29 August 2018

Victoria Day 3 - Jemahs Sengal di Melbourne

Assalamualaikum. G'Day Mate.

Alhamdulillah, momentum untuk kembali blogging ni nampak gaya macam makin ok. Insha Allah, semoga berterusanlah hendaknya. 

So sebelum membebel lagi panjang, let's continue with where I last left (here). 2nd night in Melbourne went by beautifully. We were already in dreamland by midnight. No late night snacking nor pep talk. Everyone so exhausted as if baru jak lepas seharian angkat bumi Melbourne. Sobs betul tanda² matang ni.

28 July 2015
Melbourne City

We had breakfast at the hotel before we checked out. Super fulfilling breakfast I must say; as if perut bagi petanda awal. Makanlah sepuas hati, kejap lagi drama sengal takes place...an empty stomach won't do good in order to deal with it. Fuh!

Today we'll be going to Phillip Island; somewhere 150km away from Melbourne city. We decided to drive hence we rented a car from Apex Car Rental. Will talk about ACR in the next entry insha Allah. The reason why we woke up early is because we need to pick up the car at their office which is situated merely 21km from our hotel. Taxi wasn't an option obviously (budget traveler katanye) so the only option left is the bus / train. 
#1 Elizabeth Street / Flinders Street view early in the morning
#2 Always wanted to have picture of this...du'a answered eventually. Alhamdulillah
#3 Waiting for our train at Flinders Street Station. Our first metro train ride in Melbourne gitu
According to my initial plan, in order to save cost this is the route we gonna take to pick up our rental car

Flinders Street Station -----> Broadmeadows Station (by metro train)
Broadmeadows Station ----> Tullamarine Airport (by bus)

Once at Tullamarine Airport, we need to call ARC. They will pick us up there & bring us to their office because unlike others car rental companies; they do not have outlets at the airport. Reason why their rental is cheaper; and why I chose this company. And this whole rental car pick up journey would take less than 3 hours to settle. 

*thanking KakiBerangan for his recommendation ---> tips from him here*
#4 My thing; signboard
In order to reach Broadmeadows Station, we'll have to alight at Essendon Station. Later change to Platform 2 & take the train to Broadmeadows Station. 
#5 Posing sakan in the train. And posing segala sudut dalam train
And apa hadiah lupa diri berposing sakan? Maka kejadian Sengal 1.0 pun terjadi. Instead of alighting at Broadmeadows, kami terlajak until the last station (Craigieburn Station). Oh yeah, boleh kan confident ndak tengok map as if kau hafal route train. This isn't Seoul Bie! Sedang di kampong pun kau pernah terlajak station. B to the Ngai.
#6 Bukti perangai sengal. Sudah terlajak train, sempat posing lagi. 
So bila terlajak train, journey yang patut sejam cuma...telah menjadi 1.5 hours. That means, we're behind time. Tapi semua masih stay cool, hari masih awal. Kata kau.
#7 Tabah berjalan pi platform seberang
#8 And finally we made it to Broadmeadows Station. Alive & kicking
According to instruction from KB's blog, we have to take the bus from here to Tullamarine Airport. The journey will take approximately 20 minutes. And we should board the Route 901 (Melbourne Airport) bus. 
#9 We crossed the pedestrian bridge to reach the bus stop opposite the train station
And ran hurriedly soon as we saw bus coming to us. WITHOUT bothering to look at the signboard in front of the bus. 
#10 Please look at the signboard. What did it says? Obviously it doesn't say Tullamarine, right??
Si Err sempat ambil gambar bas, in case jadi anything. BUT what she forgot to do was to look & READ the signboard!! We boarded the bus anyway, dengan penuh happy & riang ria cause we didn't missed the bus. Ugh!

Kali ni, instead of posing in the bus...we were busy with our handphones. Duduk berasingan, hence semua layan update sosmed. As if kejadian terlajak train earlier tiada kesan sama jiwa kan? 

For nearly an hour (or was it more than an hour), 3 Jemahs sengals are still busy with their handphones. Suddenly si Err jenguk ke luar jendela bus & questioned herself why does the surrounding looks like housing area, and too many trees. Pastu baru ada courtesy tengok jam oii! 

