28 February 2012

Edisi: Buruk Tiada Ampun

Seriously, how can I be this ignorance? Annoying to the point I deserve a slap on my face to awaken me. Like, really? I was too occupied with my so-called happy life when my besties are actually on the verge of depression. How more awful could u be as a friend Err? Worst, how could u claim urself as their sister? *sigh*

As if news I came to know last night wasn't enough to sadden me. Another one came early this morning. I feel; ugly! Someone should smash my head already. Swing & bang me on the wall. Words aren't enough to describe my regrets. 

The sisters refuse to share the sad news with me...mainly because they don't want to destroy my happiness who according to them; just got back from the holiday a.k.a destress therapy. And that eventually has buried me into deep shame. Boo hoo moi!

Having said all these, I pray the best for u sisters. May Allah gives u both the strength to endure with everything that comes ur ways. Insya Allah, amin.


27 February 2012

Edisi: Trip Busy

Someone BBM text me last night; asking why in the world did I stopped scribbling about my recent trip. Aigoo, I didn't know someone's waiting for the update. He specifically mentioned incomplete entries for Day Two to Day Four itinerary. Funny isn't it? When I thought no one really care about the holiday trip *excluding my close friends* suddenly, he surfaced out of no where...reminding me to continue sharing. From the bottom of my humble heart, I appreciate u for ur time. *hands on chest, eyes winking*

Honestly speaking, I am not much of a normal person last week. Having to be in no-work mode for 2 weeks left me a little bit shock when the cafe reopened last Monday. Drama enough? I didn't took enough time to set the mind back to working mode. Serve me right for letting myself stuck in the dreamland. Really, I wish I could extend my stay in SK a bit longer. Maybe a week or two. I'm in love with the country already. *alasan perlu untuk tidak putus*

Bungsu spelt the word B to me last week. And to make thing even worse, the sisters spoke of an all-ladies road trip to a country I have long put in my wish list. Phew, macam ni kalu...simpan duit untuk travelling jak lah kerja aku. Need not need to worry about getting hitched I supposed. Fine, getting married is another chapter in life. Who says I can't focus on making my dreams come true & 'plan' for the future life at the same time. I always have faith that Allah already has a beautiful plan(s) for me...and because of that, I don't need to hurry things up. Redha dengan qada & qadar-Nya, itu yang perlu aku semat dalam hati. Insya Allah.

Anyways, to that someone whom has caused me to write this entry...gamsahabnida for reminding. I will try to find some free time to update about the trip, ok. Workload caught me good these past few days. Plus there are just too many pictures for me to choose & upload here. Like I told u, I don't want to upload the same pictures I have in my fb album. So yeah, bear with the ridiculous me for now. Will get them up soon. Insya Allah.


25 February 2012

Buang Tabiat: Berantilah jadi toyol!

Yesterday was what I called; my unhealthy day. Booo! 

I woke up in the morning; rushing to the bathroom. And threw out every single food I consumed the day before. Food poisoning was my guess...and the doctor confirmed it later when I went to the clinic in the evening. 

Oh my, what have I done to my system. Too cruel I reckoned. Up to the point it was forced to put up such rebellious act in order to make me stop. I know for sure, the vomiting thingy is not only about the food I consumed. I've been torturing my system way too much already. Four sleepless nights in my pocket; what shall I expect the body will react. Silly me! Getting too attached with the Kdrama seriously did nothing good to urself, ara Bie? 

Please oh please...manage ur rest & pleasure time wisely. In your case rest definitely means rest a.k.a sleep; and pleasure means pleasure. Do not mix them up ever! Those dark circles around ur eyes, u really think they existed for no apparent reason? Think again! 

Annnnnd drama is called drama on a very obvious reason. It is suppose to be watched one at a time; per episode. Not like what u normally do, woman! So now please, get ur mind straight. Do not try to force ur system to overwork, ever again. It's not like u will die if u sleep on time & stop urself from sleeping late. 

Be good to urself Bie...'spell' the word "live healthy" rightly already. 


21 February 2012

Buang Tabiat: Perkhidmatan First Class


Aku di ImigKK. Urus visa kerja staffs aku yang sudah dorang extend waran a.k.a surat perakuan for nearly 2 months already. Alasan, belum dapat jawapan dari pihak mahkamah. I've been coming up & down this building since Dec...and the only thing aku dapat adalah 'Dilanjutkan untuk siasatan sehinga xxxxxx'. Penuh sudah surat asal ni dicop, signed &,amp; extended. Lagi lama benda ni settle, lagi banyak lah kompaun mau bayar. Fomema pun mau expired sudah, forsure by the time dorang release the pasport aku wajib buat fomema baru in order to renew the workpass. Memang cilake. Adakah ni 1 of their way to make money for the department. Mau cakap banyak orang, aku tengok goyang kaki juga orang dorang ni.

