31 October 2010

Weekend Gue

Dari kelmarin guna khidmat superwalkertapaki a.k.a berjalan kaki. Sikit patah pinggeng gue. But it was one helluva weekend for moi. Syukur.

Alhamdulillah. Weekend mission was a success. Bought 3 tops from Roupa Booth yesterday. One of them is for mother. Getting one for her was in the list because she's been pestering every now & then about not having any proper tops to wear to work.

Cousins...tripping at Megalong, Dongs.

Today, accomplishment of the mission to hunt dress for beloved cousin's big day wrapped up my weekend. Bliss.

Bathe Darling at Wisma Merdeka...had breakfast at Peppermint Cafe, Gaya Street...started off the dress hunting at Wisma; later to Centre Point; then to Warisan; afterwards to Karamunsing...mother & aunt bought their dresses at Karamunsing. Finally a purchase. Turned back to Warisan where I got mine. Phew harus letih patah tulang belulang. Lucky I was smart enough to wear flats...kalau ndak, ada tu tumit bengkak berpecah euw sangat bidak ok.

While on the way to WM. Slow traffic movement at Gaya St. area is normal on Sunday morning. And it's also normal for me to click & click & smile...ngeh~~

New 'members' for the wardrobe. Nikmat untuk orang bekerja...serious happy giler nampak hasil titik peluh. Oh please just ignore the poyo-ness.

While waiting for the rest getting ready...harus sesi ini ambil port.

Psst; adalah mencuba mentry style baru. The younger brother said nothing upon seeing me with the new style...which I presumed as positive feedback. Oh yeah...he will definitely comment if it looks horrible. Because he enjoyed appointing himself as my 'fashion judge'. I trust his sense of fashion more than mine.

IF he says I looked like an ugger in certain new style I tried...I'll take his words in earnest. Walau sometimes I chose to just neglect his bongos comment...bah mau jugakan mencuba walau tau ndak sesuai. It's in every women gene ok. Hence please set the mind & bear with the complexity already. Nah emo tiba2.


30 October 2010

It's been a week already...gosh, how time flies nowadays. Alhamdulillah Darling is doing super great with moi so far.

Tengkayu Grunge for this collage...moi tripping with the new member in the family. Psst Ernie & Pijut; it's Fuschia babe.

Am heading to town right after work today. Cousins waiting for me there. We're going to the flea market held at Megalong Dongs. Laura's not-so-little sister is selling her pre-loved items as well. And I hope I could find at least a dress or two to bring home. Haven't got the chance to purchase something to fill in the wardrobe. I've been busy with workloads. Sila muntah darah. The urge for retail therapy didn't hit the I-want-it-like-now button as yet. Plus, I've been concentrating on feeding the tummy since eid. Also on buying books.

Didn't realize about the 'baju semakin habis' scenario until I arranged my clothes in the wardrobe last night. I've got 'nothing' more decent to wear. No baju lawa for Dot's solemnization...no baju lawa for the upcoming parties...no baju lawa for dinner with the ladies...ok sila abai drama sebabak haru biru ni. Therefore I decided to punch a small hole in the pocket today. Later tonight will be out with mother to search the dress for Ronn-Brenda's wedding next Sat. God's willing akan berjumpalah baju idaman kalbu.


29 October 2010

Kentang Kentung

Entry semalam adalah entry orang sakit jiwa. Yang kepalanya ada sarang berkilo2 rumah Si Laknat. Sangat tiada kesopanan bahasa...apa lagi mau cakap keayuan. Erk since when ko pernah ayu ah Bie?

Anyway, today started off great. As in, fabulous. Friday hari penuh berkat jadi harus buang segala apa yang buruk bidak berbau dalam kepala; generally & hati; especially. Perlu isi dengan segala macam benda yang boleh buat hati tenang fikiran waras. Insya Allah. Sila jauhkan diri dari penyakit JK.

Went to the Immigration right after breakfast. But couldn't proceed with the passport extension application as yet because I didn't comply with some of their requirements. Will get everything done by Monday. I'm going to the Department* of Labour* to submit the form for the license application yang baru mau apply walhal sudah operasi more than a year..waduh! & later to Maybank* for the insurance guarantee after the Fri prayer. My designated PA; si Ateng* ketengteng will be tagging along. Alkisah minah tu kunun mau tukar her ID card. Kuyak rabak sudah. Aku sekalilah...takut ndak lama invalid ni card nanti. Ada nanti ditahan naik lori hijau masuk rumah merah.

After Immigration, I toured up to UMS* admin building. Collected the cheque from the Treasurer Department...and off I went to Zai's office. Melepak bergossip. It's been quite a while since we last met. So harus jumpa kejap untuk lepas rindu or as Zai claimed; to help lessen her stress. Si kawan is currently walking on cloud 9. She'll be in Kolumpur this weekend...killing 2 birds with 1 stone. Harus lah happy berjumpaan si kekasih nan hati. Her face glows oh so radiantly which I think is great. Most important kau bahagia Zai, kami semua menumpang kegembiraan. kepak kepung kepak kepung..aku dengar bunyi kompang.

Cafe a bit silent today & I sweat less. Also tired-less. Ok abaikan ayat buatan sendiri. I haven't plan where to hang out tonight but I am thinking of going to the book store. Saw Kinsella's* latest book last Sat...which reminded me of Ernie's middle sis; Nughul who super love the author. I've promise to get the book for her...cendera tanda mata for the multi-talented teacher-to-be.

Hmm giving book as a token has become some sort of a habit to me lately. Please don't ask me the reason. It's just I guess I want to share the knowledge. Last week I bought 2 books of the same title & posted 1 to a friend in Sandakan. Suka2 bagi...buang tabiat kali bah. Syiok tengok orang happy...apalagi kalau benda dibagi tu dihargai. And yes, aku pun suka kalau balik rumah ada slip claim parcel dari pos ofis dalam post box. Gumbira ok.

