31 May 2011


Wah syukur syukur...alhamdulillah!! Blog beta udah boleh dibuka melalui browser GoogleChrome. Aduh aku lagi pening ini...happy banget dong. Makaseh IE* atas jasa baik anda; membolehkan aku update 1 entry. Ama Mozilla* juga. Kini mental aku kembali pulih seperti sedia kala. Aku sudah boleh komen blog teman2...tanpa perlu key in & key in & key in user ID + password berulang kali. Phew!

Anyway, Kotobian Tadau Tagazo do Kaamatan kuma soviavi tuhun Kadazan+Dusun. Fine; aku translate. Maksudnya Selamat Menyambut Hari Kebesaran Kaamatan kepada masyarakat Kadazan+Dusun. Negeri Sabah bercuti 2 hari. Tomorrow is the highlight of the harvest festival. Unduk Ngadau or Pertandingan Ratu Cantik yang diadakan every year. My vote is currently for Tati (Cik) from Ranau & Beaufort. Macam vote aku tu boleh pakai...padahal competition ni guna kuasa veto judges yang pro berabisan. Sian deh lor.

I spent my whole day at home. Tried my luck in making kueh Puteri Ayu. I deliberately betrayed the original recipe...gara2 melayan kemalasan, hasil nan ado jak lah aku dapat. Aduyai langsung ndak da motivasi diri kau ni Bie.

And the result? Harus jangan expect vavavum cantik. Fortunately, despite the look...they do taste good. Brought it to the cafe, Aunty & the workers loved it. They even like the smell of it...thanks to the coconut milk & screwpine flavour I added.

Will do better next time. Dengan syarat; malas itu buang dalam bin. Insya Allah. Mother has requested for me to make more...jual di kedai kunun. Wah harus kecut perut.

Happy Birthday Dear MOTHER...may ur life be blessed with joy & happiness. Love u!!


29 May 2011


Percubaan untuk update the day after my previous entry was published...went down to the drain. I couldn't work with IE any longer. Gilak pening repeteadly adjusting the paragraph & all. I gave up.

Thanks to Mozilla*...I am able to sign in to my account & blog like before. Syukur. I was forced left with no option but to install the browser because GC* doesn't want to work with me anymore. *uhuk* Sedih. Reason paling penting bikin malu, aku cuma tau 3 jenis web browser ni pun. Kesian doh!

As usual, poyo update pasal baking/cooking project aku. I am into those traditional kuih muih these days. Been testing my skill since last week. I've kept the oven rested for few days & yeah, I kinda miss baking already. Kisah malang jadi last night...I baked Choc Cheesecake requested by the younger brother. All went well during preparing & baking...but disaster occurred during the cooling process. Kek itu terbalik tergolek dog...it fell down from the dining table. Jiwa koyak! Luckily dapat buat sikit pemuliharaan. I managed to save half of it. Taruk dalam pan lain & baked.

Glad the brother could still enjoyed the cake. Kempunan karang susah ok. And he likes it; that alone cukup buat aku puas hati.

The 'in' thing in Kolumpur these day...Apam Polkadot. Alhamdulillah 1st attempt menjadi. Kembang cantik...sampai kuyak papercup aku. Ahaks. I don't use the mould as I was just trying my luck plus gue malas mau mencuci nanti.

My Kuih Sago turned out too flaccid. I think too much water added. Will reduce a cup next time. Aja2 fighting.

Ini...memang kepintaran melanda. Konon buat lompang guna mould for kuih Puteri Ayu. Hambik ko!! Nama pun guna rice flour...of course melekit & susah mau mati dikasi keluar. Ended up makan guna sudu. Wakakaka. But the taste...boleh tahan. Oh yeah, sila angkat naik lif!

Pandan Jelly made by Ailin. Ni baru ngam kalau guna mould.

Rainbow Pudding. Mother requested this yesterday.

Yang ni aku tunjuk getek...tapi suka aku lah kan. Hemo hemo.


