30 June 2011

Drama-s terbaek!

Sekarang aku gila meroyan melayan drama di bawah ni. Saw the promo di tv the other day but since aku ni ala2 buta-celik teknologi; I couldn't find the AlHijrah channel at home. Ok, boleh duku kepala sendiri. Sekian.

Thanks to a friend of mine; K'Eryn for giving me the info about the channel. Gue udah jumpa saluran itu. Tapi macam biasa, aku memang bukan seorang yang penyabar untuk tunggu satu2 episod tu habis kan. Hence I opted to just wait for few episodes to be uploaded in youtube. And only then have I started watching. Wachaaa!

Mucho gracias to fazuradarling for sharing. I am currently waiting for episodes 5 & 6 to be posted. Ugh jiwa menggaru2 menanti & terus menanti.

Kitab Cinta is aired every Wed-Fri 830pm at Channel 114.

Chop chop! Hero adalah super handsome macho tergolek dog. Assalamualaikum Hardy Hartono! *mata kelip2*

Pastu perasaan lagi macam kena buai2 bila drama di bawah ni bakal ditayangkan. Ok juga banyak cerita begini sekarang. Congratulations to Ms. Erma Fatima for such fine productions. Castings semua best. Talented. 2 thumbs up!

Little teaser for the drama Tahajud Cinta. Abang Seth a.k.a Aaron Aziz pun ada ok!!! *hati bunga2* Although he'll be one of the guest artist only...but still!!!!

Harap tiadalah pihak yang mau kasi banding cerita ni sama Nur Kasih. Each storyline ada kekuatan sendiri...bagus ambil pengajaran dari drama ni semua. Instead of berperang bertikam lidah mau compare which is the best. Buruk ehh.

Ni baru ngam...pelakon berpakaian sesuai karakter. Unlike drama meletup yang baru2 ni...ya aku chenta si Seth Tan tapi ada kureng juga cerita tu. Sebab karakter si NE tu 100% differ with her appearance in the drama. Please be clear though that I wasn't talking about character diorang luar set. Araso?

Bukan apa, si NE tu kunun kan digambar perempuan yang patuh perintah Dia...tup2 most scenes dalam drama tu dia pakai skirt. Nasib la si Seth tu ndak persoal itu ini bila si NE balik2 bambu dia pasal hukum. Ahaks pintar juga penulis skrip itu.

Psst ini personal view aku jak so kalau ndak berkenan sila tekan butang X belah kanan paling atas tu ya.


28 June 2011

Aku ada leii!


Agak2 kalau ada problem or confusion; statement mana kau prefer. Yang menyedapkan jiwa bawa kau terbang lagi tinggi atau yang menusuk jiwa mengorek kalbu sampai koyak tapi itulah hakikat.

Aku jatuh lubang lumpur berbau busuk yang aku panggil lohong keliru. Alhamdulillah, ada orang yang mengasi sedar. Actually sudah lama sedar diri tapi masih suka untuk tidak ambil peduli yang logik. Ignorance is bliss. Kunun lah.

Thanks for hammering sister! Did I ever tell I love u NOT for nothing?

"To be honest, I don't think u can handle harmless flirting anymore...u just want to settle down etc"

"U couldn't even handle that ugly loser U**...now M** lagi? Kau mau diri kau hancur?"

"I know u got so messed up with the U** idiot. This one I will not support"

"Learn Pisang. Learn from ur mistake. U can't just think God will do everything for u. Take charge of ur life & emotion. It's not impossible. U're stronger than u think"

"Trust me I know what ur feeling but I don't think it's real"

I might not have open my heart completely for now...but statements cucuk jiwa above sangat membuka buntang mata & otak aku. Now tell me, siapa cakap kalau mau nasihat ur bff ayat kena bunga2 cloud nine pijak semut ndak mati?

Kau ada? Erk...hemo hemo.


27 June 2011

Kau ada? Lalalala~~

It was Jess-Keggy's little baby; Kich full moon party last Saturday evening. Event was held at Keggy's parents place in Putatan. I arrived a bit late from the rest of the ladies...chatted with Grunge & Rio for a while before they went back for they have another Parent's Day celebration at Rio's side. Mel wasn't at the party too as she was visiting a friend in Sandakan.

