27 February 2011

Pain will heal with time...ecececeh!

It's been days since I last clicked the 'publish post' tab. I haven't as yet gain the spirit to start scribbling & share stories of my bored life to u out there. Eversince the internet connection at home went haywire; I lost the passion to blog as well. Phew drama perlu!

I dislike the situation when I switched on the modem & all I saw were only 2 lights. Instead of 4. And immediately I feel annoyed to not want to turn the lappy on. Having a crashed external HD in hand surely doesn't help much either. I have no movies nor dramas to entertain myself...and tv programs shown are all uber boring.

Getting a new phone would be a good idea at the moment. Reason being? The phone I plan to buy could act as a wireless modem hence allows me to surf through the lappy. Yay. It isn't an excuse to get a new gadget; really. But I seem to had enough with this whole chaos caused by TM*. I've called their customer service thrice...and all they could do is lead me to dead end each time. The only different excuse I got was yesterday where the machine answered & 'told' me that their technicians are currently running a test & system upgrading around KK area. Therefore system will be down from Sat until Sun evening. Funny thing is; I've been 'barred' from surfing for nearly a week already. I've prepared a letter to request for rebate. Oh yeah.

And since I'm subscribing the unlimited internet data plan from Celco*m, I think terminating the internet connection at home might be of great idea. Boleh jimat bayar bil. Instead of paying 2 internet bills monthly. Lagi pula brother is not home for long time...so basically I am the only one who is using the internet now. I could always use the phone to browse when I'm away. Also when I'm at home. Hmm...bijak. Thanks lah TM*; if kau ndak rosak sure sampai sekarang idea bijak ini tidak mari.

Anyways, to avoid being stuck with boredom...I decided to 'flaunt' the best movie junkie side of me. Mother stayed overnight at the kedai for nearly a week already. So please faham dong. Movie every nights at GSC* since last Weds until this afternoon. No movie for tonight though as I have to wake up early tomorrow. Gue lagi ada kerjaan to settle.

Watched my sweetheart with Mel on Wed's night.

I am #Four on Fri night.

The Rite on Sat night.

And wrapped the weekend with the flick above.

2011 has been great to me so far. Alhamdulillah. List of great movies waiting ahead. Oh I so can't wait to watch them all. Jack Sparrow! Oppsie.


24 February 2011

Ohh ohhh

And it's Thursday already. I survived!! Am still alive....kicking & dancing my life like nobody's business. Syukran Allah for the strength bestowed upon me. Alhamdulillah.

I'm absorbing more positive energy at the moment. Get it from the Positive People around me. From the bottom of my heart; I thank u for the energy injected. Oh yeah. Yang negative memang awal lagi sudah filter & dibasmi. Harus!


23 February 2011

Kotoh kau sana!

3 cups of nescafe today hindered me from sailing. And that is only half from my daily nescafe consumption. Oh my God, what has the system become? Less resistant to caffeine already? Ugh.

By the way, soon after I reached home from cafe this evening...I straightaway called the TM* service centre. I opted to talk to the 'billing team'. And was then passed to the 'technical team' because there's no late payment issue with my account anymore. They've received my payment & the line is barred no more. I talked to the TT for nearly an hour...and at the same time trying to fix the line & modem; assisted by the TT herself.

Yet everything we did came to a dead end. Nothing happened to the modem. Only 2 lights blinked; still. No DSL nor data. I am so devastated with the telco. Problem as such occurs every month with my internet line. Yet they still charge the same rate. Without deduction for the failure in which took days to get back to normal.

I somehow miss viewing my blog & other friends' blogs in big screen. Uhuk. Reading through the phone screen tired the eyes. Plus, I can't scribble like I used to. No colored fonts...no bold fonts...can't even put a link on the name/page I mentioned. And to add more pain in my already aching heart, my external HD decided to die on me just now! The external that saved everything important to me. Including my p.i.c.t.u.r.e.s collection! How devastated shall it be? All data crashed inside the tiny black box...and needed to be formatted in order to be used AGAIN. Phew...for secs, I lost the air to breath the moment the word 'please format the disc' popped out on the screen. Importants docs are in the box as well. I was thinking to do back up this weekend but alas; semua tinggal habuk. Tarak! Yillek! Nadai! Natagak! Takke! Nyaru'un! Mode: Drama harus!!!