25 May 2011

Review kunun!

I have this absurd feeling or what I called keperasanan that this beloved blog of mine is currently in the midst to sabotage it's owner. Since last night, it has been quite difficult to sign in to my account. The page kept redirecting & I lost count on how many times I was asked to enter my password. I ended giving up after endless attempts.

Guess Google Chrome* is playing game with me. Because I finally managed to sign in through IE*. Sesungguhnya ndak suka ralat surfing through this web browser considering the threat of viruses it could pull in. But for the sake of updating *like; duhh*...IE pun IE laaa. Plus, I don't really fond the idea of updating my blog through it. Sangat sukar untuk menadjust everything; specially for IT-blinded lady like moi. Woot.

Wanna talk about the movies I recently watched at the cinema. Brief talk only though as the mood to explain in detail has wear off; replaced by my slothfullness minute ago.

The only reason why I watched this flick was solely because of the good feedbacks from several friends. I don't know about others but I'm giving this 2/5. Rio Heist played big role on how I rate Thor I guess. Boleh jak aku mau compare 2 cerita ni ah. Hampas.

One of the most awaited film in my must-watch kalau ndak nanti nangis darah list for 2011. I've watched it thrice already. Oh yeah, u read it right. THRICE. Need my rating; still? Tabik spring toing-toing to Mr. Khabir Bhatia for such super great & fine output. I am fully content with ur masterpiece mister! Love the casts...love the screenplay...everything about it. Ok by now korang sure tahu how madly in love I am with NurKasihTheMovie. Aidil has always been my favorite character in NK. Be it in the series or the film. Ala since Dua Hati lagi kot aku memang sudah minat mamat tu.

Phew...shall I watch it again for the 4th times?. At the moment, aku adalah gigih download the series. Sebab aku start follow cerita ni di penghujung...part Adam's 2nd wife; si Katherina has finally repent & di ambang maut sebab sakit.

And this was also 1 of the most anticipated film I so wanna watch since last year. I've watched the series of films since the very beginning. Although bukan peminat setia JD, I kinda love his character as Jack Sparrow. So yeah, aku enjoyed tinguk cerita ni not because of the leading actor. It's because of the character played by JD.

Enough about that...will continue some other time.

Oh before I click the 'publish post' tab; saja aku getek mau bagitau sekarang ni tengah gian buat kuih muih Melayu. And yes, ni masuk dalam plan yang belum boleh diannounce tu juga. Insya Allah; when there's a will there's a way. Amin. Kena usaha lebey as to fullfill my wish.


22 May 2011

Happy Birthday My Fav Lady

Ma*ya Lina*wa Gra*ham

Her 4th birthday bash was held at Laura's place in Kolopis yesterday. Since Laura requested cupcakes for the party...harus aku, Mel & Ailin kerja keras the night before. We started baking at 8pm...and kengtangkengtung until 5am! So much of baking & decorating only 50 pieces of cupcake huh. We ain't pro baker & decorater...sila maklum yang itu.

Alhamdulillah all turned out well. Despite the last minute of learning on how to pipe the webs. Trust me, it ain't easy! Especially for untalented people like us! Although ada details guide in youtube. I've practice making the minnie but not the spiderman.

Choc Spider Cupcake

Harus tinguk tangan aku menggeletar macam ada penyakit time piped sarang tu ah...I said to Mel, I hope by storing the cupcakes in the fridge will straighten my super edgy & messy webs. And amazingly, the webs turned less edgy after being cooled for few hours. Syukur.

Vanilla Minnie Cupcake

Those black fondant to cover the cake & ears were made last minute...lucky enough, they hardened quite fast enabling me to stick them upright; without bending.

With Mel at Laura's...bergaya sakan with our hasil kerja tangan. Ho yeah harus!

Grunge, Rio, Unang, Syl & Baby Tia arrived a bit late.