Let's cuci mata.

Only Laura, Unang, Jess & Yours Truly in the ladies group pic.

Baby Kich was asleep when I arrived. Tried to wake him up several of times, nan ado reaction dia. Siap mimik bibir ada.

Baked this on Friday night. Choc cake coated with white chocolate. Cake ordered by Grunge-Rio.

Chocolate cupcake with vanilla buttercream as topping. Also Grunge-Rio's.

They also ordered 12 pieces of egg tart but I forgot to snap pic of them. Ala rupa egg tart biasa tu juga; no decoration added pun.

By the way after few times of having to endure the disappointment with Bake with Me...finally, it was opened when I reached there last Saturday. I went there last week but it was already close. Found out they've change their operating hour. No wonder leii. Seriously, I thought they have move to other premise. Syukran lah masih dekat sama rumah.

Bought things above. Moulds are for candy & lollipop...

but the brilliant moi transformed it into a pudding/jelly mould instead. Harus jadi kreatif leii. Baru boleh maju. Hemo hemo. The purple was too dark a color I shall reduce the amount of it in the future.

Insya Allah I'll be selling these when the cafe reopen in September. Also the kueh(s) Melayu. Ohooii did I just spelt the word S.E.L.L?? Fine, clearly I did! Well then now please pray for my dream to come true. No halfway work whatsoever shall take place. I have huge big plan for myself. *wink at Pijut*

All in good times. The Almighty will always guide & help if it is a good intention. Insya Allah.

p/s A surprise greeted me this morning. Oh yeah, it was one helluva surprise. Kinda enjoyed the absurd & weird feeling right now. Obviously, I'm confuse myself. Selagi boleh, biarlah layan jak hati yang bunga2 ni. While it hasn't withered yet.


26 June 2011

Aku punya lemak

Was at home the whole day yesterday. Taking care of the unwell mother. The doctor we met last Mon advised that mother is entering the beginning phase of menopause. I laughed my heart out as mother told me upon leaving the clinic. Oh kejam...but I find it a bit funny leii. Mother + menopause = Something extremely unimaginable. I just don't think they sync well together.

Mother could barely stand up yesterday. She had to crawl down from her bed & called me from her room. She couldn't reached me at the phone because the brilliant phone went out of batt. Time2 macam tu pula buat hal nan pintar. It broke my heart upon hearing her weak voice calling out for my name. Hemo hemo. I helped her bathed. The only task I never did before. Except towards my late grandmother *al-Fatihah*. I hope I will be able to take care of mother regardless her condition may be. It's definitely not gonna be an easy task I know. But being able to look after her after all the sacrifices she's made for me is the least I could do. For I know, I am forever indebted to her. Ok cut the hemo part already. Nanti aku berendam air mata di sini...payah mau berhenti.

Anyways I also managed to do house chores; yang ini memang tugas nan mingguan ya. By evening, gue udah capek tahap gaban. I guess due to excess amount of fat in the system, I feel tired & exhausted oh-so easily these days. Seriously, I need to get myself back together. And work out like; now! This massive expansion brings nothing but distressful feeling. Please don't tell me I look 'normal' when in fact I am far from that. My loosest jeans in the closet is no longer wearable. Let alone the size M dresses & tops. If I still wanna wear them; then I'll be flaunting none other than the multiple drawers formed by my stomach. I have totally forgot how I used to have so strong a willpower about my goal to stay healthy with less lemak tenusu in the system.

Not that I'm being ungrateful with what I 'have' right now nor the number displayed on the weight scale determined who I am. But I see what I 'possessed' right now is so over the top. The most crucial point here is that at this very moment I simply dislike the way I've turned my 'figure'. I despise myself for losing the power to control my appetite. For giving the authority to Mr. Lust to take charge.

Terlebih ikut nafsu nan bingai; harus badan pun tukar jadi bentuk bangang. Blame no one but myself! Sila set mind sekuat jiwa Bie. U know u can do it. Just ignore the 'bad whispers'. Stop paying attention to ur so-called crave for food.

