20 September 2010

Sometimes aku suka emo..

Don't feel like waking up this morning. Don't feel like going to work. I was numb with cold. After two weeks on leave how could I easily gain the enthusiasm towards my work, back? Ugh...just so u know, that's cik Err spitting out her DQ persona.
Head spinning since morning. And just when I thought the gastric has left my system, another painful gassy chest attack occurred. Ok I ain't exaggerating this. It's what really happened. I was supposed to start my puasa 6 today but due to severe pain in the head & chest area, I decided to only fast next week. Laura & Stu came over to the cafe. We had brunch together. Sedap pula tu soto time unwell ni. Kuek kentut punya poyo gaban.

On a different note, Kollo & Wan wedding reception last night was totally a success. Seeing them together...finally tied up the knot after years of obstacles & trials in their relationship. I could feel the tears in my eyes upon watching their solemnization slide show on the big white screen in the banquette hall. Tried so hard to not let them stream down...and so it stopped. But once more the couples touched Laura & my heart when they entered the dancing floor, started holding hands & dance like no one's around them. Words simply couldn't explain the way Wan looks at my beloved petite friend; Jesse @ Kollo.

Congrats u both. Saya emo ni.
Kakak besar & Moi.

I've known this amazing lass back in my undergrad years. We're the only Sabahans in the class. And that had made the connection between us; pretty strong. Biar baru kenal, tapi 'jalan cerita' kami sync. Because she was feeling totally at ease telling me about her life...I know I should do the same way too. Being friends for only less than a year at that time, trust is the core foundation in our friendship. I could get to her any time I need her...and peeps, she's a friend I could always count on. Regardless how embarrassing my situation may be or how disgusting I feel about myself, never had once had she turns her back against me. Kollo I know dislike judging people because she doesn't like to be judge herself.

She graduated a year earlier than me...but we continue updating each other through chat & email. I went back to KK after I graduated but she stayed in Kolumpur; working. Yet, distant has NEVER been the reason for us to not keep in touch. Even after years of not seeing each other face to face, she's still eager to tell me about how her life sails. Masih bersemangat macam dulu.

Last night, on her beautiful elegant dais...she hold my hands so tight when I came to take picture with her & Wan. And she can't stop talking either. Just like old times...kami berebut mau bercakap. Lucky enough aku kesedaran orang ramai tengah tunggu turn untuk bergambar with  them. Diorang busy gila aku cuma sempat ambil gambar sekali jak. Uhuk sedih.

Ok enough...narrating about our friendship would take years to finish. Anyway, we chatted early this morning...it's the 'belakang tabir cerita kahwin saya' chapter. Like I said earlier, memang ndak kan habis kalau kami jak bercerita.

Anyway, do u remember about my previous post where I said I would cease the process of absorbing raya food? After the reception last night, I was supposed to execute the plan already. But because I super brilliant suggested Chom to cook tonight & invited the whole PPGFs to gather at her sis's house....I think that mission will be put on hold again. Betapa keji tuan punya badan terhadap sistem perkumuhannya. Don't know when to commence the mission because we have another 2 houses to invade tomorrow night; Inong's & Linda's. Another open house & a wedding reception this Sunday. Perut akan jadi super doraemon...yay for that!

Still grateful for the rezeki...makan selagi boleh, tapi jangan jak overloaded. Nanti penyakit lain pula datang.

2 hollered!:

Jesse Tan said...

Bie...I m speechless when I read your words..Thank u for always take me as your lovely friend..Your words remind me to so many things happened to me all this while & now everything has met a wonderful ending...Thank again for the friendship darling..My pray will always be with u, today, tomorrow & everyday..

Your forever rebellion baby,


BibiEr Karim said...

I have loads more to write but as I said...I might not be able to stop if I do continue. If u were me, u'll do the same thing to this fship.

Thanks for ur prayers darling. Love u lots!!

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