7 September 2010

Still, Marry Moi?

Otak adalah rasmi sakit. Jiwa adalah rasmi bercalar. Hati adalah rasmi terbakar. Aku pasti apa yang bertapuk di sebalik kekacauan ini...but sorry, I ain't gonna reveal anything in here. Biar diri sendiri simpan...biar syok sendiri.

Kalau aku pilih untuk muntahkan di sini, lots of things needed to be consider. Nanti ada pihak tersinggung hati. Ada lagi yang perasan dipersalah. Ada lagi yang tiba2 ada perasaan mau makan cili orang lain. Because peeps, there are people out there who enjoyed misinterpreting things I said. People who love directing my fugly shorty index finger to their face(s).

Sometimes aku lupa siapa empunya blog ini. Biarlah aku dengan drama kompleks ini. As long as I don't run around chasing people while holding a knife on my hand; with the intention to stab them at the heart...then I guess there's nothing to worry about. Gwenchana-yo for I'm still far from insanity. And who could second that fact?

I woke up early this morning; as planned. Vac-ed the house, cleared the clothe-line, laundry. What? Again? Ok here's new...wiped the furniture, clean up the bathroom bla bla bla. I surely utilized my free time doing worthy things, right. Enjoyed the sweat stimulation activity despite the not in the comfortable zone feeling I'm battling right now.

Reason for this peculiar being is much aware by the tuan badan. Really, I seriously need to get away from this whole topsy-turvydom. I don't favor the air in this disorder phase...harus beredar secepat mungkin. Bisa2 gue jadi nggak siuman. And NO Grunge...the spirulina I took has got nothing to do with the swing. Sekian.

Ok, mari lari dari ayat2 downhearted. Avoid urself from being such a melancholic miss Err. Stop the drama...cease the frustration. Like, NOW.

To overcome the empty heart feeling...nothing beat the wonder my Kdramas could give. Apart from being accompanied by the new novel Jac got for me...I killed the not so great mood of mine downloading movie. Apalagi kalau bukan dari negara itu kan.

Currently hooking myself with the drama below. Still, Marry Me* or The Women Who Still Wants to Marry* has the similar storyline as Dal Ja's S*pring (refer 2nd pic). Single woman (both movies pun guna umur 30+) looking for the man of their life & ended up falling in love with man years younger than them.

Kim Bum (Min Jae) is super hot but no one could ever replace my John Hoon (Yul).

Neither could Lee Min Ki (Tae Bong). BUT still I am giving Laura the ultimatum to choose between these 2 hunks. She couldn't have both. Ndak boleh tamak...nanti rugi banyak.

These movies do impart inspiration but I just couldn't put the idea onto my own life. Let alone applying it. Because I'm not into guy that is younger than me...*knock wood* tapi orang bilang kalau sudah jodoh, then what else could I say nor do. Kena terima ketentuan Allah, cik Err oi. Yalah dalam movie semua indah belaka...tapi bukan kah storyline tu diorang adapt dari real life juga? Pffttt.

Above all, I highly recommended these flicks. As usual, mode ketawa & sedih combined. Mixed feelings embrace me whenever I watch their films. Emo itu perlu ok.

Sungkai with my YS ladies this evening...can't wait. And gonna meet Aniki after the iftar. Bliss!

2 hollered!:

in THE name OF the WHO said...

amboi2...... hahahah..... kdrama lagi a.. bila gia kita jumpa tu?

BibiEr Karim said...

U shud watch both dramas. Then only u will know why Laura & I heart our Oppa Rio. Lalala~

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