Else, u'll become just like the lady up there before u even reach 35 y.o. Kau ada?


23 June 2011


Oh please dong! Stop digging infos about me already. Stop asking my whereabouts. Stop looking for me whenever I'm not around. Please dong...that is sooo not cool!

Be man enough to stand before me & ask things urself. Rather than doing it behind my back & annoyed me big time. I'm not a monster alright. I won't bite nor eat u I promise. Although deep in my heart, rewarding u with a slap is what I so wanna do. Fret not leii, sah2 kau ndak kan makan penampar aku. Because I think with my head more than the heart towards thing as such.

I have to admit though...that there are times I sort of missed ur presence. Pandai mencari kalau kau tiada. But I left the task solely to my eyes. I chose to keep the searching task only to myself. Ehem...speaking of egoistic moi. I managed to hinder myself to go asking around about u. Nor I ever go to ur friends & start feeding them with Qs they might not be able to answer. Diorang langsung tiada jawapan kot. Aku pun tiada hati untuk berdepan mereka...apakah gila berperangai begitu.

How I wish I could walk away from this freely. How I wissssshhhhh!! With nothing left in my chest. But main point here is; aku pun belum berapa dapat mau left everything completely. Penyakit kan. Still wanting to hang myself on a wall that vaguely exist. Wahailah hati...apakah bengong gaban kau ni. Hemo hemo.

sigh sigh ya mengeluh banyak2; biar si Laknat kesukaan ketawa melompat2 monyet.


22 June 2011

Ate...awok takde ceghiter

Obviously I don't have any idea on what to update right now. NO? Too many thoughts running in my mind at the moment yet I couldn't find the right way to convey them in words. I'll try to type as best as I could...saving them in draft & will click the publish post tab once I completed. In which I can't promise when.

I mentioned about the cakes order in my previous post. They belong to the love angry birds; Miss Grunge & Mr. Rio for the Mother's-cum-Father's-cum-Parent's Day celebration at Grunge's hometown.

Just for the sake of updating & fulfilling my bored time...here's some pictures to cuci mata.

Ailin did the fondant alphabet-ing.

Cheesecake for the mothers in her family. Tama stands for Mother in Dusun language.

Because the weather was scorching hot last Saturday, the fonts melted. The car a/c couldn't beat the heat outside even. But as per her; what matters the most is the taste.

For the dads. Tapa stands for Father.

Chocolate cupcake for the parents. Grunge told me her nieces & nephews super like the chocolate toppings they only ate the top & left the bottom cake to be eaten by the adults. Lucu eh.

Thanks for the order dear friend. And yes, I have another cake & cupcake order for this coming Saturday. It's the same event as celebrated at Grunge's kampong, only this time they are for celebration at Rio side. Praise be to Allah for the rezki.

Since I've declared war with my crave for foods...I made kuih bakar for dinner to feed the sulking stomach. After few slices, the tummy finally surrendered & waived the white flag up. Enough with the kueh for I am full; so it screamed. Oh yeah, psycho plan gue jalan lancar.

Kuih kontot sebab suka langgar resepi.

Ala-rainbow pudding for dinner last night. I want to completely substitute my super heavy & fatty dinner to something light yet nutritious.

My favourite author he is. I've been eyeing this book online since last year but only got to grab one recently.

It's been a while since I last purchased book as above. While waiting mother to be examined by the doctor last Mon, I killed the time wandering around the book store next to the clinic. And walked out the store with big grin on my face. Alhamdulillah ada kesempatan beli buku ni. Something worthy for the soul perhaps.


21 June 2011

Ndak da kerja

Dot was supposed to bring me out of Kolumpur city last Tues...our venue to ngedate shall be either Genting Highland or Colmar Tropicale. But planning went kaboom; crashed straight into the drain. Tapun tapun. Miscommunication took place. Let it be lah. Kita mampu plan jak, Dia yang tentukan semua.

