30 December 2012

Buang Tabiat: Aku suka KOMPLEN

Assalamualaikum. Annyeong.

I've been deserting this site quite frequent these days. Loads of things to scribble yet too little effort made to put them in words. Caught myself up with too many useful stuffs lately. Useful as I called them but ridiculous as per Bunda. Tetttt!

I took pictures on various events; with the intention to get them posted in here. But, they were left untouched in the phone's folder. Neglected. I don't favour the idea to upload them ALL in instagram*. IG has turned into a rather boring app for me; recently. I just don't get the idea, why do people have to upload every single picture they took. Because from my understanding, IG is about the 'at the moment picture'

Just because u wanted to tell ur friends, u're making a single dish...u decided to upload the step-by-step pictures. Hana hana?!? Not in a grid nor collage. But every single pictures throughout the whole process of making! 

Forgive me if I'm being narrow minded, but I can't seem to tolerate with such thing for now. Not only were the pictures uploaded in IG, they're also in FB. The very reason why I hid them from appearing in my news feed. It's torturing to have to scroll down until the very bottom because of the long-list of updated pictures. Worse, even after hitting the tab 'more posts' at the bottom page...more pictures appeared. Like; ain't there any updates from my other friends? 

It's a different story if IG is used as a medium to expand ur e-shop. That I can totally understand. But to have the step-by-step pictures? From the ingredients, to preparations, to the end result? Phew, it's just too much for me to digest.

And oh the pictures taken every second; do they all needed to be uploaded? Same background, same subject(s)...just a slight different smile or face expressions. I got it u're in the car heading to somewhere. So, stop! Don't upload until u've reached ur destination. Update me when u're there already. IG doesn't have the 'hide' tab YET. Hence I guess I just have to endure with ur impulsive need to upload & upload. I can't delete u from the follower list because u're one of those friends I value.

Being human, there's always something to whine about. But that doesn't mean I should ditch u. Nor judge everything u did. Part upload terlebih tu jak bikin aku headache. Maafkan gue! Sekian.

Chop! 'You' refer to more than one person by the way.


25 December 2012

Hostel: Van Gogh Hostel, Amsterdam

Assalamualaikum. Hallo!

Gila lama gap untuk complete-kan list of hostels aku stay during my trip last June. Padahal baru tiga hostel aku stay! Anyways, since a close friend of mine is planning to go to Amsterdam next year...I think I shall update this entry asap. She's been buzzing around asking me about this that; macamlah aku paling pro berjalan di bumi Amsterdam tu. 

Walhal baru first time jejak kaki, stay pun hanyalah dua hari! Trip habis bah menjawab soalanS sahabat. Nevermind that, sharing is caring. Biar cuma ada secebis knowledge...kalau dikongsi harus aku rasa happy. As I planned everything on my own; from accommodation to transportation to places of interests...I always think sharing what I know would be of helpful to her. The least I could do.

So, lets spill the bean. *poyo* Like I stated before, for all my accommodations throughout the trip; I made my booking through hostelbookers.com months prior coming. 
From Paris, I took the Thalys to Amsterdam Centraal. Ni pun aku beli online siap2. Seat secured, hati senang untuk plan itinerary seterusnya. Nasib lah summer although sampai Amsterdam around 7p matahari masih terang benderang di luar. 
I refer to this to reach the hostel. Mesti selalu simpan direction yang hostel bagi. Memang paling berguna! 
Since I bought the GVB 24hours Pass (free ride on all public transportations excluding taxi) soon after I reached the Centraal Station, jadinya aku hanya perlu tunggu tram #2 or #5. Sila make sure platform tram yang betul supaya ndak salah naik tram. Besar info di board tu so please pay extra attention.
Untuk sampai hostel ni memang paling petik jari. I hopped on the tram #5...pastu bagi sistem pendengaran & penglihatan kerja keras. Dalam tram akan display nama each station where the tram is currently stopping. Beside the LCD display, announcement pun ada. Aku memang sudah download apps tram route dalam Mr Sam, pasal tu aku bangga & riak (CISSS!!) sebab aku tau when to alight from the train. Coming from the Centraal, one will hop off at the stop on the right. Yang kiri; ramai orang berdiri tu...for those going to the Centraal area. 
Down from the tram, turn around & the Van Gogh Mu*seum will be on your right side. Itu adalah landmark paling kentara; tipu ok kalau terlepas pandang. 
Yang ni view opposite the museum. Please beware of the cyclist sebab di Amsterdam lebih ramai orang mengayuh. Cross the road & walk straight. Depan mata akan terus terpampang signboard Van Gogh Hotel.
Hostel ni memang boleh nampak direct from the road. Just before the entrance, ada parking lot untuk basikal. Patutlah best jak udara di Amsterdam, kureng asap kereta rupanya. Choii padahal baru sampai less than an hour...naik tram lagi. Ada hati cakap pasal udara bersih kan.
The reception. Since sudah book awal2, I had no problem during check-in. Paid the remaining balance...filled in the form...and voila! Room pass di tangan gue!
Clogs adalah salah satu simbol traditional Amsterdam. 
Booked a 6 beds female dorm with private bathroom for 26 Euro...memang super puas hati! Thumbs up for everything this hostel had prepared for its guest. Katil empuk. Siap ada safety box for each bed. Bilik bersih. Although macam bingung kenapa perlu ada tv; flatscreen lagi...biarkan jak lah. Manatau ada orang mau tengok berita awal pagi. Or memang tujuan datang Amsterdam adalah untuk melepak dalam dorm & layan movie di tv jak. 
The private bathroom. Untuk kegunaan enam penghuni bilik tu. Gila bah! Bathroom macam ni kira standard hotel sudah kalau di KK. Aku memang jakuns habis ndak payah explain. Luckily my other dorm mates were already out when I checked-in. Hence I took the chance to snap few pictures of the room. Perlu! Kan mau gebang sama sahabat rapat. Tetttt!
Hotel Fita. Ni view from the room's balcony. Yah ada balkoni! Tapi kecil jak lah...aku saturang berdiri pun sudah rasa macam sesak. Penuh gila. Kah sebab kau kembang semangkuk Bie?!
Unlike the hostels in London & Paris, breakfast at Van Gogh is not included in the rate. Kalau mau add on breakfast, its 5 Euro. Considering aku bangun super awal & ndak sure kedai apa buka di Centraal...aku decide untuk jamu perut di cafe hostel. Macam biasa, mimpilah untuk dihidang fried mee nasi lemak semua tu. Haruslah aku trip minah salleh makan cereals. And croissant. And fresh milk. And orange juice. Guna sebaiknya 5 Euro tu. Perlu jalan jauh for the rest of the day, hence I need to refuel semaksimum mungkin. Misi untuk jelajah Zaanse Schans yeah!

