31 March 2012

Buang Tabiat: Self-Defense Yang Kuyak!

It is just unbelievable how I let myself be too carried away into my own dreamland under the influence of We Got Married; a Korean reality show. 

The Sscangchu @ Lettuce Couple has long ended their make-belief marriage; due to their commitments to the industry. But I was only introduced to this show 4 years after their 'divorced'. Thanks to Yam for 'sending' this. I've chained myself with the show ever since I got them last week.

Read: Oppa flying to Macau for Boys Over Flower shooting.

Those who know me well enough will immediately understand when I said...I am busy with my Korean thingy. Laura texted me this afternoon asking what's with my silence. And when she heard me greeted her with giggles instead of hello over the phone; she could already guess what I was about to vomit. "I knew it!" She said. 

Few super concerned girlfriends texted too. Investigating the reason of my hibernation mode. Worries not ladies, I twit & check on my fb account all the time. Peeked on ur pages. Hajiman, naega mianhae *but I am sorry*...it was just too time-constraint to leave any comment. And now u can boo me! Mind is currently  occupied; focusing on the couple below. They are the best. Despite the 6 years age difference, I seriously think they complete each other in a way no one could ever understand. Aigoo, I can't believe I have let myself be like this! Being so emotional attached with the show! 

And a big hug thanks for the admins at  Sscangchu Heaven. I got all the downloadable videos of the show from here!

One of their self-cam pictures I got from the SH blog. Pic with his Buin's little puppy.  
 Oppa's image in Boys Over Flower. Too pretty.
His latest drama; Playful Kiss (2011). Look at that smile! Very serene & honest! *fainted*
Oppa latest image. I just can't help but to fall in love with him more! He changed his hair color & style; making him look more manly. And macho, and charming!! Damn those pair of sleepy big round eyes! There's nothing to not love about him. He sings, he acts & even dance very very well! Bonus double triple!

It's Fortunate; a song that I listened to these days. The song he sang to Hwang-Buin in the show. Apologizing for the mistakes he made to her.  Literally, I have this for 'breakfast'. And I take Because I'm Stupid for lunch & dinner & supper. 

Yeah that clearly stated I now have some cool Korean songs in my phone. Notice the plurality, please. I don't listen to the same song the whole day anymore! LOL gila bragging! 

p/s: I seriously think I shall have another trip to SK, soon! Insya Allah.


24 March 2012

Edisi: Promote Online Shop Orang!

Just a quick update. Because I am quite a fan over fridge magnet thingy, I am uber happy when I came to know that my bestie has recently launched a shop online. Selling super cool collections of fridge magnets from  most of well known places in the world. 

Feel free to browse her page...and fall in the love with the magnets. They are sold in a very very reasonable price! Hurry before someone grab them!

Calling Fridge Magnet Collectors! 
Some of the items in her online shop. 

Read: I purposely selected the FMs of the places I'm dying to set my foot upon.
Famous Paris' landmarks on a scrool!
Condong ok!
 The one I LOVE THE MOST! So Amsterdam! Bangunan himpit2 gitu memang view paling famous di sana.


23 March 2012

Edisi: Destress Factor

Arasso arasso! I've been hibernating from entering this site for days already. Mian! Didn't expect I will be too busy coordinating my life I totally forgot to stop & share here. There is just too much things to fix right now. 

Despite the so-called hectic life, I make sure I didn't go beyond the line I have set for myself. There is always boundary to workloads. I know I should never let myself tied to them. Although embraced by tiredness, I decided to not entertain it. I may not be seen in the blog daily despite having so many things to share. But I do take it seriously when it comes to destress phase. How busy life is, I will always try to find time to go out & play! 

Ok, fine. That was too long a mukadimah. Sila muntah darah di situ. Semata mau kasitau aku sempat curi masa tinguk wayang bla bla bla...2 paragraph kan aku mengarang. *pat on the HEAD*

I've waited for this to released since last year! Anticipating with great patience. And I am glad to say, my waiting wasn't vain at all. I am so moved by the movie. Channing & Rachel made such a great pair. Thanks for the great acting! And also for efficaciously conveying the message of the story. 

