14 March 2012

Edisi: Memang Trip


Fuh I know I've been a total loser by ignoring this site for few days already. And I have not been able to fulfill my promise to that someone...another entry kan I hutang awak. Sila bawa bersabar ye.

As much as I feel so itchy to scribble in here...workloads hindered me from having any extra time to blog. Itu dia alasan mau minta ditampar. I reached home at 9pm the earliest; almost everyday. And I have only few hours to spend with Mother before she goes to bed at 11pm. Can't even feed my craving for Kdrama either. Let alone squeeze my brain & search ideas on what to scribble here. I am not blessed with the skill to just write & published. Saya perlu atur ayat...perlu susun perenggan.

Anyway, I will try to get my final post *about the trip yang sudah bangas* done  by this week. Insya Allah.


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