11 June 2012

Edisi: Nervous Kununs

Assalamualaikum. Annyeong!

I haven't have the drive to update this blog ever since I arrived Kolumpur yesterday. Landed the Peninsular land at 3 in the morning...barulah kicked ambil flight malam. I slept through the 2 hours+ flight. Bliss! Sebab ndak payah layan headache. 

Managed to meet my lovely friends from high school last night. We celebrated a dear friend's birthday somewhere in Bukit Lanjan. Entering into the big three zero zone isn't so bad for her as she had 3 fantabulous celebrations back to back. Sangat2 diraikan. And I also got to meet the sweetheart friends from my diploma years just now. Good companions + good food = happy me!

Another 6 hours before my long flight to meet Ernie. It's gonna be my first time to be 14 hours on board. Banyak hari sudah fikir apa lah mau dibikin. If I were to watch my Kdrama as planned...only problem masalah mau charge the device. I ain't a business class passenger so yeah...no in-seat power supply is available. Kena sedar diri adalah penumpang eco-class.

I purposely planned to avoid myself from sleeping tonight. So esok pagi, masuk kapal terus doze off. The other day, Pijut told me something about the travel sleeping tips to diminish the symptoms for jet lag. Since she couldn't really remember about the tips...the curious me google-d it out. For a person travelling from east to west, one shall sleep less. Trying to take a nap while sleepy is one of the solution. Most importantly, stay hydrated. For a non-regular plain water consumer like me, perlu sedar diri lagi sekali. Dehydration makes it more difficult to adjust the new time zone. And it also 'calls' for migraine. Aduh sangat jiwa kalau itu menyerang while on board. Semua memang bertunggang, mood langsung ke laut.

The very next morning upon arrival at Ernie's, aku mau expose diri sama daylight. Supaya dapat reset my 'internal clock'. It is also advised that I shall sleep no more than 2 hours immediately after arrival. Noted all crucial tips...insya Allah, semua baik2 jak & I will arrive in 1 piece.

I need to take my shower now. Will be taking the ERL from KL Sentral in an hour time. Sampai awal, ndak lah haru kelam kelibut di airport nanti. Boleh lepak2 cuci mata. Arasso? Insya Allah kalau sempat update blog di sana, aku update. Paling pun aku mesti poyo upload gambar di Instagram. Ngek!

p/s Aku adalah dup dap, nervous ok!



kizzy t.fauzi said...

xpenah nebes gini o kan? tp harusla ba, 14hours on board ba tu ! hehe

hv a blast journey! ^^

BibiErr Karim said...

Alhamdulillah smpi dengan selamat beb. Thanks.