12 March 2011

Lost & Found


Zap!! Youngest child of mine went missing last night. Fact that I only realized he's not at home when I was about to hit the sack...worried me even more. Ini rasa lebey sakit dari hilang chenta hati ok. Gila rabak hati berlubang jantung bila hujan turun. I can't help but to think where is he going to sleep. Sudah lah sejuk...grrr. Cafe is my most loyal bedmate apart from Cheeloh. So, when I entered my room last night...I sensed something wasn't right as I didn't see anyone on the bed. Because Cafe always make his move ahead of me to the bedroom. Dia memang tau bila aku mau masuk tidur. He'll wait for me on the bed...and will start calling & bubbling when he gets bored waiting.

Went to bed at 3am after nearly an hour searching for him around the apartment area. I went to bed with so much in mind. Jiwa macam ada lohong. I didn't cry a tear because deep in me...I have this weird sense that he's not going anywhere. He's going to be home anytime...gila confident he'll be found in the morning.

Praise be to Allah...right after SuPra, upon hearing a loud sounds of cats fighting I rushed down to the parking lot. Dengan baju compang camping, tudung hampas ndak terurus. Langsung ndak vogue. And there he was, under my neighbour's car. Hiding from the stray cat whom he fought with earlier. I took nearly 10minutes to persuade him to go out. Siap aku duduk bersila atas jalan tar tu. Syukran Allah for answering my prayer. Pasni wajib bayar puasa nazar. Need to perform it asap as time is not mine to determine. Mati esok or lusa; haru. Masih hutang sama Dia.


Watched this most awaited flick *by me* last week on Fri night. Rating? BOO HOO because it turned out to be something way out of my expectation. Cast away the Bourne's images. This ain't anything like that. Lucky I still love Matt regardless having a total disappointment over his latest movie.

And this; I watched last night. Recommended; compared to the latter. 1 thumb up though as there were few parts that didn't meet my 2 thumbs up prerequisite. For instance; the
actress's expression sangat less convincing from the very beginning. Macam baru belajar tengok camera...and her eyes contact; perlu dibaiki. Wachaaaa. Ok now kau jadi tukang kritik sudah lah, kan Bie.


Waiting for Ell to come over & pick me up at the cafe this afternoon. Will be attending the above event with her. Kizzy's sister's solemnization ceremony it is.

Thanks for inviting. Makan dan makan lagi. Harus lah tong drum jadi 2nd name ndak lama.

And tonight I'll be going to the cinema with the family. Don't have any particular movie to watch as yet. Lil cousins are joining as well & considering almost all the shows are ranked 18; therefore choice of movies are pretty limited for adult like moi.

Janganlah end up tinguk kartun. Nangis darah.



Malicious Mind said...

balik sudah ur baby? dulu time aku masih bela kucing, kalau hilang ja, memang susah hati. hopefully dia dah balik, mungkin dia pi mengawan. hehe

BibiEr Karim said...

;) balik sudah. Jatuh bah dia. Baru xbrani kuar sbb ada stray cat yg bawa gaduh. Stay la dia bawah keta 1mlm. Ya btl, tu sakit hati lain dari yg lain. Mcm dikoyak2 ah...bagus lg aku rasa hilang bf dr hilang dorg. Hahaha drama.