Big sister is planning a holiday with the husband to Singapore this year end. Double date with Chom & husband there. Clubbing is their main agenda. And since I have quit going to the club, I was being left behind. Boo hoo!! We're planning for an all ladies trip though. For the time being, Cambodia top the list. Grunge & I are planning to Beijing...but I guess that will have to wait until her big day this Sept. Ehem Mel, u shall join this time. Insya Allah. All will be in good time. Let the important things sail first.

Can't wait for another holiday...mau rawat jiwa. Like; seriously?? Ngeh.


21 February 2011

Alive & Kicking

Syukur alhamdulillah...I managed to get through today effortlessly. I smile all day long without even trying to fake my emotion state. Bless.

Close friends definitely know what was all that about. No; it's not any typical Monday blues as most of u would named it. Because I never let the blues mould my Monday. I've long left that stage.

As no serious damage occurred; I'm just going to monitor & may be ammending few stuffs in the 'system'. Precaution is vital. Period. Maintenance is taking place next. And I hereby officially declared that the 'door' will be close temporarily. Prohibited to anyone to enter. At least until everything's back to normal. And when the system is fully restore to welcome guest. For the time being, the sign 'under construction' is still hanging on the entrance door. Will take it off once it's ready. Insya Allah.

Anyways, I am excited to share pictures taken during my trip with mother recently. But read this; due to my excessive brilliance lately...I bloody forgot to pay my internet bill.*head bang on the wall* Because I don't like using the phone to upload pictures...I might have to wait for the internet to be accessible & will only update later. Uploading pictures through the phone will take years to complete. And I don't possess that type of patience at this very moment. Not interested to own though; erm buat masa ni.

I've become a silent reader to most of the blogs I used to left comments on. Couldn't post comment because this precious phone of mine doens't support certain functions in blogspot. Especially drop down menu to choose which profile to use for commenting. Bestie; Pijut has activated her blog once more. And this time with new url. I can't wait to view her blog through the lappy's monitor. Ndak puas view dari phone jak. Mau follow pun ndak boleh. Uhuk.

Cepatlah TM* processed my payment from the bank...alkisah sudah transferred from CimB* last Sun. Gue lagi nggak bisa nunggu ni.


19 February 2011

Perlu Bangun

At the airport right now, having tea with mother while waiting for boarding time. Literally I have 24 hours to set the mind to working mode. Holiday's over & it's time to get back to real life. Uhuk uhuk. Can I lengthen my leaves? I don't feel like I have fully rejuvenated yet.

Something came up during the holiday. And that has indeed spoiled my vacation. If not more; less. Feel like slapping someone on the face when that thing occurred. Perlukah jadi hati busuk begitu? I should have listened to the bff's advices. I should have paid more attention to the intuition & what the brain says. Instead of just drawn with what the heart says. I wish I was smarter & wiser. But what happened recently has finally showed the idiot side of me. Moron.

Nevertheless; I gained something from it. Definitely. I'll just let thing flows with its course; regardless how bitter the thing tasted for I know there's hikmah hidden beneath it. Allah won't test me with things I can't befit. It's a disaster; yes. Yet I also know it won't kill me. In fact, I feel blessed for being chosen to experience this whole thing. Alhamdulillah.

Will rearrange everything once I got my feet landed on KK. I seriously need a major vamp up; onto both mental & spiritual. Have to lift the spirit up again…and get out of this impasse noisome path asap. With His Bless & Guide; I know I will get through this. Like always. Faith is what hold me strong.

13 February 2011

Gila bangun awal

Breathing Kolumpur air at the moment. And missing KK at the same time. Poyo harus. Bercuti keluar town mahu...tapi kerinduan macam hampas.

Anyway, mother & I landed LCCT early yesterday's morning. Early as in 1am. Reached KL Sentral nearly 3am...where cousin; Capik picked us up. Gue capek banget. Woke up early few hours later, badan masih lenguh. Kuatkan semangat rentas Saturday market at Jalan TAR. A must visit place every time I went down to Kolumpur. Shawl & scarf hunting; harus main purpose.

Met a friend in the afternoon & tukar date pula later that evening. Mau tercabut kepala lutut kalau terus berjalan with the 2 sisters; mother & Angah. Seluruh pelusuk Masjid Jamek di-explore. Not to forget, Angah's favorite spot. Sogo mall. Ugh. Went back home at 10pm...after not so light dinner, off I went to bed. Terbangun baik punya awal hence the oh-so-early post. Darn it. Tapi best sebab I am sleep deprive no more.

