30 April 2012

Edisi: Paling Trip!

Assalamualaikum; annyeonghaseyo!

Olenmanieyo, maj-ji? Welcome to my dusty & webby site! *bow* I won't use being busy at the cafe as the excuse for my lack of update anymore. Although that is really one strong reason to give. Mian-hae.

Life is treating me pretty well at the moment. Alhamdulillah. Feel uber great although I went home embraced with tiredness almost everyday. Lucky me, I still have time to spare for my Hanguk thingy. Be it their dramas, movies nor variety shows. Kind of life I adore, honestly. It's definitely one of the brilliant way to avoid the people who only knows to look down on others. U could say that I am slowly trying to shrug the negative people off! But I miss my sisters terribly! Being unable to meet due to various responsibilities on our shoulders; suck big time! Talking on the phone nor texting is of no value compared to get together. I really wish we could steal a little time for a cuppa. And yeah, movie date sounds great too. Ok, demanding. Little time sempat untuk movie date? Haruslah kalau sudah bertentang empat mata; 24 jam pun ndak kan cukup.

Anyways, I dedicatedly spent my weekend spending away my wage. Poket adalah bocor paras maksimum di kala ini; sekian terima kasih. And I have vowed to myself; NEVER to spell the word shopping nor anything associated to money usage until the end of the month! Except for the coach tickets & hostel booking fees which I need to settle prior my trip this June. One month before my departure...dup dap macam orang ndak siuman sudah ni. And sudah mula kena panic attack because I haven't start packing yet!! Serious oii, totally blank on what to bring. Albeit that, I have started picturing myself camwhoring alone in places where I know no one. Sungguh pathetic diri ini!

Movie date with Bunda & a friend last Saturday was a total blast! The Avengers sangat berbaloi2 untuk ditonton! Encore show is of full consideration as Laura has brought up the idea to watch it together! Fuh, mau ngedate pun perlu fix date & venue paling best. Kunun lah; nama pun semua suka bertrip! Aigoo.


21 April 2012

Buang Tabiat: Tiada Makna

Finally, menses came visiting. Like, perlu kah kau canang di sini? Waiting literally is tormenting, arra? Aku sakit jiwa tinguk pimples suka suki buat cawangan atas muka. Aku geram bila suddenly aku jadi sangat paranoid; every seconds rasa sangat uncomfy. My cycle was doing fine after I got back from SK. But that great feeling only last for 1 good month! This month, it came a week late! At this age, it's definitely something to be concerned about. Might be the exchange of hormone circulation. And again, I can't help but to be reminded that  stress is also 1 of the major factor. 

Things have been pretty rough with me lately. The ground I'm walking upon is sort of wobbly. There are times I commanded myself to just stop walking & get adequate rest before I pursue the journey. But be sure enough to always follow the light ahead. It's ok to skid sometime but it's better to be able to restrain myself from doing so.

I've tried my best to channel out the negative thoughts into something positive. Alhamdulillah, albeit feeling quite uncertain at times I knew I've taken the right path. There's never too high a mountain to climb, never too deep an ocean to fathom. Nae mal-i maj-i? Dang-yeonhi!

The upcoming trip this June make me sweat more these days. I just can't wait for another getaway. Unwind the mind! Rejuvenate before another busy months at the cafe next semester. And, I have yet to complete my schedule to be pass to dear Ernie. Perlu kena semak sama yang pakar, arraso. Banyak kali sudah kena tanya, aku adalah malu besar di situ.

Anyways, the aircond-man has arrived. Bungsu bought a new aircond for the office; the old one has served us too long already. Masa sudah tamat untuk beliau. Hence I gotta stop scribbling now. The new unit perlu di-install & I don't want to be stuck in here. Panas kot berkepam dalam ni! Migraine surely menyerang.

Till then, annyeonghi gyeseyo. Wassalam.

12 April 2012

Buang Tabiat: Lupa Publish

Sore throat! Cough! Flu! 

Perfect combo for yesterday's public holiday. I tried cocooning myself under the duvet; for the sake to sweat more. Failed attempt! I got dizzier instead. 

No entertainment to cheer me up. The Astro* line went on & off due to strong wind; as per displayed on the screen. Same goes to the internet line, up to this morning only 3 lights blinked. The modem needs 4 bloody lights lah wei. The No Internet Access message displayed on Asus' screen doesn't make me happy at all. I was bored to death. I couldn't watch my Kdrama in front of Asus because the pain on both my shoulders are pretty unbearable.

I am of 4 days late for my menses; perhaps this could explained the chaotic system. Mood went fluctuating these past few days as well. Something I dislike to encounter. Macam piring mangkuk segala mau dibaling.

Heart beats unevenly; sign of it being in an unstable condition. Perhaps too much entertainment! Less muhasabah diri. Arraso, arraso I will try to get myself to the right path. Balance segala2. Urusan sini & di sana. Insya Allah.


10 April 2012

Buang Tabiat: Edisi IV

Assalamualaikum. Annyeonghaseyo.

