiculous a habit. Albeit knowing oh so well the consequences that came along with it; I enjoyed it still. And regret came knocking right after I realized I've used up my entire budget for entertainment for this month. Pat on my back...faster u! And bang head on the wall. Hampas!

By the way, I am currently nervous to the core waiting for the below item to arrive at my doorstep! It's the last stuff I purchased for this month...through online. I promised myself that already. Please know, the announcement is mainly for online shopping only. It does not include retail therapy at the mall. I repeat, DOES NOT. But I hope, I will shop less after this. Membazir amalan syaitan cik Err, please engrave that in ur mind. I wish I'll be more tolerable to the urge to buy & buy & buy more things; too. And stop giving attention to the so called impelling force. U need to save up more lady. Remember ur upcoming plan(s); they ain't gonna carry out without RM!

The toy camera @ Ultra Wide Slim Pink Dress I bought from theclickshop.

Made the payment just now & next I found myself jumping joyously upon receiving the reply from them. She's gonna be in my grip in 4 days time. Patience is truly the one thing I shall be having now. Fuh...I am totally agitated. It's a film camera, fyi. And just for the record, I haven't shoot using a film camera for years!! Last time was in 2003; on my diploma convocation. I've forgotten the feeling of having to wait for the film to be process in order to see the outcomes. Gosh, having her with me is gonna be awesome.

Thanks so much to Nurul for the link. I've been negotiating with myself either to have it or not. Months of this & that; pros & cons...I eventually made up my mind last night. And I think I've made the right choice to purchase it. No more nightmares after this...I suppose. Drama!

Oh, it's time to hit the sack already. I have to wake up early tomorrow. Need to be at the post office before heading to cafe...gah gah gah; I have another parcel to claim. Shawls I bought last Fri from some online boutiques. Some as in more than one kah tu? I'm also waiting for the inners & shawl I recently bought from EKC. Yay to the ndak sedar diri moi!

p/s I was busy rearranging my scarves & stuffs today...will post pictures of it tomorrow. Budget ada orang mau tau? *bluek*


6 April 2011

Rainbow pelangi

Lately jiwa rasa macam malas berapi2 to update this site. Macam ada lohong tiba2 muncul di dada. Siap keluar asap hitam lagi. And as always, I didn't have the answer for this peculiar feeling. Sometimes I feel like I was in some place I've never been before. Cuma jasad di sini, tapi jiwa ntah di mana.

Because of that, I decided to pay lil Aniki @ Si Jipun a visit last Mon. It's been a while since I last saw him & bite & hugged & kissed him. I've been procrastinating the intention to visit him since last month. Buruk eh perangai Kakak Bibie ni tau.

Meeting the lil ones never failed to draw rainbows in my heart. And eventually replacing the sorrows cause by the empty hole. Praise be to the Almighty. I guess Ernie's right. Babies bring miracles in everything they do...truly because they're from heaven. Seeing Jipun on his walker soothed my aching heart. Holding him in my arms automatically healed my wounds; stopped the bleeding. So yeah Lyn, I hope this answered ur question the other day. Why the sudden visit? Aku tau kau mengaus kan aku lama ndak datang.

Jipun playing with my lil sister key-chain.

Showing off his first teeth. And I got to snap pic of them right on time. Yay happy!

Yesterday, I called the big sister & whined about my painful backbone. I totally think my spine is gonna break apart at any moment. There's a lump around the spine area that has put me to great worries. It hurt so much I can't nod nor move my head & neck. I seriously think it was an attack by a sudden muscular spasm. Sakit dia sangat gilak. Laura knows how awful the pain was because she suffered from it since last year. A'ha...kami memang suka share penyakit. Not long after she 'took' my allergic rashes...I switched place with her; stealing the back pain she once had to tolerate with. I don't feel comfy whenever the pain shows up. Sullen is what I'll become.

Laura came over to my house last night. She bought the Elken's guasa board & massage oil for me.

