12 September 2010

From KK with love

So I finally arrived KK after hours of driving from The Tip of Borneo. Alhamdulillah for the safe trip...we all came back in one piece.

Departed from home at 7am yesterday. After fetching Mel at her house in Kepayan, we stopped by at the cafe to take few things for our bbq session last night. Done with it...off we continued the journey.

Sempat sesat masuk junction to Kota Marudu...luckily Grunge lead the way through the phone. And NO I didn't misread the signboard. It's just that I was too excited to reunite with the rest of the bffs. Lame!

Safely reached St. Theresa Church at 11am. After the wedding mass, I stopped by at KFC to buy my lunch since there'll be no halal food serve at Jackie's residence. I don't really pay any mind to the meal part as long as I could be there to celebrate the joy with them.

Jac & Leon after the wedding mass. Some of the bffs played their roles as ushers & usherettes as well.

Us ladies *without Grunge & Unang* at Jac's residence in Pitas.

Syl+Unang, Rio+Grunge, Mel & I left Pitas at 4pm. While the rest stayed there. Being the official photographer, Laura had to wait for the cake cutting ceremony before she could wrap off her service. We reached Simpang Mengayau at around 7pm. Mel & I were the 1st to arrived since Rio+Grunge stopped by at the market in KM to buy things & Syl+Unang took their early dinner there.

Bbq session started with just the 4 of us...the future parents went straight to dreamland after checking in. Preggy Unang was pretty exhausted for being hours on the road. Rio was our savior...he start-up the fire alone. While us ladies help out with the dishes.

It poured heavily in the midst of the bbq session we have to lift the bbq grill to our balcony. The rest arrived the chalet nearly 11pm. Coffee session at the guys' room stopped at 1am & us ladies went back to our room. I couldn't sail to dreamland like the rest did. And unfortunately the insomniac me experienced the most unforgettable moment in life. I don't know how to put them in words. But I guess by mentioning screeching sound; u will get the idea. Thanks to Laura as well for sharing the 'breathe' with me. Sharing is caring right ladies. Ngeh~~

We bloody missed the sunrise with what we've been through last night. Biarlah, tiada rezeki. View from the chalet was enough to take our breathe away. Peaceful & tranquil. After breakfast, toured up to the tip. As usual, photo crazing moments harus ada.

Went to the Mengayau beach...and though I did smell Laura's plan from the beginning they still managed to rumble me. Hampas kelapa. Even my Bali sandals putus. Grrr.

Left Mengayau at 1pm...I let Mel drove Kens as soon as we got out from the gravel road. Bloody sleepy I could barely open my eyes...let alone force myself to drive. Alkisah ndak dapat tidur semalaman kan. Arrived KK nearly 4pm...after sending Mel, I headed straight home.

Unpacked my stuffs...shower...and doze off right after MagPra. Sekali bangun time perut berkoncang kancing...but I refused to feed the singing tummy. Sangat tiada keseleraan makan.

Hence, the updating. I'm still on raya leave next week...so yay for that.

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