28 September 2018

Victoria Day 3 : Penguin Parade at Phillip Island

Assalamualaikum. G'Day Mate

Am back after weeks of hiatus. Bolehlah diabaikan previous entry itu. Jiwa orang tengah kacau; haruslah entry pun bunyi ala-breakdown gitu. No worries, alhamdulillah I'm good now. Biasalah bila lama sikit di tempat orang, hati jadi sensitif tiada sempadan. Thanks to my super awesome friends untuk keprihatinan yang tiada bernoktah. Semoga Allah SWT reward korang banyak2

And back to my Melbourne trip. So we reached Phillip Island a little late than our initial plan hence we had to forego few activities. Previous entry (here). Bila travel ni memang banyak kejadian luar dugaan (teknik terbaru cover salah sendiri).

28 July 2015
Phillip Island - Penguin Parade

We didn't pre-booked our ticket. We bought them at the counter on the day of the parade itself. Luckily we still had like 30 minutes before we're allowed to enter. That at least gave us more time to wander around & learn more about this cute flightless bird from the educational displays at the visitor center. 
#1 The entrance
#2 The ticket counter
#3 One for the album
#4 The rare species penguin around the world. Also known as the mutant all-black penguin
#5 A juvenile Emperor Penguin (pale yellow breast less visible) 
#6 The Emperor Penguin (pale yellow breast); the tallest & heaviest of all living penguins species. 
It is the only species that breeds during the Antarctic winter. Bear in mind, the male Emperor have to withstand the winter for more than 2 months to protect his egg from extreme cold. While waiting for the chick to hatch, they do not eat anything therefore explain why they tend to lose about 12 kg after incubating. 

There are plenty of information about different type of penguins in the world. Love reading them all. And I also played some of the games (guessing penguin age, origin & etc). Didn't take many pictures at the visitor center though as I was totally into reading the plaque. And unfortunately had forgotten what I've read. Sekian.
#7 View of the Summerland Beach from where we were seated. 
#8 Two pretty ninjaS patiently waiting for the penguin to waddle up the beach to the safety of their homes in sand dunes. 
We chose to watch them penguin from the tiered seating platform (Ticket Price: AUD 26.20). To those who wish to have a little up-close viewing complete with ranger commentary, u can choose the Penguins Plus (a little bit more expensive than our ticket).

We're briefed beforehand that noise & camera flash would scare them off. So I kept my camera inside my bag. Sejuk lagipun tiada masa lah mau buka gloves bagai. We waited for almost an hour before we started spotting 'tiny black shadows' coming out from the waves. Mau keluar cara comel jak semua. We watched quietly yet in awed; the penguins waddled up across the beach to their sand dune burrows. Truly a magical experience for us. Spent sometime on the bench watching them until we spotted no more shadow from the beach.

While walking upon the boardwalk to the visitor center, we spotted loads of the penguin waddling underneath us. Rupanya boardwalk tu runs alongside the penguins' pathway. Patutlah masa ni baru meriah nampak penguin. As more people crowding the boardwalk, the penguins quickly made their move to their burrows. Masa nilah nampak penguin seketul-seketul. Too cute! Yang datang ni kecil jak, yang paling besar we saw was the size of a little kitten. Adalah juga visitors yang less prihatin, sibuk lah menggambar budak-budak tu. Lagi parah, siap on flash. Bikin lah panas perangai.

Nasiblah sedar diri gerak awal dari viewing point. Else memang kami bertukar arca. Sejuk bedi hingga ke tulang. I remember how amazed I was towards Ms G cold-endurance at that time. Langsung tiada complain whatsoever. I reckoned she enjoyed the parade & decided to simply embrace the cold.  
#9 Fashionista penguins
#10 Too cute isn't it?
#11 And we thought jumper means fashion as well. 
Not until we saw this. They were forced to wear the jumpers as to prevent oiled penguins from wallowing the poisonous oil as they clean their feathers. Stop those illegal oil discharges at sea already!

After the parade, it's time to go to our motel. Dari Melbourne terus pi tengok penguin haruslah belum check in. Nasiblah masa sampai tu, receptionist belum balik. I felt guilty though sebab lepas jak aku kutip kunci, diorang terus tutup office. I should have email them earlier. Thoughtless gila kau Bie. 

