27 September 2010

Officially down with 'severe emotional disorders'. The imbalance hormone level might be the cause, I supposed. Being in a roller coaster ride half of the day really did alter the mood. Swallowed pain killers in the evening because I couldn't stand the throbbing pain in my head. Alhamdulillah; it lessen down a bit after dusk.

It's about time for the spirulina to show its effects to the system. Been waiting for its action to kick in after diarrhea & the heartburn. I haven't start with the lactose as yet...mau pingsan kalau double effect hentam sistem.

Talked to Grunge & Laura over YM this evening. Loads to share although we met like almost everyday. Currently, waiting for update in Grunge's blog. She told me she's gonna post something out of the ordinary. I so can't wait for the so called unusual post. Siap ah kalau gitu juga...belanja saya makan croissant tomorrow evening. Thanksssss~~~

For real, soul is in a rather wrack condition. Peculiarity is pretty much acknowledged but I would prefer to just keep it to myself. Nothing serious really...just that I'm embracing the DQ moment to my utmost. Let me be in my own realm; I promise I'll behave. Sila abai kepoyoan c Pisang di sana.

Because I kinda feeling depressed over everything right now...I decided to download 2 of the already-aired episodes of The Vampire Diaries Season 2. Delicious meals mother made for her dinner looked less tempting to me. I've loss my appetite once more. All I need now is to suck some blood I guess. Oh how I terribly miss my Stefan. Tetiber nyeeer.

And please know, despite eating like a real dinosaur during the 2 weeks of eid...I actually managed to take away 2 kilos of my weight. Even the staffs said I look less bloated...harus kembang or harus joget lambak? Seems like I've been worrying for nothing. Kunun lah tu muka jadi bulat; hampas ada.

Boys over Flowers still has 19 Episodes to download. Dusyum! Sabar itu penting cik Err oiii.

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