Based on a true event, this film has somehow left something in my heart. True love does exist for those who have faith in it. The Vow confirms what I hold dearly up to this moment. Someone whom is meant for u; will eventually be with u no matter what comes in the way. Leo did the right thing; letting Paige go. Because he believes if their relationship is meant to last forever...they will be together no matter what. I love it when Leo told Paige that he just want her to be happy & that's the reason he is letting her go. Ok spoiler alert. Sorry Grunge! 

Indeed, tiada paksaan dalam kamus chenta sejati. Biar kau sakit jiwa menahan duka, asalkan orang yang kau chenta itu mendapat kebahagiaan yang dia impikan. For me, that is love (sarang)! Hmm, yang jiwang boleh masuk dalam garbage bin. Sekian.

The Lettuce Couple. Oppa HyunJoong* & 'wife' Hwang Bo in We Got Married! 

This game reality show has been my favourite ever since Yam got it transferred to my external HD last Weds. But I only watched the episodes of the Lettuce Couple. Not the entire show. Getting to know Oppa through the screen is so exciting. I got to watch the real him...kan reality show tu. And only now understand why he is called the Walking Statue. Even the Korean said he is more beautiful than the flowers. 

Muka comel + charming smile + big round eyes + funny + witty + great sense of humour + deep voice + list goes on = Bonus terbaek!! 

Annyeonghi gyeseyo!


19 March 2012

South Korea: Last Day

My last night at one of my favourite countries. To eventually make it published was a relieved to me. On the fourth day, after the Nami Island trip...we rushed back to the hotel. Packed our luggages & checked out. Everything was done in less than 3 hours time. 

Because we don't wanna miss the flight back to Malaysia the next morning; which is at 8am. Therefore we decided to just spend the last night at the airport. 

From the hotel we had to walked few hundred metres more to reach the bus stop. Or shall I say we literally jogged! Dragging along our things & super banyak plus heavy luggages. Memang edisi Running*Man versi Malaysian Ladies. Ahaks.

Fuh ada gaya model poyo ah! Situation was a bit tensed when I took this pic. Everyone was kinda embraced by panic attack because they thought we have missed the last bus to the airport. Even the electronic board at the bus stop showed no sign of an upcoming bus. 

Alkisah, masa dekat traffic light we saw the airport bus selamba lalu depan kami & didn't stop even kami sudah melompat beruk suruh stop. Sangat dedikasi dengan kerja pun payah oii!

But I was confident the last bus is yet to come because according to the route on the board; last bus will arrived at the bus stop at 9pm. And my watch showed it's another quarter to 9pm. Knowing the punctuality of their bus drivers...I tried to stay calm. Pasal tu sibuk menggambar orang, sekian! And, kalau aku suruh bertendang bertenang ndak pasal nanti kisah aku terlepas flight to Bali akan terungkit. Ngeh~~makanya diam & senyum comel adalah perlu. 
And not long after the nerve wrecking state, the bus came. Everyone was jumping in such relieved. One hour later, after few dramas at the bus stop we finally arrived at Incheon Airport! Syukur. 
Where Pijah took her rest that night. Masing2 ada bench sendiri. While the rest chit chatted, Lisa & I wandered around the airport. Boring for it's already midnight hence chances untuk bumped into pretty & cute Korean guys adalah zero. Yang kami jumpa orang sakit mental tengah menjerit sama security airport. Lisa quickly told me sebelum kami jadi tebusan, better chow tinggalkan scene. 
Ada servis sewa mobile phone? Fuh canggih kot.

