24 September 2010


Pembatalan saat akhir si Yam for our movie date last night saved me from having to send
brother to Penampang. Aku adalah kemalesan maximum untuk putar balik alam mendrive. I was saved by her text yesterday's evening; literally.

Cancellation of meeting her means my craving for pizza hasn't settle as well. Had super late dinner at home, instead. Kangkung tauchu & minced meat fried with egg.

Super scrumptious meals not to forget super excess fat too. I have finally decided to only start executing my fat digestion mission next week. I'll permit the tummy to savour all the yummy raya dishes first. And once I pushed the commence button...I will not stop until all fats are gone. Yes harus berangan . It's the basic element to make life more cheerful.

There are 3 more open houses & a wedding reception to attend in the weekend. And I seriously hope the system will be tactful enough with my tummy. Oh dear digestion system, silalah terima apa sahaja yang masuk dalam sang perut. Please bear with her contents...at least until I allow u to fully operate ur function. 3 more days to go; so have mercy on her. Ara?

By the way, Kdrama titled Boys over Flowers has been bugging my mind lately. Kudos to cousin; Ezza for her persistent recommendation.

BoF is the Korea version of Hana Yori Dango (Japan) & Meteor Garden (Taiwan). Ezza has been telling me over & over about this drama ever since it was aired to public. But never once did I ever gave her the expected 'I want I want' kind of attitude. Instead I told her that I'm not interested to ruin my ga-ga over HYD. I have enough beautiful memories with Oguri Shun. Gue kok nggak mau berlaku curang gitu.

Yet after watching Still, Marry Me...Kim Bum seems to jeopardize my loyalty towards Oguri. Ahaks. Oppa John Hoon is at the top, still. No one could ever replace him hmm at least for the time being. I'm all ready 'body & soul' to download BoF. It's only because of the charming Kim Bum. Ngeh~~

And whoever thinks that my madness over Kdrama will one day fade...I beg u to reconsider ur thought. Wah gitu. Specially to Grunge & Mel. Franticness will only grow fonder...not the other way round. Kombawa for understanding.

Frustrated...some of the best Kdrama ndak dijual di Msia. If I were to buy them from the country itself...I will be clueless. No subtitle added. Haruskah belajar bahasa mereka? Argh sados.


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