And Alhamdulillah...I managed to settle the thing I intended to put a closure at. Syukran Allah for the guts conferred. Makaseh to 'you' for understanding. Ur words yesterday mean to world to me. I really hope we could remain friend. Please do not stop all the advices & banters because darl they have great impacts on the decision I make. So far. They somehow influenced & shape my thought. Therefore, please take the dot away from our friendship. I know exactly what u feel but thing that is not meant to be; will never work regardless how hard u struggle. We've tried our best to flow with the nature course...and apparently we dived the opposite current. We work best only when we're friend because we became our worst nightmare when we date.

Ok enough with the 'dedication speech'. Lets jamu mata.

Oh my God...these are the reason why I can't literally erase Kolumpur out of my system. As much I dislike the idea of settling down here...these I could never resist; for life!

My late luncheon date with Dot at Mid Val. Thanks babe for understanding my craziness over Nandos.

Lemon & herb = Not so brave. But I'd say it's a smart choice as I have my own secret to relish the food. Mixture of all their sauces but minus the ketchup = heaven!

It's been EONS since I last purchased something familiar to this. I uber miss wearing killer heels / stilettos. Mode: Berangan pigi cafe bergaya sakan. Mr JP harus pengsan tekujat lepas tu. Ahaks.

Berjaya TS is where I'm heading today. Kalau jumpa lagi seperti pink yang di atas; harus aku pening lalat muntah darah buat decision. Tulun...tulun!

Bie, perlu saving wei untuk future plan; ingat itu.


11 February 2011

I will rindu.

Done with my packing! Woot woot.

Was doing 2 tasks at a time just now. While searching for the suitable attires to bring for the holiday, I was on the phone with Mr JP as well. Texting since evening.

Warning: Please click the X tab on the upper right side of ur screen should u feel bored bumping into too many Mr JP lately.

Flowers germinating in the garden hence the hard to explain geletis-ness. Please understand. I have ceased myself from having to experience this kind of feeling for years. I deliberately pushed the STOP button in order to deactivate anything associated to the situation. And I think it's just about time to resume thing I'd tried so hard to ignore stopped before. Slowly will I walk this time for I don't wanna stumble & fall like before. Enough with the bitterness from the past & it's time to shape the future. With His bless it is for sure.

Aku bakal rindu someone while I'm away. It's been a year since he first laid his eyes on me...yet it's only been a month since I was told about it. Worst, it's only been a week that we have started texting & calling each other. Kenapa cepat mahu rasa semua ini? *ugh ugh* Haish lah hati, sila bawa bertendang bertenang.

Does it really true that distance will only makes the heart grows fonder? *sigh*

Ok enough with all the jiwang karat. *uwek uwek* Berbaldi sudah orang muntah darah. Nggak sabar untuk berholiday. Nggak sabar untuk ke Kota Lumpur. Nggak sabar untuk tahu bagaimana rasanya rindu itu. Masih maniskah seperti zaman umur masih sedikit dulu? Ahaks. Namun paling nggak sabar, untuk kembali ke tanah air. Ngeh~~


10 February 2011

Chessy Life

Despite being on menses, I woke up preeeety early this morning. Boleh jak right after the azan mata sudah celik buntang. I decided to stop sailing, there's nothing to explore in the dreamland during the dawn. Later tonight sambung the adventure ye cik Soul.

Ahaks. 1 more day before leaving the town. Harus berkobar untuk cuti walau baru jak last Dec aku mencemar tapaki ke Kolumpur. And this time, aku excited untuk discover what the heart might be feeling being away from home. Oh yeah although I'll be away for a week only. Yang tau tahap geletis aku, paham lah KOT apa aku bebel ni. I know it's way too early to tell but when it comes to the matter of the heart...no one could understand it fully. Nor could predict what will happen next. I'm telling myself to just go with the flow. And so far, I feel like wanting to explore more. Baru seminggu pun, kayuh pelan2 orang bilang.

