27 April 2013

Prosperous Apr: The Magic of Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

Assalamualaikum. 안녕!

Not so Little update on Chompok's health. 

Chompok was supposed to see the vet last Thurs but I purposely skipped the fourth visit after seeing there's not much improvement on his condition. On Weds morning, he vomited few strands of tapeworms. Lucky I followed him to the litter box when he vomited; else I won't know what had he threw out up until today. I brought the tapeworms to the vet & they were shocked when I showed them. 

Continuous vomit & diarrhea; yet it never crossed their minds it might be cause by the most common amongst feline; worm infestation? The vet gave him another 7 injections(!!) on Weds. He was given the de-worm pill as well. 

I decided to try my own method to treat him. Thanks to the technology, searching for information regarding his condition is pretty easy. There are lots of useful information can be found in the internet; as well as experiences from fellow cats' owners. They are beneficial to both human & animals. I thanked The Almighty; if it's not because of Chompok being ill...I wouldn't be bother to search & learn. It's not that I yearned for the children to be sick but I always believe thing happened for a reason. And I stand firm to my faith that Allah has better plan for me. Alhamdulillah. 

Anyway, Chompok has stopped vomiting since Thurs. The diarrhea hasn't stop but it has lessen. His stool has become more solid; unlike few days back. All fluids. I learned from the internet that feeding a sick cat with apple cider vinegar (ACV) is also a solution. And so I bought a bottle from Con's Food. I added the ACV to the children's drinking water. 1 spoon of ACV + 3 cups of water. Because Chompok is still weak to drink by himself I used the syringe to feed him. At first, he rejected. Showing me every sign that he dislikes what I gave him. I massage his head & at the same time; injected the water into his mouth. Every time he struggles to get away from me; I hug & kiss him. Telling him to be strong & he needed to take what I gave him in order to be healthy again. After few times, he finally accepted the idea. 

Two days of feeding on ACV, Chompok shows quite impressive improvements. He can jumped up the bed which he wasn't able to do before. He started to walk around the house albeit a bit slow & weak. This morning, I woke up to his meowed. Thing he never failed to do before. I am sure, in no time he will be back biting my fingers & toes. Also get stuck in between my hair; whenever he sleeps on my pillow. Insha Allah!!

Just want to share what I read from the web. ACV despite its smell form does have many benefits to human. One of them is to treat heartburn (gastric) & acid reflux. 

As to animal...it contains vitamin, minerals & enzymes important for keeping them healthy. To get rid of fleas; add ACV to water & applied to the skin after bath. Adding it to the drinking water can ease the pain of arthritis & cease hot spots. It also keep kidneys stones from forming as well as to cure itchy skin on pets. 

I added ACV in the childrens' water pot; Cheeloh seems to like the taste. He keeps coming back to drink. But its the other way round for Chombee & Corridor. They opted to drink from the kitchen sink; every time I opened the tap they will get into the sink. Few drops from the tap will do rather than having to drink the water with ACV; I guess. I introduced the ACV to Chomel using the syringe as she is one fussy queen. Thank God she loves being pampered like that. Drama queen memang macam tu! I have no worries for Cafe as he consumes everything I gave him. 

Tomorrow I will bathed them all. Time to apply the traditional, natural & cheapest way I've learned from reading. 


23 April 2013

Prosperous Apr: Aja Aja Fighting Chompok!

Assalamualaikum. 안녕!

*sigh* It all started last Sun night. Chompok vomited yellowish liquid at around 8-ish. At first I thought it was Chomel who vomited on my bed. But found out later when I saw Chompok at one corner of the dining area; coughing before vomiting. That; enough to break my heart.

He vomited every half an hour since then. I had a restless sleep that night as well. I woke up automatically every time he coughed. Chompok is such a dear little kitty. He knew I was sleeping on the bed, hence every time he feels like vomiting he quickly jumped from the bed. Albeit not as energetic like always...he jumped; still.

I brought him to see the vet early yesterday morning. The vet told me maybe he has consumed something such as insects (cockroach or lizard). The dormant protozoa in every cat's stomach unfortunately reacted to what he consumed causing irritation to his internal system. Hence the vomiting. The blood test also showed some of his red blood cells are no longer in normal shape; indicating the presence of parasites & bacteria.