Everytime aku sampai mesti orang kaunter cakap 'PEGAWAI BELUM SAMPAI'. Walhal patut pelanggan berhak dapat layanan tepat jam 8 kan. Sekali pegawai datang, mulut comot ada sisa makanan. And don't make me start with the counter people yang senyum sendiri hadap lappy, reflection dari cermin adalah page fb. Adui lah...cover sikit lah ba kan jo. Part dorang kalau ditanya & memanjang jawab ndak tau...pun macam a bit 'comel'. Rasa macam aku mau kasi muntah bom pun ada. Lawak maksimum when few people yang datang tanya but I know the answer better. Boleh jak jawapan dorang kasi buat aku terburai perut. Lucu!!!

I've waited for nearly an hour now...still ndak da apa ni. Aku sure jap lagi keluar manusia tu, aku bakal dapat surat extension lagi. Or better excuse, pegawai in charge pi kursus. That answer took me so long to be informed lah kan. If officer cuti, ndak da ka yang ganti. If ndak da officer sesuai ganti, or ndak da yang berkebolehan...napa perlu aku tunggu lama gila. Damn betul lah, kasi rosak imej GS yang memang kerja betul. I have always had problem with this department lah. Jiwa.

Cuba aku jadi orang yang biasa menghulur something under table...mesti laju aku dilayan. Hmm, sebab aku selalu jak nampak begitu cara most of the people who came here untuk berurusan. Super efficient kan Malaysian. Apa pun boleh punya.


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19 February 2012

Edisi: From Seoul to Yongpyeong Ski Resort to Itaewon

That man on the left wearing the green soldier uniform; might be a trainee only. Or what we referred to as PLKN trainee. It is compulsory for the Korean to enrol in military. Semangat juang negara mereka adalah tinggi ok. Years of being under the Japanese rule, during the war; they somehow embodied a strong patriotism spirit. The Koreans are very proud of their own country. And that's what I highly respect about them.
 Ehem...eheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeem. While waiting for the bus. At the parking bay of Dong Seoul Bus Terminal, bound for Yongpyeong Ski Resorts. 
Tall building scattered around the city. Just like in their drama/movie. Fine, aku memang ndak sah kalau ndak mention pasal Kdrama/Kmovie kan. Sila terima dengan paksarela please.
 Gangbyeon Station. The pedestrian crossings are extensively utilized. This was taken from inside the bus soon after leaving Dong Seoul Bus Terminal; bound for Hoenggye. 
 Foggy window tells me enough of the cold weather outside. We arrived at Hoenggye Intercity Bus Terminal after 3 hours of journey from Seoul. 
 First time in my life! What would u expect? Harus lah kan aku jaks di situ. Di KK ndak da benda ni. Kak Sya jalan terlajak ke depan.
We took the free shuttle bus to the resort in front of the post office (behind me near tiang yang ada garis kuning hitam tu).
 I've always want to have this lied before my eyes ever since I was a kid.

Tu dia. Tourists tegar. Siap ada angin bayu meniup manja rambut.
 Their version of Mc'D.
Maybe next time, ok Pijah.
Uri chingu merangkap guide kami. Gomawo!
Bila lah akan terlaksana impian untuk main ski. Or snowboarding.
 We took the gondola to reach the peak.
Reached the Dragon Peak.
Alhamdulillah. It's a dream came true! 
Verangan adalah perlu. What's with his poster up there? Oh yeah, u got it right. Some of the scenes in the infamous K-drama; Winter Sonata was filmed here. 
I had so much fun I totally forgot my numb foot.
 Us ladies. Having so much fun up there despite the coldness.

 MakSu & Yours Truly in the gondola on our way down from The Peak.
YongPyong Hotel Condo & Apartment at the resort. Located on the ridge of Mount Balwangsan it is the first domestic ski resort opened sometime in '75.

It would be great to have the opportunity to stay there & experience playing with the snow late night. Gerenti lah kan muka jadi kebas segala. 
View of Seoul at night. We took a bus from the resort straight to the city. Hopped off the bus somewhere near Hyundai Department Store after nearly 1.5hours stuck in a traffic congestion. 
Took the subway to Itaewon. Jumpa kedai with Halal sign adalah sangat nikmat!!! Biar lah kebab tu sebiji RM12 sekalipun!!

Our dinner at a Turkish restaurant where Lisa did her part time job during her uni year. The menu was briyani kambing. Paratha bread. Lamb curry. Chic curry. Finally!!! Jumpa nasi!!! Super sedap!

Was supposed to visit the only mosque in Seoul but because most of the ladies were already tired...and the idea of climbing more steep road made them immediately gave up with the plan. Letih oii! Walau aku adalah sedikit hampa...*wink at Ernie* but never mind that for I have already plan a trip to SK with Bunda. Cuma ndak tahu bila lah kunun akan tercapai impian itu. Insya Allah.

Mari doa sama2...gomawo. Yay!!


