28 September 2010

Wooooot woooooot...

today life started a bit early than usual. Kens is hospitalized, ONCE MORE. Radiator & a/c dysfunction. Hence, brother together with cousins have to send me to the cafe. Oh Fuchy, when will u arrive? Brother is heading to Sutera Harbour & cousins to Sepanggar...and we have to depart early from home to avoid the well known slow traffic movement around Bundusan area.

And here I am...terconggok dalam office with eyes resembling a zombie. But pink news is that gloominess phase has passed by. All I really need last night was a good sleep. Slept soundly despite the period pain.

Alhamdulillah. I'm back to my normal being...although haven't gotten my appetite back. Last meal that entered the body was the supper I took last night. 5 pieces of butter cookies & a cup of hot coffee. Gonna take my breakfast before the gastric attack.

Cheeloh accompanied me this morning while waiting for brother to come fetch me.

2 hollered!:

Malicious Mind said...

hehehhe. mungkin petanda untuk ko ganti si kens :)

BibiEr Karim said...

Xkan kena ganti tu Dana. Kena repair itu ini cost me nearly 500+. Sabar ni tunggu yg tgh dtg dr KL.

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