28 June 2012

Solo Adventure: Part 3 - Saltley & Bullring, Birmingham

Assalamualaikum. Annyeong. 

My first day in Birmingham started as early as 4am. Like what I said in my previous entry. Sun rises way too early in the summer. Still in my jet-lag, haruslah belum complete adjust internal clock system. After waking up, albeit the super cold weather...I took my shower. Went online right after shower as no one was awaken yet. 

Sila tahu, it is summer but the temperature was few degrees low than the min temp of my office's a/c back home. Aku berstoking & bersweater hatta dalam rumah. 

That morning, I had mamak fried spaghetti & black coffee for breakfast. Homemade with love by the beloved bestie. At around 10-ish, followed Ernie to send Aariz to the play & stay school. Kami superwalkertapaki jak sebab memang sangat dekat kot. Poyo kalau tiba2 bertabiat mau naik kereta juga.

While waitng for Aariz to finish his session in the class, I killed time with what I do best. Ehem! After play school, next tujuan was to feed the tummy. Again? Padahal baru makan, kan? Sah lah dasar perut tembolok.
At Sajid Shahi Kebab House. The first outside meal I had after arrival. Ernie treated me brunch at one of her favorite restaurant in Saltley. Just minutes walking from her house it is. A portion was big enough to feed 2 singing tummy & harga pun best. Memang puas hati lah.

Later in the evening, I was brought to the city center. Memang plan terbaik lah sebab kalau aku direct berjalan jauh after the long hours flight...harus muntah darah di situ kan. Therefore, bringing me out to introduce me a bit of the town was of perfect!
We parked at an open parking space situated just opposite the mall. Mahal wei kalau parking dalam mall. Pic above is part of the tunnel that existed hundred years back; remain intact up to this day. Siap jadi laluan masuk dari carpark luar to the Selfridges shopping mall lagi.
 Great minds think alike. We wore the same hue that day; unplanned!!
 Inside the mall; bertabiat main peace segala.
 Interactive maps inside the mall. Pastu buat macam ndak pernah nampak benda alah ni.
 Saint Martin Church at the back. Clear view of the ancient building from the Bullring Mall.
Stop gossiping about other; mind ur own business. Ok iklan! 

Almost all the shops close by 6 pm. Didn't get to enter the shops Ernie suggested earlier. Jackets ke laut, boots ke sungai. Padan muka!
A pedestrianized public square. Home to the Town Hall & Council House. Also landmark as it is said to be the centre of Birmingham. 
The green statue on the right side of this pic is Queen Victoria. Sadly the Queen died 12 days after the statue was being erected & unveiled. 
 Betul bah kan poyo bertrip tourist kau di sana Bie.
 The Council House; situated next to the Town Hall. And opposite Birmingham Museum.
Formerly knows as Council House Square, it was then renamed to Victoria Square in 1901 to honor Queen Victoria. 
Entered this close shops alley when it's already close. Main reason because I was awed by its row of shops. Semua designer brand ok. But little did I know what surprised me until I looked above me. The painting on the ceiling tells a story to us. Scary gila. Macam dalam kubur rasa bila everyone 'up there' was like looking down at u. Part paling best, one of them siap bawa book of verse. It's like; mau dibaca talkin lah kalau untuk Muslim. Fuh!

Fascinated I am with the building. Ibarat thousand of thumbtacks being put together to form the mall.

I wish to be able to explore more of the city...but masa adalah sangat limited. Nonetheless, I enjoyed myself. Walau kedai tutup awal...ok, ndak da kaitan.



Ernie Khairina said...

mmg sumpah tdk rancang ni baju tersama abis hehe..

ya kan siok blog ko gambar tdk sama di fb, baru exclusive!

BibiErr Karim said...

Kan? Yang tiba2 ni, eh sama kaler sweater kita. Sama lg tu material, brand sija nasib lain.

Hihi sengaja sy simpan few pictures utk upload sni blog.

N.Aima K said...

mcm klcc pn ada bah tu mall nya

BibiErr Karim said...

Lain Aima. Bentuk dia mcm bujur tp ada lengkung di tepi. Sangat aku suka tgk design dia, unik.