19 March 2012

South Korea: Last Day

My last night at one of my favourite countries. To eventually make it published was a relieved to me. On the fourth day, after the Nami Island trip...we rushed back to the hotel. Packed our luggages & checked out. Everything was done in less than 3 hours time. 

Because we don't wanna miss the flight back to Malaysia the next morning; which is at 8am. Therefore we decided to just spend the last night at the airport. 

From the hotel we had to walked few hundred metres more to reach the bus stop. Or shall I say we literally jogged! Dragging along our things & super banyak plus heavy luggages. Memang edisi Running*Man versi Malaysian Ladies. Ahaks.

Fuh ada gaya model poyo ah! Situation was a bit tensed when I took this pic. Everyone was kinda embraced by panic attack because they thought we have missed the last bus to the airport. Even the electronic board at the bus stop showed no sign of an upcoming bus. 

Alkisah, masa dekat traffic light we saw the airport bus selamba lalu depan kami & didn't stop even kami sudah melompat beruk suruh stop. Sangat dedikasi dengan kerja pun payah oii!

But I was confident the last bus is yet to come because according to the route on the board; last bus will arrived at the bus stop at 9pm. And my watch showed it's another quarter to 9pm. Knowing the punctuality of their bus drivers...I tried to stay calm. Pasal tu sibuk menggambar orang, sekian! And, kalau aku suruh bertendang bertenang ndak pasal nanti kisah aku terlepas flight to Bali akan terungkit. Ngeh~~makanya diam & senyum comel adalah perlu. 
And not long after the nerve wrecking state, the bus came. Everyone was jumping in such relieved. One hour later, after few dramas at the bus stop we finally arrived at Incheon Airport! Syukur. 
Where Pijah took her rest that night. Masing2 ada bench sendiri. While the rest chit chatted, Lisa & I wandered around the airport. Boring for it's already midnight hence chances untuk bumped into pretty & cute Korean guys adalah zero. Yang kami jumpa orang sakit mental tengah menjerit sama security airport. Lisa quickly told me sebelum kami jadi tebusan, better chow tinggalkan scene. 
Ada servis sewa mobile phone? Fuh canggih kot.

Killing time at the airport. A cuppa before wishing the rest of the 'crew' a well good night. Tidur atas bench located right in front of the plug where I charged my phone!!! Sejarah dalam hidup...overnight at the airport. Wish list; checked! Ya, saya memang wish untuk itu. Experience bebeh!
Queueing for check-in. The counter lady sangat comel but due to kelam kabut *as always* I forgot to snap her picture. Hmm please ignore the sour-face ahjumma behind Pijah. Ndak puas hati lah tu ndak dibawa bergambar. *flip my hair*
This boarding pass was a clear sign to tell me that holiday in Korea has officially came to its end. *sob* Cantik kan pass ni compare to what we have in our country. Penjimatan kos itu penting, ya saya tahu itu! Lalala~~I am grateful, nonetheless. 
Another Paris Baguette at the airport. Sangat mensukacitakan!
Entered the plane without knowing that our seats was upgraded to Hot Seat *few hundred extra mahal seat ni than what we have paid* Alhamdulillah! Gila kentang best! Just a few steps distance from the premier class. Hanya curtain pemisah kami! 
Spacious leg area! Boleh stretching & mengada2. Paling best, boleh berdiri duduk sesuka jiwa. Bebas untuk ke lavatory anytime I want to. 
Wondering when could I afford to travel like them. Premium seat a.k.a cekik darah seat. Apa lah motif bercurtain gitu? Ok fine, they paid a bit more extra than u Bie. Ara?
3 hours on board, I woke up to a grumbling tummy. I only had a piece of donut for breakfast; hence explained the hungriness. Lapar gaban! Lucky they still have something to feed me; the last one. And unfortunate Lisa had to settle for noodles instead.

A little info about my current addiction to Kdrama. Woot! Jiwa goyang oii! Completed watching the whole 16 Episodes & 7 Special Episodes in less than a month! Bravo me to the super gorgeous panda eyes!

Super love the main characters! The cheeky Oh Ha Ni & cold Baek Sung Jo. Can I request have a boyfriend like him, please. *Boleh. Boleh blah, Bie!!!*

Watching this drama & most of the scenes; made me miss South Korea even more! Sob sob. Emo poyo perlu lebih dari biasa this time! Seriously I wanna go back there...explore more of the country. Chenta, jom meneroka bersama bila segalanya sudah halal ya. 
Haven't I tell u that I super love black-and-white portraiture? What's more when the subject is someone I admire. That guy above; melted my heart for thousand of times despite his coldness & coolness in this drama. Sila tahu, ciri lelaki macam tu lah yang selalu buat hati gue gundah & goyah. Ahaks! Macho in his own way. Ok enough...terlebih nanti susah. Muntah darah sendiri!

p/s Saya dah takde hutang ye. Pasni jangan duk tagih cerita "Holiday Cik Bibie ke Korea" pula. Nak pengsan kot rasa semata nak siapkan entri ni. Gomabseubnida for reading anyway.



Anonymous said...

grunge: bongos...siok2 sa baca final post ko psl kuria, ada dia cerita pasal oppa dia last2..wakakak..rusak mood I tau tak..trolololololololololol

Unknown said...

Told u kan mau reveal my new kdrama & Oppa! Cute *slang Korean please* kan. Ahaks!

Anonymous said...

grunge: menyampah I tau tak....lol

Unknown said...

Cute kan sy. LOL

luna paris said...

sekejap je eh kat korea mase first trip... mesti time balik tu berkobar2 nk repeat korea kan.. hehe =)

Bibie Karim said...

Luna: First trip gi dalam 4 hari je xsilap. Tu pun kawan yang guide sebab dulu dia pernah study sana. Masa nak balik tu memang dah tanam niat akan repeat. Alhamdulillah, next year...summer, aku lak guide kawan2 aku. Macam poyo giler, walhal sendiri pun xtau apa pasal Korea masa tu. Based on study kat blog orang je banyak.