21 June 2013

CutiCuti: Mood Sudah Mari!

Assalamualaikum. 안녕!

Counting hours to my summer holiday with the ladies tomorrow. I had my first winter holiday to that country last year. And I made it a promise to myself...to go there again; one day. It was truly love at first sight when I first set my foot upon that land! 

Alhamdulillah! Allah granted my wish. I'm going back to collect more memories from the country. This is probably going to be one of my most memorable holiday in life. I can sense that already; I have pretty good feeling about it. 

We have tried our very best to draft the itinerary. Did everything on our own without a single help from any tour agency. Thanks to bloggers who are too generous in sharing tips & experiences in their blogs. U guys are the greatest sources. 

After months of griping of how I yearned for another getaway, the day finally arrived. Please pray for our safe journey. Insha Allah.

Anyways, I have finished packing my things just now. Might be watching few of my favorite K-variety shows to kill time. Orang bilang ambil feel sikit before finally sampai sana. 


14 June 2013

Prosperous June: Last year; today...

Assalamualaikum. 안녕!

I planned to post an entry on the 11th to commemorate the so-called one year anniversary of my solo trip to Europe last year. But that plan went down to the drain as I was in a pretty pathetic situation last Tues. Did posted an entry the day after but that post mentioned nothing about the common reminiscing phrase

"Last year on this very day...

A year has passed by. Up to this moment I still couldn't believe that I finally have my wishlist on places I want to go; checked. What makes it more wonderful is that I fulfilled one of my grandest dream before I entered the big-three-zero zone. Using my own pocket money; but few parts sponsored by Bunda & the boss of course. *grin* Double joyousness for I went there while the bestie was still there.

That trip has too many wonderful moments I couldn't express them in words. I learned loads of things; be it prior or after the trip. And starting from that solo adventure too, I became obsessed in making my own itinerary.

Nowadays, I prefer doing everything from scratch. I enjoyed doing the whole process so much few friends requested my help to draft their itinerary as well. I made a treaty with myself that any travels in the future will have nothing to do with tour agent. There are thousand of bloggers out there that travel by this method. Hence I personally think their experiences & tips will be of great help for me to draft my own.

~ June 2012: London-Paris-Amsterdam ~ Alhamdulillah.

Can't wait for next week's trip with my girlfriends. Flashpacking trip it will be. My second attempt travelling in group, with a DIY itinerary. First time was during the Bali trip with my uni friends back in 2010. Insha Allah thing will go as planned. Even if it skidded, I will cherish the moment still. For it definitely is one of the many lessons & memories I gained throughout my travel.

p/s Some bugs were heard talking that solo trip of mine is nothing extravagant if to be compared with those who already walked around the globe. But hey, that is already big enough an achievement for me. My personal achievement it is. So if u're gonna say something like "Alah baru berjalan few countries kot...tapi sudah gebang lebih."; I wholeheartedly invite you to make your way out of this page. Thanks. *end of DramaQueen mode*


12 June 2013

Random: Me Ranting!

Assalamualaikum. 안녕! 

I’m not in my bestest mood today. I’m not in that phase since yesterday. Body has been unwell. I performed my puasa qada’ yesterday but soon after the break fast, I vomited & followed by a severe migraine attack not long after. I ignored the pounding head & drove home. Alhamdulillah nothing bad happened on my way back. 

I decided to wash my hair last night to lessen the throbbing pain. Drank few litres of plain water. Forced myself to eat since I had thrown out everything I consumed for break fast. I hit the sack pretty early. Woke up this morning feeling much lighter. But still I haven’t gain my appetite back. 

Had breakfast at Bunda’s place; this time I skipped any dairy-based product to avoid vomiting. No creamer for my drink. Instead of the daily coffee, this morning I took plain tea for I know what it can do. As an anti-oxidant agent, it helps us cleanse the system. 

A week more before my super long holiday. I pray the body will attain its healthiness before the trip. I can’t afford to get sick at a foreign country. I can’t afford to get sick for that will kill my mood to enjoy the holiday. I could be the most annoying person who you wished to not know; when I get sick. Because the drama queen side of me will certainly emerge at its peak during that time. 

Thing happened at the cafe this morning didn't contribute anything good to my already aching head. As much as I tried to hold my anger, I finally vented out a few. Wings please come faster so I could wear u & fly right away.


4 June 2013

Prosperous June: Last Week of May

Assalamualaikum. 안녕!

The last week of May adalah super best but obviously super non-productive. Cuti Kaamatan dua hari; Thurs & Fri. Pastu continue birthday YDP Agung on Sat. Sun memang hari untuk potato couching. 

My four days holiday were filled with tummy stuffing activities. Aku ndak mau gripe pasal berat naik, pinggang mengembang yadda yadda. Sekian.

Anyway, last Tues a girlfriend who I have been talking through blog/twitter/watsapp BUT never met before; visited me at the cafe. She didn't come along because her two adorable children who I always wish to meet; tagged along.
Precious little ones. AzaMira.
Animal lover she is...siap tunjuk talent jadi meow.
Madu & Racun si Ibu. Thanks As for coming.

Thursday; 30th May. We held a bbq picnic by the beach with the pekerja. Few of the family members joined juga. Acara makan2 sangat rugi kalau ndak datang. Last year pun ada aktiviti begini sama pekerja; motif utama adalah untuk strengthen the bond between us. And as I said before; on this day topeng singa simpan dalam stor. 

Bunda's birthday falls the next day but I took the chance to celebrate it during the picnic. The more the merrier. Bought a yummylicious apple cheesecake from my favourite bakery shop; Strawberry Cake House in Damai. And yeah, it was a success surprise as she didn't have any idea about the cake.

My darling Elnathan came with his Daddy. Mommy was unwell so she decided to just rest at home. Nathan was a bit cranky as he slept on his way to Tg. Lipat & was forced to wake up when they arrived. This kid is very manja this day. Very picky too. Nasib sama Ummi dia mau kena dukung. 

And on the last day in May...I attended a kenduri cukur rambut in Putatan. Memenuhi jemputan adalah wajib unless ada alasan yang munasabah. I only have a plan to go out with Bunda in the evening since she had to work half day. Thus I went with my girlfriend; Ms E. Kami sampai awal dari jemputan lain. Juga makan awal & balik awal. Sorry Aima. 
Baby Nur Qaisy Dhuha bin Nur Zaili; born on the 6 May 2013. Tiga sudah heroes si Aima sekarang. Plus the Dadi; she sure has one very firm fortress for now. Doa ku moga baby Dhuha jadi anak soleh. Thanks sudi invite wahai Mumi. 
Later that day, I brought Bunda to Lucy's Kitchen in Kepayan to celebrate her birthday. Sebab sudah selalu makan berdua, jadi nothing lah special celebration itu. Bezanya cuma aku ndak pernah bawa beliau makan di sini. No more cake she said hence we settled with creme brulee & mango crepe instead. Perhaps one of a kind for her this year. Kunun surprise, I purposely put her birthday gift on the dressing table while she was out. I was at Aima's when she got back. 

Bercahaya mata si Bunda nampak isi dalam kotak. Laju jak dikasi keluar semua isi barang dalam beg lama...and transferred to the new one. Senyum kambing lagi. Apa jak lah as long as she's happy with the gift. 

Have a bless life Bunda! Insha Allah, amin.