21 October 2020

Life | Just Because

Assalamualaikum. 안녕

It's been a while. Again. Lazy mode struck in right after I finished my last entry (which was 8 months ago?). Let's just say, I couldn't find the momentum to update this site let alone to scribble an entry. It's always the 'something came up soon after I thought I'm in the mood to blog'. Same lame excuses. Gotta find a new phrase to replace that I guess. 

Anyways, I went back to Malaysia few months ago (early Mac) mainly to renew my visa. Because of the pandemic, I self-quarantined myself for 2 weeks upon arrival in Malaysia. Was supposed to be back to Seoul few days after completing the quarantine period but things went completely opposite as to what I've planned. Indeed, Allah is the Best Planner. 

Hence here I am today, back to my hometown. My ever-beloved Double K City. I got to go back after 3 months (plus) stranded in Kolumpor due to the Movement Order Control (MCO) & Conditional MCO. I celebrated my Eid Aidulfitri with my first cousins (whose tickets to balik kampung got cancelled). 

Initial plan was to go back to Kota Kinabalu end of March (after my 2 weeks quarantine). Because of the MCO, I purposely cancelled my flight ticket. Although I can apply for permission from the authority. I just don't wanna take the risk. I think that's the best way I can do to help curve down the virus' spread. 

2020 indeed is a year full of surprises. Who could have taught Malaysian most awaited Vision (Wawasan) 2020 would be in such way. I remember back then, we associate the image of flying cars filling the space & skyscrapers along with this Vision. Semua serba serbi maju. Gadget melantun-lantun canggih. Just like what we saw in the movies. Robots are created to assist us; human in daily chores (contoh). 

Alas, those imaginations / dreams cuma mampu kekal dalam kotak minda jaklah kan. Kapal terbang pun 'susah' mau terbang let alone car. Skyscraper tu oklah ada sudah terpacak few. Reality, memang jauh dari apa yang dibayangkan. 

It's been months since I last boarded the airplane; to travel. Last year Allah bagi rasa puas-puas. Every 2 - 3 months, naik kapal terbang & menikmati suasana negara orang. This year, Allah suruh 'rest'. Bersyukur sebenarnya, at least I have memories to cherish. Sudah pernah menjejak & merasa. 

Bab kes makin naik, TMCO, EMCO, itu ini...aku memang avoid to discuss in public. Lagipun dari bebel benda yang tidak contribute apa-apa, baiklah diam. Jaga diri & orang tersayang jak, easier that way. 

Ndak tau apa motif suddenly feeling the urge to log in this site. Pastu siap published new entry kan. Sebenarnya baru mau panaskan enjin. Niat mau sambung cerita my China Trip (yang sudah bertahun berlalu itu) tapi hard disc tinggal di Seoul. Semua gambar aku sudah transfer pi dalam tu, maka terkuburlah impian. 

Maybe akan update cerita trip Europe 2019. Tu jak yang masih dalam folder handphone ni. Insha Allah, soon. Harap tidak menjadi malas untuk kesekian kali.

Soon ok, soon. Wassalam.



m.u.l.a.n said...

Take care stay safe dear.. Rindu nak travel kan tapi takut..

nohas said...

stay safe..hopefully, the situation will be ok next year..

Ako Retna said...

Hahah still remember pasal kete la, vision 2020 dah kelaut piginya. Harap cepat la covid ni hilang, tak sabar jgk nak naik kapal torobang hehehe