27 May 2013

Prosperous May: Of Movie & Holiday

Assalamualaikum. 안녕!

Weekend passed by in a blink these days. We had Wesak public holiday on Fri but unfortunately I have to work the next day. Else it would have been a great 3 days work-free for Yours Truly. Never mind that for I got to watch super great movie last Sat night.  The Fast & Furious ain’t some ordinary film series; obviously. I followed the series since Tokyo Drift (Fast-3).

Yeah, I missed the two earliest parts. Wasn’t really into car racing & stuffs at that time I guess. To get to understand the whole plots of the movie, I downloaded all the previous parts the moment I got back from the cinema last Sat.

And yesterday, I was home all day. Completed my mission to watch the five previous parts. Satisfied.

*spoiler alert* Mr Jason Statham cameo in the last scene of Fast-6; the latest installment of the series had answered my question. Why did Han reappeared in Fast-5 because I thought he died after his car exploded in Fast-3.

Now that I got it all sorted out I reckoned Sean; the boy that Han trained in Tokyo will be in Fast-7. Together with the rest of the family, I think they will seek revenge for Han's death. My Handsome Jason will play the main antagonist. Thing I rather dislike! Well, another year to wait for the next installment.

On another story. I already start a bit of packing for my upcoming trips. Can hardly wait for the holiday to begin. I am like this; I prefer to pack my things a month prior any trip. Mainly to avoid panic attacks if I were to pack last minute. Of course this only apply to trip that will take more than three days.

I ain't backpacker nor traveller; I am in between those two. I read somewhere; I fall into the flashpacker category. Because I travel with means. I want a bit of comfort when I travel. I brought my gadgets hence I am not a backpacker. At the same time, I chose backpack rather than luggage so obviously I'm not a traveller. I don't makan mewah when I travel nor do I spend my moolah more on shopping. I prefer sightseeing but if things in the store worth buying, I won't hesitate to take them back home too.

Killing two birds at once doesn't harm; I only need to be wise in managing my financial when I'm abroad. In my previous travel trips; I noticed I rarely spent money on shopping. But for the next trip, I am planning on splurging for myself. Cheapskate planning to splurge? On food aku percayalah! We'll see the result later.


18 May 2013

Prosperous May: Thing Happened For A Reason

Assalamualaikum. 안녕!

Alhamdulillah Fuchy is back. No more dents; no more scratches; no more heart broken each time I glimpsed at her back. (Here for the story). Despite the dramas on reaching the person who hit her; everything settled smoothly yesterday. No police nor insurance was involved as the boy agreed to pay the repair cost himself. Bapa kaya, mak mentega I reckoned. Masih student pre-degree yet he drives a 4WD. Double cab lagi.

Untunglah...budak zaman sekarang memang super untung. Eh?

The 'small scratches' as per the kerani cabuk at the boy's school called it...cost nearly RM 500 to repair. Dapat new bumper...hikmah dilanggar. Sikit aku suruh kerani pensibuk tu yang keluar duit untuk bayar. Mulut suka suki cakap "Sikit jak pun ni". Pergh! Cuba try test aku langgar kereta kau; apa bunyi mulut kau  bakalan produce. Or u don't have a car; hence the insensitive comment? Erk! Mulut Bie!
Alang2 hantar Fuchy to the workshop, I took the chance to repair the damage I did at the front bumper. Yang tu incident few years back & cost of loss incurred by Yours Truly. Aku ni ndak busuk hati mau aniaya student tu. Mana yang aku buat, haruslah bikin sendiri. 
Polishing. Extra work needed to smoothen the new paint. Ignore isi trunk gue. 