This arrived last Weds. Parcel from Dot contained the material for my bridesmaid's dress/baju kurung. And it's green FYI.

This I received yesterday. Ordered online...paid via credit transfer. Alhamdulillah...tiadalah CT tu gunanya untuk purchase dress/bag/tops online jak. Ngeh~~and the pink cover did play crucial part for the mind to seal off the decision to purchase the book. Apart from the title of course.


28 October 2010

Nangis Darah ka?







Hakikat, aku punya akal. Mampu berfikir secara waras. As much as I want to do all those things above...I am also aware of karma. Doa orang benda buruk memang ditegah sama sekali. Sebab nanti doa tu akan memakan diri.

Jadinya aku doa hanya yang terbaik untuk kau. Semoga kau tenang dengan apa yang kau buat. Ok fine, aku ralat berdoa begini tapi ada suara halus berbisik...

"Memaafkan itu lebih mudah daripada membenci & berdendam. Biar payah untuk meluah rasa maaf...ingatlah Allah itu Maha Mendengar. Mohon padaNya untuk lembutkan hati kau. Susah untuk memaafkan tapi kau ingat Bie hikmah maaf itu besar. Dada kau akan tenang & lapang...percayalah."


27 October 2010

The Weekend

As promised...pictures taken last Sun from Grunge's camera. Took most of them from her blog. Invaded Karambunai beach to witness the beautiful sunset. It's been planned like months already but only managed to accomplish it recently. Konon busy ah. Mel couldn't joined us again for she has birthday party to arrange.
Maya & Aunty Pisang. We both have a thing with sand I guess.

We were really amazed by Maya's pink camera. Can't take my eyes off it. Children nowadays is super lucky....pffft how I wish I was born in this millennium.
I super like this picture. Grunge's idea it was.
And dinner at Nasi Padang Ibu as said in my previous post. Laura & Stu's fav place it is.

It's Thurs' night which mean I'll shorten the time spend in front of Asus because I have more important thing to do. *clearing throat* CSI needs my attention more. That's the case. Lalala~~



Ni lah consequence bila nafsu makan membuak2...I swallowed any kind of food. Batu pasir jak aku reject including durian & maize. I constantly feel the urge to eat & eat & eat. Erm I could put the blame on the hormone for now. It's still fluctuating...will get back to it's normal level soon. Should be after the menses I guess. Amin.

Pounding heart

Still haven't found the cause. But I really hope it's gonna be something wonderful. Because I never encounter nice experience following the symptom before. It always end up with something heart-breaking; misery; frustration bla bla bla. I pray this time it will turn out with something that bear rejoice & cheerfulness. Insya Allah.


Cousin; Ronn's big day is just around the corner. The family members started to feel the pulsation. Gila kau...he'll be the first to tie the knot among the first cousins pula tu. Will be going out this Sat with the cousin sisters to search for the attire to wear on his big day. Gold is the theme colour for the groom's side. Pingsan lah mencari kaler itu...

Also tengah perah otak untuk cari the suitable theme for Unang-Syl's baby shower party as we've never done this before. Except for Laura whom has been exposed to such 'tradition' when she was in the UK. This gonna be the first ever baby shower party among the PPGs & Posers members...and definitely isn't the last. Pioneer lah kiranya party ni kali.

Grunge's birthday bash cum house warming party is another thing I'm looking forward as well. Another makan session. Woot woot I is super like! And of course, Laura's house warming. The Grahams will be moving to their house in AiiPii right after the renovation completed. We is can't wait. It's definitely the new crib for the ladies to hang out & gathered & gossip. Yay sungguh mengujakan.

Dearest Dot's wedding this Dec in Kolumpur...is another another charging thing for moi. I went to the post office this morning; collecting the parcel Dot sent me last week. Kain pasang for my bridesmaid's dress/baju kurung. Now kena perah otak lagi untuk cari design sesuai. Yang pasti, ndak kan kasi kalah pengantin lah. Harus jangan melebey, right babe. Although I didn't quite fancy the colour green...for my dearest bebeh, aku korbankan ketidaksukaan itu. It's her big day after all.

And adrenaline pumping swiftly when the thought of me going to Kolumpur popped out. Agitated all the way because I am so gonna meet my close friends back in high school whom I haven't seen for a while. Also my uni friends. Mata sparkling...hati berbunga daisy lily bila imagine diri ini berada di sana. Wah melebey berangan.


With all the beautiful things awaiting...why should I gripe & whine about life? Ditarik balik semua tu nikmat, baru haru biru hidup. Bonggol now & then itu biasa dong...orang bilang bukan hidup namanya without hurdles & trials.


26 October 2010



I left home a bit early to work this morning albeit hitting the sack late last night. Felt great the moment I woke up. Kind of morning I wait about because I know my whole day would turn out great as well. Alhamdulillah for Your Grace, Ya Rabb.

Hence why I love addressing Tuesday; my pink day.

Was talking to Laura about the oh-so-great Iphone4. Both of us are dying to get our hands on the phone. Like; reaaaaally dying! I watched VD EP06 last night...and guess what? Stefan, Elena & Catherine are the latest eye-catcher gadget's users. See, even vampires own it.

*sigh* With Blackie being not well; Kolumpur in Dec; Darling's interchange of number fee next year; Bandung/Bali in Feb; and loads more other 'unexpected' expenses...I think I shall keep on dreaming of getting one myself. Darling is the greatest gift for me this year & that alone shall be more than enough to be consider as pampering-me-moment. NOT. Gotta hold the desire to own the gadget for next year's gift. Patience is the main key to stay rational. *uhuk batuk kering*

Haven't take my breakfast yet. I'll leave u with words from Laura...it came out of nowhere & that she called her moment of unpredictable 'wisdom'. It got something to do with what we 'discussed' just now. Apart from Iphone; for sure. Some melancholy plot took place in my life that left me wondering & thinking & question incessantly. Just when I was about to question more...Laura surprised me with this.

