27 March 2011

Looooving it

Syukran Allah for the great weekend u bestowed upon me. I couldn't asked for more from You. Alhamdulillah.

Mother spent overnight at home...after 2 weeks of 'ignoring' me & the children. Gue dipinggirkan gara2 kedai makan. Uhuk.

I haven't seen this face at home for 2 weeks already...glad she decided to come back last night. Uwek rindu.

We had dinner at Homes Cafe & Restaurant, 1 Borneo. Food was ok, same goes to the service. Price-wise too. But I think the management should do some improvement to their food presentation & spruce up their interior . I like the ambience & their deco...yet some betterment is still needed in order to maintain the business.

Prior to dinner, we went to the Parkson Extreme Sale. And boy!! I spent nearly a hundred RM for lingeries alone!!! Read: Plural! Soo much of items on sale, huh. I felt no different at all...sale or no sale; hundred is just too much. Tapi tongol, still proceed to the counter & pay. *dusyum*
No matter what, I love my Sun night to bits. It's been weeks since we last spent time together.

I left home pretty early this morning...drove all the way to KKIA only to meet Ernie & the cheeky Aariz. Ernie & her lil family went back to KK last Weds. Due to workloads & time constraint, I only got to meet them today. Why the airport? Because they'll be leaving for Kolumpur today. The airport is the only perfect place to meet up for now. After so many cancelled meetings & broken promises made by yours truly...I finally get to cuddled him. Salam peluk laga pipi with Ernie & her lil sister; Khairieah juga. It's been a while...eons back.

Oh yeah, exaggerating perlu.

Ernie's lil man.

I think Aariz likes to be surrounded by girls. Erk, girls?

Kakak Err got something for him. A teething toy. The duck has pout just like Aariz.

How can we NOT love him? Look at his cheeky smile. Aariz is a good boy...giggling all the time. And he 'wandered' his eyes at the airport's roof almost all the time...just as curious as her mommy. Mesti dia imagine; apalah tempat yang gedabak besar sangat ni.

Perhaps he is asking himself. Siapalah yang dukung aku ni...tak pernah ku lihat wajahnya.

Mata start kuyu...bukti kukuh Aariz penat & need to rest. Recharge! Nanti on board ada banyak energy & boleh borak sama mommy.

With Khairieah @ Gadik before they made their walk down to the departure hall.

And this evening, I'll be at Jesselton Point with the PPGs. Jessica's burpday it is today & we're going to celebrate her day. Wah March sangat best; ramai orang naik umur. More makan session and more calories consumed; congrats!.

p/s Ernie, I won't forget when I asked u why Aariz is so sweet-smelling...and as spontaneous as I've always known u are, u replied "Because children are sent from heaven", ever. I was indeed kinda surprise with ur answer but couldn't help but to agree with u. And no, itu bukan jawapan mama2.

Much love for u & the lil man.



kizzy tf said...

wahaaa terusan di blog nya mbak! hahaha best2 dpt jumpa aariz & ernie! cumil2!

jawapan ernie kan selalu mcm tu, mcm beyond astro. un-imagined. :D

BibiEr Karim said...

Best. Alhamdulillah akhirnya impian tercapai. Sempat nmpk Aariz before di jd tanak vagu.

Ernie we know. Penuh sama motivation quotes. Inspirational indeed.