And reality kicked in. Sengal 2.0 confirmed. I signaled the other 2 Jemahs telling them we boarded the wrong bus. I went to the driver & asked him where the bus is heading. Eh baru mau tanya driver? Kenapa ndak kau tanya the following week jak Bie. Lepas memang 100% sure yang kami salah bas, we rang the bell. The driver told us to wait for the bus bound for Tullamarine Airport at the opposite bus stop. 

Dalam gelabah itik, we hop off the bus. In order to stay calm, instead of worrying about the time...we took pictures of the neighborhood. Pose, pose, pose. Ketawa sama kesengalan masing². Suddenly Ms H looked at me & said

"Bie, mana bag² kau pegang dalam bas tadi? Kau ndak bawa turun?"

And Sengal 3.0 detected. I accidentally left 2 paper bags in the bus. 1 containing our bekalan makanan we prepared earlier that morning. Also the sambals Ms H's MIL cooked for us. And the other bag hold our charging plugs, universal adapters & charger for our rented wifi modem. Macho kan bingai si Err? *clap clap*

We looked at each other with poker faces. Belum digest habis lagi apa sebenarnya jadi. Gitu alasan. Kalau mau kejar bas tadi memang confirm lah kami akan berdrama seharian. That bus will reach its final destination in 2 hours! Therefore we decided to figure things out once we reach the airport. Although we've wasted half day getting the wrong train stops & bus, semua masih tenang. Ndak lari office Apex tu kunun. Sangat² grateful I was there with them who know how to calm myself down. Else??

Once at the airport, after everyone had alighted the bus...we asked the driver how can we get our things back. He told us to email the company. And so I did (tapi sampai sekarang memang ndak balik pun barang tu semua).

Yadda yadda yadda...I entered the airport via T3 door with Ms H while Ms G waited us at the bus stop (sambil jaga our bags juga). Called Apex company using the free phone provided by the airport. Buat penat cari coins jak rupanya FOC. Choi! 
#11 From where we sat while waiting for Apex representative to kutip us
Macam biasa, despite all the dramas...bergambar tetap on. Itu dilupa jangan. Kenangan penting. 
#12 Presenting the most calm amongst the calmest; my beloved Jemahs. Beribu² lemon thanks for everything
While waiting for our ride, sempat lah kasi ketawa diri masing². Recalling all the sengals happened since early that morning. Tu pasal  masa mula² buka cerita Melbourne, I told u I remember vividly every moments of this trip. Memories I won't trade with anything in this world.

We arrived Apex office eventually. Proses ambil kereta sangat easy peasy. That I will share in next entry. 

Departed for Phillip Island at noon. Journey kutip kereta yang supposedly settle in 3 hours, berakhir for half a day. 

We plan, Allah plans and indeed Allah's plan is the best. Alhamdulillah. Regardless all the dramas, we got our rental car....and berjaya drive keluar Melbourne city without getting lost anymore. Sungguh² ikut arahan GPS. Ndak mau durhaka lagi. Ndak mau leka bergambar lagi except yang dua Jemahs tu. Sangat sibuk click sana, click sini. Kau driver Bie, memang harus ndak boleh leka. Cis! 
#13 Si Err driver for the first leg of the road trip
Boleh pula diorang suruh aku drive, kan. Walhal aku maknae among us three! Aku paling last dapat driving license tau. Akur lah arahan ahkak². They had put up with my nonsense since morning. Guide yang gagal. Ngeh. 

Jemahs first road trip albeit incomplete members. Yang dua Jemahs lagi tu sila join next road trip. Insha Allah. 
#14 Enroute to Phillip Island
First time driving di luar bumi Malaysia. I was a bit nervous at first whats more when Ms G kept reminding me about the speed limit. Saman adalah something we need to avoid. Bayar in AUD ok, not in RM. Worst, kena banned from driving di Australia.

Need to stop here. Too long an entry this has become. Banyak pula benda aku mau share. Over sudah.

Till then, wassalam.