"It's amazing how many fish we can catch throwing a small net in a calm lake"

Well darl, I so know what u meant & that immediately calmed the jumpy me. I didn't expect that I would be lucky to catch specific breed of fish when I threw the net. Yet, some fish are just plain bright. Instead of getting rid of the net, they swam towards it & get themselves trapped.

Poor fishy. I have no power to unleash u from the net. U gotta do it by urself. Now hurry...free urself. Before more nets came in.


25 October 2010

Pada Mu ku Bersujud

Hmm...now sedang ingin berchenta in lurve with the song below. When I started to fall in lurve with certain song, it also means orang akan muntah darah dengar aku nyanyi dengan merdu & putar lagu tu jak. I just got the MP3 from one of my worker. Nasib badanlah siapa naik kereta ngan aku lepas ni. Will be singing & humming the song until I got bored. Also tearing ur heart & soul...sebab terpaksa dengar suara nan sumbang aku.

Normally, I would search the clip from youtube...and will only post the clip with lyric attached in the blog. Senang aku nyanyi2 syok sendiri nanti. Oh yes, in spite playing the song repeatedly I still couldn't register the lyric in my mind. Punyalah lemah gaban kan.


Strumming the pain

The headache & mood swing are killing me right now. It ain't PMS anymore cause I'm currently on my cycle. Menses started last Saturday. Head been sorely painful since yesterday. Tried to shut it off during the time I was in Karambunai...but it got worst upon reaching home. Swallowing 2 tablets of Panadol* didn't help lessen the pain either. Alkisah aku telan ubat untuk flu...no wonder I felt like walking on wavy ground yesterday's evening. Floating & feeling high. Erm high as in intoxicated. Alhamdulillah nothing bad happened because I drove all the way from home to the beach to the town & back to home again. U see now what drug could do to ur system? Wah tiba2.

Talked to Laura just now. And she immensely is annoyed by most of the people in her fb. Their status(s) to be exact. Self-proclaim people whom words that came out from their mouth says otherwise. A walking contradiction. Fening.

Insya Allah we're gonna throw 2 party bashes next month. And a Day-Night Out with the PPGs. More makan session, more gatherings, more clicking sessions...I is like moment as such! Rejuvenate & refresh the ever-tired mind. Poyo!

By filling my life up with such activities, I won't have the space to whine about how boring my life is. Terisi penuh makna. Kau jangan lupa mind & soul therapy sudah.


Update gitu


I think I'm gonna cease the intention of going to Tg Aru for the time being. As much as I super love the beautiful view of sunset I could witness from the place...I don't favor its chronic traffic movement for now. The food court has been temporarily moved to the parking lot. So basically the car park area waned. The last thing I want to engage with; perebutan parking.

Went there last Sat night with the 'bunch' of my crazy yet adorable ladies. Thank God the place wasn't packed...managed to park si Kens soon as we reached there.

It's been a while since we last gossiped gathered. Selalu ada jak missing members.

Purposely edited the pics to B&W mode...classic value gitu.

Early this morning, accompanied Laura for a pre-wed photoshoot job. Jadi tukang pigang flash jak bah.

Some of the pics I managed to shoot.

1 of Laura's fav shot...as she told me. Bangga sikit.

And later in the evening, went to Karambunai with the people below.

While waiting for The Andrew-Graham's to arrive...we killed time playing with the sand. Oh aku adalah gila pasir!

View of the sunset is magnificent. Greatly different from what u see in Tg Aru.

Headed to Nasi Padang Ibu at Jesselton Point for dinner. Pics still in Grunge's cam so I'll post it later.


23 October 2010

Kisah Yang Disalin

Woooot aku suka latest entry si Kiko, adik busuk si Kizzy. Sila baca. Wah gitu memaksa kunun. Bukan part kutuk mengutuk, bukan part update blog, bukan part cakap siang cakap malam...tapi part ikut2an itu. Jadi kucing salinan a.k.a copy cat.

Hmm memang susah hidup jadi 'Kucing Salinan' ni. I would say, yang Disalin lah paling merana rasa bersalah etc etc dalam kes macam ni. Or in other word; the victim. Si Penyalin hidup senang lenang like nothing happened. Bukan big deal pun sebenarnya kes salin menyalin ni, but it kinda gets in my nerve sometimes. Correction; most of the time actually.

Macam tiada identiti diri. Semua pun mau disalin. Orang buat itu...dia pun buat itu. Orang buat ini...dia pun buat ini. Kalau sekali sekala itu maybe boleh dikategori kebetulan. Tapi kalau tiap kali memang ada pertembungan, kebersamaan? Orang keliling pun boleh bercakap & brought up the similarities...itu harus kes parah. Paling haru bila yang Disalin pula yang berusaha buat something supaya tidak jadi ikutan si Penyalin. Jangan salahkan yang Disalin tu sebab tripping glamour famous etc etc. Kalau sudah ketara si Penyalin menjadikan yang Disalin itu sumber inspirasi...apakan daya lagi untuk dielak. Wah ayat mahu makan penampar.

Mahu bangga nanti jadi riak...mahu suka tapi sukar sebab hati memang dislike benda sebegitu. sigh sigh sigh mengeluh lagi kau sana. Idea itu gampang dijadikan pencetus tapi kalau sudah disalin bulat2...itu penyakit kronik perlu pemerhatian lengkap, perubatan canggih.

