14 September 2010

Tukang Ngomel

For the past 2 days...I chose to stay partly idle at home sweet home. Rejuvenating the system by cleaning the house. I did go out last night to attend Daia’s open house in Menggatal though. Also half day today to accompany the big sister’s mattress hunting. We went to several furniture galleries before we fetched Maya from playschool. Later we headed to the bffs future lepak spot in Indah Permai; no other than Laura’s home. The Grahams will move-in there in less than 2 weeks time.

And my, we so can’t wait for them to move-in. I’ve start imagining the place will soon become my the PowerPuffs+Posers’ second home. I’m positive Unang’s baby shower party will be held there. Woot woot.

So much of eid celebration for me…I haven’t visited my friends’ houses as yet. Except for Daia’s though. Ell invited us to her house this Sat night. I’m not sure about going to Zai’s since she hasn’t mention anything about open house at her place. It’s been an annual routine for me to first visit her home before crashing Kizzy’s kampong in Papar together with her. Never mind because eid is celebrated for 1 month…I still have weeks to invade their houses.

This coming Sat…I’ll be at Foo Chow’s hall to attend Jess & Keggy wedding reception in the afternoon. And will drag Grunge & Rio along to Ell’s open house later that evening. On Sun, together with Laura I’ll be at Putera Ballroom, Bukit Padang to attend another wedding reception of 1 of my ex-course mate back in UM; Kollo & Ridwan. Right now, I’m in the midst of a fuddling mind. Too many wedding receptions to attend; left me with no apparel to wear.

And NO, I wouldn’t wear the dress/top I’ve worn to other weddings although I wore them only once. Oh yes, I always think way too much. Remember the person who loves rarifying simple things? Certain enough she hasn’t changed at all. Ngeh~~

Berfikiran ringkas itu lagi bagus cik Err...

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