27 August 2018

Victoria Day 2 - An Evening in Melbourne City

Assalamualaikum. G'Day Mate

Balik dari beli shampoo di My Chemist (shampoo lah sangat), aktiviti bersiram berlangsung. Then turun pi kitchen area yang selevel sama reception counter. Dinner di bumi Melbourne bertemakan lauk Melayu+Pakistan (??). Sambal bilis & sambal hitam super berapi sedap made with love by Ms H's MIL. Memang menantu kesayangan kan, apa dimau harus ditunai. Untung ler. Aku ni durhaka berkali² sama mentua. Berulang kali disuruh balik kampong, tapi buat² tuli. Daulat ndak lama. Koh statement!

Tabahlah layan anganan tiada henti si Err. 

27 July 2015
Ibis Budget Hotel

Dinner adalah ndak melibatkan aktiviti memasak. Roh rajin masak belum merasuk aku. Tertinggal di Malaysia so I have to wait for its arrival the next day. 
#1 Wrap all the way hangkut from Double K City + sambal meletup Nogori + Strawberry Melbourne as dessert. 
Never pertikai things we ate. Sometimes I'm surprise to the amount & varieties of food we consume everytime we travel. Alhamdulillah though, so far belum ada kes food poisoning happened to us. 
#2 Yours Truly having dinner. Kunun masih kenyang churros, sekali 2x nasi kau tambah kan Bie. 
Gendang gendut tali kecapi, lepas makan marilah kita keluar berwalkertapi untuk membakar al-lemaks. 

Flinders Walk

We opted to stroll around at Flinders Walk along Yarra River. Fyi, most shops in Melbourne close by 6pm.  Lagipun memang tiada plan untuk pi mall bagai. Tapi ada niat untuk ngopi. And later got cancelled because we don't feel like lepak-ing. 
#3 Federation Square showered with pink highlights. Purposely waited for the light turning to my fav hue
We walked upon Princess Bridge to go to the other side of the river. Went down the stairs next to Melbourne View Point (Hamer Hall). And we strolled along Flinders Walk. Menikmati angin malam Melbourne yang sejuk. Winter katanye. Teruslah rindu seleji di kampong. Poyo sangat!

Mama Ninja berbungkus properly so she didn't complain about the cold. Tapi tulah, perhaps it's sign of aging we didn't explore much that evening. Penat pun faktor juga tu. Yang pasti it wasn't jetlagged lah kan. If it's the excuse, sah triple poyo. 
#4 Arts Centre Melbourne (lighted in blue) and buildings in Melbourne city at night. Love the view of this concrete jungle
#5  View while standing on Princess Bridge
#6 Flinders Street Station
#7 Flinders Walk is actually few kilometers long but we decided to walked until this bridge only
#8 Beautiful visual of skyscrapers
#10 Who knows we'll be back to Melbourne one day (Insha Allah). I'll make sure we'll walk upon Flinders Street during the day. 
We encountered cafes, restaurants & bars also a playground along our walk. But I have no idea where did I save the pictures. Makin kronik level pelupa sekarang ni. I'll just assumed I've accidentally deleted them. Senang cerita.

End of our Day 2 in Victoria - Melbourne. Baru Day 2 tapi kemain sampai 4 posts kan. Balik bilik, packing lebih kurang & off we went to dreamland. Ndak lama pun letak kepala atas bantal, terus hanyut si Err. Penat betul kunun dia. We have a long journey the next day hence enough rest is of important. Lagi² yang bakal jadi driver. Gitu!

 Till next entry, wassalam. 


25 August 2018

Victoria Day 2 - San Churro / Hosier Lane

Assalamualaikum. G'Day Mate.

We moved to our next destination after spending sometime at Victoria State Library (here); where anganan acah² study dalam library seketul student obersi katanye included. Koh! Sungguh² kaedah anganan tiada sempadan. Free bah, hence berangan lah sampai lebam. 