Frantic is the situation I am in, currently. I am so looking forward to each day of my life. Hmm, lebih bersemangat & dada rasa penuh. Sometimes it's dense when too many things hopped in. But I'm trying to experience & learn slowly. Swallow 1 thing at a time. There's nothing to rush, yes. But I have to be smart enough to grab the chance while it is still there. And let go when it is time. Holding something that is not yours is only a waste of time...let alone keeping thing that it's not yours to keep or hold. Life has much more to offer hence I chose to never stay at a pointless stop. Why welcome misery to enter your life when you can choose to walk away & find the true happiness. Ok fine, ayat tunggang langgang sila blame bunga2an dalam taman hati.

Will first stop at the market before going to the cafe this morning. Need to buy the things Angah & Dot ordered. To conclude, berbau ikan masin & ikan bilis lah luggage aku nanti. To hand carry the things is a big no-no for me. This time mau naik kapal dengan hanya tarik luggage AF & sling bag. No extra plastic or whatsoever bergantung di kiri kanan tangan. Choii!

Right, gotta go now. Need to shower before mother wakes up. Opss kedapatan masih bertaik gigi sudah online. Ngeh~~

p/s To Mr JP, thanks for making my day extra cheerful. Makaseh 'bunga'nya ya. To the ladies, thanks for the advices & ears. Much much loves!!


9 February 2011


*rolling on the floor*

Everyday before leaving home aku harus pakai foundation, bedak & celak. It's the only make-up that works on me for the time being. I don't do eyeshadow-ing because I seriously look like a walking zombie when I apply them on. The only fabulous thing that I think do magic to me is the liquid eyeliner. Also the mascara sometimes. Aku hanya buat yang basic mainly to avoid looking wan & prevent the rampant growth of pimples. Paling allergic sama benda berbentuk dot or spot on the face.

Ok, asas kau ketawa guling2 ketawa apa?

Alkisah, yesterday adalah hari TERlupakan make-up case nan ado isi dia dalam perut si Fuchy. Literally by mentioning lupa...sure tau lah kan muka aku bogel suci dari neither foundation nor bedak. Korek dressing table si ibu, aku jumpa sebatang maskara. Jadinya bersiap lah aku ala kadar. Lucky lip balm sentiasa dalam poket beg, so yeah lips ada warna sikit.

Off I to work without anything on my face yang boleh tepis sinaran UV or the heat at the cafe. Sila tahu, heat boleh buat muka berminyak. My skin is extra sensitive; heat could make the skin to become uneven. Berbelak. Upon reaching cafe, most of my pekerja said something that tickle my rib. And later found it rather amusing sebab tiba2 hormon perasan seep in the sistem. Mau tulis lebih2 karang takut yang baca ni muntah darah. Padahal memang pun mahu dicanang. Sudahlah Bie...orang boleh bau niat kau tu dari seribu batu lagi.

Alright, spill the 'bin' already. *cough cough vomit blood* They said I looked different. As in radiant, glow, shine, bright bla bla. Eleh saja tu mau bodek minta naik gaji. Duh, macam aku ndak tau. Tapi cop, harus terbang melayang & menari tango sebab terharu dipuji awal pagi. Ngeh. Pastu Mr JP lagi bingai. He texted & said.

"Oo pandai pakai bedak sudah sekarang. Hihi."

Apa kes?????????? Like, seriously. Aku pakai muka asli, kau boleh cakap aku pakai bedak segala. Bila aku berdandan *ayat geli*, no one notice? Nampak sangat tipukah kalau aku applied the make-up on? Nangis darah kalau itulah fakta. Sila cari ayat menggoda yang lain sebab this one buat aku rasa mau pingsan. Janganlah fail sangat bab seducing sayang oii.

Anyway, today I woke up rather late than usual. Apart from being Bungsu's designated PA at the workplace...I am also mother's PA. As well as mother's eldest sister's PA. I will be heading to the JPJ building which is only a spit distance from my home; to settle Aunty's car road tax & insurance. Oh yeah, akulah si Tukang Segala. From settling bills to ordering/buying things to entertaining to their complaints/whines/gripes. I am one super great daughter/niece, NO? After JPJ, veggie market is next. Perlu beli sayur bukan daun for a week stock. Mother & I will be leaving town this Fri. And will only be back next Sat. Segala keperluan kedai perlu dihandle before the holiday as to avoid orang yang menjaga a.k.a the lil bro; pening.