Well, finally siap. Syukur. Hopefully this could help that friend of mine to get a bit of a feeling of the hostel. Memang fully recommended stay sini. Affordable & easily accessible. Till next time...wassalam.


20 December 2012

Buang Tabiat: Bercakap-cakap

Assalamualaikum. Annyeong.

Study week is approaching yet the number of students coming to the cafe remains unchanged. If before they came swarming; now they came in small group but continuously. The swelling on my left shoulder has spread to the right. I tried relieving the aching shoulder by doing some massage but to no avail. The pain could become unbearable at times. So yesterday, I decided to pay the tukang urut that massaged Aunty’s swollen arm; a visit. I left the cafe early because I have other errands to do before the urut session.

Settled my urusan at the traffic  first. I had four unpaid tickets; purposely ignore to pay the summons since last year. Great mind like moi always enjoyed the idea of donating moolah to unnecessary things, yes?! Thus at the summon payment counter, I happily ‘donated’ few hundred Ringgits. Thanks to Bunda for buzzing nonstop about it. Else, memang selamanya buat2 lupa bayar. Will only start to act panic when a love letter arrived at the pigeon-hole; I guess.

Later after picking up cafe’s new uniforms, it’s massage session!! Semangat membara! I headed straight to WM. Only to be told that the tukang urut was on leave that day. Great, just darn great! Apparently another brilliant side of moi emerged. Why u no use ur brain to give her a call first lah Bie!!! Fortunately, I've made an appointment this Sunday. Hopefully janganlah aku kelupaan.

On another story, I think something changed in me recently. I have never gained enough patience when it comes to watching a drama by episodes. I repeat, NEVER. My whole life I wouldn't allow myself to agree to thing as such. Back then when watching drama(s) through the television, I skipped most of the episodes; specially in between the intro & ending. I am always excited to watch the first two episodes & the finale.

Nowadays, I can have the whole episodes of a drama in less than a week. Haruslah kan! I opted to watch the first three episodes & directly jumped to the final episode. I just can't stand too much melancholics & dramas in a drama. Important part is how it begins...and how it ends. Only after I've watch the last episode will I resume watching the remaining episodes. Talk about the not so adventurous me! Sakit jiwa, sesak nafas mau tau apa kesudahan kisah hero heroin...pastu mau tau mati ka ndak si Penjahat. Bengkak dada wei tengok betapa evil watak si Penjahat; one after another jahat dibuat tapi susah gila kantoi.

BUT, I don't know how on earth I could tolerate with the Kdrama I am currently watching. I-Miss-You. I waited for each episode to be downloadable; patiently. Every week. I watched them; episode by episode. Thing I never thought I would do! Albeit curiosity shoot up; I am able to control it. Memang kalau umur makin sikit akan ada sindrom beginikah? Hmm interesting!

Anyway, I am in the midst of downloading another Kdrama. A time-travel kind of drama will entertain me soon. Yang ni ala2 RooftopPrince. I decided to watch it after reading quite good reviews about this drama in the web.