27 July 2015
San Churros, QV Mall

Jalan² santai pi QV Mall. Literally located just next to the State Library.  
#1 Just a stone away from the library. This was taken on our way to the library
Because 2 of my friends got lost in finding this cafe, I searched for its exact location prior coming. Ndaklah kuasa mau menyesat-baratkan diri kami. Pengalaman orang lain mendewasakan kami juga. Besides, time is gold when we travel. Yo'oh! Korang tunggu drama 3rd Day berkaitan time is gold ni ah. 
#2 Thanks study awal (ucapan untuk diri sendiri) so ndaklah gagau mencari kedudukan San Churro ni.
We chose to sit near the window. Barulah terang dunia nampak segala pelusuk kedai. Deco ndaklah kebabom tapi oklah, melambangkan kedai jual desserts. Perlu pi kaunter to order & pay. And they will send the order to our table. Counter dia ke belakang sikit, more gloomy area. Pastu baru perasan more seats at the back. Masa ni baru dengar orang chit chat. Kelicap² macam burung semua. 
#3 Varieties of truffles at the counter. Sengaja pancing sweet tooth aku!!
Katanye chocolate inspired menu diorang ni addictive, delicious, indulgent..fuh! Memang mengundang keroncong di perut. Fortunately sedar diri. Konsep tea break ni sharing is caring; so sila jangan order untuk kesenangan perut sendiri. Only stick to what's been finalized. And yes diri sendiri pun tengah berjimat sebenarnya. Baru first day Bie oii; bawalah berzikir tenang. 
#4 Our drinks. Mine was in that pot (Teh O cuma). 
Adalah minah tu (jeling Ms H) ordered hot macchiato. Dengan kondifen because the tasty macchiato she had in Namiseom still linger in her taste bud. Konon mau mengulang kesedapan itu. 

Alas, hanyalah kenangan macchiato sedap Namiseom. Tulah ndak pandai menanya tuan punya macchiato. Last time in Namiseom, I ordered iced macchiato. Hence the nyaman-ness. Hot kalu; haruslah bitter mengigit otak. Adoilah perangai di tempat orang. Up to this moment, macchiato pahit haunting her still. Tiap kali order drink, she'll say I'll drink anything BUT NOT hot macchiato. And tu jugaklah bahan kami mengejek dia. 
#5 For each set of churros, we can choose 2 dipping sauces. I chose dark chocolate & caramel (if I'm not mistaken)
Settle tea break, marilah kita bergerak ke next destination. Kalau lama² dalam San Churro, nanti ada menambah order yang bukan². 

On the way to Hosier Lane, sempat cuci mata tengok orang. Tengok building. Tengok jalan. Tengok signboards. Tengok kedai. 
#6 Beautiful fresh colorful flowers are everywhere. Dirt cheap pastu reduced price pula. If only boleh bawa balik...
Hosier Lane, Melbourne

Finding this lane was easy peasy. It lies just opposite the entrance of the ACMI building. Boleh nampak the red double decker Melbourne Sightseeing bus park opposite the lane as well. So chances untuk sesat adalah slightly zero. As usual, aku sudah buat homework awal². 
#7 Australian Centre for the Moving Image building; located within the Federation Square compound
#8 My kinda thing
Hosier Lane is a bluestone cobbled vehicular and pedestrian laneway on the southern edge of the central city grid. Hosier lane is a much celebrated landmark mainly due to its sophisticated Urban art (wiki)
#9 Colors 
#10 Bickering over mushroom?
#11 Dongak lagi for more artworks
#12 Shop in the middle of the street arts, selling vintage stuffs
#13 Yang al-Poyo tiada sempadan
#14 Too much interpretation needed
#15 Medusa's half-sister
#16 Boleh jamu telinga juga
#17 Monster inc (kondifen bagi nama walhal movie tu pun aku ndak tengok)
#18 Bila trash bins jadi props 
#19 More arts
I read somewhere, artworks at this street could be replaced in a week time. So next time if u go here surprise not if u cannot find the same artworks like I posted here. Banyak idea sangat street artist diorang ni. 
#20 Ms H a.k.a Miss Macchiato Pahit (tettttt)
We headed back to our hotel after wandering (and posing ndak hengat) for almost 2 hours here. Pi Woolworths kejap to stock up our food supplies. And also singgah My Chemist sebab ada orang mau beli shampoo (percayalah). Sambil tu ada juga terbeli perfume. Murah sangat katanye, berbaloi² beli. 

Balik bilik sempat berehat for a while. Siap mandi lagi. Typical Malaysian I guess. Prepared lebih kurang for dinner. Pastu keluar lagi. Saja mau enjoy malam di Melbourne katanye. Walau sejuk membeku, tabahlah hati especially our Ms H a.k.a Mama Ninja. 