Cafe adalah sunyi tahap gaban. Aku mengantuk gila babai sebab kurang berpeluh. Baguskan perangai, kalau cafe stormed with students...I whined. And I complained as well bila cafe ni kosong macam Sahara. Ndak lama kena panah petir, barulah kick terbakar!

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately. I really am sure the threebigzero thingy has everything to do with this! There are so many things I have put in the list(s). Insya Allah...mau capai kena usaha extra lebih. Surprisingly,  marriage isn't something I see as of crucial for now. Ada jodoh, adalah. Lari ke hutan or ke hujung dunia sekali pun...kalau sudah Dia tentukan ndak kan ada yang mampu menghalang. 

No worries. Bagi yang terlalu suka bertanya bila aku mau kahwin; insya Allah. Hal jodoh tu bukan hak aku untuk menjawab. Jadinya sila lah bawak bertendang bertenang. It's my life afterall, susah senang aku yang tanggung sendiri kot. Kalau risau sangat aku jadi andalusia...bah mari sponsor aku travel keliling dunia. At least ada juga pahala kau dapat dari sibuk bertanya soalan yang mampu guris hati aku. Oh yeah, sebab aku manusia biasa. Ada masa soalan macam tu boleh buat hati nan comel ni terluka ya. Mau lagi kalau yang bertanya tu aku memang tahu ada hidden agenda. Memang perlu lah kau siap sedia telan simbahan berapi aku.

Omo...kenapakah emo? Cool down lah Bie. U know well orang macam tu bagus dielak kalau terserempak. Buat ndak kenal; biar lah kan dilabel sombong. Dari timbul rasa kecil hati; haru biru segala. Just don't ever let urself hop on the emotional ride anymore. Not good for ur health...nanti penyakit lain lagi datang.

Oklah mau isi perut yang dari tadi berdangdut ni. Nampak sangat update ni sebab uber bored kan. Till next time reader(s). Haengboghae!


7 April 2012

Edisi: Killing Time

Life has been great with me! Though there were times I feel like giving up on myself...and feel like a total loser. But alhamdulillah in the end of the day, I managed to gather back my spirit. Lifted my head up high...and force myself to continue talking the path destined for me. Regardless how long it will take to reach my destination. Regardless the thorns strewn on the path. I just know I have to keep moving; albeit sometimes I have to crawl.

Life is about taking every opportunity & do our best to achieve the goal(s). Although unable to reached what I desired, hajiman choeso I have tried my best. Failing for the umpteenth times doesn't mean I am a failure, maj-ji? It plainly means that I need to look from a different direction; and try solving things in a different perspective. Can't just give up & walk away because clear enough I am not in my 20s anymore. Things were rather simple back then; with less responsibility for sure. At this age, it doesn't seem right if I still have the same way of thinking like before. Mwoya? What did I just say? U sound pretty matured lah Bie oii! Erk S to the scary, ara?

Fine then, STOP the scary part already. Bikin takut kalau continuously nampak macam orang tua2 berfikiran sudah. Anways, am going to a movie date with Bunda later tonight. And another movie date with Grunge tomorrow evening. Something like the flick below will definitely boost my mood to a greater level. Let's get the body moves! Wooot!

A British dance movie...highly anticipating movie junkie I am right now! *cough cough*


3 April 2012

Buang Tabiat: Edisi III

Assalamualaikum. Annyeonghaseyo!

Maj-a, I've been flooding this blog with Korean thingy lately. Just please bear with my addiction; in which I  myself couldn't tell when will it ends. It seems like the more I explore about their world the more I become attached with them. I look at it from the positive angle. At least I have something to cheer myself when the environment became too harsh to cope up with. And that means I indirectly save myself from whining & griping. Less gossip too! 

I have decided to watch Boys Over Flower in a proper manner this time. No watching the 1st & 2nd episodes then jumped to the final episode kinda thing anymore! I gotta learn to be more patient! Aja aja hwaiting Bie! U can do it this time albeit knowing the fact that u actually have watched this drama a year ago.   Yeah, I only watch few of the scenes like I always do. Part aku rasa bakal mengundang bosan, memang akan diputar laju.

But not this time, not for this drama! I have to bear watching all of its episodes, including the special episodes. Oppa KHJ appearance is of great attention there. Although he loss so much weight & looks thinner during the filming of this drama...the pretty flower boy image of him doesn't fade an inch. But yeah, couldn't help but to admit I kinda dislike his hair color. And the haircut! Sangat mendukacitakan. Just for the sake to match the character in the original manga, he has to be transformed into that look. I prefer his natural look in We Got Married; always because in that show I am able to watch his 'naked' face! Without any cream nor make up covering. I could even see the scar below his left eye. Muka baru bangun tidur adalah super cute!

Fine Bie...kalau kau sudah terjatuh terchenta harus melambung tinggi tu pujian kan. Ok I am done talking already. Time to feed my thirst now. I'll leave u with one of my favourite song. 

The SS501 Project leads by YaeSaeng while Leader HyunJoong & Sexy JungMin were busy with their drama/musical theatre. 

p/s I am in the midst memorizing & understanding their songs...seriously benda serius for someone called BibiErr! Ntah bila pula aku ni jadi obses sama lagu oii!