Before masuk cafe, perlu pigi bank bayar bil letrik. Hmm, not ours but Aunty's. Ahaks. Since I haven't settle my 'case' with Cimb*, haruslah redha ndak dapat guna their online service(s). Ni lah padah bertukar2 phone number. Kan susah mau minta TAC untuk any tujuan payment. Uhuks.

Masa sudah time. I gotta go now...oh crap, I haven't get myself ready yet! Gue masih berbaju tidur & bertuala?? Darn it Bie!


7 February 2011

Sniff sniff

Padan muka sama tuan badan. Suka suki tukar sleeping hours masa cuti CNY baru ni, merasa lah kau akibatnya. Merana jiwa raga. Exercise aerobic dance atas katil. Pusing kiri kanan still mata degil ndak mau lelap.

3-ish was the time I finally went to sleep last night early this morning. Muka memang gila sembab. Not to forget those panda eyes. Itu part paling obvious muncul kalau tidur lambat. Lebam macam kena tumbukan padu maut si Gaban. Bidak berabis aku turun cafe tadi. Muka ndak siap!!! *mode: Emotional psycho sendiri2 tanpa menyusahkan orang*

As much as I enjoyed the roller coaster ride at the moment...trials seem to cannot stop from dropping into my path of life. Dugaan selalu datang bersama kegembiraan. Hanya untuk menguji sejauh mana tangga iman kau. And that u have to bear in mind Miss Err. *sniff sniff*

Insya Allah, all in good times. I won't be asking more from the Almighty apart from His bless & a bliss life. Amin.


6 February 2011

Diam-diam...Jatuh Chenta?

Ok this is extremely funny. Although I dislike dangdut music, I sometimes enjoyed listening to them. Weird but true. Bukan yang 100% dangdut tapi ala-dangdut. Specially those with catchy rhythm.

The song sang by Ramlah Ram @ Kak Melah below...cousin; Ezza & I super love singing this song. Like; gila berabis! Specially time berjalan makan angin dalam kereta. We will repeat this song over & over again sampai rasa mau muntah darah. And kami akan menyanyi dengan sepenuh jiwa raga; up to the maximum level.

Ignore the music; it's the lyric that pull me in this time. Berjuta kali dengar. Muntah hijau ndak lama ni tau.

Diam-diam berpandangan...mata bertentang mata
Malu-malu, aku malu...kau buat begitu
Jeling-jeling, kau menjeling...senyuman mu menggoda kot

Lines of words above is the reason why I am so into the song. Sangat kena dengan kes aku sekarang ni.

Mr JP, sila jangan imagine saya nyanyi ni lagu ah. Just listen to the lyric. Tengkayu.

p/s NO...belum jatuh chenta. Baru tersungkur. I managed to crawl & am standing up already. Geletis harus.


5 February 2011


Tutup muka malu2. Yes I watched the flick above out of boredom just now. And NO, it didn't drag me to dreamland. Thanks Ms. L & Miss H for the recommendation. I can't stop myself from laughing out loud. And Jay Chou sangat auwm. Aku jadi extra geletis sama lelaki hencem mata sepet ni.

Nothing much I did today. Managed to restrain myself from cocooning. Gloomy weather rendered me sluggard. Went out to WM to wash Darling but unfortunately the car wash center was closed until tomorrow. Kerana hampa gue balance rasa sedih with a pair of black pumps. Sesuai dipakai untuk cuti2 next week. Yay. Pretty justifying an excuse, right.

While waiting for the movie to start, wandered around Suria Sabah. As usual, lepak bookstore. Umur macam ni keinginan sangat ketara sudah berubah. Syukurlah, ndak membazir duit ndak ketentuan.

Bought the book above. The 3rd books I purchased so far in 2011. I guess I'm gonna buy shelves to put all my books. Baru nampak more organize. And harus suruh the little brother drill the holes. Itu gue kureng upaya. Ngeh~

And now masa terluang sangat boleh diisi with plenty of things. Apart from gathering with the cousins, meeting the ladies, going out for lunch(es)/dinner(s)/movie(s), texting/on the phone with Mr JP, I sure have one more thing to add in my list. Double yay for that.


4 February 2011

Bingung ketika dia bilang chenta?