Anyways, in order to compensate the disappointed me she was forced decided to cook lunch for me. Yippie! Home cook lunch by Puan Shidot. It's been ages since I last tasted meal she made. Back then at our rented house in Pantai Dalam, we enjoyed cooking & making our own meal. Sanggup bangun awal pagi masak for sahur. Also for breaking of fast. Kenangan kenangan. Ala dulu berjimat itu perlu...semangat jitu senantiasa di dada. *Nangis darah!

I drove to her house; without getting lost & confuse with the too many u-turns; fly-overs bla bla in Kolumpur! Oh yeah, gue bangga di situ because I never knew I still have the skill in reading maps & understanding instructions. Greatest thanks to Mr. Sam's installed GPS. It helped me lots when I was in Penang as well. Di Kolumpur, usah dibilang. I only called Dot once I've reached her apartment area just to confirm the spot where I could park my car. Kau ada? *hemo hemo* And oh! I drove to Fafana's place in Kota Damansara for the gathering without getting annoyed with the route. Quite an achievement for me leii.

Dishes for luncheon at Dot's. Home cooked ok! Up to this moment aku masih boleh rasa the super delicious Ikan Mandi Kuah Sambal! OMG yummy to the max! Ok stop...sila ingat statement bingai kau Bie.

"Perlu practise balance diet for there were more than 10 close friends had condemned my expanded figure".

Yours truly with one of the greatest ladies in my life! Sahabat juga teman. Dunia & akhirat; insya Allah. Amin.

UniMalaya was my first destination last Weds (15 June 2011). Perlu untuk mengimbau kenangan. I met dear Eda who pursues her MSc there. And had brunch at our faculty new canteen spot.

Notis yang bikin hati sakit jiwa before the semester break. I super dislike the #2. Sebab barang aku selalu terlebey banyak the storage room couldn't accommodate them all. Kau fikir kau diva boleh conquer bilik tu sengsorang?

That room on the first floor...was the place I stayed my entire first year. Such a perfect place untuk skodeng orang dating!! Kau ada?

The hall where all meetings & college's activities were held.

My orientation took place here as well...sempat gue cuci main mata dengan seorang insan yang bisa bikin jiwa kacau. Hello Mr. F; I know u read this blog! Uhuk walau sudah punya chenta hati tika itu...gatal ndak pernah habis!

Everyone was against the proposal to build that place they called Gazebo. Tapi ada mereka2 kesah bantahan askar kecil? Nan ado. Bukti; tu nah depan mata.

I super like the cafe at 12th college. Their dishes were the best ever! Sambal Ikan Keli sangat sedap hingga menjilat jari!!

But alas, due to lack of maintenance & thorough inspection...it looked kinda dingy, unclean & less appealing these days. Tremendously different from what we had years back. Gugur harapan mau brunch di situ. Still I refuse to change the image I've engraved in my mind about this place.

Among my favourite lecture hall was the one situated at the Physics Building also called "Mid Valley". I guess it's because of the location. Up the not-so high hill. New building pun masa tu; harus semangat suka kuliah di situ.

After the short meet-up with Eda; I rushed to Klang to meet another old friend of mine. Puan Y.Azliyang & her 2 super duper manja soilders. Too busy exchanging stories & updating each other I totally forgot to snap our picture together. Aduyai penyakit.

2 years old Adam has grown bigger than the last time I saw him. Uwek masa tu gigi pun belum tumbuh...cakap apatah lagi!

Dayang-Yang-Yours Truly at Iman's cukur jambul back in May, 2009. Oh I miss my ZERO double chin! Oh yeah drama!

My first time meeting Iman. Super comey! Adore his eyelashes! Like; boleh copy & paste to Kakak eyes tak, wahai Iman? Ngek!

sigh I seriously wish I could meet more friends during my short trip to Kolumpur last week. Apa terdaya, we human could only plan. Alhamdulillah for the opportunities given; got to meet some of them. Insya Allah, umur panjang gue ke sana lagi & akan cuba sebaik mungkin untuk 'melawat'. Erm, if I'm not mistaken I've purchased a ticket to Kolumpur already. Tapi next year lah...ahaks.

To Mommy Awisy & Filiz, sila buang perasaan nak merajuk ye. Miss u ladies loads!