16 March 2011


No wonder page loading menggila...upload gambar rasa macam mau reverse pigi zaman Neolitik balik...pastu page crash ntah berapa kali. Itu belum campur tiba2 jak Mr. Sam or Miss Asus hang. And suddenly keluar message "Page cannot be displayed due to bla bla bla".

Rupanya mukabuku was in the midst of upgrading their system. Hampas kelapa. Without prior warning; suka2 jak buat orang jiwa ndak keruan. Latest upgraded section that I noticed is the comment box. One shall not need to click the 'reply' nor 'comment' tab anymore. An 'enter' would publish ur comment directly. Uhuk. I can't help but to think of Grunge who likes commenting in a paragraph style.

Anyway, I am on a mission beginning yesterday. That is to finish at least a bottle of the 'thing' below in one day. I've been worried about the amount of toxin I've accumulated in the body. Oh yeah, RISAU. Restless is the state where the body enjoyed being at the moment. Regardless how exhausted or tired I might be during the day...I found it's rather hard for me to put myself to sleep at night. Walau aku ngantuk gaban. I am more than aware that my body is in a dire need of water. Loads & loads of it is required in order to maintain the body stability also to balance the hormone level in the system.

Gambate Bibie-chan. U can do it. Put ur I don't drink PLAIN WATER because it has no taste & it's colourless of a tongol statement aside. Yay bikin geli ah.

Just so u know, I hopped onto the bed at 11pm last night. Yet I only got to shut my eyes completely; at 430am!!! Woke up an hour later for SuPra. And failed sailing back to dreamland after. My staffs started to notice the swollen blackish eye bags already. What tickled me was when they told me what they thought. According to them, I was lack of sleep mainly because of '[pthe incident that hit my life recently. OMG, of all things that occurred why do they think that would affect my life the most. Oh c'mon dong. Gue sudah lepas fasa itu.

I've said this thousand of times already. Thing that is not meant for me; will never be mine no matter how hard I try to keep it close. Life has to move on. There are plenty of important things that need more of my attention. I was in a state of despair for days; that I admit. But that has long passed by. I've left it somewhere far behind only to never want to go & look back at it. Thing happened for a reason & I have learned to accept what Allah has plan for me. Insya Allah...all in good times. Faith is the only thing that keep one's sanity dearly. Hence, never let go faith despite how rocky the ground u're walking upon.

On another different story...I stopped by at the clinic on my way back from work just now. Red spots around my neck are getting worst. And itchier!!! Allergic is the only word to explain. From only a 5cents size of a spot...they spread & ramified. Sekarang serupa kolam bintik bintat merah. Sangat huduh. Sangat euww. And I was given a cream to apply on the reddish itchy nak mampus area.

Nama ndak boleh lagi gerun. Kokot / Cocort in Kadazan means gigit/bite. Ugh aku telah disaiko. I love the smell of the cream. Bau ubat2an hospital gitu. The only thing that I dislike for now; is the fact that I haven't stop scratching ever since I applied it on. Gatal Ya Rabbi. And the infected area has became a bit sloppy. Ntah lah. Memang gitu kali cara tu ubat bertindak. Tapi sumpah; gatal! Like; can I just take the skin off? And scratch & scratch & scratch. Or can I request for a new skin change. Phew.

Seafood...meat...chicken...egg...nuts bla bla are so prohibited to enter my system for now. Sila percaya. Gue akan puasa dari makan benda2 pencetus si alergik. And will resume once the skin is back to normal. Harus jadi ndak sedar diri!

Considering I am so much deprive of a good sleep, I think hitting the sack when the eyelids are too heavy to lift up is the best time. Will report about the cream's effect on the itchy area tomorrow. Like; perlukah?

Lastly; to kakak besar please do take care of urself. And never let the getek virus of urs contaminate me. Take care of what u eat & also what WE will feed on as well. Please bear in mind; penyakit cantik ONLY attack people like moi. Kau kena yang serpihan jak. Ngeh.

And to adik kecil kiut miut...be patient for Allah loves who waits in patience. Yakinlah, Dia ada rencana lebih hijau untuk kau. I might not be a good advicer regarding this matter...yet all I could do is listen. I hope by doing so will help u reduce the burden u have to carry alone on ur shoulders. I love u nonetheless. Anything u feel like sharing; u know where to find me.

Siap sudah pesanan ringkas. Daaaa.



isabelle said...

pakai krim eeeee-kokot tu rasa mcm kena gigit2 x?

BibiEr Karim said...

Sgt. Lagi merah & pedih klu berpeluh. Sabar jelaa. Demi nak sihat.

in THE name OF the WHO said...

how do u know that FB new estyle wud cost me my commenting estyle?
takan enter sikit, tekomen
takan enter sikit, tekomen
so, jgn heran dlm satu status yg sa komen, i conquer semua tu comment box

BibiEr Karim said...

Hahaha. Mestila sy tau sbb sy cute tahap dewa. Sy dpt imagine tension siot tiap kali enter trus publish.

in THE name OF the WHO said...

wtheck connection btw ko cute ( yg ok2la) dgn ketidak siokan sa mo mengomen d FB?

BibiEr Karim said...

Sy cute tu pasal sy tau ketidak siokan ko tu. See the connection? Belum? Hmm klu org mau kertu suda, dia mmg slalu loading info. Lambat. LOL