10 May 2013

Kepala Angin

Assalamualaikum. 안녕!

I started the week a bit gloomy. Perhaps, its a repercussions from last week. I had my menses on Fri & it only lasted for a day. And it came back on Tuesday. Stopped on Weds...and came again last night. Fluctuating cycle does affected my mood. 

How did I start my week? Horrible. Full with anger & irritation. Everything seem so wrong from early in the morning. I don't blame anyone & I don't blame myself either. There's just too many things on my shoulder I needed more time & space to let them go. But boy I did wrong. I threw them all at once. Does 'holding too much I cannot endure any longer' is a perfect excuse?

I don't know why I tend to be extra sensitive these past few days. I don't recognized the word compromise anymore. I don't deal well to even the lightest aggravation. My heart itches to vented my anger every time thing didn't turned out the way I wanted it to be.

Yesterday, my resentment prolonged when Fuchy got hit. I just don't understand why people enjoyed knocking her bumpers. She was sitting idly on the parking lot for God sake. It would have been another hit & run for Fuhcy if the culprit wasn't chased by one of the uni staff. He tried to escaped but fortunately this staff whom I barely talk to saw the incident & quickly get on his bike...chased & warned the offender to come back to the cafe. Lucky he came back. Else; I would have made a police report as I already have the plate number & witnesses.

Thing happened for a reason I know. As much as I wanted to scream, I suddenly realized Allah made me went through this path to test me. With very very little patience left; I managed to hold back my anger. But that was only after I posted a status in my fb which I later regretted. And I removed the status few hours after getting my mind straight. Deal was made; I will send Fuchy to the workshop & that person will bear the cost.

I took his number & a picture of his driving license in case he ran away. When I found out that he is a student here, I feel sorry for him at first. As a student, the repair would cost him a bomb. But on second thought, I am glad this happened as I hope he will learn his lesson. He has to take responsibility for his actions. Never run away albeit how bad thing is.

This morning I sent Fuchy to the workshop. Headed to the cafe not knowing something more annoying awaited me. Things I dare not to be reminded. I decided to pour my anger by twitting. Mostly were rubbish. But I feel good instead of swearing; cursing...I have better way to channel out my frustration. Will be out of town tomorrow; to unwind the stress. Short getaway will do for now.


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Malicious Mind said...

at least dia responsible.

tu kena bersyukur..kena orang begitu

BibiErr Karim said...

Actually dia pecut sudah tapi sebab kena kejar tulah dia patah balik. Dia ingat xda nampak. Lagipun yang kejar tu cakap kenal owner keta dia langgar. Since dia student, tulah dia cuak.

Syukur kan. Bergegar juga dia time aku datang jumpa tu. Kesian pun ada. Hope he learned his lesson.

Anonymous said...


BibiErr Karim said...

...that is.

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