Campak segala barang dalam rumah, and straight we went out for some groceries shopping. Baru sedar kelaparan gaban semua. And luck was on our side once more. Sebab Woolworths belum tutup. I totally forgot shops in Australia close early. Some even closed by 6pm. Apart from groceries, kena beli charger juga. Gara-gara bijak si Err, semua kena beli baru.

On the way to Phillip Island, we stopped by to refuel the car. Pastu ada singgah supermarket so adalah beli plug bagai. Nearly 20 minutes after leaving the mart, baru perasan salah beli plug. Apalah nasib.

Masa tu juga terjadi sesi muka masam muka between us three. Semua penat...dari pagi berdrama salah subway & bus kan. Masing-masing ala melayan blues sendiri. Tiada kejadian bertekak or tinggi suara because we're professional like that. Sudah tau perangai & limit marah masing-masing. We've been travelling together for years; kalau lah bertekak macam joyah for some "salah beli plug sebab miscommunication" kinda thing....haruslah lame gila. Boleh benam diri dalam tanah. Sebenarnya ndak lama pun silent moment kami dalam kereta. Tunjuk rajuk & protest? Tiada siapa peduli sebenarnya. Hahahaha!
#12 Masuk supermarket pun happy (sebab tau bakal beli barang sumbatan perut)
#13 Si Omnivor. Mesti cari sayur else meals jadi hambar
#14 Masih jakung with self service counter. Ka rindu jadi cashier?
#15 Long receipt. Usah ditanya apa dibeli sebab bab groceries shopping ni memang favourite kami. Macam semua mau dikasi masuk basket
#14 Cepat & express. Alhamdulillah kenyang!
After dinner...semua pun jadi ular sawa. And because electric blankets on Ms H & my bed weren't working, we had to pull our mattresses to the living area where Ms G's bed is. Itu jak area yang ada heater. Memang akan beku kalau kami tidur juga dalam bilik malam tu. Blanket rosak, heater pun rosak. Mau complain pun malas because it was already late when we realized all the malfunctioning stuffs. Lagipun memang tiada siapa di reception. We put our mattresses right in front of the wall heater. Tu pun memang mencari nahas kan. Nasib jak kami ndak rentung malam tu. Sobs. 

Malam tu ndak berapa lena tidur sebab kena tunggu turn to charge my handphone. We bought the plug with only 2 usb ports (tu jak yang ada) hence kenalah bergilir guna. Handphones mau charge, camera pun sama, wifi modem lagi. Memang gigih bangun every couple of hours to check which gadget was fully charged & recharge the one that needed to be recharged. Demi!

Next morning, bangun on time. Fuh! The power of time management during travelling. Salute toing-toing. 

And for Day 4, will be continued later. Wassalam.


24 September 2018

Random : Just Because

Assalamualaikum. 안녕

It's been weeks since my last update. Did my R hormone left the system already? Did the M hormone takes over the system once more?

Nah...I guess not. Truth is; I've got pleeeenty of things to write. Just that I don't have the appropriate time to sit down & relax....and share. Like, ada ke orang peduli. Kan?!

At the moment, I could say I am in this adopting phase. And soul searching (lah sangat). Melancholy sangat bunyinya Bie oiii. Padah penyakit yang dicari sendiri. Sobs.

And I found out recently, this particular question keeps pooping in my head lately.

Apa mahunya hati, apa mahunya diri.

Haraplah bakal bertemu jawapan soon. Insha Allah. For the time being, teruskanlah hidup. Allah masih bagi pinjam nyawa. I really hope I could 'use' the opportunity given to my utmost.

 لِلَّهِ عَلَى كُلِّ حَالٍ

Semoga kita semua akan bertemu jawapan to our endless questions. 

We plan, Allah plans. And; Allah indeed is the Best Planner. 


1 September 2018

Victoria Day 3 : Melbourne City to Phillip Island

Assalamualaikum. G'Day Mate

Selamat Hari Merdeka yang ke-61 Malaysia! Moga kita turut merdeka dari jiwa yang tidak mengenal Pencipta, merdeka dari akidah yang songsang, merdeka dari pemikiran yang kebelakang. Insha Allah, amin.

