29 September 2010

Aku Pusing ke Kau

When I'm lost in the rain
In ur eyes I know
I found the light...to light my way

When I'm scared losing ground
When my world is going crazy
U can turn it all around
And when I'm down
U're there pushing me TO THE TOP

U're always there giving me ALL U GOT

Laura & I dedicated this song to each other some time ago. I so love the lyrics it left remarkable 'stain' in my heart. I was never a big fan of Christina but I have to admit most of her songs are indeed buat jantung gugur. Take Beautiful & Hurt for instances. ugh ugh ugh

And to my PPGs...here's something for u ladies.

I can do anything...coz ur love is so amazing
coz ur love inspires me

On Grunge's engagement day

Will upload more tonight.


Grunge, Rio & Laura will come over to the cafe for lunch today. Rio misses Laura & I...oh Oppa. Ok Grunge saya ready untuk diduku. Rio's office is in Alamesra, but never once did he came to dine here. The last time he went here was with Grunge & Turak. And my, that was like a year back. He feels rather awkward to lepak with me...without having the apple of his eye next to him, I guess. Hmm since when did his fiance became an apple, btw? Ngeh ampun Ahjema.

And oh regarding the unusual entry...it's already publish in her blog. I bloody laughed my lungs out loud upon reading it. Seriously it was damn funny...not the content but the way she conveyed her story. Pat on her back for trying. U're indeed a weak emulator. Time's up...get back to the original u that I knew. Promise me u will never post entry as such in the future. I know I started the 'challenge' but now I'm calling it off. Ara? It was ludicrous despite ur enthusiasm & effort to produce one.

But bare in mind though...I might be writing the so called poetic entry once in a while. Depending on the mood. Biar kau cakap ndak puas...ayat gantung2.

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