25 September 2010

Single what? White Female bah.

Alhamdulillah...I no longer craze for pizza. Alangkah macam budak kicik kau sana. Kind-hearted mother treated me dinner last night. How lucky she is to have me. Or is it the other way round?
Mother, brother & I had dinner at Pizza Hut, Gaya Street.

And as always, aku gaya lebey bila berposing. *Grunge: Note something?*

But this was a candid taken by brother.

After dinner...selesaikan huteng wayang. Devil evening it was for us. My review? It's 3/5. Hmm I can't really say much about this flick, u gotta watch it first. Only then will u knew what I meant. I like movie that involve supernatural power & let the brain does extra thinking.

Shyamalan's masterpieces never failed to amused me. Some might disagree with me but I still think his works are amazing. Devil is about sinners being punished by the evil supernatural. Remember the pic of a guy I posted in 1 of my previous entry? He's the D's most favoured sinner. The devil taken up a human form...trapped 4 other sinners in an elevator. With the intention to end their lives. Their deaths will pay for the sins they did. And Tony's was the greatest sinners among them. Hence the D chose for Tony to be the last that will be executed.

But Tony confessed his sins...and repented for what he did. The evil power obviously didn't like people who repent because that shows the sinners believe in God. And as we all has faith in, evil power will never be able to defeat the Almighty. So the Devil spare Tony's life; 'she' can't take him as he has redeemed himself through the confession he made. Devil went out from the elevator...and disappeared.

Or in my own imagination, perhaps looking for other sinners who refused to repent. Offering them to join his entourage on it's journey to hell. I respect the detective named Bowden whom wife & son were accidentally killed by Tony; for not holding any resentment. Bowden willingly forgives Tony for what he did. Cuba kalau in real life, mau mati sudah si Tony tu dikerjakan.

The importance to have faith in God, faith in the existence of Devil, faith in the power that forgiveness holds...all pointed out. Like I always believe, things happened around us are never coincidence. They are all connected to one another. Because things happened for a reason. And only 1 reason needed to make everything interrelated. That's what nature is; a system of reciprocally connected components (reasons). I learned valuable things from this movie.

Wah gitu...flick sesimple itu aku interpret panjang lebar. I read the director's mind very well huh. Pok silap disuruh jadi assistant dia bah ni. But I don't think I wanna be trapped in an elevator...even though with Tony inside. Because I kind of fear being in a confined space; I don't think such thing is a good idea for me. Yes peeps, I am claustrophobia.

In a different note. I have 2 raya open houses to attend this evening. Will be back early from work to get ready. Rio's gonna be my designated driver to Likas. The Grahams is coming as well. Aku adalah membawa 1 kampung join beraya. God's willing after so many cancelled meetings with Leny; this gonna be my first time meeting her new born baby girl; Zara Aludra. Betul gift untuk Zara akan tukar jadi benang ndak lama sebab aku jadi penangguh.

Later after Leny's, I will have to fetch Yam in KK prior heading to Zai's house in Sepanggar. Kizzy's gonna meet us there & guide us to her sister's house in Tuaran. Ada karang sesat kalau aku disuruh cari sendiri.

Makan dan makan lagi. Biar perut jadi bulat macam bola...and face round like the orange. Selagi ada rezeki, HARUS bersyukur. Ditarik balik tu nikmat, baru merasa sana.

Tiba2 rasa mau hidupkan siren 'Single White Female'...sila jangan over CC itu ya.

2 hollered!:

in THE name OF the WHO said...

woi sa ckp no spoiler..kenapakah ada juga....
point noted!

BibiEr Karim said...

As I told u just now...
I didn't know how to not
spill the bean.
Tapi itu semua kan HARUS
kalau BETA.

U shud be able to note
every points after this ah.

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