23 September 2010


M. Night Shyamalan's latest production; Devil is something I'll be looking forward tonight. Gonna have a movie date with my YS friend; Yam. I was thinking to watch it last night but had it cancelled. Kan kerajinan melanda.

Devil is 1 of the 3 chapters in The Night Chronicles.

Will I be stunned by this guy in the movie tonight? We'll see later. I read many not so bad testimonials about this boleh lah tahap hensem tu cute guy.

Let's see whether I'll be willing to be trap in an elevator with him...OR NOT.

Dinner pizza nanti...yes yes. Craving ku akan ternyahapus.

2 hollered!:

Malicious Mind said...

sudah ko tengok wayang devil ok la?

BibiEr Karim said...

Suda aku tgk. Not bad jgla. Ko tau hasil klu c Night yg bt. Adui mcm kwn ja aku ckp gitu.

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