Killing time at the airport. A cuppa before wishing the rest of the 'crew' a well good night. Tidur atas bench located right in front of the plug where I charged my phone!!! Sejarah dalam hidup...overnight at the airport. Wish list; checked! Ya, saya memang wish untuk itu. Experience bebeh!
Queueing for check-in. The counter lady sangat comel but due to kelam kabut *as always* I forgot to snap her picture. Hmm please ignore the sour-face ahjumma behind Pijah. Ndak puas hati lah tu ndak dibawa bergambar. *flip my hair*
This boarding pass was a clear sign to tell me that holiday in Korea has officially came to its end. *sob* Cantik kan pass ni compare to what we have in our country. Penjimatan kos itu penting, ya saya tahu itu! Lalala~~I am grateful, nonetheless. 
Another Paris Baguette at the airport. Sangat mensukacitakan!
Entered the plane without knowing that our seats was upgraded to Hot Seat *few hundred extra mahal seat ni than what we have paid* Alhamdulillah! Gila kentang best! Just a few steps distance from the premier class. Hanya curtain pemisah kami! 
Spacious leg area! Boleh stretching & mengada2. Paling best, boleh berdiri duduk sesuka jiwa. Bebas untuk ke lavatory anytime I want to. 
Wondering when could I afford to travel like them. Premium seat a.k.a cekik darah seat. Apa lah motif bercurtain gitu? Ok fine, they paid a bit more extra than u Bie. Ara?
3 hours on board, I woke up to a grumbling tummy. I only had a piece of donut for breakfast; hence explained the hungriness. Lapar gaban! Lucky they still have something to feed me; the last one. And unfortunate Lisa had to settle for noodles instead.

A little info about my current addiction to Kdrama. Woot! Jiwa goyang oii! Completed watching the whole 16 Episodes & 7 Special Episodes in less than a month! Bravo me to the super gorgeous panda eyes!

Super love the main characters! The cheeky Oh Ha Ni & cold Baek Sung Jo. Can I request have a boyfriend like him, please. *Boleh. Boleh blah, Bie!!!*

Watching this drama & most of the scenes; made me miss South Korea even more! Sob sob. Emo poyo perlu lebih dari biasa this time! Seriously I wanna go back there...explore more of the country. Chenta, jom meneroka bersama bila segalanya sudah halal ya. 
Haven't I tell u that I super love black-and-white portraiture? What's more when the subject is someone I admire. That guy above; melted my heart for thousand of times despite his coldness & coolness in this drama. Sila tahu, ciri lelaki macam tu lah yang selalu buat hati gue gundah & goyah. Ahaks! Macho in his own way. Ok enough...terlebih nanti susah. Muntah darah sendiri!

p/s Saya dah takde hutang ye. Pasni jangan duk tagih cerita "Holiday Cik Bibie ke Korea" pula. Nak pengsan kot rasa semata nak siapkan entri ni. Gomabseubnida for reading anyway.


14 March 2012

Edisi: Memang Trip


Fuh I know I've been a total loser by ignoring this site for few days already. And I have not been able to fulfill my promise to that someone...another entry kan I hutang awak. Sila bawa bersabar ye.

As much as I feel so itchy to scribble in here...workloads hindered me from having any extra time to blog. Itu dia alasan mau minta ditampar. I reached home at 9pm the earliest; almost everyday. And I have only few hours to spend with Mother before she goes to bed at 11pm. Can't even feed my craving for Kdrama either. Let alone squeeze my brain & search ideas on what to scribble here. I am not blessed with the skill to just write & published. Saya perlu atur ayat...perlu susun perenggan.

Anyway, I will try to get my final post *about the trip yang sudah bangas* done  by this week. Insya Allah.


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10 March 2012

Edisi: Gayang Seafood & Rumah Terbalik, Tamparuli

Last Sat, everything was in rushed. I woke up a bit late...had my breakfast at the cafe in such a hurry because I have to be at the airport to fetch Angah & Ezza; who came back for a week. Regardless how I'd rushed things up...I was late for nearly half an hour, still. Angah called my cell for umpteenth times asking my whereabouts. And each time I gave her the same reply 

"On my way"

The house got a bit colourful with their presence. They went back to Kolumpur last Weds...leaving the house back to it's original condition. Sigh...I miss having all the family together. It's always something I long for as long as I live...surrounded by the people I love dearly; is such an energy booster. Ok enough mumbling...

