30 September 2010

Double Triple

Letting go of the past is the only thing
that will make u move forward
and enjoyed life to the heart's content

I've gained my experience
through the games I'd played
also getting familiar
with the rules that's likely
to change every now & then
depending on the players

Gonna take it easy this time
won't grizzle nor sweat over
ridiculous stuffs

Swearing & cursing
are so yesterday

Silence is the new killer
it could stab the heart
deep enough to make it
bleed until the end of time

Hate me if u want
Bitch if that satisfies u
I'm just being human
imperfection defines me well

But please know
what goes around, comes around
The thing u're doing to me
I'd done that before

Now I'm getting the 'salary'
triple from what I've 'spent'

Be patient
wait for ur turn
u'll get urs sooner or later

And bare in mind
do not sweat if what u got
double triple to what u gave me

Do not feel mad nor seek sympathy
because u've long lost that privilege
the moment u opened ur mouth
to bitch.

Just like me.

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