*inhale exhale inhale exhale*

I was in my evening nap yesterday when 2 messages came in. From an unknown number it was. And being the usual me, haruslah curious mau tahu. So I called the number using my other number. Alkisah, prepaid ku sudah lama ndak berisi. Pusing sana, pusing sini, belit sana, belit sini...turned out the unknown number belongs to someone whom all this while I addressed as Mr. Jejaka Pemerhati @ Mr JP. He took few hours just to reveal who he is. Punya pemalu gaban...kin panas, kin jiwa, kin hantuk kepala di dinding. ugh.

And yes, we've been texting and calling each other since then. Up to this very minute. Habislah melambung bil aku. I remembered last time guna postpaid, bil aku selalu daki gunung tertinggi. Elaun every month kena deduct gara2 membayar hutang bil. I quit using postpaid line years back sebab ndak mau kasi kaya telco yang ada. This time I was forced because mother applied for the Celcom* Exec 5+1 plan. Sampai pengsan pun boleh sms/mms/call yang lagi 5 member dalam plan tu. Because I only have to pay RM30 monthly for the plan. Tapi kalau aku gatal call or sms other than the people in my plan...ranaplah impian aku untuk maintain bil as minimum as I can. So far the line has been barred twice because I exceeded the credit limit of RM100. Lucky aku set credit limit...kalau ndak, ada riban2 bil aku macam dulu. Just fyi, aku pernah daki bil nearly RM1.5k. Because I called the then boyfriend-now ex all the way from Kolumpur to KK...almost everyday.

Hmm...come to think of it, kalau plan 5+1 ni ada dari dulu sure aku ndak kan suffer bayar bil. Kuyak jiwa bila hulur duit sama cik di payment counter tu. Thank God zaman itu sudah berlalu. I've become wiser now. Well, I hope so. Janganlah galak membuang duit just for phone bill(s). Harus gantung diri kalau jadi lagi. Insya Allah. No crossing fingers or whatsoever...ini azam yang betul. Ahaks.

Ok, si malas sudah crawling dalam urat...sila jamu mata. It's been a while since I last shared my pictures here.

Si Princess @ Chomel

Si Gemuk Pemalas @ Cheeloh

Si Getek Pengurat @ Cafe

Apart from the children...I have other non-talking creature in the room as well. The non-breathing Butterfly! Ngeh~~~

The mask loves being the center of attraction...hence the position.

Love birds & few butterflies on the wall. Lucky it's only sticker. The wordings on the wall say:

"Life without love is like a tree without blossom & fruit"

True indeed?


3 February 2011


I failed sailing to dreamland! Officially conked out. Been back from movie date & supper for almost 2 hours already. I get myself ready to bed right after reaching home. Hopped on the bed with 1 precious mission; sleep. Every position & side I took seems not right. I felt discomfort & that alone is enough to hinder me from sailing. Didn't take coffee during supper just now. In fact, I had quite heavy a meal to be categorized as late night snack.

Mother's working tomorrow. Kedai makan ndak boleh tutup on public holiday(s); that was what Bungsu & mother told me the other day. Whatever, yang penting cafe closed for 4 days. Yippie. Not so good news is, I am left with no one to enjoyed the holiday. Apart from the children, I am the only living creature at home. Creature that could talk! I don't feel like going out. Menses snatched away all the enticement to go out. Drama! I have no mood for retail therapy even. Something I found incredibly ridiculous and hilarious yet have to force myself to swallow for it's the truth. Boleh jak hilang nafsu buang duit. Hmm musykil bin hairan. Since I spent most of my time at the cafe, I think I'm gonna spend the holiday just at home then. Bilik sudah rupa wrecked ship. Spring cleaning the bedroom & house shall be my objectives for the not quite long break.

Can't wait to get my ass out of town. 1 more week before the 'holiday with mother' commences. Bungsu & lil bro will manage the cafe & kedai while we're away. Let's hope nothing goes amiss throughout our absence. I am so looking forward spending the time with mother. It's been a while since we last had our mother-daughter session. Mahu ke spa; itu harus. Less agenda for shopping this time*sila percaya*...we prefer for more sightseeing instead. Berjimat itu bagus untuk simpanan masa depan. Oh yeah, heard u oh-so-clear. Poyo, NO?

