29 March 2011


Had a good sleep last night. Woke up early...feeling oh so fresh. Traffic movement wasn't as bad as yesterday. And I arrived cafe early. Everything went well in the morning. Pink Tuesday.

Came afternoon...my calmness erupted. Invasion by something I don't quite favour. I hate seeing myself venting out my anger. Because horrific is what I look like when I wasn't in the balance zone. Seriously, when the beast in me decided to flaunt itself...it isn't something I am proud of. I dislike the spleenful me. Although I have managed to control the word to blow up...I know I still have a long long long way to go to deal with my anger. Honestly, I tried my best to not fell into a rage.

Therefore, whenever I feel like not in the mood I prefer to be alone. Treat the lunacy with anything that doesn't involve human being. I rather be alone & left unattended when anger sweep me up. Just for my personal record...this month alone, I have outburst twice. At this age I should have full control of it already. But judging from what have happened recently...I guess the big letter L shall now be printed on my forehead. I failed for the zillionth time. Boo hoo.

I think what occurred during lunch ignited the flame. Hence the constant desire of wanting to give vent. Oh yeah, excuses! Darling Fuchy was hit & the culprit left the scene without having any guilty conscience to go out from the car & see what damage was done. Fortunately, no severe dents. Only a few scratches at the left front lamp & defect at it's bonnet. Yet still...that ached my heart! My property! Which I pay every freaking month with 'tears, blood & sweat' a.k.a my bloody salary. 3 witnesses are more than enough to ask the culprit LADY to pay for the damages she caused. I am so gonna haunt her down. Got her plate number; thank goodness. And fact that she's quite a regular customer at the cafe ease me even more. Jangan jak dia ndak ngaku...memang aku garit terus tu RUSH SILVER dia.

Poor Darling...she got scarred in less than a year. Let be lah...thing happened for a reason. From now on, I will park her at a more proper space. Biarlah kena jalan jauh; boleh get rid of the excess fats. Exercising the body early in the morning is a great way in reducing the protruding tummy. Oh yeah, positive thinking harus!

Alhamdulillah all stress loose down soon after I reached home. Looking at the children put me back to reality & make me realize life sucks at times. The happy-O-meter won't always strike the maximum level of happiness. It has to go down once in a while...only to make us appreciate life more. And that for us to always remember life is not a rose bed. Hey, even rose has thorns.

Trillionth thanks to whom it may concern(s) for lending me ur ears. Regardless how insanely absurd I could be when I'm not in the zone; u never left me alone in the mess. Thanks for 'walking' with me.


2 hollered!:

in THE name OF the WHO said...

1st time sa nampak ko punya post bukan align center....
mcm baca esei BM spm..
nasib ada saksi!!
get well soon Fuchy!

BibiEr Karim said...

Hihi dlu2 kan entry sy semua centrally aligned. Esei BM yg klu cikgu BM sy dlu tgk harus dia pening.

Ya ada saksi. And tadi sy p Jbtn Keselamatan, keta dia xregister for sticker. Plan B, mau track down dari JPJ. Siap!

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