23 August 2018

Victoria Day 2 - State Library Victoria

Assalamualaikum. G'Day Mate.

Purposely making this library an entry for itself because I just feel like separating it. That's all. Tu dia, statement melangit. Flip tudung dilupa jangan while uttering them. 

Anyway, previous entry (here) was about the places we managed to singgah on our first day in Melbourne. Tiada istilah pulun singgah kejar masa etc. Penat oii buat gitu; kentara sign of aging kan. Sobs.

27 July 2015
State Library Victoria

State Library Victoria was the 2nd place we went after RMIT (but we didn't enter the latter). Mainly for La Trobe Reading Room obviously; while drafting the itinerary I told the 2 Jemahs that we can skip the Gaol but not the library. Diorang ndak kisah apa janji we're out on the street not hibernating in the hotel room. 
#1 The main entrance
Suka tengok orang ramai lepak² depan library ni. Maybe sebab weather pun average; not too cold for winter. Tu yang ada siap bermini-sekirt bagai. Kami yang kulit nipis ni jak berbungkus jacket. Nasib tiada gloves & muffler. Overs pulak. 
#2 Harry Potter staircase always remind me of Ernie's home in Birmingham (the old house) & hostels I stayed at in Istanbul
We had quite a difficulty looking for the reading room at first (sebab banyak sangat stop cuci mata). In and out at doors available. If I'm not mistaken, the reading room best viewed & pictured from Level 3. Tapi memang kena turun juga to access the room. Sudah alang² di atas, kami pun macam biasa...pulun bergambar. Pose sana, pose sini. Every angle is so menarik for us. Walhal memang kaki bergambar. Koh!
#3 Lepas ambil ganbar terus jalan ke depan. What if suddenly dia hidup?
Berkat merayap tiada peta, jumpalah segala benda luarbiasa. Library katanye kan. But this key is a bit scary for me lah. And other artifacts displayed as well.
#4 From Level 1
#5 From Level 3. The nicest view of La Trobe for me that is
#6 Percubaan mengambil gambar berseni, kataku. Adalah rupa berseni sikit kan. *Sila puji*
And sudah puas berposing, marilah kita membawa diri ke reading room sebenar. Cukup²lah berangan, there are still places to go. 
#7 Terus feeling² ala student nerd. Lagi mau ulangkaji, buk
Memang cantik La Trobe ni. There's something about this place yang buat aku rasa macam semangat untuk jadi student lagi. Masa dalam tu jaklah, lepas keluar library...terus lupa diri.

Gigih Ms G layan aku sambung berangan. Siaplah posing sama rak buku. Pose ala candid tengah membelek buku. Katanye! Paling ndak tahan, memilih what books to pose with pula tu. As if orang kisah buku kau pegang kan Bie.
#8 Ok this one logic lah as the book she's holding is about Australia itself
#9 Super like view of those books arranged on the wall. Perlukah jadi Harry Potter to get them? Tiba² Harry pula kan.
As library ni still berfungsi, patrons should be aware of the noise policy as to ensure a comfortable & respectful study environment for everyone. Hence kami pun sangat behave while we're there. Posing level vogue, bercakap berbisik², giggling super ayu. Sila percaya. 
#10 Imagine lepak² study sini
Poyo lah bah kerja meng-imagine bagai kan. Walhal time di uni dulu kerja kau membongkang each time masuk library. Ndak pun cuci mata setiap pria (yang handsome cuma) yang limpas.  
#11 Salah satu tugas librarian 
We also went to the exhibition located just outside the reading room. The room was rather gloomy hence we were more focus to what's exhibited than taking pictures. Did take few though but due to very poor quality I deleted them already. Quality control sangat kaedahnya. 
#12 The library's infamous landmark
#13 Thanks for coming along to Melbourne. I heart u Jemahs to the moon & back. 
#14 Feeling locals lah juga dua minah cun ni. Nasib ndak gatal badan sebab ada kejadian tergolek sebentar
Lepas bergolek ala Hindustan depan library, time to move to our next destination. Jamu perut kejap sebab sebelum sampai library, TER limpas depan QV Mall. Terus teringat kedai churros disebut² si Dj & Dzuli. So apalagi...berchurros lah kita di petang hari. 

Yang tu continue next entry. Till then, wassalam.