14 March 2011

Masking the face

Sakit kepala tahap gaban since early this morning. Too much fats permeated into the system...too slow a metabolism...hasilnya harus kepala berpusing paling maksima. It's like the head is gonna explode anytime. Panas terik dunia stressed the already painful headache even more.

Lucky enough cafe is less crowded today. Still; I was pretty occupied with workload...fail meja perlu diupdate. And few things need to settle asap. Alhamdulillah, I managed to complete everything before evening.

Had nasi kerabu + fried chicken + wantan soup for breaking of fast just now. Oh yeah, menu amat heavy kepala mematuk2 macam ular lepas makan tadi. With God's willing, I plan to fast more often after this. Too much eating activities lead to bulging tummy. Fasting is the most appropriate answer to such 'disease'. Banyak faedah comes with fasting. One of them is gaining the opportunity to detoxify the system. Too much carbs & fats don't do good to the body. Nanti ndak pasal2 aku tua sebelum waktu. Sakit itu sakit ini...lenguh itu lenguh ini...cramp itu cramp ini. Even now pun sudah tunjuk ciri2 macam nenek tua kurang berdaya. Lambat sikit tidur, harus badan lemah gemalai tulang rasa rapuh mau patah.

I applied the face mask when I started typing this post. And since it's already dried...I have to peel it off before the skin becomes too strained. Ada karang kuyak kulit bila aku senyum. Waklu auta mau pingsan. I'm currently sticking myself to Garnier because I was mainly attracted by the word 'light' written on it's packaging. Gue pengguna tegar! Furthermore, the mask is said to help remove impurities & dead skin cells which darken the complexion. I have a pretty uneven tone skin. Therefore; removal of whatever that cause complexion is definitely of my interest. Muka berbelak adalah tidak menawan.
Ok then, I seriously have to take the dried-mask off. And will hit the sack right after that. Till we meet again...sayonara.



isabelle said...

wanton soup? hmm..mana nak dpt kat shah alam ni ekk

BibiEr Karim said...

Wantan soup yg aku cipta sendiri. Ntah apa2 aku masuk dlm mangkuk. Hahaha janji ada rasa kira ok la. Shah Alam mna nak cari ye. Hihihi.