And the most awaited purchased arrived safely last Tues. After nearly two months of waiting. Memang aku budget benda ni sampai before the trips in June. Cheapskate macam aku harus catu duit time bercuti2. Kalau boleh makan maggi everyday pun aku rela. 
This mini portable rice cooker weighs less than 0.5 kg. Memang sangat sesuai bawa travel. I ordered the pink one but the colour was out of stock. Hence they replaced it with the black one; the only colour available. Siap text aku; tanya if its ok if they change my preferred colour to black. I was willing to wait for the pink but was then told its totally out of stock. Pasrah jak lah janji ada. Hitam pun cantik apa. Baik hati tuan kedai siap minta permission untuk tukar warna. 
I am a happy customer! Siap ada bekas lain untuk lauk. Oh yeah! Been meaning to buy one since last year tapi semua yang Groupon or MyDeal offer ndak memenuhi citarasa. Berbaloi tunggu lama to finally be able to buy this. Thanks MyDeal for the super worthy deal. 

By the way, this cooker boleh masak up to five cups of rice. Cukuplah kan untuk isi perut empat wanita tembolok di SK nanti. 


15 May 2013

Memories...don't die on me!

Up to this moment...I still can't believe I have set my foot upon Paris land. 

Standing before the infamous tower in the world; Eiffel Tower

Looking forward for another solo trip this year end. I simply missed wandering around alone; getting lost & had no one to put the blame onto; talking to myself. Most importantly, during the trip I did a lot of self reflections. Muhasabah diri. Cari jalan untuk improve diri. 


14 May 2013

CutiCuti: Dream World Resort, Kundasang

Assalamualaikum. 안녕!

My weekend getaway ended perfectly although we managed to spend only a night out from the city. We arrived a bit late to the resort for Rio & I still have to work on Saturday. Unfortunately, Mr. T & his lil family was unable to join us. The little girl has been under the weather for few days already. Worried that going up to Kundasang will worsened her condition, they cancelled the plan.

So only four of us were able to proceed. Ms G lil family & Yours Truly. For the time being, I am holding the fabulous single role in any of our trips. Motive? Ignore!

This short trip has long been arranged. Since the early year. We've made the full payment months prior the trip. But due to unavoidable circumstances, we had postponed the plan several times. The resort has been kind enough to set new date(s) for us. Since the Wesak & Harvest holiday are coming, we can no longer postpone the plan. 

Anyhow, if I remembered it correctly...it was my idea to stay at this resort. I've been meaning to go since it opened to the public sometime in 2011. Mr T has been there once so we assigned the Mrs to do the booking. Ms G stayed there early this year for her company's management training. I've heard few not very positive feedbacks about this resort yet still decided to go to see for myself. 

Our journey from Kota Kinabalu took about three hours to this resort. We stopped by at Nabalu Lodge, located few kilometres away for dinner. It was raining all the way from the city to Kundasang. We arrived the Dream World Resort, Kundasang at around 8-ish pm. 

It was still drizzling when I stepped out from the car so I didn't take any picture of the reception building from outside. Picture above is the interior of the reception area. Spacious, simple decoration yet elegant.
We stayed at Rosa 2; an executive suite equipped with a living room, two bedrooms, two bathrooms & a jacuzzi room. 
The only guy slept at the second bedroom which has 2 super single beds. Whilst the ladies & little sumandak settled at the master bedroom. Super king size bed & attached bathroom. The jacuzzi room is just opposite the master bedroom. 
L-R: Bathroom for master bedroom. The jacuzzi room; can accommodate up to eight people at once. Second bathroom. My verdict for the bathroom? Pretty disappointing for a place called resort(?). Smelly bathroom, flies everywhere, muddy floor & wall. And yeah, spot the pail & bucket? That is so NOT up to a resort standard; really. From my opinion, installing a bidet system would be of a great idea. Instead of providing the pail+bucket. Too low a standard lah weiii. 
I woke up early in the morning but didn't get to catch the sunrise. Alhamdulillah weather was great, I managed to snap few pictures of the chalet. This is Rosa 2's front view. 
Breezy morning air...mega bonus is the majestic view of Mount Kinabalu right in front of the chalet. At least this make me forget about the disappointment of the suite. 
View from our balcony. Yellow building on the left side is the cafeteria. 
Other chalets next to ours. 
Whilst waiting for Ms G enjoying her herbs jacuzzi with little sumandak...I killed time enjoying the tranquillity at the balcony. Sambil ber-cuppa. Bliss! How I wish I could have this everyday. One day, insha Allah. *hands on chest*
For reference to other who wish to stay at the resort. I was too lazy to draw the direction hence the map from the pamphlets I took at the reception. 
The current rate as of now. For government servant, 15% discount will be given provided u have ur kad kerja with u. But the discounted rate exclude breakfast. None of us work with the government hence we have to pay the full rate. Luckily the price is inclusive of breakfast for four. 
The cafeteria located a hill down from our chalet. But NO we didn't walk to get here...apa guna ada kereta kan? Yes I heard u, pemalas gaban! I don't want to transform my fats into energy as yet. That I will definitely do in Hanguk. Sekian.