Chompok has refused to eat nor drink. He looks extremely weak I nearly burst into tears upon seeing his droopy eyes. He was given six injections consisting of water, antibiotics, vitamin & God knows what. He was prescribed with a medicine to stop him from vomiting. But I didn't give him because he stopped vomiting after the injections. Chompok is a fighter. He didn't even fight back when the needles penetrated his skin. He sat still; while looking at me. I told him to get better asap so we don't have to see the vet again. 

This was last night. Cheeloh showing his love to Chompok. Usually they will wrestle in between this session but for the time being, Chompok is just too tired & weak to play. I simply miss the playful him! No more sight of him jumping around whenever I fold my blanket in the morning. No one to play with my ponytail every time I combed my hair. Even Cafe misses him. Cafe has no one to play hide & seek with anymore. 
This morning, I brought him to the vet for the second time. His body is dehydrating, so the vet gave him another shots like what he had yesterday. But today, he was given ten injections altogether. 
During the eighth shot, Chompok tried to stand up & jumped from the table. Maybe he had had enough of the meds inside his body. Maybe he can't stand the sore anymore. I was advised to bring him again tomorrow. 

I have decided, if he still haven't gain his health back...I will try the traditional way. Feed him with more santan. I did that to Cheeloh years back. When the vet told me there's no hope for Cheeloh to survive, I didn't give up & I brought Cheeloh home with tears. Alhamdulillah, after days of forcing him to swallow the santan...he gradually became healthy again. And he is still healthy until now. I will do the same to Chompok...I will try my best. I hope he will be strong enough to be healthy again. 

If everything failed after trying, I wouldn't regret. For I know, I had tried my best & never once had I neglected my responsibility ever since I took him in months ago. Kakak prays for ur speedy recovery dear little darling!


21 April 2013

Prosperous Apr: Study (공부)

Assalamualaikum. 안녕!

Back to my online Korean class after months of putting the lessons aside. I've completed until Level Newbie 2 already. I know it's still a long way to go but I will never give up. 

Can't wait for June! Obviously I've been counting days since the day I got the flight ticket confirmed. The rest of the ladies in the upcoming trip assigned me as the guide. They seriously didn't know what they had gotten themselves into. 

Bersamalah kita berayam itik di sana if suddenly I lost the confidence to converse. I could only uttered four words confidently...Hello (안녕하세요), Thank You (감사합니다), Sorry (미안) & I Know (알아). The rest, masih stuck di kerongkong. Sekian.


17 April 2013

Buang Tabiat: Misi 10 Hari

Assalamualaikum. Annyeong.

Alhamdulillah. I have secured a seat with AirAsiaX this evening. So much of planning for a family vacation I ended up being the only one(??) with a confirmed flight. This is what I dislike about online payment. Now, to whose shoulder should I put the blame on? Grrr. I pray hard there will be another promotion by the airline in the near future.

The fare now varies few hundreds from the fare that I paid. Late by only 20 minutes & the fare rocketed. Too much difference; Bunda & her sisters quickly waved the "Hold the purchase" flag. And that means the cousins are forced to agree as well.

The ticker says another 8 months before the winter trip...hence I will patiently wait for them to get their flight tickets. Dear AAx, please hold another promotion. Or just reduce the price in  few months from now.

It's rather devastating if I still have to go alone although I have been singing the words "another solo trip" quite a lot recently. We have planned to have this trip since last year thus the reason why I feel a bit regret if it didn't sail as planned. Phew...frustration phase it is at the moment.

To this I will let time decide. I have two more trips to focus on before I welcome December with a headache. Come to think of it; perhaps it's about time for me to wander alone again?? I was suppose to have my second solo trip to that country this June but three of the girlfriends decided to tagged along. As much as I long for my Me Moment, I know another ladies trip would be of great idea.

Experiencing the snowfall has always been in my wishlist. But playing the snow alone ain't fun at all. Yes? It never crossed my demented mind to experience winter alone. 혼자? Really NOT intriguing at all!

Yet, if all else fails I might then have to make myself ready with what Ms M told me just now.

Mulakan misi 10 hari mencari cinta di sana! Eh?

p/s Paling gila kalau bercutian secara solo di musim sejuk...paling susah mau selca ok. Tangan menggigil tu mau ambil gambar sendiri. Huuuuuuhuuuu.


11 April 2013

CutiCuti: Johor-Singapore 2013

Assalamualaikum. Annyeong.

