25 March 2011

Berkat hari ini

Happy Burpday to my beloved brother;

Radishahrizad bin Hassan

Remember, we turn not older with years but newer each day.


Woot woot. Ever since I introduced the 'one bottle of plain water a day' campaign to my body, I've been sleeping soundly for nights already. System is currently running the detoxification process I can feel the effects bit by bit. Migraine hasn't visited me for nearly a week; lastest attack was on Friday last week. Syukran.

The bathroom was my most favourite place to visit since I commenced the mission. But, less visitation occurred as I tried hard forcing the body continue consuming. Alhamdulillah. Regardless the flavourless taste...I stick to my mission nonetheless. The doctor said my blood is getting more toxic...not to forget the colour of my urine. It's dingy yellow which indicate 'dirty' contents. Sebelum semua penyakit datang, mencegah kan lebih baik. Ahaks.

I think I'm back getting into my zone. Guess having a good sleep somehow does play role in the system. I judge; see & weigh things more 'human-ly'. Guna akal lebey dari ikut perasaan. I tend to think hundred times before saying something that could besmirch my already not so good reputation. Swearing or cursing shall be banned forever. Insya Allah.

Sila teruskan usaha ya Bie.



eqarawr said...

Kau punya blog sama mcm si Ezza. Kau tiru dia kah?

BibiEr Karim said...

Ezza tiru aku wei. Dia bru je blogging kot. Siap mnta ajar nk bt layout. Hihi kakak ko jg itok.