There's the birthday girl with her princess cake. Kids today; very fortunate. Don't u think so.

Maya making a wish perhaps?

Mommies & future mothers lepaking at the balcony.

Yours truly holding beloved Tia Kyla. She's the gadis rebutan between Grunge & moi. Lalala~~~


18 May 2011

Wesak Holiday

Joined the pre-wedding photoshoot of Grunge & Rio just now by Laura of Linawa Photography. We had the session at Karambunai in Sepanggar. Too much drama to cope with before we even begin the session. An hour wasted just to deal with the resort's ridiculous rules. I don't know why do they need to apply so many rules there. Only because it's a private resort? And the guard told us...they're making such regulations for the sake of keeping the privileges of their guests.

Adoyai, kalau macam tu baguslah pagar keliling resort sama kawat besi. And put the "Strictly for guest hotel ONLY" sign; up. I never know it is a crime to take pictures there. We didn't see any bloody signboard saying so. And as far as I'm concern, itu adalah beach yang open to public. Anyone boleh bermandi bermanda sana. Hmm...susah mau cakap. Hence, lets jamu mata. Lagi senang.

Camwhoring diri sendiri itu perlu. Sekian.

Our only protege so far...Tia's next in line.

Laura, the dedicated photographer on the left...and Mel; her assistant on the right. Or shall we address Mel as the Flasher Girl since she's the one who was in charge of the flash / speedlight. *lmao*

The bride & groom to be. September is just around the corner babe! We're beyond excited.

Walking hand by hand...together we face the obstacles life throws before us. Poyo perlu.

And baked this choc cake for a friend who's daughter turned 10 today. Messy decoration indeed. Oh Buttercream, I hope I will gain the skill to 'work' with u one day.

Wrapped up the session nearly dusk. And headed to mother's kedai for dinner right after. I have so much fun today. It's been almost a year since I last set my foot on any beaches. Yup u heard me right. Nearly a year. Being a beach lover that I am, it's hard to buy my words when I said today was my 1st time in this year at the beach. The last time I went was sometime Nov last year with my cousins.

sigh workloads did this to me; also the poyoness for sure. Kunun tripping as if u're 1 busy woman, right Miss Err? Oh please, stop before more people vomit. Tapi yang benar tetap kan benar dong...emangnya gue lagi busy ama kerjaan gue. Makanya nggak sempat deh untuk spend some quality time untuk diri sendiri. Lagi kok gue lazy untuk drive...capek dong kerja seharian. Sila understand ya. Makaseh.


16 May 2011

Insya Allah; amin

Selamat Hari Guru kepada semua cikgu2 cikgi...anda umpama lilin yang menerangi para pelajarmu. Terima kasih tidak terhingga atas segala yang telah dicurahkan.

Ohoooi...aku memang ndak pandai berucap bersyarah & sewaktu dengannya. Memang selalu ke laut; luar topik perbincangan. I guess, ucapan di atas adalah the best I could came out with. Biannata for the poor skill. In case kau tertanya apa itu BIAN; it's a Korean language that means SORRY. I'm not sure with the spelling...pakai taram jak lah janji bunyi sama.

Semester break has started & that means cafe will be super quiet until semester reopen. That is in September. Oh man, 4 months is too long a break don't u think so. Revenue will definitely reach the half critical phase I must say. I hope we could survive zaman cikiwa itu. There are bills to settle; also not to forget wages for the workers. Dugaan dalam bisnes...ada turun, ada naik. Insya Allah selagi ingat akan Dia...everything will turn out just fine. Amin.

Looking down at the pictures below...sure orang pun tau sudah apa cerita ceritu aku. Ahaks. And so baking adalah aktiviti tegar last Sat night.

Got an order from a teacher @ Ailin's friend in Nabawan, Keningau who requested a blueberry cupcake. Without any decoration whatsoever. Inilah yang aku panggil naked cupcake. Buntang macam tu dia mau.