Yang Disalin kenalah terima keadaan seadanya. Nanti dicakap perasan disalin. Nikmati sajalah suasana jadi sumber inspirasi. Bila lagi kan.


Hey aku!

Alhamdulillah. Syukran ya Allah.

Awal pagi mood seindah luar biasa. Berlari ke kiri ke kanan coordinating the catering order. All went well as planned. Syukur.

And right after that I drove to AiiPii to bathe si Orenj. Later, Bungsu sent me to Kepayan to fetch someone. With open hands, I welcome my Darling to home sweet home.

Insya Allah will take good care of her.


22 October 2010

Hey anda

At this current moment...I so wanna laugh my heart out loud. Rolling on the floor some more.

Because babe, I can't stand the tickles. It is damn amusing with what u've done so far.

Here's my 2 cents...next time u wanna do something like that, be subtle enough as to avoid being notice.

And I really hope u'll give me something out of the box in the future; just for the sake of surprise-me moment.

Because babe, what u did so far is practically predictable. I want something that could give the brain some sort of lightning & thunder effect. Just to make it functions better.


Psst ada ku kesah?

Assalamualaikum. Selamat sejahtera.

Huah...I have never been this furious towards private clinic but today. Ok not the clinic obviously but the doctor!!!

I was supposed to get all this Fomema medical checkup for my workers' renewal passport thingy done; by this week. But the doctor delayed everything with HIS super annoying really gets in my nerve procrastinator being. Last Fri, I called the clinic & the nurse told me that the doctor is available only on weekdays for X-ray as long as we come before 5pm. And being told so, I went there on Monday at 3pm only to be informed that the doctor asked us to come the next day; in the morning. How could he refuse to run the X-ray because he bloody needs to get home early? The nurse didn't even dare to look at me when she spoke to me. I was not in my best of mood either hence I questioned & questioned. What really gets me edgy was when the nurse said "Doctor bilang machine panas jadi mau tunggu sejuk. Pagi esok la miss". Ugh I seriously feel like throwing things my anger at her but upon realizing she's only doing what's been asked to, I decided to rest my case.

It's Fri...I'm trying to not swear & curse. But I'm getting more annoyed I think I can blow fire if I were to speak now. I'm at the clinic actually...and have been waiting for like nearly an hour for the doctor to finish his 'meeting' with a friend in the office. And guess what? I was here since 830am! Now tell me how could I not be mad? The cafe has started operating...and here I am with my workers whom 2 of them are the tukang masak.

What's with the 24hours operating signboard IF I still have to wait for eons for the doctor to be 'ready' or 'finish' his oh so important meeting. If it's really that important, he should have someone to replace him. But why make us wait? As we don't have things or works to do? We're chasing time as well. I pity those 2 men who came earlier than us. Si kawan sampai tertidur lengkap berdengkur gara2 lama menunggu. After nearly 2 hours waiting, the doctor finally finished his things & opened his door & ready to treat murder his awaiting patients.

Doktor itu adalah sangat pemalas tapir. Taking things for granted just because the clinic is a franchise...losing 1 or 2 patients still look fine to him I reckoned. Alerted the PPGs just now...warning them to not go consult the doctor for the branch in Inanam. Yes, hasutan.

After nearly 2 foolish hours of waiting...finally, urusan settle. Alhamdulillah.

Psst...kau tau Bie, tu doctor bilang "Ada aku kesah? Ada aku rugi?". Kuyaks.


21 October 2010

Imbalance hormone eventually throw it tolls on me. Darn it. Burning heat at the cafe makes me a bit uncomfy today. I'm prone to give vent to my anger. Fortunate enough the mind is functioning; pretty great. Juggling between holding up the flaming wrath & thinking straight. I no longer favor the idea to say everything inside my mind when I'm mad. Because I have learned; regret & guiltiness bring nothing to the mind but messiness.

Was trying my very best to shut the non-pleasing mood down since morning. Also the raging attitude. Praise be to The Almighty, towards afternoon I'm sane again. It's dreadful an attempt; to try to swallow the fury. And even to bury them deep down under. Exhausted, wore-off. But I made it & surely am proud of it. Syukran Allah for Your Mercy; Your Bestowment; Your Blessing.

Appetite's mounting, it was such pure zestfulness indulging on food. Had soto for breakfast; few dishes for lunch because I still refuse rice in my menu; 2 pieces of chicken drumstick ain't the ice cream ok & 1 set of peanut-choc flavored waffle for tea. Please ignore the amount of calories I've culled today. Was suppose to fill the tummy with extra big meal at Daia's place but due to my super adorable brilliancy, I had to cancelled the intention to join the ladies. Oh sungguh rugi!

And currently I am biting nails & jabbing heart waiting for
TVD Season 2 Ep 06 to finish downloading. It's aired on the CW* Tele Network tonight. Oh my please don't remind me of the fact that there's another 16 more episodes before the season ends. Woot sound like I just buzzed the fact myself. Feeding the eyes with clips in youtube has never satisfied me. I need more; like I always do. Can't stand the anticipation yet at the same time I can't bear missing to watch every episode. I thirst for more blood after watching. ugh psychopath! Get rid of moi asap; before the aura gets into ur system. Wah keperasanan.

Anyway this is for Daia, worry not dear...will try to make it up to u soon. setakat kau suruh belanja nasi ayam, itu gampang dong.

And Dayang...we're so gonna meet up this Dec. Harus gitu. Lunch/dinner will be on me; belated birthday treat from ur old *not by age; squeeze me* girlfriend.


Burpday Wishes

First & foremost...birthday wishes for 2 friends whom are among the most significant ladies in my life.

Miss Dayang Noraziah Abang Yusop. All the best in the year to come. May ur days be filled with beautiful colors & sunshines. And may ur nights be companied with comforting dreams & wishes to come.