18 February 2012

Edisi: Namsan Tower / Teddy Bear Museum

Namsan Tower - Chasing Teddy Bears!

Because of Princess Hour; the Teddy Bear Museum has been a dream place I so wanted to go! Bestie Ernie is always right. She once said to me "Be careful with what u wished for".

In the drama, it was filmed in Jeju Island. I put my dream aside as I know there would be no way of me getting to that island during my 5 days trip. A week before I fly to South Korea, I surf about the museum. For fun & perhaps to keep dreaming! And unexpectedly found out a similar museum has recently opened at Namsan Tower. In the central city; Myeongdong. U have NO IDEA how excited I was upon knowing it. 

We had to climb the road as seen in most of their dramas. And travel through a cable car up to the station...climbed up few more stairs before we finally reached the tower. The famous landmark of Seoul; Namsan Tower. It is an observation & communication tower built in 1969, opened to public sometime in 1980. I wasn't keen on climbing the tower & observe the downtown of Seoul. What brought me here is definitely none other than the museum! 
One of my most anticipated place to visit is this museum! 

Very crucial information to share...the museum is NOT about the history of the teddy bears. Instead the Koreans used the teddy bears; made a diorama depicting the past & present of Korea. Fascinating indeed to me!
 The scholars.

 Kimchii making. 
 The elites group.
 Bodyguards, perhap.
 The artist.

They got their supply of electricity in 1887. 

Everyday I'm shuffling. Bear doing the breakdance, this was when the era of hip hop hit the city. 

I am a delighted tourist! My 8000KRW worth the visit. Although this museum isn't as big as the one in Jeju Island; I went out the gate with wide smile engraved on my face. 

Till then. Next entry would be our visit to Pyongyong Resort on the 2nd day. Joh-eun halu lideo. 


17 February 2012

South Korea: Everland

Sesat cari bus stop sebab instructions agak bingai. Or perhaps semua masih kenyang & deria penerimaan adalah sedikit lampi a.k.a lambat pick-up. Actually we already saw the bus stop from afar tapi cara mau sampai tu yang agak tricky. Garisan belang adalah wajib untuk dilintas; ikut traffic light. Bukan simply melintas di tengah2 jalan raya. Araso? Maka kami telah turun naik laluan underground subway.

Fortunately we have Lisa who can converse very very well in Korean language. *jeles kambing* Hatta baru Level 1 pun Korean sudah tunjuk 2 thumbs up ok, tu belum masuk fasa intermediate. 

We took the subway to from Dongdaemun Station to Jamsil Station. And the journey to Everland Resort took approximately 1.5hours by bus from there. In case kau bingung cari Jamsil Station. Lotte Park adalah landmark paling berguna. The bus stand situated just opposite Lotte Department Store & the theme park. 

Motif gambar? Tunjuk lah kan aku pijak ais sejemput tu. *lol* Sneakers are still white & clean on my first day. 
Happy happy feet everyone!
Aku trip comel di situ, so sila lah sila terima kenyataan.
Lisa recommended us to try this. The only thing in mind was "What if aku tergolek dog on the way down?". Mampus kan tu imagination. 
 Magical tree; as I called it. 
Imitating the duck. Kuek kuek.
Some performance in the evening. Everything there is just too cute!!!
Extreme games are so NOT me anymore. But Pijah & MakSu ride on this Rolling Xtrain. So very brave of them, huh.
The DNA Twister. Sangat lah bila turun, DNA kucar kacir terus!
I just love this pic. Serene!
Fink stuffs are everywhere in the souvenir shops. Pening!
Headed to Namsan Tower setelah puas berchenta di Everland. 
Sistem parking untuk rumah2 di jalan sempit. Sebiji macam dalam drama/movie diorang tu. Banyak gila naik2 bukit...no wonder kering jak Korean ni.
Selalu tengok benda ni dalam drama/movie jak, alhamdulillah akhirnya aku tinggal footprints di sana.

Memang sudah pasang niat dari awal, ever since Lisa spoke the idea of going to SK. Mahu masuk Teddy Bear Museum, mahu masuk Teddy Bear Museum. Big thanks to Princess Hours Kdrama lah kan. Sumber paling racun! This museum is the latest one opened in SK. The original situated somewhere in Jeju Island. Yang tu kalau mau jejak, nanti2 lah kan. Melampau naik flight return from Incheon jak sudah cecah RM600+. Who knows I will go there with chenta hati pula.
Yours Truly in the tunnel before the entrance to the museum.

As expected, presentation of the bears in the museum awed me. Too creative an artwork. I can't stop from going yay-uuu-waaah upon seeing them. Definitely a dream came true! The only thing I regretted is not being able to explore the Lock Tower because of time constraint. Mimpi Awan Dania aku yang tu jak ndak tercapai. Never mind that for I believe there will always be next time. Insya Allah, kalau umur panjang.