19 September 2010

Blast Off

Right at this moment, I want to declare the body is no longer capable to absorb any amount of food. NOT. Still have 1 open house & 1 wedding reception to attend tonight so I'll put the declaration on hold first. It will commence officially after the reception. Sila consider possibility untuk ditangguh lagi until tomorrow.

I've been eating like there's no tomorrow. Tummy is getting out of shape...round is it's new shape. Last Friday night, I saw the new McD advertisement. Triple double cheeseburger. People close to me knows my craziness over cheeseburger. And how could I ever resist when McD offers 3 layers of cheese & 3 layers of big patty in a single burger? Oh my, please do not remind me of the calories it carries. Thank You...it's very much appreciated.

The moment I saw the ads, I immediately crave for it. Nafsu gaban gila. So I text bro who's in KK & commanded him to get it for me. Sudah ndak mau kalah, siap pesan meal lagi. Alah regular size aja dong. And yes, I've settled my craving. Alhamdulillah rezeki tetap murah. Tummy continues developing more non-degradable fats.

Different story. But still makan2 involved. Attended Jes & Keggy's wedding reception yesterday during lunch hour. Menumpang kereta si Laura. Car pooling is good to lessen air pollution. Wah gitu. It was such a great miraculous enjoyable reception. Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves.

Group photo before we called the evening off.

Delectable guest with the newly weds.

Our presence made it more merrier. *NOD PLEASE*

Rio, Grunge & I didn't join the after party at Keggy's house. Rio wasn't feeling so well & I haven't perform my AsPra. Lagi pula, Grunge & I needed to save some space in the stomach for we have another makan sesh in Putatan later that night. Open house at Ell's.

We were so occupied with the scrumptious food served, I forgot to take picture with the hostess. It's a very rare of me; really. The food seriously did 'poisoned' me. We ate like nobody's business. Ass sticked on the chair & we only got up to take more foods. And paling last berdiri untuk berangkat pulang.

And now I need to vac the house before getting ready to Zai's open house. Will meet Kizzy there. Group photo sesh I super like.

Gonna leave u with Siti's evergreen Purname Merindu. 1 of the many song of hers I love humming & singing.

Adakah ia hanya di bibir saja?

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