Wishing u everything happy in ur life my dear Miss Nurhidayah Abbas. Many more prosperous years & good health. Hope ur birthday will bring u an extra share of all that makes u happiest.

I heart u ladies. *cium muncung panjang*

Any woot yesterday's story...I had Hokkien Mee for breakfast at 11am. Few hours later, I was starving to death. That's it, pesta menjamu perut & mengumpul lemak commenced officially. Went out to Pero-two in the evening with si A. And headed straight to Mc'D Sulaman to feed the singing tummy. Drive-thru jak. Ohh tiba2 adalah amat ghindu sama 'life drive-thru' aku di Kolumpur.

Mc'D has always been my favourite. Double cheeseburger to be more precise. Ugh berliur terus aku. Dulu masa kerja part-time at one of their store, itu adalah menu harus for my break. Everyday. Lucky enough I didn't transform into a burger. Too much cheese & too much meat in the system back then...tapi berat nan ado naiknya. What's more with lemak. But now biar makan half burger, perut terus mengembang pesat.

Menu that polluted my tummy. Yummy!

p/s Daia...see u tonight. Yam & Ell couldn't make it. So 4 orang jak kita berayuan ah.


Kembali normal..syukur.

Syukur alhamdulillah masih diberi peluang oleh Nya untuk bernafas di bumi ini. And of course syukur sebab masih dapat bertemu dengan certain dates yang superb lawa.

October catat rekod 2 kali tahun ni wei. Rekod gembira & juga sedih. Aku malas mau bungkar balik apa sudah jadi masa Triple 10 aritu. All I could infer...ada yang bina masjid, ada yang baru melahirkan & ada juga yang memacak nisan. Whatever it is, alhamdulillah.

In conjunction with today's special date...IjaLyn has finally uploaded Aniki's pictures in fb. Which means, Aniki sekarang sudah tidak jadi tapukan/sorokan lagi. Sudah reveal kepada dunia luar. Patut si kawan berabis counting days aritu. Memang berbaloi2 aku menunggu di samping gigit hati penasaran mau tau.

Yang ndak dapat view fb sang IjaLyn...aku titip lah 2 keping ni di sini. No worries, permission 100% granted from the parents. Pasni ndak sudah aku upload gambar adik si kechil kesayangan ni sipi2. Harus full frame babe!

The proud parents know how much I loooooove this. Mainly because of him crying. Also because of the blanket. Aku adalah suka cipan. Aku memang chenta aniaya Aniki...semata mau dengar & tengok mamat kechil ni nangis.

1 of my fav as well. Sayang Aniki; sayang Ammi & sayang Dadda.

Oh gambar below aku ndak dapat dari fb IjaLyn. Yang tu aku gobek dari koleksi peribadi. Fuh ayat mau makan penampar. What's with the pic? Bukan sebab gambar...tapi sebab orang nan comel yang berdiri sebelah aku yang bagak tu.

It's Puan Hafizah @ Pijut @ Pijah bornday ya'll. She officially turned the same age as mine today.

Like; perlukah hide angka sebenar? Ohoo malas mengira sebenarnya. What? Malas? Is there a word as such? Ignore!!! Anyway, darlingku Pijut intan payung manja busuk...u know I was never good with speech. Still am actually. So apa aku text tadi, itulah juga wish aku kunun. Ok bukan kunun tapi itulah dia. Aku doa hanya yang terbaik untuk kau. Paling penting, keberkatan & kebahagiaan kau di dunia & di akhirat. Amin. Amin. Amin.

I've just got back from a movie date. Watched Child's Eye in 3D at GSC Suria. Jantung melompat2 tengok cerita tu. Full house cinema 6 tadi ah. And half perjalanan cerita, aku tutup mata & cekup mulut & hanya benarkan telinga tangkap bunyi. Punyalah membazir tiket nan berharga Rm15 itu. Imagine kau cuba...belum 3D pun memang aku macam gila tengok horror film. Lagilah bila sudah dikasi jadi 3D. Nasib masih control tu ayu layu kuyu untuk tahan suara dari menyanyi berteriak. Ntah berapa rating mau bagi. All in all, gue kok puas hati.

Berbelit lidah aku menaip slang seberang...jadi decide untuk kembali ke bahasa ibunda. Sedar diri ok. Actually, aku is sengaja. Mau polish semula slang yang makin hari makin rusty. Few of my friends from the West laughed at me upon hearing the way I talked to them. Benci lah wei...aku tahu I sounded kaku tapi have mercy sikit boleh? My slang is definitely so out of practice. So sila jangan pakat bantai gelak. Kecil hati aku yang comel ni.

Wah abaikan emo bengong tu.


20 October 2010

Nota untuk Cik Err

Adalah dalam mood yang nak meroyan sangat. Jiwa ni dah macam dilanda tsunami. Inhale exhale. Perlu tenang babe. Masalah takde nak settle kalau kau terjerit terpekik terlolong macam orang gila sorang2. Ok fine, tu cara meditasi di kala keseorangan. Agak2 tensi tu sedikit releaselah kan. Hmm selagi takde nyawa or hati terlibat then it should be ok.

Pas pe'el kurang siuman ni diletuskan...sila kembali kepada kondisi asal akal anda. Waras. Nak atau tak, kena telan. Kena paksa telan. Harus. Apa cara sekalipun, kena jugak! Alaaaahai...benda ciput je pun kau dah nak kalut kan. Come on babe; it's not like it's the end of the world.

Seluas alam ni untuk disyukuri dinikmati...apa kes kau pilih untuk retakkan jiwa semata2 benda tak berfaedah tu? Akal ada wei! Sila tahu untuk guna. Kata hati pun dah kuat arah kau abaikan. Tapi kau saja nak berdrama bermelankoli lah bagai kan?