As for Mr. JP; I hope he'll enjoyed playing the 'mencari kelibat bayang si dia' game. Mari doa dia ndak give up easily. Ni kali merasa lah kau teleng 1000x mencari bayang orang yang bakal ndak wujud di cafe for a week. Breakfast lah kau 1000x kali; keluar lah bersigup biar habis berkotak...tetap nggak muncul orang yang dicari. Ahaks. I finally got to share the flakiness of it with Grunge during supper just now. And also minta pendapat Arjuna si Grunge. I is like having boyfriends like the Paus-es. Ok ndak boleh puji lebey, nanti besar bontot dari perut. *wink*

I'll be entertaining myself with these 2 K-Movies. Downloaded in less than an hour ya'll. Loving the festive season; less people surfing the net hence the speed. Sila semua keluar bersuka ria celebrate CNY, aku mahu muat turun lebih banyak. Kombawa.

Unstoppable Marriage (2007)
Now & Forever (2006)

Gila chenta the Koreans' piece of work(s). And oh, movie last night was great as well. We watched Shaolin. The best action movie(s) has always came from the Chinese. Xièxiè. I super love the explosions...the martial art movement...except the place where Andy Lau landed before his death. Yang tu macam a bit lawak for me.


2 February 2011

Mari Tidur

Just a quick one here before hitting the sack. And before I spoil my 'pola tidur' once more which has make me wake up resembling a walking zombie for 2 days already. I messed up with my sleep pattern last Sat...and have been dealing with the consequence ever since. Tired eyes, body + soul, exhausted system, ready to pop-out eyeballs...u name it.

Hmm jadi habit suka elaborate panjang lebar. Sila ingat ur first sentence; quick one!

Just got back from therapy session with Laura, Maya & Mel. We're supposed to have Shaolin for entertainment this evening, unfortunately Maya was too cute to be allow to enter the hall. The film was rated 18 so yeah, there's no excuse Maya would be allow. Even she was accompanied by 3 gorgeous adults. We settled for 'light' dinner at Mc'D instead. Laura & Maya had theirs at Starbucks before Mel & I arrived. It was an impromptu date. My mood was all gloomy the whole day I decided to go out & chirk myself up. And of course, great company is what I need the most. Grunge has some 'serious' thing to deal with so she couldn't join us. *bluek* Wandered around 1B browsing through few shops...macam biasa, more times spent at kedai buku si Harris. Was there until they're about to close down. And yeah, I managed to grab 2 books. Was looking for Cecelia Ahern's The Gift but didn't find any. Hati sedih but kembali berbunga when Mel told me she has the book. Gila meronta gumbira. Although I'm aware buku tu memang lama sudah yet I still want to read it. Ada aku kesah kalau kau ketawa lucu aku outdated? Ohoo emo gaban. Sila maafkan orang yang sedang dalam fasa PMS ini ya.

Anywoot, let us pat Mr JP on the back for his latest achievement. Repeatedly please. He has move one step forward. *clap clap* From stalking behind the columns to standing right before me. Though no eye contacts takes place but I could still witnessed those trembling fingers. Ok enough with the cruelty! Lucky I managed to refrain myself from bursting into laughter. Padahal hati kembang semangkuk, diri rasa terbang di awangan. Ada hati kunun mau ketawa sana. Kentut ada. I hope there will be more steps taken...forwardly. Insya Allah. All in good times. For now, let's just enjoyed the mysterious part. I am feeling like so going back to high school era. Pandang2, jeling2 ndak lama jadi juling. Malu2 tapi mahu. *muntah darah*

I guess that's it for now. Only 2 non-important things were shared; still it took me like forever to scribble. I've lost my touch to type! Poyo. Sila buang emo itu, menses is on cycle already. I am PMS no more. Great!

Syukur; the melancholy phase has vanished. I walked through it taking along more valuable lessons with me. Alhamdulillah Ya Rabb for everything. Thanks ladies for the time & ears & advices. I heart u(s)!

And tomorrow will be the last day of the week for the cafe to operate. Before berjoli sakan until the weekend. It also means, last day of the week to play tarik2 tali & cuci mata. Come on Mr. JP u can do it. If u're brave enough to ask the workers of my whereabout & also my phone no...I'm sure it will be 'kacang' to just ask directly from the tuan badan. Isn't it so? If it's still hard for u to do...then mari tunggu bersama the time when u finally have the gut to ask. I ain't going anywhere. Hence, u may take deep breathe as much as u want; for the sake of gaining more semangat. Ahaks. No worries, u're not gonna hear any tick tock sound. Heaven knows how depressing that sound could be. When the time has due, I'll let u know instantly. With no hints nor gibes. Even scorns.