Ezza was literally my size when she came back for raya last year...and look at her now. I am twice her size already. Not that I have gotten too fat, araso?? It's her that has gotten too thin. She is now a proud size-25 jeans wearer. Woot woot!
Dinner we had at Gayang Seafood, Tuaran on the very evening of their arrival. The food at their new place is nothing like what we had last time. Totally a turn off! They moved to a new place...hence the change of taste?? 

Because I have twitted & bragged about this thing to Ezza...therefore it has became some sort of an obligation for me to bring her here. Super brilliant moi as always. Thanks to darling Aima & Grunge for the direction to this Upside Down House (Rumah Terbalik, Tamparuli).
Situated just before Shell petrol station; at the right side of the road. The chances for u to missed this house is slightly zero as it is easily seen from the road.
 Almost everything is turned upside down; including the car parked at the garage. 
Entrance fee for local a.k.a MyCard holder...is only RM10. I say; a bit cekik darah.
And for each ticket, one is entitled for a 25% discount on the merchandise at their souvenir shop. Or what they address as tamu. 
Lining up. Only a group of 7-8 people are allowed to enter the house at once. Adakah takut roboh? Or perhaps kalau ramai nanti sesak...and ndak semua get to hear the explanation. 
Yours Truly before the 'takad' a.k.a 'stair'. Oh yeah, every group will be accompanied by one story teller 'guide' to explain more about the house. Ezza & I were escorted by a new guide who got nervous soon after we entered the house. Her explanation was kinda blur & improper. 
No photo taking is allowed INSIDE the house. I repeat NO. We were told, for every picture taken inside will be fined RM200.

Jadinya...demi menjaga hati yang frustrated, maka dibolehkan snap picture before entering the house. I hit the gong as to notify the family living inside the house that they have visitor coming. We knocked the door prior entering the house...adat kan masuk rumah orang memang gitu, jangan kau pura2 sana trip ndak tau.

According to the guide, there is a family living in the house. The father, mother & their 8 year-old son. They are of Dusun Lotud. Read: Imagination; only to make the whole story more interesting. If only taking picture is permitted in the house...barulah best pot pet cerita.
That bicycle belongs to the son. I initially took a picture of the bike when the guide suggested it would be much better for me to be in the frame; barulah nampak real keterbalikkan itu. Ok fine, aku mengikut cadangan. 
Si Gedik ni pun mau juga posing with the clothe-lines. Yes, baju tu sekeras alam. Maybe sudah rendam sama kanji berkilo tan. 

Out from the house...entered the gift shop & the mini cafeteria. I bought some tidbits there sebab perut sudah start berdangdut. 
Just so u know, I felt dizzy & nauseated soon after leaving the premise. Everything in the house except the few things are turned upside down. Nama pun konsep terbalik. Almost 95% of my time in the house, I tilted my head in order to see the things on the ceiling (floor). Lucky enough I didn't puke. The lil cousin in Kolumpur requested me to bring her here this raya...fuh, can I just wait outside? Don't think I can hold myself from vomiting on the second trip. 

Hmm ok lah enough for now. Sekian pending report on my cousin's visit. It's been in the draft since last Thurs. Kan ada entri lagi penting before publishing this entry. Will get back later to our dinner date at Full House, Suria Sabah. New makan place in the mall. And oh, final entry of my trip to SK. Dusyum!


9 March 2012

Buang Tabiat: Bukan Bermewah...tapi Berusaha

Hmmm...I was in the midst scribbling an entry last night when one of my bestfriend text me through watsapp. The entry I was scribbling is dedicated specially for dear cousin who went back last Sat...and is already back to Kolumpur two days ago. BUT I decided to put that in the draft folder because I want to have this one posted first. 

I am utterly curious upon reading the text. And became quite furious when I came to know the reason she buzzed me. Yang 'pH neutral' & kindhearted macam dia tu pun kena bambu with offensive comment. Aduyai! Kalau aku yang selalu merungut dalam blog ni, difahami lagi kalau dikutuk. 