Tak baik ok seksa jiwa batin bakul raga macam ni sekali. Lorong kau lalu sekarang ni serius tak gelap macam yang hari tu. Serius tak berdebu...tak berlubang...tak berbau hapak. Ala setakat pebbles here & there...itukan namanya hidup.

Kalau jalan tu luruuuuuus je...takde halangan itu ini...takde traffic light(s)...takde road block. Sah2 sampai kau hembus nafas paling last pun kau takkan tahu makna hidup. Lagipun jalan yang lurus takde halangan lah bagai tu cuma ada kat dunia nan abadi. Syurga. Haa kalau kau wish mati sekarang...jangan berangan dapat access direct ke sana ye. Yang berkati2 kau pikul kat bahu...yang kau 'duk tambah kat neraca timbangan...yang 'bodyguard' kiri kanan kau catat everyday tu...perlu penilaian.

Tengok keadaan kau...aku rasa mau hangus badan berjuta kali baru kau merangkak masuk syurga. Yes, merangkak! Tu pun kalau berjuta....kalau berjuta juta juta juta? Muka pun aku rasa dah takde rupa sebab hitam berarangan. Ntah berapa lama baru catatan kiri tu boleh hapus. Ntah bila baru timbangan belah kanan tu dapat balancekan yang belah kiri.

sigh Kau kan pompuan...nak je aku hempuk kepala kau dengan kayu besbol. Biar bagi otak tu gegar lebih sikit...baru kembali normal agaknya.

Aish sila abaikan kisah menungan nan tragis ni ye.


19 October 2010

Sesuai ke?

Assalamualaikum. Selamat sejahtera.

Memulanyer...aku nak gelak guling2 atas lantai cafe yang serba kasar ni. Pastu niat terpaksa dibatalkan sebab takut baju kotor...muka berdebu, kang tak glamour aku jual nasi ayam goreng. Jadinya aku pilih untuk gelak giler2 je dalam ofis bersendirian sambil keluarkan bunyi ala cik Ponti.

Asal tetiber meroyan? Hmm dipersila baca dialog di bawah ye.

3 MAHASISWA nak beli nasi ayam goreng

Aku: Ye dik. Ayam nak drumstick or thigh?

Mahasiswa A: *toleh kawan sebelah* Drumstick tu apa?

Mahasiswa B: Ntah drumstick tu bukan aiskrim ke.

Aku: *isi perut dah hancur terburai tapi aku maintain cute tahan gelak* Erm paha atau bahagian lain?

*Serious aku tak tahu nak translate thigh ke BM*

Mahasiswa(s):Ohhhhh. Ish bukan drumstick tu aiskrim ke kak. *muka berlagak tak hengat aku rasa nak 'usap'2 manja je*

Aku: *senyum paling ayu* Kuah nak yang mana? Mushroom?

Mahasiswa C: Mushroom? *muka blur ya amat*

Mahasiswa A & B: *setelah berfikir lama* Cendawan KOT!

Aku: Inikah yang antara yang TERtapis masuk uni? *yang ni aku bebel dalam hati sambil senyum minah senget*


Bukan nak condemn student universiti ni...but seriously? K

au sebagai mahasiswa tak tahu apa itu d
rumstick, mushroom, thigh...? Bak kata My PPGs...common sense lah semua tu.

Hari tu, lagi aku rasa nak hentak kepala kat dinding...aku bagitau sos tu black pepper. Boleh pulak student tu dengan muka hidung tinggi bagai nak meletup terkoyak replied..."Ohhh kicap".

Aduyai...hiburan sensasi betul.

Tapi penghibur terbaik aku tetap anak2 ku. Chomel & Cheeloh; aku tak sempat snap gambar diorag tidur semalam.

And thanks 'awak' for these. Ish malunyer, macam tau je aku memang tengah mengidam choc. Maseh lagi sekali. Kalau agak murah hati, boleh bagi lagi.


18 October 2010


Assalamualaikum. Selamat sejahtera.

Sebab aku nak berhijrah menepek ke Kolumpur tak lama lagi, jadi kerinduan tu ala2 gedik nak membuak lah bagai kat family yang duk Bandar Tasik Permaisuri tu ha.

4 tahun bertapa kat UniMalaya...rumah Angah lah tempat aku menumpang kasih & sayang. Juga tempat aku lepas meroyan kalau hidup kat kampus nak masuk fasa ala-cekik jiwa. Paling utama, tempat aku menadah tangan papar muka extra poyo supaya dapat duit belanja lebih. Wek! Memang aku muka tak malu. Tapi yang tu akan jadi bila aku masuk fasa masa kecederaan kronik. Sebab duit PT aku dah perabis belanja benda tak berfaedah. Masa2 lain, aku takyah tadah sebab Angah memang murah hati bagi tiap bulan. Kan aku dah kata, bertuah aku ni.

Yang ni raya bertahun lepas. Macam biasa, aku join warna tema family orang lain. Memang tak malu.

Aku terpaksa duduk ayu. Tak nak lah wei nampak ketinggian super cute sebelah sepupu yang 10 tahun muda dari aku.

Yang ni singgah mencemar tekak on the way to Kelantan. Dec '06 tak silap. Mother & aunty from KK joined us as well. Pengembaraan keluarga ke Kelantan, Terengganu & Pahang. Time ni size budak2 ni semua cecomel je. Skang semua bagak dari aku. Yang atas pangkuan tu, dah tinggi sama level cm ngan aku. ugh

Dataran Kuala Terengganu.

Muzium Kelantan.

Perisai aku!

Yang ni nak pi beraya. Before departing to Shah Alam.

