21 March 2011

Urmmm Urmmmm

"I'm sorry for the way I let go
Of everything I wanted when you came along
But I am never beaten, broken nor defeated
I know next to you is NOT where I belong
And it's a little too late for any explanations
There isn't anything you can do..."

Been humming this song since the past hour. Sheila on 7; Dan was the song I listened over & over again since morning. Came afternoon, mood changed right after I received a rather disturbing text from someone I didn't expect will ever contacted me again. After what happened & what's been said & told...I don't favor the term 'us' any longer. Enough is enough; I have everything under control now.

Things are flowing quite my way currently...why do u need to stir up that calmness? Do u really need to be that viscous? sigh sigh sigh what u said or did is utterly annoying! U were supposed to vanish & never to be seen nor heard. Because darling; ur presence contaminate my brisk environment.

Just found out that u finally discovered the existence of this blog. Thanks to the big-mouth friend of urs. And for ur effort to track me in the virtual world. I'm sure u must be proud upon reading few of my posts about u. But hey; I am just being me. Fret not, I have stopped writing stories about u & me. There's no other thing to write about anymore...and I dislike the unfair game u introduced to me.

Because darling; I don't compete with someone incompatible. Opps.



still the berry said...

aku klik button "Like 100x" utk the last quote.. wee~witt!!

BibiEr Karim said...

Oppsie. Terlebey suda. Godekla all my previous entries. Aku ndak kesah sbb tu sah2 tulisan lps. Life moves on...janganlah igt aku still mourning.

Mel said...

so not worth it tu manusia tu. buang masa & karan ja. dasar moronic being. muahahah

BibiEr Karim said...

Once a moron always a moron. And Grunge said, that person has got to put LOADS more efforts to get back what he has wasted. Erm...time will heal everything. God's willing.