We left the resort after breakfast. After visiting Ms G's sister in Ranau, off we went to Kinabalu Park for lunch. And departed for KK after that. Reached home around 3pm...done unpacking my backpack, I dozed off until dusk. Kunun penat padahal bukan kau yang drive kan Bie!


10 May 2013

Kepala Angin

Assalamualaikum. 안녕!

I started the week a bit gloomy. Perhaps, its a repercussions from last week. I had my menses on Fri & it only lasted for a day. And it came back on Tuesday. Stopped on Weds...and came again last night. Fluctuating cycle does affected my mood. 

How did I start my week? Horrible. Full with anger & irritation. Everything seem so wrong from early in the morning. I don't blame anyone & I don't blame myself either. There's just too many things on my shoulder I needed more time & space to let them go. But boy I did wrong. I threw them all at once. Does 'holding too much I cannot endure any longer' is a perfect excuse?

I don't know why I tend to be extra sensitive these past few days. I don't recognized the word compromise anymore. I don't deal well to even the lightest aggravation. My heart itches to vented my anger every time thing didn't turned out the way I wanted it to be.

Yesterday, my resentment prolonged when Fuchy got hit. I just don't understand why people enjoyed knocking her bumpers. She was sitting idly on the parking lot for God sake. It would have been another hit & run for Fuhcy if the culprit wasn't chased by one of the uni staff. He tried to escaped but fortunately this staff whom I barely talk to saw the incident & quickly get on his bike...chased & warned the offender to come back to the cafe. Lucky he came back. Else; I would have made a police report as I already have the plate number & witnesses.

Thing happened for a reason I know. As much as I wanted to scream, I suddenly realized Allah made me went through this path to test me. With very very little patience left; I managed to hold back my anger. But that was only after I posted a status in my fb which I later regretted. And I removed the status few hours after getting my mind straight. Deal was made; I will send Fuchy to the workshop & that person will bear the cost.

I took his number & a picture of his driving license in case he ran away. When I found out that he is a student here, I feel sorry for him at first. As a student, the repair would cost him a bomb. But on second thought, I am glad this happened as I hope he will learn his lesson. He has to take responsibility for his actions. Never run away albeit how bad thing is.

This morning I sent Fuchy to the workshop. Headed to the cafe not knowing something more annoying awaited me. Things I dare not to be reminded. I decided to pour my anger by twitting. Mostly were rubbish. But I feel good instead of swearing; cursing...I have better way to channel out my frustration. Will be out of town tomorrow; to unwind the stress. Short getaway will do for now.


3 May 2013

Buang Tabiat: Upside Down

I was on the verge of insanity early this morning.

Started it off a bit awry! Wanted to shout to show how annoyed I felt. But I passed up the idea. Simply because I don't want to embarrassed myself. 

Tried diverting my attention to something else. It failed. Not only did I felt terrible; I felt more edgy. Stupidity has officially penetrated the system; I reckoned. 

Came afternoon. Turned out the real cause for my mood transition is none other than the menses. It is that day of the month. U came few days early than the previous visit.