2007. Eye on Malaysia, Dataran Titiwangsa.

Visiting Ezza at her PLKN camp in Pahang.

Aug '07. Malaysia 50th Independence Day

Ugh rindu lipatan laci perut nan tak seberapa jelas kelihatan itu. Giler saiko.

Alkisah I was there days before my G-day jadinya mengambil kesempatan turun Stadium Merdeka to celebrate Malaysia's birthday. Berduyun orang masa ni...yelah celebration ke-100 nanti belum tentu masih bernafas lagi. Ye dok?

Ok fakta paling tepat antara semua...aku ghindu makanan di atas. Specially yang biji2 kaler hijau tu...yang disaluti sambal. Ikan tu adalah favorita aku yang paling favorite. Everyday melantak ikan tu pun aku rela. Erk memang itu menu aku sepanjang study dulu. Sampaikan makcik cafe kalau nampak aku tapau makanan, dia tak payah nak jenguk apa dalam polisterin aku. Sebab memang itu jelah lauk aku. Kalau takde si petai, aku baham kangkung. Rege adalah sama je.

Ghindu nasi kerabu yang jual kat pasar malam Pantai Dalam. Rasa dia memang takde tanding kat memane. Sedap gaban! Memang sah aku cari penyakit...ni bukan kes nak bagi liur kecur, ni dah kira kes nak tetak jiwa sendiri. Aduuuyai. Tu belum aku buka cerita nasi lemak kat Kg. Baru...yang aku duk meroyan kat bekas kekhasih hati tiap malam. Kekononnyer kalau tak dapat harus rajuk panjang...muncung macam tapir. Pastu ayam goreng berempah yang amat famous kat Kolej 12, UM*. Fuh kau, ayam & paru goreng makcik tu memang gigit jiwa ok.

Semata nak pujuk jiwa kendiri...aku pun masaklah sotong ala kurita ni. Buat sambal kekononnyer. Tapi serius wei rasa nan ado...jauh giler beza ngan sambal favorite aku nun jauh kat Kolumpur tu. Hmm takpelah janji tertunai hasrat ibunda yang tetiber join kecur liur gak.

Having said everything...aku masih tolak idea untuk stay kat Kolumpur for good. Tapi kalau jodoh orang sana, haruslah aku redha. Just that for the time being, sana bukan tempat aku lagi. Lemau duduk situ lelamer...biarlah orang kata KK kurang maju, tapi hati jiwa raga aku tetap kat sini. Wah gitu sekali kau mempoyokan diri.


17 October 2010

Hah kau...nak CC lagi ke.

Assalamualaikum. Selamat Sejahtera.

Tetiber lak jadi formal kan. Semalam jiwa masih dalam mood separa kacau. Balik dari cafe, pas settlekan urusan peribadi aku terus terjun atas katil nan empuk...dan bermulalah aktiviti membongkang. Takde lama sangat pun aku proses liur basi tidur. Kepala adalah berdenyut tahap cipan, paling haru jari jemari menggeletar. Nak kata lapar, aku rasa breakfast tu aku melantak macam orang tak makan seminggu. Hmmm...sebab tak nak gastrik melawat lagi, aku pun rela hati lantik diri jadi chef peribadi diri sendiri. Boleh?

Harus masak ala kadar sebab kang aku masak vavavum...in the end, sendiri yang parah menghitung kalori. Giler harum maggi goreng laksa & daging burger Ramly* yang aku masak. Perut serta merta menyanyi riang...lapar beb.

Takgi memane pun malam tadi. Duk tercongok depan Asus; kekonon niat suci murni nak edit gambar. Tapi tak sampai pun 1 jam...aku gave up. Tetiber lak muka 'dak Stefan, Damon & kawan2 diorang yang muncul kat screen. A'ha u got it right...adalah menonton
The Vampire Diaries
buat kesekian kalinye. I told u before...aku kalau dah suka, ribu kali main pun tak kisah. Tu tak include kalau aku suka certain scenes...mau aku duk ulang tanpa jemu. Kalau Asus boleh bercakap, memang dah lama aku kena sembur. Pedulik, janji aku tak kacau hidup orang. Tak sabar nak tunggu Episod 6...giler sentap jiwa aku setakat dapat tengok promo kat youtube. Less than 3minutes plak tu. ugh 4 more days...sabar sabar sabar.

Ni dinner aku untuk arini...same menu as last night. Semalam lapar sangat aku tak sempat snap gambar. Patty Ramly* dah abis hence the cabbage as alternative. Craving for maggi laksa these days...2 malam berturut ok aku melantak menu yang sama.

Pagi tadi, bangun awal. Breakfast ngan mother, Bungsu & kazen mazen kat Wan2. Tak jadi join Ijal, Kizzy & Norman membreakfastkan diri kat Gaya St. Sorry prens! Pastu melencong gi kedai 2020. Alkisahnye nak betulkan hon si Kens yang malu nak bersuara. Tapi hampa bila orang kedai tu cakap hon tu dah rosak tak boleh pakai. Jawapan paling tepat, kena ganti hon baru which will cost RM70. Sebab aku dalam bulan tua...maka kenalah tangguhkan dulu niat nak beli hon baru. Bertuah si Kens ni...in less than 3 months, dah banyak benda baru dia dapat. Insya Allah Fuchy tak buat perangai macam tu. Barang local lah ni harap nama je lebih. Standard; nan ado. Mensampah!