Another chocolate sheet cake but this is half the size I made last time. Ailin ordered this for the Teacher's Day celebration at her school in Nabawan. Ignore the decoration please...that is the one very important thing I so need to learn asap. Aja2 fighting Miss Err.

On Sunday we had breakfast at my favourite place; Tea Time Cafe in Wisma Merdeka while waiting for Fuchy Darling to finish her bathe. Super delicious chocolate tart...ini gue mahu belajar buat. Ho yeah!!

And of course, my all time favourite. Their infamous cotton cheesecake. One of the few cakes I have put in my wishlist to bake for so long already. Now that the eagerness to bake has sprang up; I better try this in one of these days.

Anyways, I'm currently waiting for my chocolate cake to cool down. Have another order from a dear friend of mine; Siti for her daughter's 10th birthday. Alhamdulillah. I have bigger plan or should I call it dream...for this baking thingy. Insya Allah all in good time. Will spill the beans later; perhaps only when everything went as planned. For now, mari aminkan bersama doa aku. Thanks.


14 May 2011


I'm not sure what's with Blogger...I couldn't sign in my account since last night. And the entry I've posted yesterday; suddenly gone. No draft whatsoever left in my 'Edit Posts' section.

It was published yesterday's evening...I could still read it this morning. But it's gone came afternoon. Like; it's been deleted.

Well, I really hope it's just a technical error. Because I don't wanna mess my mind thinking someone might hack my account & deleted entries I've published as s/he pleased.

ugh ugh

Ada hikmah kot entry tu hilang dicelah angin...hmm, pasti ada sebab sesuatu itu terjadi. Nothing is coincidence in this world. Because I believe & have faith, everything happened has long been planned by Him. So sila jangan gago membebel pasal entry yang tiba2 hilang tu ah Bie.


12 May 2011

Syukur Wajib!!


Finally, ada ending yang sihat. At last, some balls showed up. Most important element is the fact that I have nothing to do with the failure. Susah payah badmouth aku, susah payah maki hamun aku...turned out orang lain punca retak. U're too busy focusing on me when u're supposed to be looking at someone else. Sila bagi aku space untuk senyum simpul mati. U took all the routes to hate me. U defamed me I could barely defend myself. But like I always say to myself, Allah itu Maha Adil. Sooner or later, the truth will reveal itself.

And itulah yang jadi sekarang. Oh bukan aku riak or takbur...just that I'm grateful akhirnya nama aku keluar dari sarang fitnah. Alhamdulillah. Now that everything has became clear to u...I hope u stop all the slanders already. Bawa2lah simpan tenaga tu for something worthy. Too much negativity in ur system will eventually harm the tuan badan. Someone that is not meant for us, will never be ours regardless how hard we tried. Hatta kau dapat cairkan ais di Gunung Everest...yang BUKAN milik kita, TIDAK AKAN jadi milik kita sampai bila2. Accept that & move on.

There is so much more to seek in this life rather than to weep or mourn nor dwell. I'm glad I managed to weather those things. Despite the bruises & wounds. Let alone segala macam jarum yang mencucuk hati, jiwa & perasaan. I value every scars I obtained from the battle. They are the warrant that proved I fight for my happiness. Looking back at the time when I tumbled, I couldn't believe I will survive this far. I struggled to the very core just to make me crawl. Every breath I took felt like bane. Slowly envenom myself; bit by bit. Yet here I am right now...breathing; still. And standing more sturdy than before. Alhamdulillah alhamdulillah.

I've found peace for myself. What could be more wonderful than being given the chance to live; to still be able to be around the people I care & love dearly? I will never trade what I have now with what I want back then; even in million years. I'm utterly grateful with what I've picked up along the way. Bitter; some of them are...tapi itulah yang bagi rencah hidup ini kan.

To u...I hope u'll find the serenity one day.
Untuk aku...sila jangan mudah mengalah. Hidup ni pindik jak untuk kau cotcetcotcet ndak ketentuan. Focus on the little thing, u never knew what they have for u.