Phew, don't people these days have anything better to do rather than being prejudice & judgemental? Seriously, I don't get why people whom enjoyed jumping into conclusion & assumed as they pleased...still exist!!! Like hello, what century are we living in now? 

Why must entertained the jealousy when u know it could bring nothing but harm to u. Sudah2lah transmit aura negatif to other people. U really think orang yang comfort gila sama life diorang akan terkena tempias busuk kau tu? Please, get a life.

U don't have to be that rude & talk about someone u  don't even know & whom u never even met ur whole life. I bet ko baru baca blog orang tu yang sedang dalam fasa mahu menjelajah seluruh pelusuk bumi Allah; meneroka & appreciate ciptaan Dia...pasal tu kau sukati menilai itu ini. Cermin lah diri sebelum mahu menghukum. U don't know what she & her family have gone through to get to where they are now. Setakat winking kau ingat boleh dapat apa diorang capai sekarang? They worked hard...and they struggled. I know & I am confident to say that out loud because I bloody know that petite lady sister of mine!!

Aku sangat terkesima; how narrow-minded u are? Tapi sebab aku sudah buat rules to myself therefore hanya my favourite B swearwords that came out. Bongok, bingai, buduh! Sila tahu aku bakal masuk big.three.zero this year...ndak kan masih basahkan lidah dengan ayat2 neraka.

I simply agreed as to what my bestie replied. Susah senang diorang di tempat orang, jauh dari keluarga...hanya yang pernah alami saja yang faham. And bagi yang ndak pernah alami, tapi MAHU untuk mengerti. Different people deal with their problems, their way. Ndak kan every inches of her life mahu didokumentasikan dalam blog. I have known her for more than a decade already, and she has always love travelling. Tapi!! Walau suda banyak kali naik kapal pun, minah tu masih a bit afraid when it's time to depart. Ok that was a bit info about her; langsung unrelated. Lari tajuk!

Anyways, guna duit elaun or tidak itu duit dia. Siapa kita untuk question? Alang2 sudah di tempat orang, I don't see anything wrong kalau panjangkan kaki belajar culture bangsa lain. I have loads of friends yang further study luar dari Malaysia...some of them memang funded by government. But belum pernah aku dengar diorang stay di area uni tu jak time cuti semester ok! I can say, all of them buat part time job to be able to travel around. Elaun yang diorang dapat is enough to pay for the basic needs only. Even some friends yang dari wealthy family pun buat part time job sebab ndak mahu susahkan parents. Aku memang rasa sangat ndak logik kalau students yang study di rantau (specially Europe) boleh joli katak dengan duit elaun without doing any kerja untuk dapat income extra. Lain kes lah kalau yang memang datang sana pok silap elaun tapi study ke laut...failed every semester.

Psst En/Cik Ano, travelling dalam Europe tu sangat sangat sangat sangat murah. Unlike here in our country. Mau pigi Langkawi tu pun aku berfikir 1000x ok. Don't believe me? Trylah kau buka website budget airlines diorang...a very good bargain if u know how to search one! Ala bukan suruh kau beli pun...just have a search to prove my words.

From ur comment, I conclude that u're one of those people that application got rejected & hold grudges towards yang dapat scholarship tu. Or u're just one of those people yang memang ndak suka tengok orang lain senang...hati lonjat ndak tentu arah bila apa kau mau orang lain pula yang dapat.  *marah kan kalau orang tuduh kau gini?*

Bersihkan lah hati tu...kita hidup ni ndak lama. Sudah2 lah dengan perangai suka menilai orang tanpa usul periksa. Rezeki Allah bagi sesuai dengan apa yang kita usahakan. Urs maybe Allah bagi dari segi kesihatan yang baik; thus be grateful. Kalau sakit hati baca blog gitu, then by all means...stop visiting. Pigi kau buka blog yang ajar pasal menenangkan hati dari gundah & kusut, ya.

Sekian. Peace no war!


