3 September 2010


cik Err sedang mengalami sakit kepala @ migrain tahap separa kronik. Choii kin panas mau diketuk...mentang2 baru ni hari start puasa. I've been on vacation since last Weds. The first 2 days of Ramadhan I was on holiday too. And that means I have 10 days to qada'. Woot woot pesta ganti puasa bakal bermula.
Was in a meeting with the Student Affair personnels early this morning. Alkisah kunun to discuss the pending claim. And sekali diselit agenda utama penting as well...jeng jeng jeng. Ndak boleh reveal to public sebab benda tu classified as internal matter. Kena jaga periuk & nasi sesama kami. Wah penyepak mau ka, cik Err? Kepoyoan terserlah di situ.
Puasa hari ni buat aku lemau. Lemah ndak bermaya. Macam taik kucing minta puji aku tu. System is in the midst of detoxification. I've eventually lessen the amount of coffee I take daily. Hence the to & fro visit to the loo & constant nausea.
Low consumption of plain water might also be the cause for the headache; so I guess. Because insufficient amount of O2 in the brain is also one of the reason of the frequent migraine attack. Mengapakah masih degil juga mengada mau pingsan? But hello, who said I don't take any drink other than coffee? Aku minum air berwarna sahaja...sirap bandung *slurp* is the best contoh. And please don't tell me sirap bukan kategori air? Haiya...
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Tapi chup...aku rasa sebab musabab pening ni gara2 bau kaki super kick orang yang duduk sebelah aku during the meeting just now. Ok that might not be the main source but I am 101% sure, that foot odor was one of the factor that trigger the headache. Unpleasant smell distracted the brain activity, BIG TIME. It seems to dysfunction & it couldn't translate some of the things that happened around me, appropriately. Adui berdrama!

Oklah...enough with migraine, plain water, FO & whatnot. Sila abaikan sebentar kisah penyakitan tu ya. Let's change the topic.
This year, I will be out of KK town on the 2nd till 3rd raya. 'Bercuti Raya' with the PPGs & Posers...as what I like to name the so-called getaway. Akan menjadi sipi2 busy this coming Syawal for I will be attending friends' weddings. So far there'll be 4 weddings untuk menayang muka. More gathering means more photo sessions; and we heart the word PHOTO SHOOT! Undoubtedly.
The bffs requested for a raya dinner at my house. I've put the request under the "I will think about it later" list. I'm not sure whether to proceed or to decline as yet. Nanti gue pikirin...bila so called fening ni subside. Insya Allah.

Pain vanishes our venial sins...so what's with the whining about being in pain miss Err?

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