30 September 2010

Say it again

Bolehkah meraung menangis air mata darah...muntah hijau. Like; NOW.

Suddenly jiwa kacau. Hati berombak2 macam baru lepas tsunami. Thank God the big sister called & helped me out acknowledging the truth behind this whole peculiar feeling.

Wasn't sure what's going on with the mind. I need something that I called back up thought to assist me coping with the uncertainty. Also help me unravel the tangling thoughts.

I've been pretty difficult with myself lately. I treated the soul badly. I seamlessly overloaded the brain with too many useless information. Now that it begins showing some sign like it's gonna breakdown, I guess slowing down the torment is the best thing to do.

Stefan will 'help' me channel the negative ions off the system. And oh by the way, am gonna watch Wall Street tomorrow evening after work. Not that I want to prolong the already overwork brain to work more, just that I think film as such allows the brain to widen its skills of work. Bagus untuk exercise otak.

Can't wait for VD2 Ep 4. I like the first single off TVD soundtrack. Sangat jarang telinga aku cekap menangkap lagu...what's more when I've only listened to it once. Here, enjoy the mv featuring some of the kaboom clips from the series.

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