3 March 2011

Super Chenta

Hmm aku rasa aku dalam fasa taking over Laura's negative energy into the system. She's not in the pink of health lately. And insomnia is one of the few symptoms of her 'illness' that she has to endure. Biarlah, sekali sekala. Kasi chance dia rehat full blast.

Hopped on to bed at 1130pm...and only managed to sleep around 3am this morning. Lucky I have thing to do & layan diri atas katil last night. Played Sudoku until I completed all levels. Pasni mau download different version pula. And alhamdulillah, I slept soundly till the dawn. SuPra was being waived because bendera merah berkibar kencang. Woke up late; again! This time, I managed to get myself terpacak depan cafe 15 minutes before 9am. Yay, traffic movement super lancar adalah kechentaan gue.

Nothing much happened today. I was being extra nice to myself. I don't wanna stress the system too much. Eyeballs feel like popping out due to lack of sleep. I skipped breakfast, also lunch. Tekak loses it's appetite I guess. I only had 2 pieces of bread for tea. Went back early kunun untuk qada' tidur. Hampas ada. Still wide awake up to this moment though.

Matt Damon's latest movie; The Adjustment Bureau is already out...can't wait to watch it tomorrow evening. Yay another movie(s) date in the weekend. I is like.



still the berry said...

I is like too!!! hahaha! best sekali sekala langgar peraturan ni..
huii.. kalau aku men sudoku.. mmg nda tidur.. jd jgn la main kalau time2 yg sepatutnya tidur err oi..

BibiEr Karim said...

Langgar peraturan? U mean Matt Damon ka apa? LOL

Adui lagi parah kalau aku xbuat apa2. Mcm org xbtl pusing2 atas katil bertemanakn 4 anak aku tu. Pusing deh.