Well Q*ueen In-hyeon's Man...u better be worth my fortyeighthours of download time.


15 December 2012

Edisi: Faith

We meet again after five good years. Wall I once built simply to isolate u from my life...had long collapsed. Leaving no trace of its existence. I didn't know when it happened. But one thing for sure, I appreciate this friendship more these days.

Gone has the hatred. Gone has the bitterness. Gone has the grudges. 

I believe time does really heal the wounds. The past matured me. Knowing u enjoying ur life with ur beloved little family make me feel so delighted. 

It is fate that we met & fell in love. It is also fate that we separated. It is fate that brings us where we are now. Allah has written our journey ever since He created us. And they are written wonderfully indeed. 

I am forever grateful for the decision we chose. I shall not question what The Almighty has plan for His slaves. 

Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah! This tranquil feeling is beyond words to be describe.


11 December 2012

Edisi: Great Companionship

Assalamualaikum. Annyeong.

Life has been wonderful these past few days. Alhamdulillah for Your blessings Ya Rabb. Weekend passed by too fast I didn't expect it will end this soon. 

Meeting the Girlfriends over tea last Sunday. It's been months since we last met. Too many stories to share yet too little time we had.

Tea cum dinner at Lucy's Kitchen, Kepayan. A new eatery place suggested by Ms. U. First time jejak kaki upon this recently most-talk cafe. Nice ambiance & most importantly; regardless the creative decorations & settings, the price is pretty affordable.
And I successfully stuffed my tummy with truckload of food during the weekend. I had tomyam & wedges for dinner with Bunda on Saturday. Lamb chop for the tea cum dinner session on Sunday.

Now its definitely time to 'detox'. I will consume only bread & cake this whole week.



6 December 2012

Edisi: Occupied I am

Assalamualaikum. Annyeong.

*poyo mode* I've been busy. With stuffs at the cafe, with plannings on my next holidays *insya Allah*, with this, with that...

and yeah, obviously I've found another Kdrama to entertain my so-called bored evening. So much of claiming to be busy, huh. My eternal Kdrama-supplier rendered me speechless when she handed me quite a list of must-watch dramas. And she literally killed me when she gave me the blogsites that provide downloadable dramas. 
My current obsessionI watch this mainly because of the casts. Eun Hye from my forever favourite Kdrama; PrincessHours. And Micky; the leading actor from the recent hit drama RooftopPrince. Close friends specially those from high school sure know my obsession towards 'mata sepet' guy. Apart from super macho deep voice, I easily fall for those kinda eyes. Super tusuk jantung! Tettt.

Well that means I have more concrete reason to stay at home during the weekend. Rather than go out & spend my moolah over ridiculous things. Yes? Furthermore, it's like sorta opportunity for me to stick firmly with my saving plan. Most of the times, it is rather scary to list down what I bought every time I go out. And it's also the reason why I opted to NOT keep my money in the bank. I really don't wanna become one of those online shopping addict.

Erk, I was at that stage once...hence, I am trying reaaaaaaaaaaaaally hard to not get stuck in there again. Anyhow, I can't wait to hear stories from my cousin. Her 6-days holiday to Japan came to its end today. Through her pics she uploaded, I am pretty sure she has one helluva trip! Oh, bilakah tiba waktuku?


1 December 2012

Buang Tabiat: Cemburu Gila!

Assalamualaikum. Annyeong. Kon'nichiwa!

*drama mode activated*

While Bunda is shouting her lung out watching the football match in front of the black screen tele. 

While I am busy determining places of interest to visit for my Feb trip; at the same downloading Kdramas; also watching Suju + BB in MAMA 2012 Award via youtube...

beloved cousin; Uly is now enjoying every second of her life in Japan! She; together with her uncle & two cousins departed to Tokyo yesterday morning. After nearly months imagining how Japan looks like, after nearly months telling me how excited she is for the trip...and right now, she has set her foot upon the Land of the Rising Sun. Alhamdulillah; they arrived in one piece!

Fyi, that lady with the green bag isn't Japanese albeit her look! Itu pure blood Malaysian. *flip hair* Kentara bah kan jeles berabis!!
I commanded her to tag me in every pictures she uploaded in her facebook! Peduli sana muntah darah meninguk gambar orang. Cari penyakit menghancur jiwa sendiri!

Of course I am uber happy for her. At such age, she is already backpacking to somewhere outside Malaysia. Aku adalah cemburu habis meter, just to be precise  How I wish I could join them! Tapi apakan daya, I had my pockets burnt already. No more holidays for me until the year ends. 

Cukuplah twice a year Bie, sila berpada bila mahu merealisasi impian. Sila jangan tamak. Pelan2 kayuhlah, kan. Insya Allah, ur time will come. At the mean time, disiplin diri untuk rajin saving! Bukan malar tabur duit di sana sini ntah hapa jak dibeli!

p/s Perangai: Suka excited on behalf orang yang pigi bercuti. Pastu seteghes sebab ndak dapat join.