15 September 2010

Acid Indigestion

Initial plan was to watch RE in 3D with Mel, Grunge & OPPA Rio. But I have it cancelled due to heartburn. Apparently because of me losing my appetite recently, the acidic pancreatic juice didn’t have enough starches/proteins/fats to breakdown hence the attack on the wall chest. Acid eating up the wall explain the painful burning sensation. Ulcer in the chest; so to say.

It all started early this morning…gassy stomach woke me up. Followed by constant farting & then diarrhea. It got worst after SuPra where I feel like disgorging everything. The bed is my best friend since then. Not that I couldn’t get up but the chest got rather painful whenever I tried to. Felt like the chest is gonna explode each time the gas hike up & filled the area. I rather fart millionth times than to have the gas pass through my chest, feel the burn & finally expel the acid through the mouth.

Because I refused to entertain the sickness, I forced myself to go out. Did 2 tasks at a time. Pats on the back for the unwell miss Err. While waiting for Kens to finish her bathe, I had my breakfast at Kak Nong's cafe nearby. Mother was at home; she didn't tag along for she's performing the 6 fasts of Syawal. Jadi cik Err...kau bila lah kunun mau mula puasa enam?

Had enough rest on the bed; half of the day. Although I know the body is down with sicknesses; I have to fight them all. There'll be makan2 session at home tomorrow for the family. Therefore I urged myself to get my not so healthy ass; up...and accompanied mother to buy groceries. Sakit untuk dilawan baru namanya perjuangan dalam hidup. By all means necessary, I have to stay strong & keep fighting.

Bought this at a pharmacy near home before heading to the market just now. Influent by the ads on television; obviously. Anyhow, Gaviscon taste a bit odd than the other magnesiums I'd took before. I guess the mint flavor the manufacturer add in might be the cause. Find it hard to swallow at times...macam mau kasi keluar balik pun ada. Thing I hate when I'm sick but have to endure...that is to have to swallow super sour tasteless med.

Gotta sign off now...mother needs some help in the kitchen. Before she blows the trumpet, I better lend some hands. There's only 2 of us doing all the preparation...so I don't think griping about the pain will help finish the work.

Sakit itu dugaan kan. Akibat dari perbuatan atau doa kita yang dahulu. Apa pun, semua yang terjadi berkaitan sesamanya. Allah hanya akan menguji apa yang termampu kau tangani cik Err.

2 hollered!:

nurul khairunie said...

kesian kita kena gastrik kan kak wuwuuw

BibiEr Karim said...

Kesian bah Nurul. Tp bright side dia, at least kita tau mcmna tu gastrik. Hahaha ada bunyi saiko2 skit la kan.

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