Well, back to my Melbourne trip. Kisah sengals disimpan rapi dalam sampul memori. Bolehlah jadi bahan ungkitan di kala mengopi with the Jemahs in the future. 

28 July 2015
Apex Car Rental, Melbourne

We booked the car via online; weeks prior our arrival. Didn't do much research about the other rental companies available in Melbourne as I just went with the one recommended by John (KakiBerangan). Biggest point for this company is they offer zero excess full cover insurance (sooo grateful for this but you have to wait until Day 8 for full story) & free GPS navigator. These 2 extra services bought us instantly. 

The booking process was easy; I simply filled in the form & chose options that met our preferences.  Same goes with the pick up process. Downside cumalah ketiadaan outlet di airport. Pasal tu kena travel al-jauh sikit but since they provide free pick up from the airport to their office; I don't have any worries about the no outlet thingy.  
#1 Apex Car Rental office
#2 Our ride; a Hyundai Accent. Kereta dari kampong-pong-pong
Prior to commencing our rental car, we need to check for damages (most important). And this job was given to Ms H; the most particular & detailed amongst us three. She checked every nook and crook. Suruh aku cek kalu, memang ala kadar jaklah. Sekali imbas, terus ok we're good to go. 
#3 Spot Tukang Cek kami
#4 Si Err perlu drive barefooted; else ke laut navigation dia
Car fuel is provided on a full to full basis . We start with full tank & return the car with a full tank. 

After making sure everything is ok, payment made...off we depart for Phillip Island. It was a 2 hours road journey. 
#5 Leaving Melbourne city; heading to an island
We were all busy looking for toll booths as its a tollway. Sibuk cari duit kecil juga as we didn't know the fare. Sekali ada one time ni tiba² dengar macam bunyi scanner. Yang 3 orang dalam kereta haruslah kedaratan. Pastu risau manatau saman. We got our answer upon looking at the gps navigator. Rupanya toll; directly charged to the credit card we used to pay for the rental car. Gitu canggih. 

Automatic semua wahhh jakung! Invisible toll booth! Windscreen kereta pun langsung tiada sticker or barcode. Gigih cari tau. First time driving outside Malaysia maka gitulah kejadiannya. Easily impressed towards things we never seen back home. Kasi can please. 

San Remo, Victoria

Supposedly we're gonna stop at this town for pelican feeding. And that could only be done IF all those dramas earlier that morning didn't happened. If only. Huwaaaah! Riadah along Cape Woomalai walking track pun terpaksa forego. Redha jaklah sebab bingai tiba² tunjuk diri. Of all days...*sigh*
#6 Approaching San Remo
Nampak bayang² sunset upon approaching San Remo. Sebenarnya tangan gatal mau menggambar tapi as the person behind the wheel & ada pula 'JPJ officer' sitting next to me, niat haruslah ditahan². Nanti ndak pasal² dengar semboyan berbunyi. So wakilkan diorang jak lah ambilkan gambar. Aku snap dari hati jak. Cia² sangat kan ayat. 
#7 Crossing the San Remo bridge to get to Phillip Island
#8 Arrived at Phillip Island
Because we're way behind time (need to be on time for the penguin parade), we had our lunch in the car while on the road. Gilir² menikmati makanan. Nasiblah sandwich yang Ms H buat buat she put in her bag. Else makan angin jaklah kami semua. Kunyah chocolate & segala macam jajan yang ada juga. 

I am one happy driver. Selera perut dijaga rapi by Ms H. Minta apa jak, she will get it for me. Udah macam bilik Doraemon seat belakang minah tu kerjakan. Macam² ada. Minta air dapat air, minta choc dapat choc. Siap dia unwrapped kan lagi. Terharu sangat maknae nan seorang ini. 

We headed straight to the Penguin parade  venue (next entry Insha Allah) once we reached Phillip Island. Masing² excited jumpa penguin. 

Kami redha aktiviti lain that we had to forego. Thing happened for a reason. The Almighty knows best; always.