11 May 2011

Ate...awok comey!

*Note: The wish should be conveyed yesterday but due to technical error, I could only post it today*

To my ever dearest Norizah Taraji Fauzi @ Kizzy Si Minta Puji.

May u live all the days of your life.

Jadi anak solehah, isteri mithali. Most importantly, taat sama perintah Nya. Ohhh ada lagi...kawan yang PEMURAH. Ehem rajin2 lah belanja kami choc indulgence lagi ah.


And back to me story, last Mon night I went out with Yam & Rad to watch the most-talked movie for 2011. Sila refer picture di bawah. Fine, aku memang poyo. Blog gue, jadi suka gue mau letak apa. Hemo hemo!
Fast & Furious 5: Rio Heist

When it's the most-talked...definitely because it's the best! So far! Packed with actions & gags as well. Aku ketawa terburai perut. Sila tahu ini hanya adage just to amplify the point. And I fall in lurve with the hunk named Paul Walker too; dalam movie ni ajer! I adore his deep meaningful eyes. When he looks at Mia Toretto, his eyes speak love for her. Auw aku mudah jatuh tangga chenta hanya kerana mata. Tergoda gila!

Siapa hati bisa tenteram bila mata itu merenung? Aku aku akuuuuuuuuu tidak bisa tenteram!!!!

Enough! Back from movie almost 1130pm...was all ready to hit the sack when the urge to bake hit my system. Boleh alasan itu aku guna? Hence, the White Chocolate Cake ala marble design terhasil. Also another batch of Choc Sheet Cake. Yang itu request 1 of my worker...she bought the ingredients & I baked it for her.

Cake turned out great...but it was a bit too sweet. Harus reduce the sugar next time. Harga gula kan naik...and aku ndak mau lah dapat diabetes pula nanti.
Choc ganache as topping for the choc sheet.

Attended a kenduri doa selamat at Kizzy's place last night. It was a 3-in-1 celebration. Mom & Kizzy's burpdays, Manja's 2months pregnancy & Kizzy's house warming. Penyibuks senantiasa ada...the YS ladies of course. Alas due to last minute invitation, Ell couldn't join us. Ok itu sila blame orang yang burpday.
Kami comey. Sekian.

Mami suap Kizzy...anak bertuah kan.
Friends since 1994. Love love love!! Meeting Rad *center* after nearly 12 years of not seeing each other. Thanks to facebook who make us just a click away.


9 May 2011

Just Can't Stop

First & foremost...specially to my beloved mother.

Happy Mother's Day

Same goes to all moms in the world. U rock the world!

Ever since I started devoting all my attention to baking...I have missed watching quite few great movies at the cinema. I just hope I won't forget the premier show of Captain Jack Sparrow's latest adventure. That; I've been waiting for nearly a year...kalau lupa harus duku kepala sendiri. Also the Priest. Semua harus tonton in 3D version, sekian!

Ok now let's continue with...baking again? Oh NO!

Remember the choc sheet cake I baked last Fri night? 3/4 were gone when I reached home from work last Sat.

But I got to indulge the cake my way...cream cheese frosting it is. Yummy to the max!!

Project #4. Another batch made on Sat night for Mother's Day. Ini yang betul2 for mother ok. Previous sheet cake was only a trial. Orang bilang test market. Wook!

More & more chocolate as topping...almost ready. This will go into the fridge.

Mom's for her day. I completed everything almost midnight...just for her la kunun nya.

The RV Deco Kampong. Cream cheese frosting is it's companion. Mode syok sendiri!

Practising in making small bow for Maya's birthday. Kakak Besar requested Minnie Mouse theme for the cupcake. 2 more weeks before the bash. Dup dap dup dap.

The sample kunun. Ignore the messy finishing especially the edge. Laura text & requested for pink buttercream instead of black fondant. Ho yeah itu lagi gue suka dengar!!

