10 January 2013

Wonderful Jan: Annyeong Chichil

Assalamualaikum. Annyeong.

Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. Allah gives me another opportunity to adopt a kitten today. Words couldn’t explain how happy I am.

On my way to cafe this morning, I received a call from Bunda. She told me to stop by any vet to buy med for an injured cat. I know that Bunda & her workers feed a cat & a kitten at the restaurant. The Mom & her child will come to the restaurant early in the morning for breakfast, lunch in the afternoon & later dinner in the late evening. Literally they aren’t stray cats because they sleep at the garage at a house behind the restaurant.

Upon being told that the Mom was bitten & beaten by five stray dogs;  I rushed to a nearby vet. Bunda said the Mom was severly injured; bleeding & too weak to move.  The one clinic I happened to know is in Kingfisher. Situated right next to the clinic I always bring my workers for their medical check up.

Alas, when I reached Bunda’s place...she’s already gone. I was late by 5 minutes!!! It breaks my heart upon seeing the wounds on her body. She must have suffered too much. I hold my tears when I saw the bloods on his coat. I put her on my laps & I could smell her urine. Her coat near her rear legs was damped. God! The pain must have been unbearable she pees on her own coat.

Suddenly I heard a soft meow. And I saw a kitten under a car; to scare to go out. Seems rather confuse as if he was searching for his mom. He ran out from his hiding place as soon as one of Bunda’s worker laid down his Mom’s remain on the road. He walked slowly; encircling his dead Mom. That definitely breaks my heart even more. How can I leave him alone on the street like that? He has no one to look after him. His Mom died protecting him from being harm by the stray dogs. Seeing him so lost...I immediately made up my mind. That is to bring this kitten home. Regardless what Bunda has to say. All I know now is to save him. What if the stray dogs come again later tonight? It scares to me to imagine what’s gonna happened to him.

Alhamdulillah, Bunda didn’t oppose my intention to bring the kitten. I told Bunda I have name for him already. Chichil! The initial C has to be used of course.

I lost Chubby to a viral disease. Chumi & Cicil fell down from the window while I was at work. Chumi had never been found while Cicil; I saw him at one of my neighbour’s house not long after his disappearance. Being taken care so handsomely I decided to just let him be with his new family. Bukan rezeki aku untuk jaga. It’s not like he’s being abandoned nor abused there. If that’s the case, harus aku pigi menyerang & jemput Chichil balik.

Now, I hava a new child. Named Chichil. NOT to replace the previous Cicil but to celebrate his present healthy life. The moment I made up my mind to take him, I realized the bigger responsibility awaits me. Insya Allah. Rezeki from Allah comes in various forms. Having Chichil is one of them; I believe that.

Chichil took his first vaccine shot just now. I bought him a collar band; specially designed to kill fleas. He lives on the streets, remember. His coat must have them. Smart way to prevent infection among the children at home, yes?

I can’t wait to take him home & bathe him! Kasi wangi. But I can’t imagine what will Cafe reacts later on? What will he do to show his jealousy? Some kinda rebel act, perhaps? They will be the bestest of friend in no time...let’s pray for that. Ngek.

Ya Allah, tidak ku harap balasan dari Mu dengan apa yang aku perbuat. Kerana aku tahu, tiada aku punya hak untuk itu. Rahmat Mu, rezeki yang Kau kurniakan kepadaku sudah lebih dari cukup. Tidak terbilang olehku. Namun aku bermohon, andai mampu aku meminta...dengan apa yang aku telah perbuat, moga Kau kurangkan dosa ku yang menggunung tinggi.


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