And yes, she massaged me with the board. Literally; I'm guasa virgin no more. My back turned all reddish after the first round of massage. Laura did 2 rounds only...and her itchiness came not long after. I feel a bit relief after the massage last night. But the swell is still there. She's coming over this weekend to continue the session. And boy, she talked veins & blockages stuff last night. Well done Laura; u have learn my language.

She also brought these; belong to the kedai makan. But those two standing; are mine!

This little missy tagged along with her mother too. She was asked to put the earphones on & sit on the sofa while her mommy massaged me.

"U listened to ur music, sit here & sit still PLEASE. And, do not talk to us." Don't u think Laura sounded so bongos? Lucky, Maya didn't question the order. She continued singing & even ordered us to make the television; err...more quiet. Maya loves asking this & that. And sometimes, we pretended as if we didn't hear her. Or worst, we ignored her. I know it's not good. But really, can we like...answer whatever the kids asked? Too much curiosity could whirled the head. Betulllllllll.


3 April 2011

Chop chop chop OFF

Alkisah aku sudah lebey 2 tahun membela rambut. Erk, do not misunderstood what I said. Bukan sebab aku memang plan berambut panjang, ok. But it's more to kemalasan mau buat lawatan ke salun. Hasil selama 2 tahun tiada aktiviti chopping hair...dapatlah rambut waist-length yang aku presumed sudah boleh jadi adik Kak Ponti.

Harus cari Kak Ponti yang lawa. Although my previous hair was far worst than hers ...and messier. Euw.

Ever since I started wearing scarf; I pay less attention to my hair. No extra treatment, no hot-oil application, no everything. Maka terbiarlah rambut ndak dijaga...dari shining & straight macam penyapu ; now wavy, dull & dry ibarat mop kering. Motif less attention given? Kunun ndak da juga orang tinguk! Oh yeah, alasan boleh masuk dalam longkang.

Been nagging mother to help me chop my hair off. Rimas balik2 bun aku yang ndak berapa bun terbuka...satu kerja lagi mau cari restroom to redo it. And oh; aku ndak suka bila sanggul rambut nampak macam bonggol unta tu. Bidak & huduh. That kinda style is so not my taste! After months of suspending the intention to cut my hair...I finally got it chop today. Thanks to my hair stylist; Mrs. Jumah a.k.a beloved mother. I'm loving my new hairdo...simple & easy to manage. Shoulder length it is now. Like. Gue bakal nggak punya masalah sama ikatan rambut terbuka lagi.

Fine...mine isn't as straight as Ms. JA. It's the length I was talking about. And of course, minus the fringe. I've been fringe-less for years already. Please don't ask me why because I don't have the answer either.

I'm planning to layered the hair in one of these days. Ntah lah bila. Perhaps I shall start making time for myself. Apart from busying myself with cafe & things related to it; I pretty much sure I so need time to pamper myself as well. Like u haven't got enough me-time huh. Bluek.


2 April 2011


Mr. Tatum in The Eagle. He'll be my date this evening.

And I am very much dissapointed for not being able to join the KK people at the Power to the People party at Tanjung Aru Beach last night. Boo hoo me. Reached home nearly 9pm from work...I've warned myself earlier regardless how long I will take to get ready, I'm so going to attend the said event. But, heavy pouring was all it took to hold me from going. Hence, I was stuck at home 'mourning' my not so fortunate evening. So much fun did I missed. *sob sob*

Didn't go online...like proper online. I only reply few comments in my mukabuku through the phone. Because I managed to glue myself on the couch...all attention focused on the black flat screen tv before me. Thanks to Angels & Demons for keeping me entertained. I last watched it with Dayang at GSC MidVal sometime 2 years back. Gosh, time really flies fast these days. I can't wait for The Lost Symbol. I've read the book. And I can't help but to be anxious waiting for it's release date. Oh boy, 2012 is just too long a time to wait.

Nothing interesting happened today. Catering on weekend is like a norm for me lately. Alhamdulillah. Ada juga side income.

Moga ndak putus rezeki aku dapat dari Dia. And moga hati aku jadi lebih bersyukur dengan semua nikmat dari-Nya. Ya Allah, buang sifat takbur & riak dari hati ku. Amin