Project #5. Baked another set of cupcake using the Choc Sheet recipe. Kakak Besar's Mother's Day cupcakes they are. Gonna deliver them to her house tonight.

Cuci mata & pardon the halfway jadi swirl.

Crucial part for now is that I seriously need to learn how to match the consistency of my cream according to their purposes. And also need to practice more on swirling! Aja2 fighting Miss Err!!

p/s Bear in mind Bie, add powdered sugar to stiffen ur buttercream, or milk to make it thinner. Huh? Tetiba ada reminder gini ah. Apa jak lah.


7 May 2011

Baking Project #3 sudah? Oh wooook!

Sebab aku sekarang ni semangkit membakar baking...jadi harus almost everyday after balik dari kerja aku memadu asrama berchenta sama kitchen. Best woook! Macam semua resepi aku mau try buat. Oh yeah like I said before poyo itu perlu. Muka berpalit icing tepung sudah lumrah kunun. Ya nampak sangat kau memang seorang yang messy Bie.

Sekarang kalau pigi mana2...tiada section lain aku terjah selain kitchen department. Pastu rajin singgah kedai yang jual baking stuffs. IF only I have extra budget, sudah aku angkut heavy duty mixer di bawah ni. Belum sanggup spend more than a grand only for a mixer though.

This lady cost nearly RM800. Insya Allah, will bring her back soon. Erk soon as in months or year from now, thank u.

And to make me look-sound even poyo-er...boleh2 sekarang kalau on the way mau pigi membeli membelah, the heart beats extra fast. Lebih getaran dari rasa mau jumpa chenta hati ok. Seriously, aku macam bergayut on the cloud nine. Right leg terjuntai ke bumi...left leg aku lipat jadi tempat tongkatan dagu. Dan aku start proses berangan; melukis mimpi dalam minda. Wah gitu sekali kau berdrama Bie. Parah!

New members of my baking utensils. Regardless the scale Bungsu gave me, I bought a new one still. Just because it's so cute. It only cost me RM5 so ndak lah kekuyakkan poket aku kan.

Now, sila cuci mata sambil muntah darah meninguk hasil nan ado aku ya.

The Red Velvet cupcake I made last Weds. My 1st attempt in making RV turned out not bad kot. I suuuuuper love the cream cheese frosting I 'dumped' on top the cuppy.

My 3rd batch RV. This time aku buat kek instead of cupcake.

Cooling the cake down.

And suddenly, urge to play with the fondant sprang up. Di tengah malam ok! Nampak sangat memang buang tebiat. But because I was too lazy to lift my ass off the chair...harus deco ala kadar. WITHOUT even coating the cake. Boooo hoooo!!

Hence I called this; RV Deco Kampong!!

Oh yeah. RV cake is usually coated with cream cheese frosting. I did have some leftover of the frosting from the cupcake I made; in the fridge. Yet, like I said earlier penyakit M datang melawat. Ala biarlah frosting tu duduk diam dalam fridge, esok lusa masih boleh guna.

While having si Deco Kampong in the oven...I made another cake. Kunun lah after Mother's Day this Sunday. Mother requested a chocolate cake...but I am thinking of giving the chocolate sheet cake recipe I got from the internet recently; a try. Last night tu chocolate sheet trial version. I brought half of it to mother's kedai...suruh tukang taste paling 'angkuh & tegar' aku bagi komen. The youngest brother. I received quite encouraging critics/words from him...harus aku kembang2 bontot macam terbang di angkasa.

Confirm la malam ni buat chocolate sheet cake with chocolate frosting + pecans as topping. Auwmmm!

Combining flour + sugar + salt.

Beating eggs + vanilla + baking soda

Melting butter + cocoa powder.

All set in...ready to go into the oven. Ermm sorry gue lupa snap gambar hasil akhir. Tapi tekstur kek ni sangat moist & rasa choc sampai ke tekak. Yummmmmmy. Got the recipe from here.