For the first time ever; I decided to do this. Pembentangan bajet cuticuti si Err. Few friends asked the budget for the trips I did before but I could only give them the estimated amount. With no breakdown like what u see below. Semua pun based on apa yang aku ingat.

Every time I went for a holiday, I did jot down the moolah I spent each day. But not all; specially part membeli terbelah. This year, the idea to make the budget list in a more proper order popped out. This idea does not originated from  my simple mind of course. Few of the bloggers who travel do this...haruslah aku buat based on blogs yang aku stalk, kan. 

Hence, tersiaplah bajet for the recent trip I went. My first trip for this year. Next time kalau berhajat menjejak kaki ke sana lagi, I could easily refer to this already. 

Ini cuma bajet kasar. Exclude segala makneka yang aku TERbeli; the souvenirs & bajubajan di JPO. For this trip, Bunda & a friend of mine tagged along. So teksi & hotel kami bayar secara kaedah berbahagi. Or what the Sabahan referred as patak2. Generally kalau aku solo berjalan masa tu, bajet memang akan kurang sebab si Err akan stay di hostel; sharing room with fellow backpackers. 

Kalau kira2 dengan jitu pun, the total damage ndak lah sebegitu figurenya. The budget per person would be less than RM 1k I guess. Tip paling berguna for me so far; beli flight ticket masa promotion. BUT if the promo price cuma beza sikit from the normal price; sila berfikir  panjang & mendalam. Lagi & lagi. Sebab ada possibility, few months after promotion ended normal price ticket akan lebih murah dari promo. 

Erm, this statement harus based on experience sendiri. Because I bought my flight ticket to Incheon during the promo season for RM 800+ sometime last year. Lepas tu cari penyakit hiris hati sendiri kunun few weeks after tu, aku saja belek web AirAsia. Search for the flight to Incheon again. Same date! Sekali gedebak keluar di screen; return ticket is only RM 552! Macam ada rasa mau tumbuk skrin si Asusi pun ada...luckily masa tu waras. Lantas set mood untuk hari tu; to super extreme bad day. Halfday muka aku macam baru dipenyek gajah ok! Sekian.

Anyways, the return ticket from KotaKinabalu to Senai cost me only RM 75.00. Sounded super murah & reasonable enough; hence the impulsive purchase. Siap beli untuk Bunda gitu; tiba2 murah hati sebab promo pun. Eh?


1 April 2013

Prosperous Apr: NOT So-Little Cousin in Town

Assalamualaikum. Annyeong.

How time flies super fast these days. Not so little cousin came last Saturday (23 Mac) during the school holiday...and in a blink of an eye, we were already at the airport the next Sun (31 Mac). Sending her & the parents off to Kolumpur.

It's been a joyful one week for me to have her here. Ada teman tidur for a week in which si Cheeloh makan hati sebab terpaksa turun pangkat dari tidur atas favourite bantal. But being bossy that he is, he chose to sleep in between us both. Janji sama level...jangan di kaki; never his spot!

Anyways on her third day here, she followed me to the cafe. Lending hands at one of the gerai as well. Seeing her standing before me; all grown up. And sibuk melayan customer adalah scene paling sebak. Gone has the little girl who were too lazy to walk to her play school I had to piggybacked her. Thinking back, I guess she's the main reason of my singlehood. Saham merundum jatuh. Either orang ingat she is my daugher or worst; I am the amah.

Back then, she always bully me to watch & play Barbie with her. Now, it's my turn to bully. But my bully came with rewards. After two days sweating at the cafe, I brought her to SH. Kebetulan bonanza RM3 for every plate of sushi; regardless the color...selamat poket aku di situ. 
We went to watch our beloved Mr Tatum as well. After months of not visiting the cinema, I finally broke my curfew last week. The second installation of G.I Joe wasn't that ummph as I've expected. Nevertheless, it's the bonding time with the cousin I treasured most.

She will be sitting for her PMR examination this year. Funny when I still think she's that little girl I used to hugged & kissed whenever I want to. Now, pandai malu ah. Not cool kunun kalau kena peluk or cium depan orang. Choii!! Dulu sikit punya clingy!! I can't wait for the exam to end. We planned for a holiday together this year end. Trip main snow di tempat Oppa-s kami.

Oh yeah; we share the same interest over K-thingy. Despite the gap of age. Sekian.