Lately aku macam kureng mood nak lepak on weekend. I preferred to just stay at home. Do my things. Tadi kekonon nak gi basuh si Kens & si Orenj...ended up aku 'membasuh' atas katil. Perasaan mengantuk yang tak terbendung beb. Plan nak ke Tg Aru pun ke laut gak! Kononlah nak tengok sunset yang dah berkurun aku tak tengok. Nangis darah jelah tengok sunset sipi2 dari tingkap rumah aku. Sesungguhnya aku rindu giler nak lepak tepi pantai...lari2 anak ala2 comel...pastu witness langit bertukar warna...uhuk. Nak hantar signal kat my PPGs lah macam ni. Plan gi pulau aritu pun belum tertunai...since cuaca macam dah makin ok, I guess it should be no problem for island hopping in one of these days.

Ok yang ni sesi mengada. Kekonon nak update pasal benda paling recent aku beli/dapat.

Far left: Multi-hanger untuk shawl aku yang berlambak. It's in pink-blue & that made me grinned more. Thanks to Dot who sent it all the way from Kolumpur. My mind is mess-free by now. Before ni, harus muntah darah tang nak melipat shawl nan banyak tu.

Center: Buku aku beli online. Baru je sampai last week. Ayat dalam buku ni best sangat. Kira sesuai ngan jiwa aku...meresap masuk tanpa gangguan gitu.

Far right: Gift from my bro's friend. Dia cakap kat aku, tujuan utama beli tu sebab it's pink. Combination pink + gold harus lawa. And that reminded her of me. And how sweet is that? Ngeh~~walau aku dah jarang bergaya sakan ngan aksesorilah bagai sekarang ni...it's the thought that touched my heart.

I'm indeed surrounded by beautiful people who care & love me. Juga suka bagi hadiah, tu yang part paling best giler. Therefore I ain't entitle the privilege to ask more from Him. Healthy life, great family + friends...syukran.

Ok perlu beredar ke tugasan asas. Pilling clothes need to be folded.

p/s Grunge, told u I'm gonna do this. Sure u love it right.


16 October 2010


Darn it.
Hit the sack way late than usual.
Ended up waking way early.
Headache. Zombie eyes.

And guess what?
Misdeed took place.
SuPra was dropped behind.
Something I should regret deeply.

The alarm shall not bear the blame.
Neither does the super comfy bed.
Also not the internet.

Sins mounting up.
Still too whit repentance be made.

Albeit the remorse feelings.
I still am grateful for the chance given.
That is to be able to wake up & live life.

Allah wants me to shift my route.
To a better course.
And be a better person.
With His Willing.
Also Guidance.
I know victory will be mine.


U gotta remember this darl!

Alhamdulillah the internet connection at home has been restored. Muntah darah lah kau online ni malam nak. Thanks to me for being extra annoying with the personnel this morning. I lodged a complain regarding the failure. At first, she tried to bulled me with some absurd excuses. But apparently she took my words seriously. I told her I will proceed the complain to the higher level should no action be taken with my internet connection. Considering the line is finally connected...I shall say goodbye to the plan then. Speaking of evilness ya'll.

Anyways, I chatted with Eda just now. Friend whom I knew back in my UniMalaya. And we became close during the 2nd year of our study there. Together with Jay & Ruby. Eda told me about how she easily forgot about most of the beautiful things in the past. Being the person among us whom; with the most robust memory box especially 'made' to preserve the past & ensure them remain intact, she requested me to blog about it. Biar sikit janji apa aku post could bring her back to those memories. Quite though a job I would say.

And I've got a better idea rather than portraying them in words. To save time composing...I chose to upload pictures & put a line or two captions for each. Easy & simple. Hah ni kira cabaran tau Eda because it's very impossible to not be able to recall the past through pictures. Nak bagi ur mind bekerja lebih masa sikit...ngeh~~

So here go the pictures...in random order they are. Ohh some pictures uploaded are intended for reminiscing purpose as well as some might not involved u. Simply to recall the sweet memories...and to appreciate them more.

2006. Our 1st lepak session together as coursemates. Definitely wasn't the last.

Inside Putra's elevator...on our way for some 'waffle & float' moment at A&W.

Model server as Ruby named this pic. It's to commemorate the server room behind us.

At DG 1.8 Lab while waiting for the lecturer...we posed for Ruby's black BenQ camera. The only camera that was available for us back then.

DG1.4 Lab at my workstation. Also called the final year lab project .

This is where the virus ketuk2 happened.

Our 1st holiday together. After the final exam, we headed to Port Dickson. Stayed for a night there.

Scrumptious dinner at Ulek Mayang.

Lunch at Italianeese, The Curve to celebrate Eda & Ruby graduation.

Breaking of fast at De'Palma Hotel, Ampang. 2006

Destressed moment after the final exam. With my ladies at Genting Highland. 2007

I is heart them.

I suffered from a neck pain during our stay there...but managed to put it aside only to not want to ruin our holiday. Choi ayat poyo!

Before the haunted house main entrance. NO we didn't go in because Jay adalah sang penakut.

Field trip to Hulu Langat, Kuala Selangor.

Sept '07. Attending the rehearsal for the G-day.

With beloved mother yang sangat tembam masa ni. I was all ready early in the morning...before the parade into the hall.

Happy faces of us. sigh I miss all the familiar faces!

A year parted from each other...we reunited on Jay & moi's G-day.

Dinner at Putrajaya to celebrate the graduation. This was the last time I met Jay before she flew off to Australia for her master. And now she's in UK doing her doctorate. Ruby; just came back from a training program in Canada. While Eda; is on her way completing her master.

Me? Jadi kuli di cafe. Well done moi, NO? Ok clearly I sense an immensely ungrateful-ness there. Redha qada & qadar-Nya Bibie oii. Insya Allah, all in good times. Thing happened for a reason...

Tetiber mood DQ...ugh please ignore that. U know well than what u said Bie. And that what matters most.

p/s: Babe, banyak giler gambar I have to be super selective. Rasa nak muntah hijau gobek all the cd-s. Regardless everything, I miss those times we've spent together. Hope u enjoyed this.