16 June 2012

Solo Adventure: Part 1 - The Arrival

Assalamualaikum. Annyeong!

So I managed to upload few pictures in my facebook album at every places I went to visit since I arrived the UK last Monday. Yet I couldn't find the 'rajin' mood to update this blog. Ernie keeps reminding me to update but I was just too lazy to sign in & scribble. 

"Nanti kau lupa tu once kau balik Malaysia sudah. Banyak wei mau tulis, boleh jadi malas tu."

...so she said. And I decided to scribble today. 

I don't know if it jet lag but I woke up at 4am every day. Slept at 11pm. Maybe the daylight woke me up...sudah biasa kan. Kalau terang meaning siang, so perlu bangun & start the day. Here, sunrise is at 4am. Sometimes 3am. Subuh sangat super duper awal; at 2-ish am. But I'm loving the summer time although I can't stand the super cold weather. Even dalam bilik pun aku kesejukan ok! Since Maghrib is at 930pm, aku boleh bersuka ria berjoli katak berjalan dari pagi till 6pm without worrying the prayer time. Sampai rumah, mandi manda wangi2 still sempat jamak although masa tu sudah 8pm. Hoyeah!!

Right, enough talking, here's few photos I took on the first day of my Solo Adventure. Happy viewing. 

As planned, Pacik dropped me at KL Sentral early in the morning. Since I did my online check in prior coming, I just need to drop my luggage at the counter. And claimed my flight ticket. Took the ERL to KLIA. 
Gate C12 for boarding...which later changed to Gate 36 due to technical problem at C12's parking bay. I took my breakfast before proceeding to the gate. Nervous sudah start masuk urat saraf masa minum tu. Sangat poyo!
Flight was delayed for nearly an hour due to technical problem. Yet hows my flight? Comfortable indeed. I had the aisle seat...and the seat next to me was vacant. Super happy moi for such bonus! And since it was my first international flight with long hours journey...adalah sedikit jakun mencari point untuk cucuk headphone. Sekian! Good thing it took me only second to 'befriend' with the remote control. 
Onboard; layan the free entertainment. Surprise surprise...they have Big Bang album in the Music on Demand channel! Top oppa seems reluctant to let me travel alone...hence he decided to entertain me! So sweet of him! Ok, sila teruskan berangan Bie. MAS has the option for the direction of Qiblat. Alhamdulillah. Prior the journey, I searched over the internet on which countries will I cross on my way to LHR. I looked for their prayer times. While on board, only by checking the country we're crossing at that point...I can already estimate the time to pray. Performed my ablution in the toilet; using the paper cups provided to wash my foot. Spray bottle aku beli siap2 telah dengan bijak tertinggal. I performed my prayer without even wearing the telekung because I've got my foot covered with socks & body with blanket. Pijut, as u suggested I listened to the Quran verses to kill time right after I had my meal; and dozed off not long after. 
Meals were served twice. Took my lunch 2 hours after boarding. Dinner served 2 hours before landing. I  could also request for snacks in between. Including drinks such as juices, carbonated drink. Even beer & wine. I didn't spent my whole time on board by sleeping. As to avoid headache & jet lag, I opted to watch every Kdramas they have. Also spent some few minutes walking around; stretching kunun takut nanti urat semua cramp.
Slippers I snatched from Angah's. Suitable in-flight footwear. Menonton Kdrama adalah perlu serius. 
After 2 times of seat-belt warning because of turbulence...I finally arrived Heathrow Airport in 1 piece. Syukur Alhamdulillah. Landing wasn't too smooth for it was raining. All in all, aku sangat puas hati with their service. Thanks AA for converting my flight to Malaysia Airlines. 

So, that's all for my entry this time. Will continue on my adventure soon. Tunggu aku gebang kejadian kejar schedule coach & mencari coach station. Memang pengalaman paling berharga. First time in Europe, with strangers around me...NOT conversing in Bahasa Melayu. There's no need to worry kalau English kau bertunggang langgang di sini, as long as they can understand u will survive. Asal boleh communicate. Fret not as ramai lagi kot perantau or traveller macam kau. English diorang pun bukan semua perfect. Ke laut juga, percayalah.

p/s Aima! Sudah ku cakap pasal summer time ah. Haha nanti kau menagih lagi.


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6 hollered!:

N.Aima K said...

aku terharu part sembahyang dlm flght tu..aku nda pernah bah...

Anonymous said...

super like!!!! u make my (Satur)day! I hope you will have the time and energy to write more .. of course -later. must enjoy every second u have there instead of writing -not so anonymous pijut

BibiErr Karim said...

@Aima: Ala klu flight less than 2 hours, aku tunggu sampai baru jamak juga. Xpena jamak dlm flight. Hihi.

@Pijut: Time ada jak tapi after tomorrow slow sikit mau upload or update sbb aku x stay rumah Ernie suda kan. Will try to keep u posted ya.

Ernie Khairina said...

i like this post! sbb detail ni..hihi, keep on writing kio kalau sampai kk. try to make a post from paris =)

Malicious Mind said...

sempat lagi ko meng-update blog ahh. can't wait to see the rest of your journey punya pics! have a safe journey back home

BibiErr Karim said...

@Ernie: Details indeed sbb byk msa free dlm bilik tu ari, terbangun awal. Still adjusting time kan masa tu.

@Dana: Haha sempat! Time ni aku di ruma kawan masih, menumpang. Wifi super laju, pinjam laptop dia lagi. Nnt smpi KL baru perah otak ni mo update. Tq!!! Insya Allah safe journey. MAS terbaek. Tiba2 kan.

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