7 March 2012

Edisi: Nami Island by Shuttle Bus / Insadong

Phew...finally, it's Day 4 in South Korea. Syukur for I managed to force myself to complete this entry. 

We left the hotel a bit early...to catch the coach bus to Nami Island @ Namiseom. The place got famous because most of the romantic super lovey dovey & heartbreaking scenes in the well-known drama; Winter Sonata were filmed here. 

We took the subway from Dongdaemun to Anguk station in Insadong. Walked few metres to the bus stop lcoated in front of the Tapgol Park. Memang aku pemenang guna superwalkertapaki time di sana. Lemak banyak oii terbakar! Balik hometown, menternak semula. 

Fuh, I am currently lack of ideas to scribble so I'll just let the pictures do the talking. Hence the caption, boleh? 

Lisa bought the tickets for us...macam biasa lah sebab dia kan kira official tour guide kami. Return bus tickets to the island...also ferry tickets & entry visa. 

On board the ferry. Best walau sejuk beku!!
Sila ignore cahaya mentari itu ya...nampak memancar tapi haba nan ado. Take a look at the ice sculpture behind me, agak2 kalau di Malaysia berapa jam tu akan melt ah? 
Kanak2 riang? NOT. It was more to wanita riang kot. Ehem!

Acara memanaskan badan yang halfway frozen.
Singgah Drama Cafe for luncheon. Perut sudah nyanyi dangdut!

Guna gloves to shake the bento. First experience for us five ladies. Rugi ndak da ambil video.

 My bento shake.
Side dish adalah kimchi pajeon. Ala lempeng or telur dadar...sekali rupanya hanyalah tepung + kimchi.

Pas makan, terjah building next to the cafe. A room filled with Winter Sonata's pictures.
Matahari memancar adalah tipu...nan ado bahang panas ok.

Yes, super excited! Perhaps the picture explains.
Trademark Korean kalau bergambar...dorang buat gini nampak comel memanjang. Aku? Hampas ada.

Muka ku semangkuk!

Ok ada cerita super toyol bingai behind this pic. *suddenly ada mood untuk cerita yang ni* 

That bicycle was rented by one of the visitor...but brilliant Pijah thought it was the very bicycle used by Jun Sang & Oii Jin in Winter Sonata. Memang majal ndak hengat when the man were out from the coffee shop...and waited patiently for us to finish 'jakuning'. Only when we left that Lisa told us the man said to his friend; "It's ok, let them take picture with it". And straight away kami ketawa gila pecah perut. Paling haru when we thought the 2 men tunggu turn to pose with the bicycle juga. Kuyak!

Perhaps untuk cover malu. We did the breakaway pose...di bumi Pulau Nami. 

Enough to explain how happy I am to be there.

And selesai program melawat cum lupa diri cum trip tourist di pulau tu. Memang super cantik! I wish to come back there during the autumn...mesti lagi bikin nangis tu view. 
One & a half hour on the coach...we arrived at Insadong. As it was getting dark already, harus suhu pun melampau sejuk. Tapi pose maintain cool depan camera adalah perlu.
Somewhere at Insadong street.

We reached the hotel nearly dusk. After packing our things & luggages, we checked out from the hotel. Mainly because we don't want to miss our flight back to Malaysia early the next morning. Hence we decided to just spend our last night at the airport. Although ada airport coach at 4am departed from the bus stop near our hotel, sure satu hal super besar kalau terlajak tidur.
I took few pictures on the way to the airport that night...and memang plan tegar untuk upload this picture! 

Kalau anda peminat tegar Kdrama harus tahu why am I so into this cafe shop. Berhambur ni cafe di sana ok. It's like tiap ceruk aku jelajah mesti jumpa. And sebab terlampau femes juga kali harga sebiji bun pun agak boleh tahan.

Final update will be published soon. And lepas tu saya dah takde hutang ngan awak ye? Ahaks.

p/s Nami Island memang cantik...but sedih tengok vandalism sana sini specially towards replika kenang2an  pasal drama tu.